Mukta Tantra Yoga

Spirituality is not conforming to a pattern (spiritual or worldly) rather letting go all the patterns given by others or oneself to let life flow freely.

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Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Ashramaa-Mukta Tantra Yoga)

Born in India, Mukta grew up in a family where traditional Tantra and Kundalini yoga, meditation, Vedic astrology, and self-inquiry were part of daily practice. He spent a good portion of his life learning Kashmiri Shaivism (also called Himalayan tantra, Agama, and Trika) from his father and various other enlightened mystics. His father, Shri Kali Ram, passed on the true wisdom of traditional Tantra yoga and Indian mysticism. This non-dualistic wisdom and direct clarity is born out of practical experience and can not be found in books. His inner passion guided him to teach at various ashrams.

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