Sammasati Retreat offers 100-hour, 200-hour, and 300-hour yoga teacher training courses and yoga retreats in Rishikesh and Goa.

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Raj Purwal

Vishal Sharma

Vikas Pandey


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from United Kingdom, January 2024

"Amazing experience "

The whole team were incredible. So uplifting and positive. I really enjoyed the classes, great structure.


from New Zealand, September 2023

Comida excelente. Te ayudan mucho.

Consuelo Tessaro

from Austria, August 2023

"♥ Too bad it's finished ♥"

It was one of the best experiences of my life. He has given me a lot from a human point of view. The ashram is beautiful, surrounded by nature, the teachers are so professional and kind, I really learned a lot. The food and accommodation are excellent. I recommend everyone to have a similar experience

Thanks Mama India, I will definitely be back ♥

Saptasri Parswanath

from India, April 2023

"Unforgettable experience "

Everything from the location, classes, food, instructors, course schedule. Will surely come for back for another retreat.

Jack Daniels

from India, February 2023


It was incredible experience of my life I went just for yoga class. but I get so much cleaning process was so deep and oh my god emotional side effect detoxification class was so deep that it show me so much I carry from my past experience of life it was really good cleaning and the ashtanga class was amazing I feel so much difference between the strength of my arm shoulder from first day till the end day my all muscles body becomes powerful.

There was so much deep talk about body mind emotions how element effect our life I was so surprise to listen that philosophy and theory the philosophy class was amazing . Hatta yoga and alignment class was so beautiful that give so much knowledge about the how to correct asana how to adjust the body in asana.

Food was very fresh they make everyday every time fresh food and we get everyday fruit and so much good source of protein


from India, January 2023

"It's not only about practice Yoga but deep therapy process. "

I like emotional detoxfication sessions the most. Physically it's a bit painful but emotionally I felt very light. Meditation sessions are also excellent. I can say it's not only Yoga Course but a deep therapy. I'm very thankful to the whole team.


from India, January 2023

"I just arrive feel like home.. "

First time in my life I feel deeply detoxification of my sad. The four days of emotional therapy so much change in my body, mund, and emotion. It was really amazing deep work. Hatha and astanga the great teaching practice.. Now I feel so confidence. Paryam & philosophy and mantra the great vibe.. We feel like a family..

We experience so many quality of food..

And kitchen staff was so connected with us. I love to come back. Many people of our group come again here for 300 hours. Here I was a family connection.


from United Kingdom, January 2020

"Sharing this experience with likeminded group of people "

The location of the hotel was stunning. The most beautiful sunrise and sunsets. The staff were so kind and helpful and did their best to find solutions to our issues with food quality and choices by trying to change the menu which was incredibly old fashioned and didn’t provide us with a yogic diet. So much was lacking but the staff really did try. Education and training is paramount if they want to continue to attract yoga TTC, wellness programs and detox. Currently there is nothing the restaurant offers that would support this.

I loved our small group of students and the support from each other.

Ellen Sullivan

from United Kingdom, September 2019

"I would not change a thing "

I thoroughly enjoyed my teacher training and could not recommend it enough.


from United States, April 2019

"Excellent local teachers."

Yoga philosophy, Anatomy, Indian cultural history. Being able to compare the different styles. They were new to Yin.