Oceanic Yoga is registered by Yoga Alliance, offering 200-hour yoga teacher training in Hatha and Vinyasa flow yoga as well as yoga holidays in Goa, India.

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Yogi Abhay

Acharya Yogesh

Brigitte Breternitz



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Athene Crouch

from Great Britain, January 2018

"Great yoga"

The yoga instructor rahul was quite new but very good. Udie my other teacher was fantastic and understood my problems. Vinod didn't teach me yoga but organized everything. He was very very helpful. All 3 young men were patient and kind. I learnt a lot from them.

Testimonials (5)

Jasmine Cliere

Oceanic Yoga Facebook page

My teacher training with Oceanic Yoga was honestly one of the best things I have ever done. Brilliant course, in an amazing place. Even if you don’t end up teaching it is beneficial for yourself as I was surprised how much I felt myself develop by the end. It was such a valuable journey I went on and I have made a yoga family for life! I left, not wanting to leave, but feeling so amazing in myself and excited to teach and share the new skills I had gained from the course. If you have Manisha teaching on your course, your very lucky as she is the best.

Kathi Wieland

Oceanic Yoga Facebook page

I’ve just completed my 200 YTT and can truly recommend it. Although it was „only“ one month it will influence my path a lot. I have learned so much, not only asanas but more important, about what yoga means and how it will positively impact my life. You can really tell that the Oceanic Yoga crew loves what they do and the teachers are amazing – they push you but in a good way. Whenever we had questions, they explained as long as everybody understood and did the lessons according to our needs. All in all, the accommodation was clean, I always felt safe and the food was good. The organization beforehand was perfect as well – Vinod is very willing to make your stay a good one.

Laura Rose

Oceanic Yoga Facebook page

I had an amazing experience at Oceanic Yoga. The teachers were all so special, their personalities really shone through in their classes. They were all full of passion and knowledge which I soaked up in the beautiful and peaceful environment that I was lucky enough learning in. So thankful to my time there, to the people I met and to the lessons I learned about yoga, life and myself.

Francesca Magno

Oceanic Yoga Facebook page

I enjoyed every single moment of the training. All teachers fully aware of their responsibility training us to be a good teacher, and special persons, the importance of the self-practice and self-studying... to continue the beautiful path of yoga! Namaste

Lou Muntz

Oceanic Yoga Facebook page

I have just completed my 200ytt course with Oceanic Yoga and am so pleased I chose to study here over the many options available. The staff is incredibly professional, warm, friendly, patient and available to help with anything you need to make the most of your time. They all teach from the heart and are always encouraging. Physically, it is an intense course but by the end, I felt so much stronger and appreciated all that we learned in such a short time. The location by the beach offers a relaxing space and the area, in general, is laid back. Accommodation is comfortable and clean. Felt very safe during my time here. Vinod, who managed all our arrangements was brilliant and was always quick to respond to any inquiries before and during my time there. Thank you to all the Oceanic team and to the beautiful people I got to share this wonderful experience with