DiviniTree is a community-based studio that focuses on Karma yoga and community development. They take yoga off the mat and on adventures around the world.

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Ann Averbach

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Ramona Orha-matray

from United States, March 2024


This retreat was a complete renewal. The most amazing environment full of love and adventure. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! See you next year!

Sandra Wanstall

from United States, March 2024

"Yoga and So Much More!"

Pickup and delivery of all participants arriving and departing at various times was a logistical feat handled very gracefully. The farm is amazing and the food harvested from the farm and lovingly prepared was fabulous. The workers on the farm were friendly and engaging, gladly sharing their experiences and answering questions. We were provided a schedule for the week, and it was kept with just the right amount of flexibility to flow with needed change and group preference. The teachers and participants were a positive force toward lifting our vibrations individually and as a group. Jacki and Ann were wonderful teachers and people to be with, and we benefited from two different styles of yoga that complemented each other well. We had opportunities for so many other experiences as well... waterfalls, hike, beach, music & sound, ayurveda, herbalism, aloha aina ritual, treatments and even some down time each day. I came home very refreshed!


from United States, January 2024

"Incredible location, food, week"

Such a great setting for a yoga retreat with such a close connection to the land. The food was perfect and so healthy. The ceremonies were so rewarding. Great sauna time as well!

Randall Miller

from United States, November 2023

"I got so much more then yoga teacher training!!"

I liked the entire experience, I was able to really heal old wounds from past trauma. Awaking of a spiritual nature. It was awesome not wearing shoes for 3 weeks my feet needed that. All the extra workshops was really cool, thai massage, martial arts. All the girls were awesome and treated me special.

Patricia Coppens

from Belgium, June 2023

"An extraordinary, transformational experience. "

This is so much more than only a yoga teacher training and I recommend it to everyone with an open mind.

I’ve had a wonderful time during my Wild Soul Yoga Teacher Training at Maui, where I have learned the knowledge and skills a 200H yoga teacher needs to know while at the same time learning so much about myself and life. It is clear from the start this is a yoga teacher training delivered by a very committed group of teachers and staff, who give their everything so that us, students can be successful. The 3 weeks cover an intense program, with daily yoga practice, yoga asana-break down, yoga teaching methodology and a variety of workshops about different topics delivered by guest teachers. I appreciated the careful planning and organization via the weekly schedules. My own practice improved significantly and I have learned so much during the YTT – from functional cues that I can use to help my students to do poses correctly, to intelligent sequencing and the use of uplifting language, all centered in respect for our unique bodies and growth. The location, a permaculture farm in a beautiful environment surrounded by nature, was amazing and very inspiring. During the retreat, we were served delicious home-cooked meals, with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Excellent food! Thank you so much to my teachers Ann and Sal, and the whole team. In gratitude!

Megan Armstrong

from United States, February 2023

"A Gentle Reset for 2023 "

Amazing Aloha with Ann Averbach A++Ayurvedic Alchemy


Integrating yoga back into daily practice.So many great guided gifts.Great sleep in organic bedding,oil pulling,tongue scraping, lemon water,Dry brushing,yoga,breathing exercises, meditation,

Sound healing vibrations with Joshua, his various instruments,

including playing the didgeridoo,

sharing his songs from his heart.

Beach adventures.Hiking to beautiful waterfalls.

Time with Mayan learning

Korean Natural Farming .

Sweet tasting and learning with

Graf about natural medicinal properties growing on the farm.

Leisha’s circle,she is an awesome mother and her beautiful sacred sage and floral blessings,

love and was treated to her magical spirit massage.

Calm grounded Arli as our friend and your guide.Annabelle in the kitchen providing hand picked homemade loving care,through our fabulous menu of delicious foods.Beautiful bountiful Beth

hostess of the land…her super sweet team of land care givers …to share their talents passions and products throughout the farm. Sebastian with his presence,knowledge and generosity of service

through Thai massage .Sound healing bowls with Peter.Benji and Hope Shared a special cacao ceremony and song circle.

Sauna / ice bath with fresh Noni are bonus…to top the journey off.

Still simmering in all the goodness weeks later. The best part about this 2023 adventure was signing up for time for myself and this well needed self care.

Catherine Sheskey

from United States, February 2023

"60YO Yoga Novice"

-The other retreat goers...For a variety of reasons, all participants were seeking their own journey on a multitude of levels as I was...we jelled very well!

-The staff...committed and skilled in their respective crafts

Lucyna Gunia

from United States, January 2023


The passion of each person present is priceless. There was a specific few that made this experience one of a kind; one I'll never forget and never not continue to learn from.

Ann with amazing knowledge about so many things; beautiful soul connected with the land and a yoga teacher with such depth. Annabelle and her incredible cooking; everything she touches melts in your mouth and is made with a full heart. I couldn't take her home ;) but I can't wait for that BOOK where she will share her yummy goodness. Arli no words how calming, positive, interesting, caring and fun she is, from our trip guide to great conversations; such a special human. David who joined on our trip was a great guide, spiritual with deep connection to the land. Graf and all the herb wisdom is beyond.

I loved all aspect: from learning about Ayurveda, herbs, movement, breath work, hot sauna nights, theeeee fooooddddd, being one with yourself, to learning about native traditions, the fun meaningful trips, massage time, healing time with Sebastian and so much more. Miss my morning & late night walks thru LauLima farms. Miss my feet on the grass one with music in Maui under the stars where I learned that it's ok to leg go off what I didn't think I could and to remember myself and to re-connect.

Sierra Hooshiari

from United States, January 2023

"Magical getaway on a permaculture farm "

This retreat experience was indescribably wonderful. The staff was kind, thoughtful, generous, helpful, and intelligent. We were 10 strangers of all ages and walks of life at the beginning, turning into lifelong friends by the end of the retreat,

LauLima farms is a breathtaking plot of land, filled with exotic flowers, herbs and peroxide. Ann, the retreat leader and yoga instructor, is also an Ayurvedic expert. She put her heart and soul into among this Maui experience heartfelt. We learned about all kinds of native traditions, and left Maui a little more soulful and conscientious menbers of the earth.

The food was prepared from scratch, colorful, filled with variety and flavor, and each meal was more delightful than the previous one. Annabelle, the staff chef, put decades of acumen and her heart into every meal.

This retreat isn’t for everyone. It’s for mentally flexible people who are onboard with learning and growing, interacting with others and sharing.

Maia Gonye

from United States, January 2023


10/10 recommend this incredible adventure. The staff on this retreat are incredible human beings, who truly inspired me. I will be 100% returning to Maui. The workshops on the retreat were so special, something I will always remember. The crew will always have a place in my heart. I am so grateful and blessed to have worked w/ the instructors. Ann is one of kind, will definitely be joining upcoming retreats w/ her!! Words cannot describe this incredible experience. 🤍🪬

Brenda Dean

from Canada, January 2023

"Recharge and Learn"

I thoroughly enjoyed the numerous and variety of practitioners that offered workshops and ceremonies. I also enjoyed the yoga, the hikes and swimming opportunities. All the meals were fabulous, with every sauce and dressing made by Chef Annabelle. The location of the farm is in paradise and it was lovely to spend time personal time wandering the grounds. The instructor, the staff and consultants were professional, genuine, caring and dedicated to providing us with the best experience!!

Michele Malchow

from United States, December 2022

"Michele, Carson City, NV"

Ann is an excellent yoga teacher with many modalities to share. So much info and exploration. The farm is beautiful beyond words and is a great feeling of connecting with nature and appreciation for the food that is grown there. Everyone that works on the farm is authentic and heartfelt. I enjoyed talking with them and having many meals together. It felt like we were a part of the farm as we were so warmly welcomed into their community.

Nicholas Thompson

from United States, December 2022

"This is the most value you’ll receive in a YTT. "

There are so many positive things at this training! Absolute, top shelf training from Ann and Sal. They are both so full of Yoga knowledge and wisdom, and provide such a well rounded learning of all aspects of Yoga. Beyond organic foods coming from the land! The incredible community that exists in Kipahulu, made up of truly warm and kind folks. And the incredible land where I got to stay for this training. What a special place to be on any given day. But especially wonderful for doing this work.

Jeanine Collins

from United States, December 2022

"Absolutely magical experience at Lau Lima"

What a tremendous experience that I am so grateful for, life and perspective changing. Ann is such a wealth of knowledge and a concise, direct teacher. I feel so blessed to be a recipient of Yoga Teacher Training with Ann, who artfully weaves various modalities with Vinyasa to create a sound practice for body, mind and soul. Additionally to have daily practices of breathwork and meditation with Sal (co-facilitator) was incredible. Not to mention sound healing, sauna, educational trips within this symbiotic community. All our meals were prepared with so much love and care by Annabelle...a true gift of Ayurvedic nourishment throughout our stay! The Lau Lima farm is a magical permaculture farm supported by so many knowledgeable humans and teaming with energy, intent and profound purpose. Words cannot express my gratitude for this opportunity 🙏 ❤️ 🙌 💙


from United States, December 2022

"Wild Soul <3"

Location is Beautiful

This yoga training will definitely teach you the ways of life. Embarking on a Journey that leads you to your true potential in life while including community. The lesson plans were well thoughout in the most exquisite way. Unplugging and reconneting to life values and habits.

Great teachers who listen to your concerns and helps find solutions in the most practical way. The land is rich with care and comfort so I definitely would recomend plus you get to be a yogi for lifeeeee.

This experience hits diffrent


from United States, November 2022

"Unique, incredible experience in Maui"

Such a unique experience in rural Maui!

We stayed on a beautiful working farm and got to experience what it might feel like to live there. Lots of info about Ayurvedic medicine, guest speakers on a variety of topics. The food was fresh & healthy. It was all delicious (except the pork chop meal) but everything else was delicious. I loved the daily herbal tea, meyer’s lemon water & locally roasted coffee!

Did yoga in the mornings, then excursions in the afternoon. Hikes to waterfalls, trips to the beach, etc. The main instructor Ann was a very good yoga teacher and clearly knew what she was doing.

It was a very full, beautiful week and I’m glad I went.


from United States, October 2022


WOW... just wow. The retreat was totally above and beyond anything I expected. This was my very first yoga retreat with very little yoga experience, and it was fantastic. This experience was truly the break from my daily cycle and I feel like I've transformed! I cannot say enough good things. If I could give Ann and her team 1000 stars I would.

Arlene Angeles

from United States, August 2022

"Yoga Retreat maui "

I love everyone hospitality, amazing practice led by Ann. She kept us grounded and look into our soul. The farm so amazingly beautiful and the fruits yummy. The delicious food prepared daily by Maria was delicious. Organic and you can taste the freshness, every time I eat and drink my fresh matcha latte was amazingly delicious. And there is Arli _ she is kind and warm. She helps in anything we need. Then the farm house😍🥰 I feel very blessed to be able to experience the life of living in a farm. Waking up with the rain, the bark and the greenery scenery 🙏💕 Overall, my experience and practice was definitely excellent and unforgettable!!! I love the group also. Amazingly we all got along😊🥰🙏 Thank you Ann for this opportunity and exceptional practice. I am forever grateful 🥰🧘‍♀️🙌🏼

Nathaly Palanedi

from United States, August 2022

"amazing experience 🌸🙏✨"

fue un día increíble lleno de energía... Maui es un lugar increíble y estar en Maui por primera vez con gente tan especial fue una experiencia indescriptible... lo que puedo decir es... venga para ese retiro sea una experiencia inolvidable and beautiful

Elizabeth Ortiz

from United States, April 2022

"Wonderful Experience ❤️🌺"


Loved that we got to do yoga daily while working on our chakras, made time to explore beaches, waterfalls, and enjoy beautiful meals with the group. Loved all the extra activities we got to do, voice activation, ayurveda and herbalism introduction. I learned so much about nature and myself. I was nervous to take a solo trip but in the end made so many new friends and found a different connection with everyone. I would encourage anyone who wants to explore them selves in a deeper level, connect with nature, yoga, healthy life styles and get out of their comfort zone. I would do this trip again. ☀️🏞️🌅🌈🌧️🍃🌬️🌺🌊

Mike Hoffman

from United States, April 2022

"  "The Real Deal""

All the folks leading and involved with this retreat gave so much all the time, that all expectations were constantly exceeded by their selfless giving. I’ve been to probably 20 or more retreats all over the world and none has ‘changed my life’. This one has. hana is gorgeous beyond words and possesses a special natural world-class beauty, very conducive to discovering stillness and peace, shanti, as Anna and Hanna Leigh say The food was indescribable in its deliciousness. Annabelle, prepares meals like an artist, you really cannot believe the tastes, every single meal was unique and special in its own.

Lots and lots of adventures to waterfalls, parks and beaches.

Anna and Hana Leigh know how to rediscover ones own Inner Resource, and show you how easy it is for the mind to identify with whatever is tweaking the nervous system. So………Was able to Relax and have noticed that the self-talk eases down to invite in our basic well-being and soak it in, and saw my basic OKness.

when I read the reviews others have posted it was encouraging, but nothing prepared you for the TOTAL care and safety this retreat offers.

Cannot reccommend enough. So Much much more than getting money’s worth’

Mike Hoffman San Francisco California

Sari Singerman

from United States, March 2022

"The best wellness, yoga, retreat I've been on, FIVE STARS!"

I loved this retreat so much that I am booking the next one. A Wonderfull yoga teacher, plus they will take you on amazing local hikes or beaches, then all the offerings, just goes way beyond your imagination as far as the many classes in many topics, a community forms within the week, one of love and kindness, you make friends, you enjoy being off grid on the nicest farm you can imagine. The food was excellent and the leader and yoga instructor, she has decades of knowledge, didn't push me past my limit and knew everyone was different. She did accommodate all of our levels in a safe way, only pushing the limits for those who wanted too. It will shed light on many practices to elevate your soul. You enter a different space and time when you are on the retreat. Book a shared room if you can or a single, its worth every penny, this workshop-retreat is actually very inexpensive for what you will receive. I loved the singing, learning a tiny bit about farming, local culture, Chinese Medicine, Herb Classes, I also got some great massages by locals and connecting to the earth at one of the most amazing, off grid, sustainable permaculture farms the USA was just what I was looking for. This is an unforgettable Five STAR "experience", book it a.s.a.p.

Vijay Sehgal

from United States, March 2022

"A blissful week in Paradise"

This retreat exceeded all my expectations. A week full of activities like yoga, beach trips, hiking and sound bath, workshop, ceremonies and organic food with plenty of time to connect with fellow retreaters and organizers. At the end of the week we were like a family, a tribe that had learned and grown together, all just in few days. Came back to LA with a heart full of love and joy and mind and body fully nourished. Would love to go back next year again and the year after.

Marion De Koning

from United States, March 2022


The retreat was incredible! We were treated to so many wonderful experiences that went far beyond “just yoga.” Every day there were more beautiful surprises that stimulated our minds, hearts, and bodies. Plus we were nurtured by the delicious food that Annabel made throughout our stay which we enjoyed together as a group. For our yoga practice, Ann, who is an incredible teacher, guided us and taught us so much, showing us through various ways what makes yoga such a powerful practice. I was particularly struck by the sense of togetherness within the group that came from learning from Ann. The integration of movement, song, and music made for a profound experience that will stay with me forever. There are many other beautiful people at Laulima whom you will meet and who lead by example working every day to achieve a sustainable and more peaceful planet. I cannot imagine a better retreat anywhere! I know that I can call on my experiences of this week to feel that I am back at Laulima as I use all that I have learned moving forward. And, I certainly will come back for another retreat. Mahalo!

Robert White

from United States, March 2022

"A Week in Paradise"

Hard to describe how good this retreat was! Set in a beautiful permaculture farm nestled in the side of a lush Hawaiian mountain by the sea. The surroundings are breathtaking, the installations clean, comfortable and functional. The food incredible. Every dish a work of culinary art by Chef Anabelle and the ingredients freshly picked from the land.

The activities and schedule were organized in a way that the days felt full yet with plenty of personal time to take it all in.

There was a perfect balance of Yoga, hiking and sightseeing, workshops, fun activities and bonding in community.

This week nourished my body, soul and mind very deeply. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated and so happy to have made incredible connections and friendships.

Maria Plumb

from United States, March 2022

"Living the Dream - for a few days"

This retreat allows you to visit the island without being a "tourist". The farm is a wonderful place to leave everyday hectic behind and reconnect to the land and to learn new appreciation for what it provides.

Staff and participants were equally kind and welcoming. I feel blessed to have met folks for such different heritage and background and to hear their stories and what they could teach me. Gratitude to all of you!

My main reason for this trip was to infuse new life into my yoga practice but it did so much more for me.

Nicole Dinello

from United States, February 2022

"Beautiful Retreat!!!!!!"

The food, oh the food 🤤 Farm fresh food at every meal. I consider myself a foodie and I was impressed daily by the quality of food made with love by the staff. If you’re into nature, look no further!

This place has you immersed in a beautiful paradise!

Ann was an amazing yoga instructor. Made for a very welcoming practice and catered to all yogi levels. I was a little nervous about the two hour yoga sessions, but she kept it fun and playful.

Andrea Svoboda

from United States, February 2022

"5 star review "

The location was nothing short of magical. So much beauty! I loved the farm and it’s low impact on the planet. The food was out of this world yummy, and so nutritious. It has inspired me to start my own garden this spring. The yoga classes were challenging, but fulfilling, and Ann was an excellent instructor and mentor. The farm staff was friendly and helpful. I felt very at home there. I loved learning about plant medicine and manifesting, and loved the wonderful nature excursions.

What made it even more special, was the deep spiritual connections I made with the other participants in the retreat. They will be lifelong friends.

Gretchen Youngblood

from United States, February 2022

"Wonderful retreat and unique experience on a beautiful farm"

Ann is an amazing yoga teacher and brought together an amazing community of teachers and experts to enliven the experience. We were served three beautiful, farm to table, nutritious meals every day. The setting is amazing, staying in a big, beautiful shared space in a farmhouse on a working environmental agriculture farm with views of the ocean from the yoga room. Beach trips, hikes to sacred spaces, and community guests made each day a treat. Whatever retreat you sign up for with Ann, you will be impressed.

Christie Eppler

from United States, February 2022

"Farm, Food, Yoga in Community"

What an incredible opportunity to stay in a part of Maui most only visit as a day trip (and to have a driver for those wild roads). The farm was remote and peaceful. The food is beyond compare. Anne is open to feedback - we tried to meet for a blessing before meals, but it was like hearing cats. Ultimately, she encouraged people eat when the food was ready. The coffee was divine! Anne excels in yoga instruction. We did a range of breath work before vigorous yoga. Yet, the yoga classes had a balance of effort and ease. At the end of the week, I was able to do a shoulder stand, which I rarely do. I learned a lot about herbs, made a tincture, and saw beautiful waterfalls. We swam near pristine beaches and churning coves. Anne diverted a road trip so we could get an ice-cream bar! I witnessed some participants using constructive feedback, growing stronger physically and spiritually. I was pleasantly surprised that an off-grid farm had (limited) electricity and flush toilets! I'm grateful for what I learned about myself and the space to find connections and flow. I would do it again, even with the highs and lows of an intense community.

Amy Atkinson

from United States, January 2022

"Just what I needed to start a new year!"

Incredible experience. Very nice, clean accommodations. Busy days but a lot of really good content and if I needed space or down time, I just spoke to Ann individually. Ann called participants prior to retreat to make sure each of us understood conditions and remote location with limited internet or cell service. Disconnecting was a big appeal to me. Knew that I would not be able to leave farm on my own ahead of time.

Delicious meals harvested freshly, organically onsite. Beth is an amazing cook and can’t wait to take husband back for a cooking retreat. Gladly pitched in to clean up dishes and common areas as I don’t expect anyone to clean up after me and it gave Beth a few minutes to herself before she started the next meal and allowed her to go home at a reasonable time instead of being there until bedtime.

I arrived two days early and spent an extra day after in a hotel by airport that was dirty and loud. Just for room alone, I spent over $1500. IMO the value including transportation; delicious, organic meals; wide variety of learning; daily yoga; hiking beautiful landmarks; and the whole experience was worth every penny.


from United States, January 2022

Great/fresh organically grown and raised food prepared by chef Beth.

1 to 1.5 hour long daily yoga sessions.

Entire place is off grid, while still having power and hot water (when its sunny).

Fantastic working farm and garden w/ knowledgable farmers who are skilled at using plants as medicine.

Joseph N. Alleyne Ii

from United States, January 2022

"Experiences That Will Last A Lifetime. "

From start to finish, I was transported into a world of new possibilities. The beauty of the Fram and the staff cradled me in safe restorative environment. I was empowered, educated and coach at a world class level. And given every opportunity to expand my consciousness.

Jana Katzenberger

from United States, January 2022

"A true 8 day Alchemy Cleanse Retreat"

This retreat was exactly what I needed and so much more. Everything was perfectly balanced in regard to a calm and peaceful environment, clean accommodation, delicious farm to table cuisine and very experienced and knowledgeable instructors. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

This retreat is for you if you want to get in touch with yourself on a deeper level, clean up bad habits and / or the past and are striving to feel your best radiant self while respecting the surrounding nature and people. You will experience the full support from the instructors and every member of the group. The activities are reaching from daily meditation, breathwork, yoga in all forms, excursions to just breathtaking natural sites to fire & cacao ceremonies just to name a view. It is a simply beautiful experience in a safe, healing and respectful environment.

If you are looking for a retreat to party - this is not the retreat for you.

I learned so much, not only about myself that I can say with a 100% certainty I would book this retreat over and over again.

Thank you Ann, Sam, Jonathan and everybody on the farm who made this special event possible!! You guys are amazing! <3 <3 <3

Sandy Lavalley

from United States, November 2021

"Wow! “Reset” Thanksgiving Yoga Retreat was amazing!!!"

This yoga retreat was way more than I expected! The yoga and breath work was just what I needed! The food was outstanding! The LauLima Farm was a beautiful remote location yet within driving distance to beaches and waterfalls! Ann, the lead yoga instructor was so experienced and knowledgeable! Her co-Instructors Jonathan and Sam were also inspirational leaders of breath work, goddess yoga and art play/therapy! I can’t say enough about this retreat and how it encouraged me to embrace and live a vibrant and healthy life! I hope they offer more retreats! Thank you, Ann, for this life changing experience!


from United States, February 2020

"Ayurvedic alchemy retreat"

The farm was beautiful, the food was amazing, amazing 2hour yoga class every morning. Great excursions to beaches and waterfalls and bamboo forest.