Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga as per tradition, by authentic Indian yoga masters. Life change retreat. Yoga in nature and awareness.

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Sanjeev Dutta

Denise Dutta

Mahendra Prasad Acharya

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from Spain, May 2024

"Unforgettable, did not want to leave"

The time me and my partner spent with Sanjeev was more than we ever expected.

The yoga classes were fantastic. Everyone got their individual attention and was motivated rather than pushed.

The philosophy classes were enlightening and all questions were answered in a manner that they can be used in every day.

The School (Shala) is beautifully and conviniently located. The rooms are cute and tidy. The food was fantastic also.

We are already planning to come back soon!

I cannot wait to come back!


from Canada, April 2024

"My time at Om Yoga Shala"

I had come to this retreat just after a teacher training session. So for the first couple of days I was on my own. After getting over my self-consciousness, I really relished in the 1:1 time that I was able to have to focus on my physical and spiritual journey. Having the time with no distractions allowed me to become more in tuned with myself and Sanjeev provided a safe and welcoming space where I was able to open up. Because it was just me for the majority of my time there, during ‘Yoga Philosophy’ we ended up talking about a wide range of topics which were more personally relevant. This really helped me sort out some reoccurring thought patterns, for which I feel truly grateful. Secondly, the food was fantastic! It was simple yet filling and delicious! Masala chai tea to die for! Yum! Though my time there was short, I know I will feel the positive effects of this experience for time to come. Thank you, Sanjeev for a memorable experience! And who knows, our paths may cross again. Namaste 🙏

Karolina Dimitrova

from Great Britain, March 2024

"Amazing experience!"

The shala was peaceful, relaxing and welcoming place. Very clean and organised. The schedule was also easy to follow without overwhelming. Sanjeev was very helpful teacher, explaining everything well and showing us how to go deeper in our practice. I have learned so many new things about yoga and also about myself and my personal practice during the course. Everyone in the shala was so friendly, which made the place to feel like home. The food was amazing, traditional Indian cuisine but also many Goan dishes. Big thanks to Aniket, Niti and Laxman for looking after us and being so welcoming.

I would definitely recommend that course, will make you feel stronger and prepared once is complete.

Thank you!!

Mary Cleveland

from United States, February 2024

"Quality experience "

Had one of the best meals I have had in India while here.

Friendly environment

Eveliina Kiiski

from Finland, February 2024

"Relaxing, safe and challenging retreat! "

I really liked Agonda, since its so green and chill with a lovely and wide beach. I loved the food, it was different everyday, vegetarian and delicious. Facilities were cozy and clean, food was served in a very nice outdoor dining area. I enjoyed both yoga sessions a lot! The morning yoga was nice, chill and energizing opening for the day and I liked that it wasnt too early. I have done astanga yoga for a few years now and I feel that everyday I learned something new and deepened my streches. Sanjeev helped me to try out asanas which I have found difficult and scary which was very good for me. I was very happy with the lessons, both had great vibes and overall I feel the retreat was great value for money, I recommended it to my friend and she went there right after me! :)

Misha Patel

from India, February 2024

"Brilliant yoga retreat"

I had a wonderful time at Om Yoga Shala. I was only there for three days, but my stay made a real impact on me. The yoga teaching was clearly based on deep knowledge of the practice, and made allowances for different body types and levels of experience. The yoga philosophy sessions with Sanjeev were a highlight of my whole trip to India. They weren't lectures, they were conversations in which Sanjeev invited us to question what he was saying - the sign of a great teacher. I would love to go back and stay for longer. Highly recommended.


from France, January 2024

"Not the yogic attitude"

Chaimaa Fatene

from France, December 2023

"Amazing experience"

I had the most pleasure in this few days we spent in the retreat. Very enriching and full of positive amazing vibes.

I would return in a heartbeat…

Eve Mason

from Great Britain, December 2023

"Mini retreat was everything we could’ve hoped for"

We had a taster of Om Yoga Shala with a three-day retreat, and really enjoyed ourselves. The room surpassed our expectations, with lovely fairy lights and reliably hot water. We were able to join 2 yoga sessions per day (including ashtanga) and a theory session. The sessions were tough but enjoyable, and both teachers were highly experienced. We especially enjoyed eating with the other guests, and the food (especially dinner!) was lovely. A real treat also to experience a fire ceremony at the end of one guest’s teacher training. Thank you 🙏

PS absolutely LOVED the pets on site. So calming to watch a sleeping dog while doing your asanas!

Heidi Tanhuva

from Finland, December 2023

"Great "homey" yoga shala close to Agonda Beach"

We had a great 10 days yoga retreat at Om Yoga Shala and the people & the pets we met during our stay truly made our experience! Thank you Sanjeev & Shivani for your knowledge & experience shared with us during the yoga classes and Laura for making the "logistics" run smoothly on the background. We were at the shala for the retreat, however, there was also a Yoga Teacher Training running simultaneously. The morning class, from 7-9am, included a warm-up, a bit of a mix of different yoga styles and pranayama and was meant for all participants. The afternoon class, from 4-6pm, was meant for the YTT students to practice the different ashtanga asanas. The shala itself was very nicely tucked away on the edge of the jungle and the bungalows were simple but very comfortable. The food was very healthy and supported the strenuous ashtanga training. It was made fresh from the scratch using organic ingredients.

Bekki Rechel

from Canada, June 2023

I had no expectations going to India. It was my first time to India, and I just really didn’t know what to expect.

The place was absolutely beautiful, the jungle surrounding the property gave the entire place a majestic feeling.

Sanjeev, our instructor was approachable but stern. He is a gentle soul, but demanding. I really enjoyed our classes, all of them. But, I appreciated challenging him he also challenged me both mentally and physically.

I feel that I received more than what I paid for.

Sarah Evers

from South Africa, April 2023

"Best 2 weeks for mind, body and soul"

I booked a 14 day retreat. Although I have done some yoga in the past I had only tried Ashtanga once so I was a beginner. The first class was slightly overwhelming but by the next day I was hooked. I was in a group where the majority was at the end of their teacher training so I was surrounded by knowledge and everyone was so helpful and encouraging. I enjoyed our morning classes but it was the afternoon Ashtanga classes that I loved and looked forward to! The daily improvement was so tangible and it was so satisfying to make that personal advancement every day. I have found a new love and have already enrolled at an Ashtanga studio in my home town.

The Shala is superbly located in the jungle and a short walk to Agonda beach which added to my daily exercise which was a bonus. The beach itself is very clean and the people are so friendly and I spent many hours on a sun bed, reading and enjoying just relaxing between morning and afternoon classes.

Sanjeev is an amazing instructor with so much knowledge and I felt privileged to be taught by such a knowledgeable man.

The food was prepared with love and although I am now happy to take a little break from curry it was always a joy to sit down with my fellow yogis and share the expectations and experiences of the day. I will highly recommend this to anyone. You will not regret it and it might just be the game changer that you are looking for in life. Thank you to everyone at the Shala for making this so amazing! Love to all!

Yana Aladic

from United Arab Emirates, April 2023

"A life changing experience!"

Absolutely beautiful place , lovely and welcoming people, delicious vegetarian food being prepared freshly 3 times a day and of course, professional training by Sanjeev- all made my stay at Om Yoga Shala a very special life changing experience!

Kajsa Bergquist

from Sweden, April 2023

"Authentic Indian Yoga Teacher Training"

My 500hrs Ashtanga teacher training at "Om Yoga Shala" was truly an amazing experience. At Om Yoga Shala, you get the jungle atmosphere as well as the closeness to Agonda Beach (to relax and be one with nature).

The teacher, Sanjeev Dutta, is an caring, attentive and warm teacher. Since it is small groups we had the opportunity to impact the morning lessons as well as have interesting conversations, exploring the theory behind Yoga, during the philosophy classes.

No matter what experience a student has with the asana practice, he will find a way for the student and guide the student for easier comprehension. Although participants come for different reasons, the common theme is that they are there to heal, discover themselves, and grow as yoga practitioners. Every week we got the opportunity to teach during the morning class (Sanjeev gives us the liberty to explore our own styles and practice) as well as teaching the ashtanga practice in the afternoon; allowing you to build a solid teaching foundation

The overall ambience of the Shala was fantastic, everybody is welcoming, friendly and created a tranquil//peaceful/stress free zone all together. Come with an open heart, curious mind and humble intentions, and you'll learn lots!

I'm so grateful for this journey and all the beautiful souls I've met during this time.

Thank you so much Sanjeev Dutta for this time!


from Thailand, April 2023

Spent 10 days @Om Yoga Shala and really enjoyed the classes, the people, the energy. Praktiksha is such a passionate teacher, it's so amazing attending her philosophy/anatomy classes and Sangeev's asana classes are challenging, but very entertaining and there's such fast progress! He does corrections and variations for everyone to practice at their own level with consciousness which is amazing

Maria Damaso

from Great Britain, March 2023

"Experience to have and will be forever on my heart. "

I did love every moment spend it at the Om Shala. I did not want to return home so soon. Next time planning to stay for longer. I felt totally safe welcome and appreciated in the group. I felt deep connection with everyone and the place. Food and accommodation are excellent. Sanjeev and Pratiksha Ahuja, they are very skilful on what they are doing and kind approachable, beautiful warmed heart people.

Anna Richter

from France, February 2023

"Excellent place for retreat or to become a yoga teacher"

I am very glad that after long research I’ve gotten to this wonderful place and in the hands of these wonderful people.

Our teacher, our Guru - Sanjeev Dutta - is a very good, kind and attentive teacher, a true professional. He finds an approach to each student, regardless of his level of practice. He explains very well the meaning and work in each asana, so his program is good for everybody – as for beginners and as well for more advanced students.

I was surrounded by a warm atmosphere of support and care, both from the staff and from the program participants.

The location is great, it is close to the road (easy access to the other sites/cities/beaches), and it is close to the Agonda beach. Excellent staff who are attentive to all the needs and requirements of customers. I really liked everything and I will definitely recommend this place to all my friends and acquaintances. And I will also come back here myself, and I hope many, many times.

My heart is with you, Om Yoga Shala Agonda Goa, and with you, Sanjeev Dutta. Namaste ❤️

Hannah Caporn

from Great Britain, February 2023

"Amazing experience!"

I spent 2 weeks at Om Yoga Shala for a retreat and had an amazing time. The hatha and ashtanga yoga is really well taught in a beautiful studio. There was a good level of challenge and I definitely improved and learned a lot during the time I was there. Sanjeev is extremely accommodating and created a warm, fun and friendly environment, so I immediately felt at home. It is walking distance from Agonda beach, which is beautiful, with lots of cafes, restaurants and shops - so there is lots to do during the day if you don't want to hang out at the shala. Also, the food is delicious!! I booked the retreat to improve my yoga and just relax for a couple of weeks in a beautiful place - this is exactly what I got! Thank you Sanjeev!!!

Lucas Gentelle

from India, February 2023

"A place you will want to leave"

I was supposed to stay for 3 days at Om Yoga Shala. I ended up staying 2 weeks.

This place is a true blessing.

You will learn how to let go but you will not want to let go the school in the end.

Yoga classes are truly benefic. It is intense but you get in the rythm really easily. Because of like minded people and of the teachings of Sanjeev. In only 5 days I can already feel great improvements in my technique, and I feel way better about myself than when I arrived.

I definitely recommend it for a retreat or a training course.

This is no mystical place. This retreat is down to earth and will teach you how to be more grounded.

Classes about yoga philosophy are nothing but a brain twister all the time. You will get out of it with headaches but great insights. You can discuss it with anyone, especially Sanjeev.

You will grow in so many ways at Om Yoga Shala, trust me. The best thing is everything will come out of your commitment, curiosity and openness. Nothing magical.


from India, February 2023

"Good YTT"

The food is very good. Sanjeev is really nice, the atmosphere welcoming !


from Great Britain, February 2023

"A fantastic experience "

We only stayed four days and if we came again would stay for longer. All the classes were brilliant. Sanjeev is a really excellent teacher. We felt we had made huge progress in just three days. Beautiful healthy home cooked food and a lovely, diverse group of fellow students. It was everything we were looking for in a short yoga retreat. Thank you so much!

Alin Gavrilescu

from United States, January 2023

"Great Ashtanga experience in a laid back setting"

Sanjeev is a great teacher, calm, open and very knowledgeable in the primary series of Ashtanga. Philosophy classes (Yoga Sutras) were also very nice. Food cooked by local people was delicious and had love & soul put into it.

I feel so grateful for the time spent there and all the knowledge that helped me open new paths in my life.

Anna Babbitt

from United States, January 2023

"Sanjeev was absolutely phenomenal! Peace and bliss. "

Everything I loved! I want to be there again:)

Inger Norgreen

from India, November 2022

"Peace and philosophy in the jungle!"

The calmness and positivness of the instructor was impressing. Very usefull instructions - wich we have had more time.

Ana Maria Lopez

from Italy, June 2022

"Magical experience"

It was a magical experience and beyond my expectations. I have found a good teacher and friend. A master who transmits his knowledge to you with passion, who gives you the skills to reach the most difficult asanas with love and humility. The school is immersed in the jungle just a few minutes from the sea. Food is good! I will always remember this experience for the beautiful energy it gave me. Namaste my good friend Sanjeev...

Paula Rieser

from Great Britain, February 2022

"Remarkable experience "

I was most impressed by the philosophy that accompanied the practice. Also, I loved the location which was right next to the jungle. Agonda is a quiet place with lots of little nice restaurants and the beach is just stunning… it’s the perfect place to go!

Abhinav Trigunayat

from United States, December 2021

"Very educational and healing experience"

highly recommend Om yoga retreat. The place is surrounded with trees and sound of birds. It was my first ashtanga yoga experience and in just 1 week I could see improvement in my strength and flexibility.

We had morning hatha yoga class which was dynamic and everyday we learned new breathing and stretching exercises. Evening class was a full sequence of Ashtanga yoga and I got better everyday. We had yoga philosophy discussions everyday and they were so eye opening, we all shared our opinions on various aspects of patanjali.

I was impressed by the hospitality and home like feeling at their place. Homemade food was perfect and Johnny ensured we had chai throughout the day.

I’m looking forward to coming and staying for longer duration and possibly work on my computer from their place.