An exclusive 21day Hatha, Vinyasa an Naad Yoga Teacher Training accredited by Yoga Alliance U.S.A. in the paradise of Tenerife island.

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Federica Rogani

Jesper Broden

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Amber Hutchison

from Great Britain, December 2023

"The best 3 weeks of my life"

I honestly can’t even begin to put into words what this YTT and overall experience has done for me in my journey. Fede is the most beautiful soul and really cares about everyone on the training. The schedule was great, intense but not overloaded and having all meals catered for was a lifesaver and Amanda the chef made incredible food every day, managing to make every single meal different. I’ve not only met friends here but sisters, girls I will love forever. I now have family scattered all over the world and Ravi Marga really feels like a second home.

Katharina Bähren

from Germany, December 2023

"Best weeks in my life!!"

Fede has created an incredibly beautiful place. With great attention to detail. The training was a journey full of love. You felt cared for and safe the whole time. The finca on Tenerife was the perfect place for this. Fede has a passion for yoga and music that is obvious. Our main teacher, yam, is empathetic and full of love and taught us everything so that we all ended up creating our classes full of passion. Unreserved recommendation to embark on the path of yoga in all its facets: sound, meditation, asanas, breathing exercises, anatomy, philosophy and history…! After the three weeks I have never felt better, centered and above all: full of love. A thousand thanks. I love you guys!

Much love,

Kathi 🥰

Lisa Hildebrand

from Germany, December 2023

Von Tag 1 habe ich mich in der Finca wie im Paradies gefühlt. Der Ort ist magisch und perfekt für diese intensive und transformierende Zeit. Fede hat gemeinsam mit den anderen Lehrern ein inspirierendes und abwechslungsreiches Programm zusammengestellt und dieses flexibel an die Bedürfnisse der Gruppe angepasst. Zu jedem Zeitpunkt wurden wir unterstützt und umsorgt. Ich kann das Programm von tiefsten Herzen nur empfehlen!

Anna Reußner

from Germany, December 2023

"A life changing experience"

I loved my time at Ravi Marga! Fede, the organizor and one of the instructors of the school, does not simply view her position as a job. She pours her heart and soul into her yoga trainings and it shows. Fede and Yamuna managed to create a safe space for all of us to explore our limits and grow tremendously over the three weeks. I felt challenged and supported every step of the way. I believe this program prepared me best as it could have for the next steps I will take as a yoga teacher.

We had an incredibly versatile syllabus, studied philosophy, sound and bodywork (amongs others), and were thereby able to start comprehending the entire universe of yoga rather than just the physical asanas it entails.

I would recommend this training to any level of yogi. We had more and less experienced people in our group and each person really benefited from the previous experiences of all others.

The setting of the trainings is in beautiful nature and the accommodation was very comfortable. I definitely felt at home for the duration of my stay. Being provided with breakfast, lunch, and dinner every practice day was invaluable and the cook, Amanda, outdid herself every single day. I felt very well taken care of and the food was not only delicious, but it provided exactly the energy we needed for our yoga practices and brains.

The quality of this training was so much more than I expected and I feel incredibly lucky that I chose Ravi Marga.

Alina Klassen

from Spain, December 2023

"The best Experience "

Ich empfehle jedem von Herzen diese Ausbildung. Es war die beste Erfahrung meines Lebens und ich würde sie immer wieder machen. Einfach alles war perfekt! Danke!

Laura Hüfner

from Germany, December 2023

"Traumhaft "

Alles! Jede Sekunde der Ausbildung war sein Geld wert! Ich habe unfassbar viel gelernt und jede Sekunde genossen!

Adeline Peris

from Martinique, November 2023

"More then a yoga teacher training "

It was one of the best choice of my life ✨

Before to go I was focus on my asanas and my level… But yoga it’s a way of life not just practicing.

I could write a Roman but I won’t spoiled, I propose you to do it to understand it.

This experience will be an amazing philosophy’s journey, spiritual, intense and also a journey in your true self 🧘🏽

The community I’ve meet there is a real family now… Teachers and workshops was fantastic. Everything was an highlight for me !

72h after I think it was a dream 🦋

Mark Borghetti

from United States, October 2023

"Transcendent experience "

I cannot find the words to explain what an amazing learning and living retreat we shared with Fede at Ravi Marga. Because of her devotion to her mission, we became a family.

I could fill pages talking about my time, but, I won’t. Our journey was magical.

Jesper Broden

from Finland, October 2023

"The Path of the Sun - a deep and transformational journey "

I cant recommend this school enough, and choosing the right school and the right teachers is the most important aspect. I cant stress this enough. I have done 200h once before in Rishikesh, India and was not sure why this training was calling me. Within a few days and after attenting a few of Federicas classes I could feel the pure yogic energi she transmitted in her classes and I felt her power as a teacher and yogi. She is so loving and kind and also so strong when teaching. You will feel her trough out the training and you will notice the softest and warmest of hearts. She has trained with some of the greatest Ashtanga teachers and she was also born into a family of yogis (which according to the Bhagavad Gita only happens to souls that has practiced yoga in previous lifetimes). Her only intention with her school and her life is to spread more love and awareness. She has pure intentions and those energies will hold you and guide you through the practice. She also managed to bring truly awakened souls as guest teachers. One of them Swami Chidananda and another Victor Sakshin. You can find them both on Spotify. The whole experience was amazing and we as a group became really close and there was so much love between each one of us. So if your intention with yoga is to study the self, connect with your true nature and go deep, this school is for you. There is a lot of techniques in yoga that a lot of people can teach you. But only a "real" teacher can transmit the truth.

Chase Tucker

from Spain, October 2023

"A life changing experience"

On the first day I was sure that I was in the right place, knowing that both teachers Nani and Fede had been introduced to yoga and eastern philosophy from a young age, I knew the content of the course would be much deeper than surface level physical practise. Their collective knowledge is both immense and profound, their connection to india and the great masters is direct and obvious. The teaching style is relaxed and discussion based, and the assessment process along the way built my confidence gradually, to the point where I feel ready (very soon) to teach yoga. The resources I was given will be my spiritual textbook moving forward. I also created my own notebook along the way which is now full of profound knowledge and wisdom. This notebook is my both valuable possession. Thank you.

Marco Dorigo

from Switzerland, October 2023

"Outstanding experience"

Outstanding experience, lovely people with an open heart, profound knowledge in teaching and philosophy, created a non-judgemental space to develop one’s own skills and personal path. thank you ravi marga🙏🏼

Mélissa Jaquier

from Switzerland, May 2023

"A journey that changed my life forever!"

I did my 200h Yoga Teacher Training with Ravi Marga School. I am very glad I chose this school led by Fede. Ravi Marga School was just the perfect choice for this training with human and loving staff, incredible teachers and located in the amazing Finca El Quinto. The people, location, accommodation and the feeling of safety and community created by the school was just the perfect combo to be able to heal and grow during the training. I am honoured to be one of Fede’s student. She transmitted not only her understandings of yoga but also her power, trust and joy that she puts into her life! Thank you so much Ravi Marga team for this beautiful journey on which you took us!


from Austria, May 2023

"Amazing experience!"

The teachers were outstanding, the location as well. I learned so much about yoga and myself, I could not have asked for more :)