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Welcome to vinyasa yoga ashram(Yoga teacher training ashram in Rishikesh).Join us to learn how to transform millions life.

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Yogi Pradeep Ji

Yogi Pradeep Ji is guru of pranayama, shatkarma and asanas in Vinyasa Yoga Ashram. Pradeep Ji has completed his master degree in yoga sciences and he has more than 2 years of teachings experienced in the path yoga. Pradeep Ji is leading yoga teacher training courses for 2 years with full of sincerity and dedication in India as well as around the world.

Yogi Mohit Ji

Yogi Mohit Ji is a very popular yoga philosophy teacher in Rishikesh. His wisdom in the field of yoga is very board, and his teachings are very inspiring that includes teachings from the great yoga texts such as Patanjali yoga sutras, bhagavadgita as well as other important Vedic texts that give students a clear vision to reach their destinations in life.

Yogi Naveen Ji

Yogi Naveen Ji is one of the most talented Asana teachers. He is a very experienced, as well as a knowledgeable teacher. Students love his teaching style because he is very inspiring & motivative. Naveen Ji won a Gold Medalist in Yoga Championship. He is a yoga alliance certified and he holds a masters in yoga sciences.

Yogi Praveen Ji

Yogini Praveen Ji is a very experienced teacher of meditation. Her teaching is very natural that comes directly from her heart and it helps students to see their true blissful nature. Praveen Ji has learned about yogic teaching from many great masters and she is also a certified healing teacher. So, this is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn yogic teachings under Praveen Ji.

Yogi Harminder Ji

Yogi Harminder Ji teaches yoga therapy and anatomy for two years in India and around the world. He is a certified yoga therapy and yoga anatomy teacher as well as a master of yoga sciences. With so many experience and wisdom, Harminder Ji is able to give students the essence of yoga therapy and anatomy.

Yogi Vivek Ji

Yogi Vivek Ji is one of the most sincere & natural teacher of ashtanga & vinyasa flow in vinyasa yoga ashram, yogi vivek ji has been practicing ashtanga & vinyasa flow for more than 4 years & teaching around the world, he has completed his master degree in yoga sciences as well as he is certified teacher, his teaching method is very simple & traditional as well as his classes are very informative at the same time light-hearted and lively.

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Ashley Snook

from Canada, August 2018

"Amazing Experience at Vinyasa Yoga Ashram"

My time spent at Vinyasa Yoga Ashram is one that I will carry for the rest of my life. The knowledge and experiences I gained through this yoga family is invaluable. The dedicated time and hard work each member put into the school (teachers and staff) made for an amazing experience--I truly feel like part of the family. Everyone was so patient, accommodating and attentive to inquiries from students. Special thanks to Ankit who went above and beyond to assist students. Also to Yogi Pradeep, Yogi Sahushri, Yogini Parveen and Yogi Rajesh who I've learned so much from over the course of my studies.

Juliette Fayolle

from Spain, July 2018

"Amazing experience "

I had an amazing time. I am really grateful for the human connections, and the people I got to meet there. The vibe in the ashram is in such a way that you can truly feel that you belong to a big family. The teachers are always available to help you find your way on your practice, on your own path, to clarify some details. They are teaching from their heart, which for me made everything so special. I feel we truly dived into yoga, the discipline of the asanas, the deep philosophy theme, practical anatomy, I discovered the power of pranayama and meditation.... if you are opened 100% to receive and to give from your heart, I can not recommand this place enough.


from Great Britain, October 2018

"Classes Way Too Big - 23 instead of advised 15 Max"

The anatomy classes were very interesting.

Holly Eager

from Great Britain, October 2018

"Himalayan Yoga Family"

The teachers and staff of the Himalayan Yoga Association were welcoming, warm, and truly felt like family by the end of my 2 months (200 hrs + 300 hrs) with them. I learned a lot from them all, both in class and outside of class. The level of knowledge of the teachers was very good, and the classes were relaxed and open-minded, even when discussing difficult topics. I have learned SO much these past two months (August and September 2018), and am excited to bring this knowledge home to share with others. Special thanks to: Ram for teaching me full power Vinyasa flow, and for always smiling (although sometimes I think you enjoyed our pained groans a little too much!); Pradeep for explaining anatomy in a clear and simple way, and for taking me to the doctors to get an x-ray to help me understand my scoliosis; Vivek for being the life and soul of the party, and sharing his legendary dance moves; Pammy for his smile and for making the best masala chai and parantha in Rishikesh; Praveen for teaching me meditation and yoga philosophy, and opening my eyes to how much more there is to Yoga than just asana; Deepraj and Satish for introducing me to Ashtanga yoga for the first time, and for all your adjustments to push me deeper into the postures (I'll miss your beautiful singing, Satish!); Swamiji for sharing your vast knowledge on Yoga and meditation; Ajay and Himanshu for listening to our concerns so well. Thank you all!

Lorina Ventura

from Great Britain, September 2018

"Lifa changing and fantastic"

The teachers, the staff, literally everyone. I loved the teachings, all classes, I loved the discipline. The views, the city. All of it. It was a great, life changing experience.


from Malaysia, September 2018

Teachers are lovely, patience and knowledgeable. They are very sincere in their teaching. Also, the capital of Yoga- Rishikesh, India, is a nice and lovely place with kind people, good food and rich cultures.

Wendy Starreveld

from United States, August 2018

"Uitstekende docenten maar weinig lesgegeven "

De yogadocenten hebben stuk voor stuk heel veel kennis, wat ze op een leuke manier overbrengen. Ik heb hier heel veel geleerd! Op zondag en donderdagmiddag was er vrije tijd om even de stad te verkennen en we hebben een aantal leuke uitstapjes gedaan.


from Canada, August 2018

"Amazing Place!"

Customer service, yoga class, I strongly recommand this school for beginner and advance teacher.

Food and resort is super safe !

Room are clean and fresh

The Teachers are always happy and smiling and they all have the desire and passion to teach and make sure you understand what they teach, they are ALL AMAZING :)

There is always someone there to help you in any ways you need.

Dominique Lottes

from United States, August 2018

"Great School, Amazing Teachers and lots of Fun"

I really enjoyed the different teachers and their great knowledge in terms of practice, alignment and philosophy. The shedule was well balanced and the individual classes were informative, exciting and fun. Overall a great experience. Namaste

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Cheryl Hillman

Vinyasa Yoga Ashram Website

I have to commend AJ, Ram and the rest of the team on a very professionally run business.

The setting is wonderfully peaceful and the accommodation comfortable and clean.

The teachers are fantastic ...pushing you to go beyond your comfort zone with just the right amount of inspiration and gentleness.

Most of all the general attitude of the staff was what really impressed me ...always helpful, kind and willing to go out of their way to make sure you are happy.

Having spent just under a month there, these people slowly became my family, and I was very sad to leave this beautiful place and its beautiful people. I definitely hope to return to Vinyasa Yoga Ashram again.

Gemma Wilson

Vinyasa Yoga Ashram website

Smaller class size than other yoga Ashrams. It is very laid back and has more of a community feel. School has strong family feelings, you find people always available to help you, I enjoyed each aspect of the course on & off the mat.

Ronan Lonergan

Vinyasa Yoga Ashram website

The teacher certification at Vinyasa yoga Ashram exceeded all of my expectations. It was an incredible spiritual and physical life-changing journey. The experience taught me so much, It was the perfect place to completely yoga teacher training.

Christoph Geppert

Vinyasa Yoga Ashram website

If you are looking to learn both physical & spiritual yoga, this is the ideal place. Their teachings are unlike workout yoga or very Western style, they follow ancient teachings and all teachers are born for yoga, Beautiful location.


Vinyasa Yoga Ashram website

Vinyasa Yoga Ashram is the best yoga Ashram I've ever been to. The studio is beautiful facing huge himalayas and surrounded by nature, every morning beautiful sunrise. all classes, all of them were amazing. Great teachers, fantastic vibe.

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