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Satya Loka

Discover your Self for the benefit of all beings! Satya Loka offers Traditional Yoga & Tantra teacher training courses in India, Austria and Greece.

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Kat Sukh Russia

2016, Satya Loka website

When I met Radasi I understood what was the path of Shakti, of love, of passion, of devotion. She is teaching me how to be truly in my feminine power and at the same time realize that the real self is beyond gender limits. How to welcome and experience all the arising emotions and be still. How to build my life the way I want to see it and totally surrender to God. How to walk the path remaining a woman. Just being around her is a great opportunity to learn, let along teacher trainings where she gives 100% of herself and inspires so powerfully that lives of those who are ready to take it can change dramatically.

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