Shamana center is dedicated to the promotion of Wisdom and Healing Arts for the well-being and spiritual evolution of all beings in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

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23 Day 200-Hour Shamana Yoga Teacher Training RYT at Lake Atitlan

Nov 8-30 | Jan 10-Feb 1 | Mar 14-Apr 5 , 2024–2025
    from US$ 3,499
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    Kathy Grabic

    from United States, April 2024

    My journey with Shamana Yoga Teacher Training was nothing short of magical even though the personal challenging times.

    From the moment I arrived, I felt a sense of connection. The program offered much more than just yoga poses – it was a transformative journey of self-discovery. Through personal experiences and self-reflection, I found myself uncovering layers of myself that I never knew existed. The supportive environment created by Eran and Batya allowed me to explore my vulnerabilities with open arms.

    Another thing I found that made Shamana special was the people. I formed connections with my fellow trainees, sharing laughter, tears, and moments of profound insight. Together, we supported each other through the challenges and celebrated our victories, creating bonds. I thought the small group size was great and it made the experience more personal.

    The plant based food provided was absolutely delicious! Every meal was nourishing and had very fresh ingredients. It was very filling and I liked having soup for dinner every night!

    In conclusion, this isn't just a program – it's a journey of the heart and soul. At moments, it was quite challenging but if you remember to trust the process, this will help you get through the other side. Also, a good life lesson.

    So, if you're looking for a transformative experience that will leave you empowered, I really recommend Shamana. Eran and Batya are truly very special people doing amazing work!

    Ines Greune

    from Germany, March 2024

    "Best vibes with excellent teachers"

    The teachers: Batya and Eran are a wonderful couple that complement each other perfectly in creating an inspiring place and space for their teacher training, truly living their passion and love for yoga. The course is well-structured and balanced. Eran has become my guru because he is an authentic teacher with deep knowledge, wisdom, passion and universal love. He wisely shares his profound knowledge of the fundamentals of Yoga practice and theory.

    Batya teaches from her heart, too. She accompanies all with her wonderful voice, musical feeling, cooking skills and organizational talent. On Saturdays Kirtan, takes place on the beautiful patio as an open singing event for San Marcos. Batya is the powerful and angelic voice in its energetic center.

    The schedule is intense and very complex in its offerings of various methods of physical, spiritual and practical work, teaching methodology of creating an own future class. The teaching materials shared are informative and detailed.

    Another highlight is a Mayan fire ceremony, even implementing a Shaman's reading in the Mayan calendar, explaining the Naval of every participant.

    All of us have learned so much more about ourselves in this course.

    By the way, Ayurvedan knowledge and food are daily served :) It is most delicious and of high quality. You even have a cooking course.

    I am very grateful for this intense learning experience and will keep the beautiful people I met at beautiful Lake Atítlan forever in my heart.

    Emma Vangrieken

    from Canada, February 2024

    "100% Worth It. Can't Say Enough Good Things!"

    Like the title suggest, I cannot say enough about how wonderful this training was. In terms of content covered, I absolutely feel prepared to begin my teaching journey but also recognize a whole new level of spiritual depth I've been initiated into for myself.

    Eran and Batya go above and beyond to invite you to be part of their home. They've curated a beautiful space and as professions in each of their fields respectfully, they come together to offer a course that is both broad and deep. I got much more than I paid for out of this training and now always feel like I have a home in San Marcos.

    Thank you Shamana!

    Klara Henum

    from Denmark, February 2024


    My experience with batya and eran was beyond my imagination! they are both amazing people and i loved every second i got to spend with them. how they taught us about yoga, chanting and meditation and how to get to know yourself better was more than i could ever ask for. i HIGHLY recommend doing the yoga training here!! i will come back for 300-hours when possible ;) i thank them both with all of my heart.

    they are both very generous teachers and are willing to share all of their experiences and knowledge, which i truly admire.

    There is so much intimacy in a group like this, as we were only 9 people, so we could all get the chance to ask everything and have all the support each of us needed. They are both very caring so i felt at home the second i arrived at Shamana!

    I only have good things to say about this place and the people within. Thank you so so much!

    Manon Harrisson

    from Canada, February 2024

    "More than yoga"

    If you are looking for an extraordinary experience this is the place. We learned much more than teaching yoga. The teachers are people with a great hearts.

    Agata Sztobryn

    from Switzerland, April 2023

    "Transformative experience "

    Everything! We got reached yoga as a way of living with all it's aspects from philosophy through karma to ayurveda, not just exercise. We learned how to create a journey not only a class. Eran and Batya live values they teach and spread a wonderful energy.

    Amy Sergeant

    from Great Britain, February 2023

    "Amazing Experience "

    The Yoga training was amazing. Eran has such a passion for everything yoga I really learnt so much and I cannot recommend there training enough. Eran and Batya are a wonderful couple who really compliment each other well. There gifts and talents shine through. If you go to there training you will definitely get far more than just teacher training. I really feel yoga has become me this month ❤️

    Patricia Santos

    from Portugal, March 2022

    "Life changing spiritual experience"

    The devotion and trust Eran taught us, and deep knowledge he has of devotion, trust, pranayama, meditation, yoga history and philosophy gave me the basis to better understand what yoga is and to incorporate it as a deep meaningful and changing lifestyle. Batya is a talented healer who led us through several healing rituals and ceremonies that went so deep into each one of us that I am sure changed us forever. I will always be grateful for what they gave me, for the magic they showed me, the trust and devotion they taught me, the healing they allowed me to do and the tools they gave me to achieve a happier and healthier life and continue my yoga path. I believe that yoga is a way of life and to be a yoga teacher we need to understand what yoga is, find devotion and heal ourselves before and everyday because it is a position of great responsibility, and that is precisely what Eran and Batya gave me. This training focus on a spiritual process that sets the basis for facing yoga practices as a ceremony.

    Denise Koch

    from Germany, February 2022


    Ich würde die Yoga Lehrerausbildung jederzeit wieder im Shamana Retreat buchen. Batya und Eran haben ein absolut tolles Programm zusammengestellt. Sie vermitteln einem so viel mehr und es kommt wirklich alles von Herzen. Sie helfen bei jeder Frage und Anliegen weiter. Besonders gut gefallen hat mir auch, dass Sie z.B. andere Yoga Lehrer einladen, die dann wiederum Spezialisten auf ihrem Gebiet sind. Das Essen war auch super mega lecker und immer sehr große Portionen. Das Retreat ist auch super schön ausgestattet und besonders der Blick auf den Lake Atilán und der tägliche Sonnenaufgang unbeschreiblich schön. Ich bin so dankbar für diese unvergessliche Zeit.


    from Costa Rica, February 2022

    "Way more than just a Yoga Training "

    Two beautiful teachers with a lot of knowledge who really know what they are doing! This experience was challenging but in a very good way. Not just we learned being a yoga teacher but so much more! So much healing and love.