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Shiva Rishi Yoga is a company that offers courses and yoga retreats with the objective of spreading the message of yoga and helping all participants to live a healthy and harmonious life.

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Siva's life is totally dedicated to yoga. He has been practicing yoga for more than 10 years and is sharing his knowledge and techniques in Varkala. As a Swami Satyananda disciple, his fascination for the teachings of Patanjali and his love for yoga practice have changed his life completely. He discovered yoga as a way of living, which is the perfect communion between mind, body, and soul. By placing practice within the context of Indian culture and philosophy, Siva's classes are an ever deepening experience of the true tradition of yoga.


Salini attained her MSc degree in Yoga and philosophy at the University of Chennai and is currently taking her doctoral degree while teaching philosophy classes at the school. In a compassionate and dialogic teaching style, she will guide your self-understanding towards a clear realization of the yoga sutras of Patanjali, of how yoga derived from the Vedic age and how scriptures can benefit your practice.


Dr. Anish BAMS is an Ayurvedic doctor and he will teach you anatomy classes. Herin you will also discuss about benefits of asanas, how to adress specific problems or what to avoid during that time. Moreover, he will introduce you to the ancient healing science of Ayurveda, which ideally complements the yogic practices.

Reviews (17)

Giulia Mattioli

from United Kingdom, October 2018

"Excatly what I needed"

Lovely place, amazing food, great teachers :) We had some fantastic trips to Golden island, Pomnudi to reconnect yourself with all 5 elements and Sivananda Ashram to fully appreciate the yoga life.

 fully appreciate the yoga life!

Valentin Cornuet

from New Caledonia, October 2018

"Intense, powerful and unforgetable"



from United Kingdom, February 2018

Everyone was warm, welcoming, helpful and enthusiastic. The atmosphere was wonderful.

Maureen Bampton

from United Kingdom, February 2018

"Shiva rishi yoga"

Brilliant trips, tuition, veggie food, a safe environment with very personal service.

Ariel Downey

from Canada, February 2018

"Yoga Teacher"

Siva was energetic and vibrated on such a positive level; it was infectious. He is so passionate about yoga and sharing his yoga knowledge with the students. He is always willing to provide extra support as needed, in order to make sure that we were getting what we wanted from the course, I felt that I learned a lot about philosophy and disciple from Siva’s traditional approach to practice.

Shivani Pandya

from United Kingdom, December 2017

"Great yoga course! "

The location was fantastic and the accommodation was to a very high standard. Siva really lives and breathes yoga and this is reflected in his teaching. I felt that the whole experience was very authentic and we were really learning about the ancient Indian roots of yoga and not just the commercial western style of yoga.

Laura Pierfelici

from Greece, December 2017

"Incredibile TTC"

I've really enjoy all the months with all the yoga lessons, classes, especially the allignment classes!

All the pujas organized by the school plus all the extra excursions once a week.

Moreover the foot quality was incredible!

The accommodation were very clean and comfy! And all around is full of things to do and a beautiful beach !

Jacek Jurek

from Poland, December 2017

Location, atmosphere, Shiva passion and tolerance, company,

Marie Thorand

from Gabon, December 2017

"Wonderful experience "

I loved everything, the course, the teachers, the food, the accommodation, the area.

There is literally nothing to complain about. The other students were super lovely as well and the group size with 12 people very relaxed.

The month was a lifetime experience and I loved it. The ttc was hard but I knew what to expect:)

You should def do it if you have the chance.

THANK YOU so much

Siva, Madeleine and Jona gor all you effort and love!

All the best for u guys

Gonzalo Garrido Guerra

from United States, November 2017

"One of the most wonderful experiences of my life"

Everything. The location was just perfect, the ashram it’s cozy and with a great energy, the teachers are really nice and with a great philosophy knowledgement, amazing trips, really nice food,


from Germany, October 2018

"Nice experience in beautiful Varkala"

Teachers are very enthusiastic and open for discussion.

Nice people with nice energy.

Food was good and individual wishes were being considered the best possible.

Katharina Link

from Germany, February 2018

"Sehr liebevoll "

Das ich mich willkommen gefühlt habe und sogar ein wenig umsorgt

Francesca Giustetti

from Italy, August 2017

"No yoga retreat but a spiritual awakening "

I was aspecting a regular yoga retreat instead what this place gave me is much much more...priceless! Kerala is an amazing place if you like nature, it all sorrunded by sparkling green jungle-looking trees. The accomodation is cosy, super clean and has a fantastic yoga shala on the roof top which share all the energy of the sorrounding nature. The food is absolutely fantastic! The woman who is in charge, Shadi, cooks with the love that just a mum can do. Everything is fresh and light as a yogi diet requires.. just in a bigger portion! Shiva is not only an instructor but a spiritual guide. He is not just concern in teaching you the posture but guiding you trough the fantastic world of yoga. He shares his passion with his student and drives them through the enlightment. This is not a simple yoga retreat.. you will get much more than flexibility and a relax mind.

Testimonials (3)

Elke Witthuhn

Shiva Rishi Yoga at Varkala Cliff website

In November 2015 I spent a great time in Varkala at Shiva-Rishi-Yoga School. For greeting we found some flowers in our nice and clean room. Our Yoga holidays startet with a puja. That gives a nice atmosphere to the group. The yoga lessons were perfectly explained and instructed. Shiva and Philipp did it with a lot of inspiration and enthusiasm. Very interesting were the philosophy classes, where we learned to understand why yoga works like it works. The guys took us through different kinds of Yoga, such as pranajama (breathing), asanas (physical work out), chakra balancing, mantra chanting. The yoga holidays included some trips through South India. We saw a lot of typical Indian life, ate tasty Indian food and heard many storys about Indian philisophy and culture from Shiva. We had a lot of fun by traveling with public buses and trains. The hotels were different, some with high standard, other really local but with a great view over the mountains (Munnar). One of the highlights was the houseboat trip. So at the end I can say, it was a very enriching time for me and I plan to go back to Shiva Rishi Yoga School in Varkala as soon as possible.

Felix Kaltner

Shiva Rishi Yoga at Varkala Cliff website

I did a 200hour Yoga Teacher Training with Siva and I really enjoyed the time! Espcially the Philosophy it let me once more understand that yoga is way more than physical exercises. Also I became very flexible, my body relaxed and mind calm. The various kind of breathing techniques balanced my mind to a higher state of concentration for meditation. I recommend Siva as a good teacher and great Yogi, sharing the acient and secred knowledge with us students.

Philipp Meyrahn

Shiva Rishi Yoga at Varkala Cliff website

It's been an unique experience to study at shiva rishi yoga school. Siva is a very professional and honest teacher who is devoting all his life to yoga and spirituality. Also Madeleine takes very good care of the guests, staff and hotel which contributes to the lovely atmosphere.

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