La Casa Shambala is a dynamic healing space for therapies, yoga teacher training courses, workshops, and yoga retreats.

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18 Day 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Cadiz

August | September | October | November, 2024
    from US$1,569
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    21 Day 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Koh Phangan

    August | September | October | November, 2024
      from US$1,710
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      Instructors (15)

      Sara Ramalho

      Vanessa Piqué

      Mika Schroder

      Maite Méndez

      Paula Chacón

      Susanna Bologna

      Adria Mercade "Arihant" Ortega



      David Jiménez

      Jesper Broden

      Nuria Barrera Hervas

      Johanna Hellinger

      Raveesh Bakhda

      Esperanza Obra Castillo

      Reviews (152)


      from Austria, July 2024

      "Ich bin sehr begeistert von den Lehrern"

      Die Stimmung im gesamten YTT


      from United States, June 2024

      Susa was an amazing instructor and I learned so much from her. The manager Anna was incredible. Kari did the food and we ate the most wonderful Vegan food.

      Levka Brodersen

      from Germany, June 2024

      "Ein Erlebnis"

      Es war einfach nur fantastisch. In so einer atemberaubenden Natur Yoga zu lernen. Keine Ablenkung, kein Luxus. Nur die Natur und wir. Das Essen war immer super lecker und es gab immer was zum nachschlagen, alle wurden satt. Die beiden sehr unterschiedlichen Lehrer Johanna und Paramesh haben uns ihre Yoga Wege gezeigt. Die verschiedenen Sichten ergaben eine gute Balance. Man hat Yoga sowohl aus der traditionellen Sicht wie auch aus der modernen therapeutischen Sicht kennengelernt. Die Gruppe war super, genau wie das ganze Team. Mit Spinnen muss man klar kommen und das Mosquitospray nicht vergessen aber ansonsten einfach 100% weiterzuempfehlen

      Jerry Collins

      from Great Britain, June 2024

      "Off grid and off the map! First class school, food and all."

      Johanna was top class teacher. Enthusiastic, interested and knowledgeable. You won't find better. Ramiro the chef again top class, gentle, happy, attentive and with a menu varied and healthy. Deborah with her team of volunteer helpers did a great job, often not noticed but if everything is running smoothly she's probably the reason. Great course, not to be missed.

      Lynsey Birrell

      from Great Britain, June 2024

      Amazing experience. They best thing I have ever done. The food was just beautiful. All the teachers, volunteers were fantastic.


      from Spain, June 2024

      "Great place to deepen yoga knowledge"

      Great Assana Clinic

      Darja Sirjajeva

      from Denmark, May 2024

      "Life changing experience of diving deep into yoga"

      1. Teachers & how experienced they are.

      Both teachers are coming from different backgrounds and thats what made it so insteresting and valuable. Crosslinking yoga with anatomy, neuroscience, spirituality and other disciplines.

      2. You have to step out of your comfort zone. You will get to try things you thought you would never do - silence day, jala neti cleansing, plenty of sun salutations.

      3. Food and the menu! Carefully planned vegan diet was amazing, every dish looked and tasted so delicious - loved it!

      4. Community & team building all the way from day 1. You always feel included, your opinion and feelings are deeply valued and validated. Opening and closing ceremonies were incredible.

      Thank you to everyone who took part in organising❤️

      Highly recommend if you are looking to learn about yoga and much much more from experienced teachers. Even though this is not a retreat and you have plenty of classes daily - you do get to form close relationships with your fellow students, relax, journal on your own, take a leisure walk and enjoy life.

      Nadia Varesano

      from Ireland, May 2024

      "Not all that glitters is gold...."

      I really like the location and the company of my group. I enjoyed my time there and I appreciated the close distance with the town.

      Isabelle Kohstall

      from Germany, May 2024

      "Drei unvergessliche Wochen"

      Wunderschöne Area mitten in der Natur, Monchique ist in in 10 min zu Fuß erreichbar mit kleinen Läden und Supermärkten. Die Kursinhalte sind sehr gut strukturiert und super interessant, das Essen ist unglaublich lecker und mit viel Liebe zubereitet! Das ganze Team dort war wundervoll und ich kann nur jeden ans Herz legen dort sein Yoga teacher Training zu machen! 💛

      Anna Martha Kirch

      from Germany, May 2024

      "Beautiful experience, would always do it again!!"

      The vibe and the community was incredibly beautiful! Amazing food & Susa was the best teacher I ever had! Very good organisation and all in all an incredible experience, especially considering the price. I would definitely choose this YTT again!


      from Netherlands, May 2024

      "An impressive journey"

      This training was amazing. They care for you so you can develop and learn. Food was so tasteful. It was heaven. You learn that vegan food does great things for your body. You don’t miss a thing. Promise. The views are spectacular. And classes were high level. In this group Vic managed the whole training. She is was amazing. Susa lead the training and she is the best. THE BEST! Coco lead us down a beautiful spiritual path and gifted us her music. Don’t hesitate but book this one. You won’t regret it.


      from Denmark, April 2024

      "Intense, but expected"

      We got manuals with allmost eveything to self study. Teachers where good at learning us what we need to know. We had plenty of food served with some different options. Ral (the manager i guess) was very helpfull with everything and sweet. Breakfast was amazing!

      If you enjoy a lot of people with very positive mind asking you “how r u” all the time, singing circles and the outdoor jungle life: this is for you!

      Alexandra Beyer

      from Germany, April 2024

      "I can highly recommend!"

      Teachers, staff, agriculture, sustainable living, food, the love,…

      Estelle Grandidier

      from France, March 2024

      Great teacher, great food, great manageress.

      Very lucky with the group too.

      Chris Brown

      from South Africa, March 2024

      "Beautiful experience "

      The whole experience was incredible. Every aspect of the program was well thought through and delivered with love. Jesper, Mar and Coco were very knowledgeable and fun trainers. The location was stunning. After finishing this training, I feel very well equipped to be a yoga teacher.

      Juliana Ullrich

      from Netherlands, February 2024

      "Unique experience"

      Susa was an amazing teacher, I had a great time and learned a lot.

      Regina Dahl

      from Canada, February 2024

      "Intense YTT Vinyasa & Hatha"

      Susa's incredible classes - she taught us so much that we had never learned in any yoga class before. Great teaching style and so passionate about giving us the most possible knowledge during this short time. Cecilia's constant support regarding any needed organization. Ramiro's and Leonie's passionate and loving meal prep.

      Marie Idiartegaray

      from France, January 2024

      "Super experience de transformation personnelle "

      La qualité et les personnalités si différentes des 4 enseignants avec chacun leur richesse particulière.

      Leur partage d'expériences.

      Leur pédagogie.

      Cosima Wild

      from Germany, December 2023

      "What an incredible experience, tight schedule though "

      I really loved the way everyone was involved in that amazing, life changing experience. The mood of the group and the team was funny, light and also deeply connected and truthful. Ramido our chef was super, Cecilia gave the location a soul and Freddy our Volunteer was always there for jokes and also to help.

      Sandra Spanjer

      from Spain, December 2023

      "A lifetime transformational experience"

      Het intense leerprogramma was goed afgewisseld met de yoga klassen in combinatie met de theoretische lessen. De docenten waren zeer ervaren en het contact was heel persoonlijk. Het eten was fantastisch en ruim voldoende. Ik heb in 18 dagen zowel lichamelijk als geestelijk een mooie transformatie doorgemaakt.

      Aurélie Jamotton

      from Belgium, December 2023

      Cette formation était parfaite, tout était très bien organisé, les installations étaient super et propres, les professeurs extraordinaires, la nourriture exceptionnelle et les cours géniaux. J’ai beaucoup appris durant cette formation et j’ai fait de merveilleuses rencontres. Je recommande cette formation les yeux fermés. Le lieu était paisible et très tranquille 🙏merci à la manager Cecilia, aux professeurs de yoga Suzanna et Marina, au cuisinier Ramiro et au volontaire Freddy 🫶une équipe exceptionnelle, aimante et passionnante

      Lesia Mihalikova

      from Czechia, December 2023

      "It was definitely worthy! Beautiful zen garden, lovely food"

      I liked Vanessas passion about the chakra system and all the intentions in the classes.. her practice were for many people kind of a yoga therapy, self healing..

      We learned a lot about the philisophy and karma yoga, yoga life style and how to get back to our true selfs

      Alice Faulkner

      from Great Britain, November 2023

      "A Magical YTTC"

      I had a magical YTTC experience at Terra Sangha! We had such a wonderful group, and created such beautiful and supportive connections. Deborah, our course manager, was so genuine, kind and loving and the YTTC ran seamlessly under her guidance. Andres, our main teacher, is a phenomenal teacher - probably the best teacher I've ever had in any capacity during my life. He has such creative, varied and fun teaching methods and brought so much energy and enthusiasm to each class. The volunteers on our course was so helpful and friendly, and felt a part of our group. The accommodation available was varied to suit a variety of preferences and very comfortable. The food was ample, healthy and delicious. Terra Sangha is a fantastic off-grid site, and I loved having the river running through it and the various farm animals on site. Would whole-heartedly recommend this YTTC. I had the best time, and miss it very much!


      from Switzerland, November 2023

      "Do not hesitate to book this YTT!"

      Amazing experience. I wasn't sure if I even wanted to teach, I was more doing this for my own practice and I'm so glad I did! The off grid location was beautiful, there is excellent varied vegan food and I met a lovely group of people (mixed ages and levels) who I will stay friends with. The instructors were super passionate and the house manager was so kind and warm. It really felt like a home for the few weeks.

      Kristian Czajkowski

      from United States, November 2023

      "never go here, poorly organized and sexist"

      the food and the yoga instructors

      Ross Betti

      from United States, November 2023

      "October/November Hatha and Vinyasa 200hr YTT"

      Andrés' teaching style, energy, depth of knowledge, and love made this training truly special. I would take a class or training with him again in an instant. He is among the best of the best.

      Deborah managed the course with style and grace. Ashleigh's Yin classes were what the heart and body needed at the end of the day.

      Nick Scovell

      from Great Britain, November 2023

      "Experience "

      The course was designed well, Vanessa is a brilliant teacher. Such passion and dedication to Yoga. The support Vanessa gave me was incredible. I loved every minute of her classes. I leave the course with a great level of confidence that I can lead classes.

      Olivia H

      from Italy, November 2023

      Overall, a wonderful journey into the depths of yoga, spirituality, somatic healing, and more that comes with the plethora of people who chose to do this together. You get to learn about correct asana alignment, meditation, breathwork, philosophy, history, Sanskrit texts, anatomy of the human body, and also try several spiritual practices. I'm not a spiritual person but I love the knowledge I gained for my own practice.

      Note: This is not a one way ticket to becoming a yoga teacher. You have to put in the hard work. It is a great foundation for learning more. We each get to prepare and teach a yoga class at the end, which was my favorite part of the entire experience. There is valuable feedback from the lead instructor and I really appreciated how much time she devoted to all of us, about 70% of classes. She seemed truly passionate and knowledgeable. There are two other instructors I wish we had more time with because they also had so much to offer us.

      Living outdoors for 17 nights made me feel aligned with nature and I'm very glad I chose that option. It is also cheaper than living in a studio apartment, but I'm glad they have options for what different people want and need.

      Carina Steinle

      from Germany, October 2023

      "Incredible time at La Casa Shambala <3"

      Unforgettable time with so much love, understanding, kindness, gratitude, fun, tolerance,... this experience changed my life and I became a part of a new family. Thank you so much for being so amazing human beings.

      Maike Reise

      from Germany, September 2023

      "YTT September "

      It was an amazing adventure! Big Thank you for the teachers and the volunteers they did a great job!

      Jelle Vervaecke

      from Belgium, September 2023

      "Groot paradijs op aarde"

      De locatie is subliem. Je voelt dat deze plaats een mooie geschiedenis heeft. Er hangt een zeer goede en vredevolle energie. Zeer mooi ecosysteem. De eigenaar Ben is de max. Franco de yogaleraar heeft me zeer veel bij geleerd. Hij heeft zeer veel verstand van yoga en is een woordenboek als het aankomt op asana’s en hun naam in het sanskriet. De kok Ramiro is een schat van een man die een Michelin ster verdient! Dank u wel aan de managers om alles in goede banen te begeleiden. Ik heb enorm genoten van mijn verblijf hier. Een tijd om nooit te vergeten. Namaste, peace & love.

      Aurore Garcia

      from France, September 2023

      "Amazing Paradise for YTT"

      The place is exceptional and magical. Perfect for being in complete immersion on a YTT. Surrounded by animals and incredible vegetation.

      The river is a heavenly place, even for taking a shower :)

      The meals concocted by Ramiro, were great ! Always happy to have lunch and dinner.

      Classes are given by 2 teachers from different schools. They are both attentive to adapt their lessons according to their practice.

      The 2 managers, Melissa and Klara, are always available, responsive and super kind.

      I fully recommend this YTT, especially as the place is under development and becoming more and more magical.

      Denali Bassett

      from United States, September 2023

      "Amazing course"

      There was so much information and every teacher was so different. They were all very passionate about yoga and it made my experience unforgettable. I made really great friends along the way and learned how to teach on day one! Very happy I chose this location.

      Leonoor Van Der Heijden

      from Netherlands, September 2023

      "Remote off grid paradise"

      I loved the estate with all animals and being off grid. Franco, the teacher is very passioned and brengservice a lot of joy in the classes. The managers Klara & Melissa of the retreat are very helpfull and caring. And the chef Ramiro....magician!

      Rima Lamba-gerkens

      from Germany, September 2023

      "Wonderful YTT in a Remote area"

      Both teachers were great both professionally and personally and shared a lot of experiences with us. Our manager was always there for us, even on the days off and in the evening. The YTT was a intense and valuable experience!

      Clara Schellberg

      from Spain, September 2023

      "Top Training Unterkunft/Verpflegung verbesserungsbedürftig "

      Das Training war super die Trainer beide top habe so viel gelernt und mitgenommen danke!

      Phoebe Formby

      from Great Britain, August 2023

      "Genuinely the best experience of my life "

      I honestly don’t even know where to begin!


      The instructors (Ari, Sara & Paula) were three of the kindest, wise and helpful people I’ve ever met. They’re all extremely knowledgeable about their field and have brilliant teaching skills. Ari was hilarious; Sara was so kind & gentle; and Paula was a joy to be taught by!


      Terra Sangha was absolutely breathtaking - you are completely submersed in nature: no traffic noise; no light pollution; no busy streets; just total tranquility! Everything is environmentally sustainable, right down ti the toilets / soap / loo roll etc.


      I feel like there’s nothing I don’t know. The anatomy classes were full to the brim of interesting content, from the muscoskeletal system - endocrine system - fascia etc. The Philosiphy of Yoga classes covered everything from the History of Yoga - 8 Limbs of Ashtanga - Chakras - Aryuveda - Pranayama - Meditation - Mantras - Mudras etc. The Asana Clinic was so informative, they covered over 50 poses in great detail including how to properly adjust students’ posture / how the poses should be executed / how poses should look / what to look out for etc.


      Everyone I met was lovely - each of us had our own reasons for coming and everyone was so understanding and nurturing towards each other. I’ve made friendships and connections that will last a lifetime, and now have contacts all over the world! ✨❤️

      Charlotte Kirchhof

      from Germany, August 2023

      "Magische Erfahrung"

      Es war einfach nur schön und magisch! Die Kursleiter Sara und Ari sowie die Managerin Klara haben unsere 18 Tage in Terra Sangha wirklich verzaubert: Sie sind auf unsere Wünsche eingegangen, haben für uns eingekauft, einen Koch-Workshop veranstaltet und waren immer für uns da - nicht nur zu Fragen in Bezug auf Yoga. Dazu wurden wir von einem Koch mit dem besten Essen verwöhnt! Das Grundstück ist wunderschön und der Fluss ist perfekt, um sich nach einer anstrengenden Yogaeinheit und all den spannenden Theorie-Stunden abzukühlen. Der klare Sternhimmel, der Geruch von der puren Natur und das Gepletscher des Flusses im Hintergrund haben wirklich dazu beigetragen, dass die Erfahrung mit Casa Shambala noch besonderer wurde. Die Menschen, die ich dort kennengelernt habe, habe ich alle ganz tief in mein Herz geschlossen. Alles in allem hat Casa Shambala meine Erfahrungen übertroffen und ich bin soooo dankbar für diese tolle Zeit! Ich werde meine Yogalehrerausbildung nie vergessen und immer mit einem Lächeln zurückschauen.


      from Germany, August 2023


      Die Lehrer sind hervorragend und geben sich allergrößte Mühe einen guten und abwechslungsreichen Stundenplan zu gestalten. Sie sind jederzeit da und präsent auch bei persönlichen Anliegen.

      Bailey Curbow

      from United States, August 2023

      "Life changing experience! "

      La Casa Shambala will forever be in my heart! I not only learned yoga- I learned so much about my body, mind and soul and healed from inside out! My experience was absolutely incredible from start to finish. I loved the food, the property was so beautiful with stunning views and the people were amazing ( the instructors, staff, fellow students and volunteers). I love how this is a completely judgement free zone and everybody truly felt that. My life has changed in ways I could have only dreamed of and I feel like forever family! Vanessa was our main instructor and I can’t put into words how much she truly cares with her heart and soul. Nani is a such a sweet, beautiful person who truly taught with such love and care. Paula was there for part of the retreat and was the best anatomy teacher I could have asked for.. and Mar was our manager/ part time teacher and is such a special, talented and caring soul!

      I not only got my 200 hour training- I gained a forever family!

      Thank you La Casa Shambala for everything!!

      Katie Buono

      from United States, August 2023

      "Transforming and Empowering—Yoga + Life"

      This experience surpassed my wildest expectations. The venue was lovely—waking up to the view of the mountains of Tenerife—spectacular. The accommodations were comfortable—I stayed in one of the studios with two fabulous roommates. We had a small kitchen and private bath with hot shower. The food was delicious and plentiful—who knew clean vegan eating could be so tasty? The chefs seemed to out do themselves with each subsequent meal. The teachers—shout out to Vanessa, Nani, Mar and Paola—they were all knowledgeable, so present and caring. Not only did they do an impeccable job preparing us to be good yoga teachers, they did an exceptional job building the community amongst us all—I made incredible life long connections with folks from all over the world and I am so very grateful. The training program was also well sequenced—there was a balanced mix of Asana workshop training, yoga philosophy (including a mind blowing series on chakras), anatomy and pranayama, as well as more practical information about how to approach yoga teaching as a profession. The program culminated with a “final” where each of us got to plan and sequence our own Hatha or Vinyasa class and then teach it to the group. I exit the experience feeling more than prepared as a yoga instructor—I feel additionally empowered via the whole experience—literally transformed as a human being and ready to bring this powerful love and light back into my own communities and share it.

      Anna Sautter

      from Germany, August 2023


      everything was so lovely and nice, very thoughtful. the food was amazing and the teachers are so great! everyone was supportive and helped me with emergencies. the location was beautiful aswell ❤️


      from Luxembourg, August 2023

      "Life change experience "

      My time at La Casa Chabala in Tenerife was an experience which is not possible to describe in words. I feel so grateful for the amazing place, the implication and the quality of the Team (thank you Vanessa, Paula & Mar for all your sharings with us) and for the people I met there. I feel completely transformed since this experience, which gave me so much. I have new lifestyle habits, feel more self confident, learned so much about yoga, and met friends for life.

      I totally recommend this experience!


      from Hong Kong, August 2023

      "A peaceful sanctuary for healing and rejuvenation."

      Love the way how Ianire, Franco and Vicky taught us, with heart-felting attitude that deeply opened the door of my heart. I was being healed, blessed and loved.

      Jess Harty

      from Great Britain, July 2023

      "Life changing experience ✨"

      It is hard to put into words about this experience. It was one of a kind, in the most beautiful magical place, the land speaks spiritually. The food was so beautiful and made me feel amazing, the teachers and volunteers were so kind and helpful. Elisa the manager did the most incredible job! She was a mother to all of us for 18 days, always making us comfortable and meeting our needs. The course structure was perfect, unflawed. I am so grateful to have learnt from Sara and Ari. It is both of their true calling to pass on their knowledge of yoga! They both have the wisdom of 1000 people. I will miss my Terra Sangha family but the tools I learnt on this course will carry them in my heart forever 🧡🧡🧡🧡

      Sophia Gersmann

      from Germany, July 2023

      "Wonderful experience!"

      I loved the teaching here at La-Casa-Shambala and my learning during the Teachertraining. Our teachers were very patient and had lot's of their knowledge to share.

      During our time there we created such a good community and shared so much on our way! I would love to return and didn't even want the Training to end.

      Highly recommend the training for anyone looking for an improvement in their practice and for an incredible experience in the south of Spain.

      Plus the food was amazing!


      from Germany, July 2023

      "Würde es weiterempfehlen :-)"

      Vor allem die Gruppe ist mir in der Zeit sehr ans Herz gewachsen. Ich fühle mich so, als hätte ich sowohl körperlich als auch mental viel dazulernen können

      Das Personal ist rundum freundlich. Die Köchin kann zaubern!!

      Der Pool <3

      Clara Mann

      from Great Britain, July 2023

      "Claire Mann "

      The teaching was excellent on all levels. They couldn’t do enough for you and if you didn’t understand anything they were happy to explain it.

      It was much better than I ever thought it was going to be. I had a birthday when I was out there it was a big birthday and I had a cake made for me and everyone sang happy birthday and they made me feel very very special. I would highly recommend this course, to anybody.


      from Great Britain, June 2023

      "Beautiful location and teaching"

      I loved the experience overall. The location is absolutely amazing and has a very farm-like feel to it. The teaching was overall very good. I think I found the experience really positive as a personal experience. You learn so much about positive mindsets and the power you hold within yourself. There is a lot of information to take in and they provide a training handbook which makes the process feel a lot more cohesive. You very quickly feel at home here and whilst the days are long the weeks fly by. There was a good mix of people who were doing the teacher training to become teachers vs as a personal experience, so whether you plan to become a teacher or not you will certainly not be the only one.

      We had Sundays off, and arrived on the Monday, meaning that of the 18 days we had our arrival, 11 days of teaching and yoga, 2 days off and 3 days in which we all taught a practice. If I’m completely honest I don’t think it is possible to complete 200 hours in 18 days - realistically I think it was probably more like 100 so if you plan on becoming a teacher keep this in mind but as I went for the personal experience this didn’t affect me.

      The teachers I had were amazing, they were genuinely inspiring people and I could not recommend them more highly.


      from Great Britain, June 2023

      "Amazing experience "

      Overall the whole experience was incredible and I would highly recommend. The organisers were very friendly and the chef was amazing. The instructors were very fun, friendly and helpful. The course was rewarding and I met so many wonderful people. The location was stunning and there was always some adorable animals to see. Could not fault the experience.

      Amanda Irwin

      from Portugal, June 2023

      "Amazing, super powerful, transformative and full of love!!!"

      Amazing, unforgettable experience, in magical Terra Sangha, a natural paradise - the perfect environment to immerse yourself in on a YTT.

      Thank you Vanessa and Franco, the teachers during my programme. I am forever grateful to them both.

      Vanessa is an incredible teacher, a true inspiration. She is powerful and wise and conveys her lessons with passion, love, truth, authenticity, joy and laughter.

      Franco, also an incredible teacher, gentle, wise, humble, kind, multi-talented with calm, powerful energy. His presence alone is healing. If you have the opportunity to get a massage from him, please do - for me, it was a miraculous, healing gift.

      La Casa Shamabala has understood very well how to pair teachers together: the contrast in their approach to teaching, their energies:yin and yang, it was the perfect balance.

      The food was absolutely AMAZING and plentiful -always more than enough, delicious and different every meal! Perhaps not enough in the past from previous reviews, but this is definitely not the case now - which shows how they adapt to feedback to provide the best service. This was so apparent throughout the course, by asking for feedback throughout, providing extra services like laundry.

      Course content and delivery was HIGH quality!!

      Excellent feedback on our teaching!

      Other staff/volunteers : Victoria (amazing anatomy teacher, breakfast chef!) Sandra & Steve, helping with lots and bringing good humour! Carolina- amazing, beautiful soul!!!

      I recommend this YTT 100%!!


      from Germany, June 2023


      Lovely people,Very good food,nice accommodation in a beautiful place,best teachers-it was a great experience. Emotions,emotions,emotions. And lots of love,spirit,vibrations and a new family.Thank you for everything

      Laura Barcelo

      from Netherlands, June 2023

      "This has been a beautiful life changing experience "

      I am incredibly thankful for this amazing experience that far surpassed my expectations! It has been a truly transformative journey, filled with valuable lessons and a profound sense of healing that I will take with me. The culinary delights provided were simply outstanding, and the amazing location was breathtaking.

      Nicole Hye

      from Austria, June 2023

      "great challenge for body and mind "

      The place, the people, the teachers, the food,... everything was just lovely and super great. It is challenging for the body and the mind, in a good way. I learnd a lot, have a good overview what yoga is about and where I want to improve more. The teachers where just wonderful, honest, with discipline. We got well prepared for the exam.

      Alyssa Komarow

      from United States, May 2023

      This teacher certification was absolutely magnificent. The teachers were fabulous. So much knowledge and ability to give it over. The place was beautiful and they were so accommodating. Everything ran so smoothly and with so much love.

      Sophia Maia

      from Great Britain, May 2023

      "The best experience of my life! "

      I really enjoyed everything! I dont have anything to complain about the location was good even if it was far away it was 10 min to town so it was fine .

      The teachers, the food , the energy everything so perfect! We have an amazing connection,love and trust and im so grateful!


      from Italy, April 2023

      "Magical experience "


      Chiara Brandolin

      from Italy, April 2023

      "Amazing spiritual experience"

      All the teaching, the connection with the group, the hospitality.. all this experience

      Lotte Liese

      from Belgium, April 2023

      "Unconditional love!"

      We arrived with a warm welcome and a smile.

      The first days were physical and mentally challenging: you are thrown in a big group of strangers and had quite an intensive asana clinic.

      But each day the love grew and the connection became stronger.

      This is not only about yoga. This is about reconnecting with yourself, looking in to a mirror and acknowledge all the work that has been done, and needs to be done.

      Yoga is a life style, and here you were given the tools to find a balance between your spiritual soul and living in the « normal life ».


      from Nicaragua, February 2023

      "Excellent teaching, a very well rounded course"

      Ianire and Vicky were absolutely wonderful teachers. They had heaps of knowledge on a whole range of topics, and were so good at encouraging us to push ourselves to reach our full potential. Their teaching methods are super fun too - we weren’t always sat down, but sometimes dancing and getting our bodies moving.

      The actual course included a huge range of areas from practicing asanas to yoga philosophy to Ayurveda. It was wonderful to learn so much - it is definitely a great spring board into more learning.

      La Casa Shambala also arranged extra events for us like an ecstatic dance, an acro-yoga workshop, and a Thai massage workshop. These were all super fun!

      I loved the Sharing Circles on Sundays too. These were an excellent opportunity to voice concerns and express how we were handling the course. The course is physically and mentally tough, so having this opportunity was a great way of connecting with the rest of the coursemates.

      Connor and Ceci, the managing staff, were absolutely delightful. Full of plenty of smiles and support! If we needed something they were more than happy to try to fulfil it. They even organised a physical therapist coming in to help with aches and pains.

      The food was absolutely delicious with a wonderful range of flavours. The Cádiz site was situated in the mountains with lovely views, and was the perfect sun trap on colder days.

      Sandrine Harder

      from Switzerland, December 2022

      "Sehr schöne Location und ein super YTTC"

      Die Location in Teneriffa, Arafo war wuuuuuunderschön, es lässt sich super verweilen während 18d. Wunderschöne Parkanlage mit Pool, Sitz- und Liegegelenheiten, offene Küche mit Lounge und Katzen :) Die Yurten sind super gemütlich und geräumig, die Anlagebesitzerinnen haben alles schön dekoriert und sind bei Problemen immer schnell zur Stelle. In gut 1-1.5h ist man zu Fuss in Candelaria am Meer. Die Yogaausbildung war ganzheitlich und vom Essen über die Aktivitäten und das Miteinander einfach super. Viel, vielen Dank für alles ihr Lieben <3

      Maike Lachenicht

      from Germany, December 2022

      "Ein wundervolles Erlebins "

      Die Lage und Umgebung ist ein Traum! Das Team war sehr harmonisch, alles war mit viel Liebe gemacht. Gitta ist eine großartige Lehrerin und ein fabelhafter Lifecoach, auch Esther war eine tolle Lehrerin die einen guten Einblick in die spirituelle Seite von Yoga gegeben hat. Das Essen war exzellent, danke an Miguel!

      Tolle Gruppe! Gute Themensetzung.

      Anna Gomicia Sendrós

      from Spain, November 2022


      Lso animales , la comida , la forma de enseñar,

      Nick Olsen

      from United States, October 2022

      "Life saving experience, more than a YTTC. "

      The property is beautiful and the staff takes great care to create a safe space that feels like a home. Ral, the manager deserves a raise. Before arrival Ral was extremely considerate and quick to respond to my emails and questions, while there he was always checking in to make sure everyone was taken care of. He goes above and beyond. The instructors were a blessing. Mika, Warren, Hazz, and Paula genuinely care about the students and even stay past their required time slot to support them, which means they don't get paid for that time. They will push you to grow from this experience. Calling this course just a YTTC is a huge understatement. This course saved my life. Being fully immersed at La Casa Shambala, sharing a living space with others, having the support of the instructors, staff, and students created a family.

      I came to La Casa Shambala at the end of my rope, dealing with a lot of personal struggles and seeking a new path. I got exactly that. With this course, you get out what you put in. If you invest your whole heart and come in with an open mind, surrendering what you think you know, and have a willingness to trust their instructions this experience could change your life as it has mine, and everyone in our class (October 2022).

      I left La Casa Shambala with so much more than I ever expected, and I'm so grateful for the love and support they provide during their YTTC.

      Iris Hendriks

      from Netherlands, October 2022

      "Amazing "

      The routine, the people, the animals, sooo good food, the yoga classes, the yoga nidra after lunch, the ceremonie

      Liezel Conradie

      from South Africa, October 2022

      "Excellent training offered in a special location "

      The instructors were highly skilled and thoughtful in their delivery of the content. Food was wholesome. Location and venue was spectacular. Highly recommended.

      Jennifer Krauss

      from Germany, September 2022

      "Lovely experience"

      The food was amazing. The chief Franco made wonderful dishes every day.

      The teacher Mica was very wise and his yoga and meditation classes were awesome. I enjoyed it so much and learned a lot of life lessons in his theory/philosophy classes. I also loved the anatomy classes with Paula. The best class was the Acro Yoga workshop with Paula and Franco. I felt so comfortable and supported.

      The location was quite cute. You are in the middle of nowhere with cats, horses and dogs and a pool. You can really focus on yourself, on your progress and yoga.

      The volunteers were also super nice.

      They always provided tea during the days.

      The toilets were cleaned every day but the showers and the rooms were always not so clean.

      All in all it was a lovely experience. I met a lot of new wonderful people. And I learned a lot about yoga and also about myself.


      from Germany, September 2022

      I would say, it was one of the best experiences of my life. The most precious thing were the people there. I think that this kind of experiences attract very open and kind people, who are ready to listen and to share. Our group was amazing and I feel blessed to get to know such pure and wonderful souls.

      The location of the training was also magical. We were far away from any civilization, that made it easy to relax and switch off from all the problems of the everyday life. The rooms were cozy, the brook and a little natural "pool" gave us a possibility to refresh ourselves and to unite with nature, the fig tree was generous with ripe figs, that we ate for breakfast and during the day.

      The food was delicious and in general satisfying. It could be more fruits and breakfasts could be more diverse, but still I was pretty happy with what we got.

      Our yoga-teacher was very knowledgeable. He showed us responsibility of being a yoga teacher and philosophy classes with him were eyes -opening.

      In general, I would really recommend this kind of experiences (not necessarily with Casa la Shambala, though) to those who are in a search for themselves and who want to broaden their horizons

      Valentine Guzniczak

      from Denmark, September 2022


      -schedule: clear and followed.

      -location: in nature, pool, animals. Mountain very close by.

      -atmosphere: organization of theme nights (bonfire, cacao ceremony, movie night) greatly appreciated.

      -teaching: teachers had different styles and guided high quality flows.

      -accommodation: lots of storage space in the rooms, bathroom cleaned regularly.


      -teaching: Anatomy class on zoom with another group from another YTT and connection was sometimes lost. Ayurveda and philosophy class really lacked some critical thinking and overall were pseudo-scientific(eg teaching chakra imbalance causes sexually transmittable diseases). The two teachers contradicted each other and/or the written guide (eg on the alignment of a pose). The written guide contained significant mistakes. Overall little to no constructive feedback given to the students, especially on the exam. Some subjects were not taught despite being included in the curriculum provided before the booking (eg counter indications, business). I know that some beginners students had the feeling that they still did not know correct alignment on some poses and did not get enough assistance.

      -organization: pick-up organization chaotic. Covid test was promised but not delivered. At times hard to find a manager to talk to (you don’t get introduced to who they are and they live in the private areas). Website advertised a multilingual team but one of the manager spoke no English.

      -equipment: not enough blocks nor straps


      from Ireland, August 2022

      "Alicante YTT "

      That was great experience 💫I didn’t expect the place will be that lovely, in the middle of nowhere with beautiful views, surrounded by nature ( the sheep 🐑 Nevada the most hilarious ship :)) the food was excellent. The teacher Sara great loving energy 💖 beautiful soul 🦋 The teacher Ianire amazing woman with discipline 💪 That was my first real experience with yoga and I’m in love ❤️. I really recommend La Casa Shambala YTT. It is very intense but some time you just don’t have possibilities and this is great option. The organisers really listen to your suggestions and do their best to sort everything out Mapi and Peppito 🙏 I had amazing time and missing it already.

      Camilla Klovus

      from Sweden, August 2022

      "July 2022"

      The structure of the training was good. The teacher was great becuse of his knowledge of yoga.

      The number of hours of physical activity was good.

      The food was delicious.

      The staff was great and helpful.

      It was a charming place with all the animals around us.

      Cosima Kirst

      from Germany, July 2022

      "Graciaaaaas por este tiempo tan hermoso!!"

      El lugar y el team de casa shambala es mágico! Me encantó este viaje y puedo recomendarlo para todos lo que también están interesados de Hatha Yoga - las Asanas y la philosofía. Aprendí muchisimo en estos 3 semanas - gracias a mi profesór Mica y mi grupo con seres humanos tan hermosos. GRACIAS!!!!

      Un abrazo enorme



      from Australia, June 2022

      "A life changing experience! "

      La Casa Shambala was incredible. The most beautiful souls coming together to explore themselves and dive deep into the philosophy of not only yoga but the energies, history, anatomy and most importantly ourselves. The people were definitely the highlight, like-minded, vulnerable, expressive and honest. The location is only a quick 5min walk from the beautiful town of Monchique. The rooms were clean and spacious. This journey has definitely changed my life and I could not recommend this higher to anyone who’s considering taking this first step into yoga teacher training, it accommodates for beginners who have just started yoga and also advanced yogi who already have their own practise.

      Zsófi Bálint

      from Denmark, May 2022

      Vanessa and Ari were amazing teachers. Down to earth, humble and so warm hearted. I felt supported throughout the whole journey, not only during the classes but also outside of them. The other representatives of La casa shambala were extremely helpful and caring, giving us the best food possible and having our backs all the time. Wonderful people, wonderful experience ❤️

      Dana Miscenko

      from Latvia, May 2022

      "transformative experience that I’ll treasure in my heart"

      I wanted to dive in the “deep end” and just be busy learning all day every day, and I sure got what I wanted. On top of that I made friends for life, upskilled my yogi knowledge and practice, connected with nature, had lots of fun.

      It’s was like living in tiny community for 3 weeks and I loved every bit of it. We had our challenges, but together we practiced what we were learning in classes - surrender, communication, flexibility and love above all.

      Food was fenomenal, thank you Vicki!

      Teachers Vanessa and Ari - so inspiring, wise yet so approachable and friendly.

      Location - incredible.. just 20 mins from Alicante but feels like hrs away. Mountains literally on the doorstep so whenever we had some energy left over we’d go on sunrise or sunset hikes.

      Pool was a lovely feature for breakfast and lunch breaks, helped to recharge my solar battery daily.

      I loved animals on the site.. so friendly!

      Lucrecia Palacio

      from United States, May 2022

      Todo fue excelente

      Stefan Ferrari

      from Luxembourg, May 2022

      "Perfect location, amazing teachers, super gentle staff"

      Everything was souuuul perfect, can only highly recommend!

      My God, the Shala to practice Yoga is from paradise.

      The teachers (Mara, Natascha and Melissa) are absolutely stunning characters from another realm.

      Super nice staff!

      Super nice food!

      Super service and support (by Felicia❤️)!

      One of the most beautiful experiences i ever had!

      Thank you souuuuul much 🙏🏼❤️

      Much Love


      Howard Spurlock

      from United States, April 2022

      "A wonderful experience with great teachers "

      I had a wonderful time at La Casa Shambala. The teachers and quality of instruction was excellent. There is a nice breakdown of Asana Clinics, Philosophy, Anatomy, Meditation and opportunities to practice teaching in front of a group and eventually designing and teaching your own class. The vegetarian diet was something that was new for me. I struggled with it at first but eventually my body did feel better and I felt like I had less inflammation. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served and there is a Thai restaurant across the street if you want to get something with meat or just something different. The food served at La Casa Shambala is very healthy, not a lot of added sugar etc but it did start to feel a little bland after a while. I can only eat so many vegetables and eggs. The location is tucked away down a dirt road. It’s quiet and peaceful but you can still here some loud motorcycles or the heavy trucks occasionally. I would recommend getting a motor scooter. You can walk to the main city and other places which is was most of us did the first week but if you want to explore the island a scooter is the best way to go. The staff was great, Ral, Jo, and Mauri were super helpful and always asked if we needed something, if everything was going okay etc. Even when I scraped my knee Mauri went and got me stuff from town which was really nice. All in all I had a wonderful time and would definitely recommend this yoga retreat.

      Jordan Trafecanty

      from United States, April 2022

      "Best experience of my life"

      My time at la casa Shambala was the most wonderful adventure I’ve ever gifted myself. The friendships, the learnings, the support, accommodations and food were better than I could have ever expected. I needed a life reset and that’s exactly what I got. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a change or a new perspective. I feel like a confident yoga teacher and just a confident human in general. Thanks to everyone who made this possible!!!!


      from Mexico, April 2022

      "Rather pay more for exclusive experience "

      The YTTC and my good experience is based on our two teachers, Fran and Nat. The accommodation is nicely situated at the lagoon with private access to the beautiful water (unfortunately not enough spots for everyone in the sun and a very short peer), but I will always miss the sun gazing in the mornings with Fran. How beautiful! The chefs were lovely. The food ok for a detox week (no sugar, coffee, meat, vegan). Also Bea was very helpful, warm-hearted and sweet. The documents were ok, an overview, for further self-studies. If you like a lot of theory, you will like it (I did like to learn about the history of yoga). The asana clinic with Nat was super informative, but the long days after short time very tiring. Anyway, thank you Nat, Fran, Bea and Team for this intense time at Lulu La Bruja!

      Isabel Klaiber

      from Austria, April 2022

      "Beautiful experience "

      I had some wonderful days in Portugal. The YTT was really good organized, the teachers were excellent the community felt like a family. I am beyond grateful.

      Nicole Huber

      from Austria, April 2022

      "Amazing Teacher Training"

      + Very well planned and structured schedule

      + The food was amazing!!

      + A lot of real life stories from the teachers and not only teaching out of a book

      + it was good to have different teachers

      + Kalari workshop

      + Beautiful atmosphere

      Anna Sofie Dybdahl

      from Denmark, March 2022

      "Beautiful experience and personal growth"

      I loved the openminded and accepting atmosphere between everyone of us at the course - the students, volunteers, teachers and everyone. I just felt safe and happy and had a lot of good people arround me. Everyone was easy to talk to and happy to be there, if you needed a hug or anything else. You go throug a lot of feelings on the course, but you are just one big family taking care of each other and sharing things together. The course is about yoga but you learn so much more than just yoga. You learn a lot about yourself, about other ways of living, about withdrawing from the stressful life we all experience sometimes. You learn to accept, to care about your self, to care about others, to accept whatever you feel - because everything is okay - and to treat yourself with respect. I loved the vegan food, the sunrises and sunsets and the mountains arround the venue. The location is beautiful out in the province with nature all arround, which is so relaxing.


      from Spain, March 2022

      En general todo en todo me gustó mucho :)

      Las semanas estavan muy intenso y aprendí mas que lo esperaba.

      Estoy muy feliz, que lo hacía el curso cerco del agua, enfrente della salida del sol. Magico!

      Los instructores Amoranhia y Roxy, son instructores que lo hacen de corazon con mucho experienca y con mucho amor.


      from Germany, February 2022

      "Beautiful <3"

      Wonderful experience. Thank you!

      Janine Imgrüth

      from Switzerland, November 2021

      "it was amazing"

      the teachers were amazing! we all learnt and grew so much. the whole couse was full of love. the dishes was delicious and the staff super friendly. the manager helped us with everything and with full heart.

      thank you all for this amazing experience! i would defently recommend the yyt with casashambala!

      love an light for everybody in bacalar!

      Ines Rodriguez Arias

      from France, November 2021

      "3 semaines incroyables 💙"

      Bacalar is a beautiful Place 💙

      The teachers were amazing; I never thought I could learn so much in such little time. Their ways of teaching touched me very deep. I am extremely full of gratitude and joy for having attended this retreat


      from United States, October 2021

      "A Transformative Experience"

      I liked most the person I became through this time. The attention of the manager, lovely Mari, the teachers, Roxy and Vir, the kitchen staff, Jose and angel, and the receptionist, Mariana, was unmatched. I felt so cared for, listened to, loved, and respected in every way. The friends I made and the connections created will stay with me my entire life. I certainly believe that I will never be the same after only 21 days. There was a space created there at lulu that was only love. Only acceptance. Only support. I couldn’t have asked for anything better!


      from United States, October 2021

      "Transformative experience"

      Roxy and Virginia were thorough and elaborated on so many aspects of Yoga; and the lagoon location,

      practice space and general atmosphere supported a transformative process. When problems did occur, the management was very responsive. Overall, I give this training very high marks!!


      from France, August 2021

      "Déçu de la formation "

      Le lieu est fantastique et la maison est géniale. Le personnel était super gentil et le cuisiner attentionné.

      Thuy Lan

      from France, June 2021

      "Incredible experience"

      Caro, the Host, is Amazing. She is like a mom for everyone. She is into it more than 100%. She gives everything she has for us. I felt protected, loved...

      Mica, the teacher gives the keys to open the door to change. He knows his subject. Very intersting Guy and very funny. I loved him!

      The food is really good (for french people its very important😉)

      You will find a family there. Be ready its an intense expérience. Full of love.

      La casa shamballa in Tenerife IS really nice, ping pong, volley, dance nights...

      I will always remember it and it will change my live forever.


      from Belgium, June 2021

      "Excellent value for money "

      Super happy to have participated in this low-cost teacher training in Tenerife in May-June 2021 as the value for money was excellent!!! I can only thank Carolina and la Casa Shambala for this wonderful opportunity! Carolina created a wonderful atmosphere and made sure that we had everything that we needed and more! Mica was a great teacher and I learned a lot about yoga postures and alignment. Thank you both! I had a great time, met lots of lovely people and would recommend la Casa Shambala to anyone!

      Tatty Tranaeus

      from Portugal, June 2021

      "So much love"

      Everything about my experience with La Casa Shambala's TTC in Tenerife was positive. This TTC is so much more than what I expected, Mica and Carolina created a beautiful and safe atmosphere, for us all to go deeper within our practice and ourselves. Mica only teaches from his own experience of yoga, and showed me how a yoga practice is really a yoga lifestyle. Carolina is pure love, giving everybody so much care and time to make sure we are all comfortable. Both such beautiful and authentic souls. What I learnt from this TTC, from the Carol & Mica and from everyone else with us, I will take with me forever. There are no words.

      Paqui Perez Ramos

      from Spain, June 2021

      "Retiro de 10 "

      Desde el primer momento que llegue a la casa muy buena onda con la gente , Carolina es un amor de persona se asegurara de que no te falte de nada . Me gusto mucho la manera de enseñar de Mica , he aprendido muchisimo en los 18 dias que dura el curso . Volveria a repetir con ellos .

      La comida muy rica tambien . Relacion calidad precio de 10


      from Germany, June 2021

      Open and supporting atmosphere that allows to relax and dig deep in to the process of personal development.

      Alina Louisa Mussotter

      from Germany, June 2021

      "Magical Experience "

      This was for sure one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. This is more than a YTT, it’s a community, a family, a safe space for self-development. I immediately felt cared for.

      My training was in Bacalar, Mexico at the beautiful lagoon. The accommodation is simple but super natural and pretty. The Yoga Shala is incredible and the food was colorful and very tasty. Lulu La Bruja is like a little family as well, the people are kind and willing to help.

      Jessica and Melissa were awesome teachers. They adapted to our rhythm and became our friends. They made the ancient yoga tradition very accessible and I learned so much about yoga, philosophy, spirituality, myself and others. This training also includes Meditation, Kriya, Pranayama, Chakras, Thai Massage... for me the perfect combination. I fell in love with yoga even more and they made me want to do my 300hr as well.

      Rakel was also there with us and it was so lovely to spend time with her and learning from her. Thank you for making this possible!

      Last but not least, one of the most important parts of this training is definitely Carolina, the manager. She is always there for everyone, caring and loving - there’s no way to not love this wonderful person!

      La Casa Shambala and all the people I shared this training with have a special place in my heart now. Thank you for everything!


      from United States, May 2021

      "Beautiful experience at the lagoon"

      The instructors were amazing and I adored their view on what yoga is. They were authentic and were there for help if you needed it. The location was beautiful and calming. The staff was friendly and down to earth. The hostel is 20 minutes walking from town which was nice to be away from the commotion. By the end of the retreat we were all family!

      Linda Hao

      from Malaysia, March 2020

      I really enjoyed my entire time here being at La Casa Shambala, meeting extraordinary people from all over the world, all here for the same purpose- to learn and grow, sharing our stories and differences and the best thing yet is for it to happen during this Corona Crisis. Magic happens here 💞🤸 This place will always have my heart 🙏 x Linda

      Emily O'shea

      from United States, December 2019

      "Supportive and integrative experience "

      The instructors of La Casa Shambala were amazing. They were knowledgeable, kind, flexible, and compassionate. I received a much better than expected education of yoga—asanas, philosophy, history, pranayama, anatomy, etc. The management team was also great. I found them to be supportive, helpful, and caring. Management went well out of their way to assist me when I needed it. Not only management was supportive, but the volunteers as well. Such an amazing team of individuals that created a great community atmosphere. The location of La Casa Shambala was beautiful, both inside and outside of the property. The property itself is gorgeous and peaceful, and kept clean. The views from the Shala are phenomenal, and the sounds match the view. I loved the waking up to the chatter of the jungle, and the steamy sunrise over the mountains. If anything, I just wish that the beach was closer, as well as access to the main town. But on days off, the beach and town are very accessible.


      from Hong Kong, December 2019

      "Unforgettable yoga training experience ever"

      Everything...💕teachers are nice, staffs and volunteers are helpful! The most beautiful thing is to contact with nature everyday!!! Food is wonderful especially breakfast, I miss it sooooo much! I am so glad to select this school, if you are hesitate, just book this and go! You will not regret!!:)

      Giorgia Cavallari

      from Italy, November 2019

      "A magical place I will never forget ✨"

      I had the best time. It is true indeed, a yoga TTC really does change your life. The way you look at the world and yourself shifts and I’ve learned so much this past month. It was all made possible by the incredible staff at La Casa, the food was delicious, the volunteers are amazing, the teachers have been a blessing, their knowledge makes me feel well prepared and ready to start and they truly became friends. I have all the tools I need. The management worked so much to give us difference options for extra activities and the island has so much to offer. The vibe here is incredible ! And above all I’ve found my family here. I’ve found friends for life and I could not be more grateful for that.

      I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

      Callum Jones

      from Great Britain, September 2019

      "Beautiful experience"

      The teachers on the course had a fountain of knowledge and taught in a way that was constantly engaging and exciting. The managers and volunteers working behind the scenes of the course made everything run super smoothly. All in all a magical experience and a beautiful way to start my journey as an instructor.

      Marina Ertl

      from Germany, September 2019

      "An experience "

      I‘ d liked the idea of community. I really enjoyed the lessons in the morning and evening surrounded by the tropical environment.

      Anne-karine Knigge

      from Switzerland, August 2019

      "Wonderful place"

      When you arrive at La just can feel and see how this place is amazing! The decoration everywhere is fantastic and made with eco materials! The tipies are so cute and very confortable! Food was excellent also. The volonters are doing a very good job too and take completly part of the team. Managers were so kind, helpful, smiling people. We had teachers during this months and all of them were very professional and amazing!

      We went 2 or 3 times doing yoga or meditation on the beach which was great! My stay was a success for my all life long...

      Many thanks to Raquel to had done this wonderful, human, peaceful place.

      Alina Rösken

      from New Zealand, July 2019

      "Home "

      La Casa is a wonderful place that got my heart straight away. The lovely people make you a part of the family, the beautiful surroundings make you feel at home immediately. We learned a lot, shared even more. Expect more than just yoga. Community, personal growth and deep connections come naturally. Leaving this place is hard, I will definitely come back as a volunteer one day. Raquel, the owner, created a place that will change you to the better and make you spread this positive energy all around the globe. Highly recommend La Casa ♥️

      Jeanne Lemba

      from Thailand, January 2019

      "Life-changing experience at La Casa"

      Where do I begin? An amazing experience with amazing people. The accommodation was modest and cozy, food was healthy and colourful, the crew + teachers were friendly and supportive. Special shout-out to Mica, he really dug the diamonds out the mud and was sooo generous with his teaching, his time, his knowledge... There are no words really. If you’re lucky enough to study under him, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about at the end of the training. Sara and Joe were super friendly and knowledgeable as well, just great people. The staff + crew at La Shambala were all like-minded individuals who were supportive and super zen. I will miss the view from the yoga deck almost as much as my group of girls! Just grest times.

      Marilyne Schafer

      from Switzerland, January 2019

      "Amazing teachers at La Casa Shambala"

      The shala is beautiful surrounded by nature, the classes were amazing, the teachers were so lovely and teaches us with all their passion.

      The ambiance and the community were very nice, the owner and the volunteers, very friendly and always helpful.

      I would go back.

      Eliza Dunn

      from United States, January 2019

      "A beautiful yoga community"

      Great food, options to change to order thai if we wanted. The Yoga shala has an amazing view over some mountains. Karen and Jessica were wonderful teachers and Rikel the owner was also very welcoming and really made you feel at home. The best thing I found was that we only had 15 students which allowed us more one on one time with the teachers.

      Barry Wicksman

      from Guam, January 2019


      The instruction was excellent. The instructors instilled confidence and provided details in the practical and philosophical aspects of yoga. Individuality was encouraged and respected. The program was well organized. The supporting staff were friendly and extremely helpful. The vegetarian meals were delicious and nutritious . We all became one family by the end of the training and will carry this bond forever.

      Bernice Chen

      from Singapore, December 2018

      "18 days of yoga teacher training "

      the people, the staff, the environment, the location, the common area, the huts everything! everything is literally; what you see is what you get. super eco-friendly and backpacking style. the teachers were phenomenal. i wish the course was longer so i could learn more from the teachers we had. food was amazing because it was catered from outside. im not vegetarian or vegan but if someone were to cater me vegan/vegetarian food from the same restaurant. i dont mind! it gets really noisy at night as there were many nights that was raining and heavy thunderstorm, so many little creepy crawlies and creatures came running out seeking for shelter. the toads and frogs were extremely loud at night. it was hard to sleep. but i mean, you are literally in the middle of a jungle. it was expected :)

      Joaquin Giménez

      from Spain, December 2018

      "thanks, it was a great experience!"

      Beautiful place and beautiful people!


      from Canada, December 2018

      "Price is good but this place needs more work "

      I loved Victoria, who was another teacher we had. Her knowledge was beyond what I expected. She has this amazing energy. Just for her I would recommend this place.

      I liked the rooms, which I thought made you really connected to the nature.

      I loved the ayurvedic food and they were also nice to make it a change with some thai food as well.

      Everyone loved the volunteers. They were so nice.

      Eve-marie Fournier

      from United States, November 2018

      "More then a simple TTC"

      I first thought that I ended up doing my TTC at La Casa Shambala by pure coincidence. I soon realized that there are no coincidence when it comes to the magic of this place.

      Be ready to deepen your technical yoga practice and anatomy/biology knowledge, but even more to find openess, grouding, family, emotions, connections, unconditional love, and way more than I can put on words.

      This place is like a hidden intimate paradise surrounded by the jungle life (and Funky the magic cat), and you'll find yourself calling it "home" by the end of the month. Our teachers were professionnal and competent as well as compassionate, open and sensible. The owner and the volonteers are part of the group too, which creates a strong community life and feeling.

      I am very grateful and I definitly recommand this place to everyone who feels like experiencing something deeply authentic. 🌼

      Eider Urrate Garmendia

      from Spain, October 2018

      La formación resultó ser mejor de lo que esperaba. El contenido y el enfoque, y la manera de enseñar me gustó mucho. La convivencia en la casa con el voluntariado y compartir los momentos junto a personas de todos los lugares del mundo fue muy enriquecedor.

      Giorgia Butt

      from Australia, July 2018

      "WOWZA! "

      The people, the teaching, the food, the accommodation, the locations,... could keep going but there’s a word limit.

      I can HIGHLY recommend this teacher training!!! The teacher training was very informative and practical. I especially loved the philosophy and history classes. It gave me such a different appreciation for yoga.

      If you’re looking for a serene atmosphere, yummy Ayurvedic and Thai food, funky bamboo hut accommodation and excellent teaching, all for an extremely reasonable cost, then this is the place for you!

      Carole Casadei

      from France, July 2018

      "Super formation de yoga"

      Sara, la prof de yoga est tout simplement géniale, accessible, passionnée, à l’ecoute... La formation est complète et très bien organisée. Le lieu de formation est très agréable et calme, les repas sont sains et très bons.

      Alicja Mendel

      from Vietnam, May 2018

      "Amazing course in a beautiful place:)"

      I loved everything about this course. From the beginning until the end our amazing teacher Akari put so much energy, not just into teaching but also to make us really understand what Yoga really is about. I feel very grateful for my teacher and for the people I had around me during the course, I learned so much from each of them. The location is really nice, we were surrounded by nature which really made this course even more special. La Casa Shambala is a unique place run by a wonderful couple Rahel and Hector who really want you to feel like home. Apart from TTC group you can also meet fantastic volunteers from all over the world and that's why this place is full of positive and loving energy. Also, the food was really good, very healthy and Ayurvedic which helps you feel light and healthy during the practice. I feel very lucky that I've chosen this course and although it was intense I enjoyed every moment there:) Thank you very much for everything!!

      Magali Schulz

      from United States, May 2018

      "A life changing experience offering you a new vision"

      Before coming to the training I was expecting only to learn how to teach yoga and the anatomy of the body but it was way more than this. The philosophy teacher made us go through some intense experiences and taught us the origins of yoga and the philosophy of practice. It has been an amazing journey of self-discoveries!

      I recommend this training for people who do not want to be a yoga teacher right after but want to get a first approach and understand better the yoga practice.

      The 2h30 of yoga in the morning are perfect to work on the body and the mind (through the meditation) et the Yin yoga at the evening allow us to relax and rest from the day and assimilate all the learnings.

      The strengths of the teachers are their ability to stay grounded in the modern world and teach with precise examples of life.

      Maja Kaminska

      from Great Britain, April 2018

      "A magical place "

      Hector and Raquel are beautiful people - inside and out. They have created something more than just a yoga teachers course, with their love, kindness and compassion they have created a home for all. It’s a beautiful community, where like minded people get a chance to live together.

      The teachers are wonderful, knowledgable, wise and dont make you feel like they are above you. Jessica will take you on a yoga ride which you will not forget and will be forever grateful, she will shake your heart and bring peace to your soul; Emily with her peacefulness and radiating smiles will relax your mind and flex your body like never before and Joe will make you understand the complicated structures of anatomy with down to earth language.

      I will never forget this month with those beautiful souls. Raquel and Hector really make you feel comfortable and help you in every way possible, they try their best to comfort everyone and make everyone happy. I wish them to keep on expanding their love with this community of yoga they’ve created.

      I am forever grateful to them for creating this little oasis where I have met people that will stay in my heart until the end of days.

      Ashley Joseph-young

      from Canada, April 2018

      "More than your textbook training"

      My experience at La Casa Shambala was life changing. Despite last minute hiccups with instructors the facilitators adapted smoothly. Jessica, Emily and Joe were all amazing teachers. They geared their teaching to our group perfectly. At the end of the program I truly felt equipped to tecah. Rakel and Hector were super accomodating and present the entire time. We truly formed a beautiful family over the month.

      If you're looking for a by the book in and out training then this is not the place for you. All of the instructors not only gave us hands on experience, but helped us to connect with ourselves and eachother in a deep and lasting way. I loved every moment!

      Marta Bilbao

      from Spain, March 2018

      "Wonderfull experience🙏🏻✨🤸‍♀️💓🌈"

      Vivir esta experiencia aprendiendo yoga y toda su filosofía en un lugar mágico hecho con tanto amor, en comunidad con todo lo que nos rodea, conociendo personas de todo el mundo que vienen y se van aporta siempre algo positivo, una semillita que da más vida y hace que todavía la experiencia sea más grande... Todo esto lo guardo para siempre en mi corazón! Gracias🙏🏻

      Mk Leung

      from Germany, September 2017

      "Very fruitful and special experience in La Casa Shambala"

      I love the positive vibes in La Casa Shambala , all the people staying there were very positive , encouraging and supportive , I've spent a wonderful month there.

      Especially Rakel and Elodie , they've shown enormous supports to accommodate our needs , Rakel is very detail minded to take care of our daily needs including food , class schedules and other issues , she's also very open minded to listen to our feedbacks and responds quickly . Elodie is no doubt a wonderful teacher with anormous patience in teaching and I'm impressed by professional knowledge in yoga.

      Kashel Porozny

      from Great Britain, September 2017

      "Elodie is the most wonderful teacher in the world"

      Thank you Elodie for your incredible teaching, for sharing your inspirational life with us, for helping us all along the way with so much care and pure intention. You have helped me and touched my life and soul in such a beautiful and profound way and I will forever be grateful for knowing you.