Nydum is a place where you come to nurture yourself, a space in which support and guidance is provided through the journey of self-development and growth.

Yoga Teacher Training (2)

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18 Day 200-Hour Best Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Brava. Barcelona

November | January | February | March, 2024–2025
    from US$ 1,995
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    27 Day High Standards 200Hr Yoga Training Near Barcelona

    Oct 14-Nov 9, 2024 | Nov 18-Dec 14, 2024
      from US$ 2,722
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      Amelia Valls

      Salvatore Puma

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      Sylvie Laviolette

      from Canada, May 2023

      "Yoga for all ages!"

      I did this journey as a senior, and I have absolutely no regrets. The schedule is a busy one and the (little) free time was used for R&R (rest & reflection). Ciara and Oscar were present, supportive and available every step of the journey. Ciara's flows are amazing and Oscar's easy-going nature makes you feel so welcome! Sal had a strong lead for the morning ashtanga and helped us navigate through yoga philosophy and breathing techniques. Amelia challenged us with anatomy, asana names in sanskrit, alignment and adjustments. All four teachers are very competent! Bravo😊


      from Austria, November 2022

      "Rewarding and intense YTTC!"

      Overall this YTTC was a very rewarding and intense experience. The 4 weeks passed quickly, as the program offers a lot of input and keeps you busy 6 days a week. I recommend to arrive with a good level of self-practice and prior knowledge of the ashtanga primary series, to get the most out of it. Througout the course, I especially enjoyed the ashtanga led and self-led, the yoga philosophy and the anatomy classes. From my experience, if you had/have any injuries or tendency to hypermobility in the joints, don't push yourself too much during practice. Your body should last the whole 4 weeks and even after ;) also take it easy with adjustments and don't be afraid to use modifications. The villa where the course took place was just beautiful and is surrounded by nature, which is great to go for a hike or a walk to the beach after classes (20-25min). The food of chef Miriam was delicious. She was so creative and there were always vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. Moltes graciès Miriam! The teachers in my october-november course were different than the ones mentioned on this page, however they were lovely and very knowledgeable - thank you Amelia, Sal, Belen, Ciara, Oscar!

      Gianna Bissa

      from Italy, November 2022

      "incredible <3"

      nydum absolutely exceeded my expectations. the villa was breathtaking & we were able to explore the area with beautiful mountains and beaches. the classes were very well thought out, educational, and insightful. the instructors listed here are different than i had. i had the pleasure of learning from amelia, ciara, sal, belen, and oscar. they were all so kind, wise, and knowledgeable about yoga and within their respective expertise. the food was INCREDIBLE. mariam is an absolute genius. a wide variety of creative, delicious, vegetarian dishes every meal. the villa was super well kept and we had lots of fun in the pool as well. the views were astounding and filled you with gratitude from every angle of the villa. be prepared to be putting in work and learning 7 hours a day for 6 days a week! i loved this pace and schedule but it was definitely hard on some. this YTT is not a retreat! it is a TRAINING. you will be testing yourself mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. be ready to let go and get a little (or a lot) wild & weird. i highly recommend already having an established self practice (4-6 days a week) upon coming & some practice in ashtanga & knowledge of the series. overall i am so fulfilled with my experience and am so confident in my teaching abilities after this course. thank you all! so much love to all the teachers and all my peers <3 i will miss you <3


      from Switzerland, November 2022

      "Thank you for the beautiful energies! "

      Nydum is a special place, with special energies. Very professional and loving atmosphere.

      The food is superb with a beautiful chef, Miriam.

      Once in a lifetime experience!

      Love the place

      Gemma Pearson

      from United Kingdom, July 2022

      "Magical YTT"

      I fell in love with Nydum so quickly. The villa is in such a stunning area and the beaches in Sa Tuna are so pretty too. In terms of the building there’s plenty of space for everyone on the course to spend time together or alone. I’m also glad I choose the dormitory, there was enough space and it was a great way to bond with the others, especially if you’re someone who’s shy (like myself). The food was amazing Roushik is the best chef!

      All the teachers were so welcoming, passionate and kind, it made the whole experience entirely wonderful. Each also brings their own energy to class in the best way. They’re all more than happy to help if your struggling with anything and need support, it’s rare to find such caring people. The way things are taught worked really well and I feel confident in my ability to teach a class since leaving here.

      There’s something very magical about Nydum that I can’t fully explain. I never expected to feel so safe and connected with others or learn as much about myself as I did. If you’re thinking about booking YTT go with Nydum, you won’t regret it!

      I’m incredibly grateful that I choose to do my training here and I can’t wait to come back in the future. Thank you Nydum!💙

      Paris Baker

      from United States, July 2022

      "What a treat!"

      Nydum is such a wonderful sanctuary! Amelia, Ciara, Stefano, Sal, and Roushik (and Minnie the cat) were lovely and amazing teachers. They each brought their own style and made the experience safe, fun, and lovely. The Villa was so lovely and the food was delicious. The experience was great, mind opening and truly reset my brain in a wonderful way.

      Alexandra Geraci

      from France, July 2022

      "An experience to live"

      What an experience, what a training, what an incredible and amazing shared moment ! When I was searching a YTTC, I didn't expect to learn so much about myself, and especially to discover all the potential I have in the deepest part of me. At Nydum, the teachers are really exploring your physical and spiritual potential. It was the first time that I felt so grateful for my life, for my own being, and most of all, proud of it. Nydum is a sacred place, where you will feel safe to express yourself, to feel, to share, to connect with yourself and others, to develop your awareness, to realize how much you want to enjoy this life, to feel in the right place, at the right time... ! I can only recommend this place to achieve such a beautiful Yoga Teacher Training.

      Thank you, deeply and sincerely for this time, that I take care to keep alive in my heart.


      from United States, July 2022

      I definitely recommend Nydum, the experience is worth the money spent. They exceeded my expectations. The teachers are very knowledgeable, passionate and kind. I enjoyed the facility, the location and the food!

      Ragnhild Helgesen

      from Norway, June 2022

      "What an experience!"

      My stay at Nydum was a life changing experience. The teachers are warm and welcoming, and they facilitate an inclusive environment with great support and challenges. You will deepen your asana practice, but also grow spiritually and mentally, and learn a lot about your self. With the guidance from the teachers, the group has the chance to be involved with, and support each other’s journey in a beautiful way. At the end of the training, I feel ready to teach my own yoga classes, which is super exciting! I will highly recommend this place that now has a very special palace in my heart.

      Thank you Nydum.

      Patricia Barrios

      from Colombia, June 2022

      "Amelia tiene un conocimiento absoluto sobre anatomía 🤩"

      La metodología del curso fue completa donde nosotros como estudiantes no sentimos seguros y preparados al final.

      Gracias Amelia, Sal, Sally y Ciara excelentes todos 😉

      Hanna Spitzer

      from Germany, June 2022

      "Beautiful Environment and kind and loving teachers"

      I learned so much here. Not only about Yoga but also about myself.

      We had super nice Workshops and learned a lot about anatomy, alignment and adjustments which I think is super important to become a good Yoga Teacher.

      It was a life changing experience and every teacher made this retreat super special.

      I would definitely recommend coming here.

      Songuel Abay

      from Germany, May 2022

      "Thank you NYDUM"

      Thank you Nydum

      Thank you Amelia

      Thank you Ciara

      Thank you Sal

      Thank you Stefano

      Thank you Raushik

      Thank you to all the beautiful 12 souls I´ve met there

      Thank you you Mini

      Thank you Begur

      Thank you for this amazing and life changing experience. I´m so grateful and blessed I´ve choose Nydum for my Yoga Teacher Training. The Yoga teachers, the content of the training, the location, the spirit and energy of everyone was so beautiful. I´ve felt like home - safe and secure. Nydum you will always have a special place in my heart. Everyone who is considering to do a YTT - I would 1000% recommend this training. Just go with an open heart and an open mind - and you will experience something magical.

      Much Love,


      Constance Ripoll

      from France, May 2022

      "An amazing experience I will never forget!!"

      Summing up this amazing experience is a tough exercice but I loved EVERYTHING about my YTT in Nydum… ! The area, the place, the facilities, the whole curriculum, the activities, the planning, the teachers, the people, the food…

      There is an amazing balance between the physical practice, the philosophy and anatomy/alignement classes and all the other workshops/activities that we had.

      The participants’ emotions and well being are also at the heart of the staff’s concerns, therefore everything is made for you to feel happy throughout this journey.. You can also really tell that all the teachers are passionate about what they teach, which is really enjoyable! They give you all the confidence you need to be able to become a teacher.

      You will also enjoy so many amazing moments, human moments and become a very big family for 4 weeks!

      My experience at Nydum really went beyond my expectations… Everything felt amazing all the way. I really highly recommend this place to anyone still hesitating ! Come with an open heart and open mind, let go of your doubts and you will enjoy it as much as I did!

      Isabel Horbaschk

      from Germany, March 2022

      "Everything and more than I dreamed of - my YTT at Nydum "

      The month I spent at Nydum was incredible and exceeded my expectations. With the ten other students and our teachers, we quickly became a strong team that were helped each other in every way.

      About the practice; Quicker then ever expected all of us learned to go through the Primary Series in Mysore style. The Vinyasa practices brought in some fresh wind. For me it was physically demanding and all of our muscels were quite sore, but that was defenitely worth it.

      Amelia breaks the complex anatomy with her background in sports science down in an amazing way. She sets the priorities well and really makes poeple understand how the body works.

      Through Ciaras philosophy workshop I am beginning to understand yoga philosphy, not just the theory, but its relevance in daily life. She taught us not only that, but in many workshops she taught us communication skills and so much more. I won't even try to describe it, because my words won't do it justice. The time and energy Ciara invested to build a personal connection and help us with our challenges is incredible.

      Stephano and his passion for Ashtanga motivated me to practice and learn Ashtanga. And Sal taught us for example Yin Yoga which is a really good counter to the intense Ashtanga practice.

      The teachers we're literally always there for us and I couldn't have hoped for a better team.

      Eventhough I can proudly say that I can now do a jumpthrough with straight legs, I got so much more than learning Asanas from this month at Nydum.

      Mathilde Guitton

      from France, February 2022

      "The magic of Nydum ⭐️ "

      My journey at Nydum just ended and all I can feel is MAGIC.

      I started this journey a month ago and I am not the same person anymore. During these 4 weeks of YTT I changed in the way I practice but also emotionally and mentally. I’ve grown so much.. sharing commitment, practice, emotions, laughs, intensity, new experiences with my dear other students and our teachers. And trust me … theses guys are taking their job very seriously. Amelia, Ciara and Edu are gold to me. In the way they teach, the way they share, the way they listen, they just carry you with love through this yoga adventure !

      I am super proud and happy that I chose Ashtanga as it is for me the perfect way to start learning and teaching about anatomy, discipline, traditional philosophy. This practice is all about flow and containment !

      Today i feel full of ressources to bring all this work back to “real life” and share yoga through teaching. More than anything, I am so ready to keep learning as a student!

      I am very excited for the next adventures to come. I am full of love and trust and I am not afraid anymore about what’s next as I know the journey is worth it. And I am ready to go through the hardest parts and the most beautiful parts of this journey.

      My passion of yoga is just one step ahead now… but i am especially fully in love with life !

      Thank you so much ! I am grateful for ever and I already miss this bubble ♥️

      Bisous bisous 🤟


      from United Kingdom, February 2022

      "Amazing experience, life changing! "

      I enjoyed every moment of my time in Nydum. Amelia, Ciara and Edu are wonderful wonderful teachers. They not only have provided me with excellent teaching training, but also a total new perspective in life. The 4-week class is intense, well structured and super good value; the location couldn’t have been better; Anna, our chef, is simply the best chef I know! Everyone in our group is super nice and came with an open heart, and the friendship we created here is built on trust, support and will be lifelong lasting. I will definitely come back again to the Nydum family.

      Pauline Picherot

      from France, December 2021


      I spent an amazing month in Nydum. It was beyond my expectations! The food was amazing, the spot was gorgeous and all the teachers were passionate! I learnt a lot about myself and about my practice during all this trip. I would definitely recommand this teacher training for people who wants to learn more about yoga and espacially ashtanga yoga!

      Thank you Nydum for all the things you taught me 🙏🏻


      Joy Lange

      from Spain, December 2021

      "Eternally grateful for this experience! "

      The month at Nydum was incredible! The lessons, the teachers, the food, the accommodation, the view, the area.. everything was wonderful & allowed one to truly absorb the teachings of this YTT. The classes build up very nicely, whether it is Anatomy, Alignment, Teaching Methodology or Philosophy - the content is highly intriguing, comprehensible & conveyed with much passion! The workshops helped us in building our foundations for the daily practice or stimulated us to try out other fun things such as various Arm Balances or Acro Yoga - one of the most fun workshops I‘d say! :) Additionally, I loved the workshops by the guest teacher! In general, all teachers were incredibly kind, helpful & simply fun to spend time with and learn from. I felt supported throughout my practices, as well as on a day to day basis in the house. It truly is a nest that you get to feel at home in for this month- to then venture into the world with all the tools you have learned & a feeling of security in teaching 🌱 The house is beautiful, a big garden with lovely trees to hang out with! The view is stunning, as well as the nice walks down to the sea. Exploring the little city is also worth it & the area around offers lots of nice little towns to explore on days off! Lastly, not only was the food unbelievably delicious, but also the chef accommodated my specific dietary restrictions that can be a bit tricky, which made me feel very safe & fully nourished throughout the whole time!

      💛🌿✨thank you all!

      Theresa Thanner

      from Germany, December 2021

      "Amazing Experience "

      The month at Nydum was definitely one of my greatest experiences! By our arrival we were welcomed with a big and heartwarming smile which lasted over the whole four weeks. The teachers Amelia, Stefano and Emily created with their knowledge and experience a great programme in which everything fitted perfectly together: the yoga classes, teaching methodology, anatomy & alignment, some workshops and philosophy let us explore the different aspects of Yoga.

      The location of Nydum is amazing: the Villa is on top of a hill with sea-view, we could swim in the pool or walk down to the beach, there is so much to explore! The rooms are very lovely as well and perfectly equipped. And I never had such a delicious variety of food which Anna cooked for us every day!

      All in all, the stay in Nydum exceeded my expectations and I would return anytime :)

      Emma Pearce

      from United Kingdom, November 2021

      "Absolutely Amazing - 100% worth it "

      This was such an amazing experience. The location is breathtaking- you have sea views and the beach is a short walk away. The house is lovely. The food was superb (Anna, you are a genius). And the teaching was excellent. Amelia, Stephano and Emily are not only incredibly knowledgable, but they are also extremely good teachers. They structured the course content and the individual classes in a digestible and interesting way, and I really felt like I had learnt a huge amount from them by the end of the month.

      It was hard work, but so enjoyable and worth every penny.

      Antigoni Grigoriadou

      from Greece, November 2021

      "A wonderful experience, even greater than expected"

      The teachers were all very passionate about their job, very friendly and creative. They helped create an atmosphere of sharing, caring and understanding. The food was superb, it was so good we literally could not stop eating!! The workshops were sooo interesting and really added to the whole experience. Even before going I expected it to be an amazing experience but honestly it surpassed my expectations. I am really going to miss our little group 🥺


      from Germany, November 2021



      from Spain, October 2021

      "Beautiful experience"

      I had a beautiful experience spending a month in Begur, learning from dedicated talented teachers and deepening my knowkedge of yoga as a whole and asana practice. Moreover, this training allowed me to create a routine for myself, to discover the beauty of Ashtanga Vinyasa and also to discover the style of teacher I'd like to become. The food was exquisite and the generosity of Anna as a vegetarian chef is quiet something. I strongly recommend an experience at Nydum.

      Lisa Tully

      from Ireland, October 2021

      "Incredible life experience "

      One month spent at Nydum with Amelia and her team, is a time I don't think I will ever forget! The whole experience from booking through to arrival on the course was seamless, with helpful assistance provided to reach the location.

      From day 1 we were practicing Ashtanga yoga to develop our own self practice. We also practised a variety of vinyasa flows with the teachers who shared so much knowledge with the group.

      I really enjoyed the practical and fun approach to learning of anatomy and alignment and the philosophy of yoga sessions always sparked interesting discussions among the group! Yoga teaching methodology was a big focus of the course and I found great encouragement among the teaching staff when we began teaching our own classes. A really helpful manual was provided to assist with studying all elements of the course content.

      We were also treated to some really fun workshops on acro yoga, splits, gyrotonic and much more!

      The house itself has lots of space with comfortable rooms and is located up on a hill surrounded by the sea, with stunning views and walking access to the beach.

      The food provided to fuel us every day was nutritious, varied and so delicious!

      I have personally benefited and grown so much from doing this yoga teacher training course and would recommend anyone to do the same if they are seeking a personal challenge.

      Alix Poncelet

      from Belgium, August 2021

      "Amazing place to become a yoga teacher! "

      I just come back from one month yoga teacher program at Nydum! It was even better than what I expected ! Amelia and her team are really competents on all aspects related to Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga. It is the perfect mix between self practices, yoga teacher instructions classes, anatomy and alignment, philosophy and many others workshops. The place and the foods are amazing!

      I sincerely recommend to live this experience! A good way to learn how to teach and also learn about yourself!

      Clara Spengler

      from Germany, August 2021

      "Amazing Place "

      I'm super happy that i did my yttc at nydum. I learned so much, had fun with the poeple, enjoyed the beautiful house + the amazing view + the nice area at the free days. The teachers are great and i like their philosophy - a good balance between self discipline and 'listen to your body'.

      Karin Weber

      from Austria, August 2021

      "Grateful for the experience and knowledge this place offers"

      The experience at Nydum exceeded my expectations. The programme was organized in a compassionate, yet challenging, manner. By offering a mixture of self-practice, theoretical input, hands-on teaching practice and alignment, the foundation for us, wanting to become a Yoga teacher, was created. Not only did the team support us with their vast knowledge of theory and practice, but shared their personal experience of what defines "the modern western Yogi lifestyle / what rather not".

      Even though the programme is quite intense, both physically (several practices: morning practice, peer teaching) and mentally (self doubts, acceptance of physical boundaries, group dynamics...), I always felt encouraged, empowered and supported by the core organizational team.

      There were several workshops to expand the diversity of yoga. Not only offered it great insights to special activities e.g. Arm balance, splits, Acro Yoga, but created team spirit.

      Besides that, the location offers beautiful scenery (sunrise/sunset) and nature (sea, forest, hiking paths, animals...) to recharge oneself day-to-day and to retreat.

      To sum up, I am grateful for this experience and appreciate the effort, ideas, structure, compassion and heart, everyone put into the training during this month.

      Marita Thomsen

      from Denmark, July 2021


      The teachers at Nydum are so good and qualified for the teacher training. I felt at home at Nydum and Amelia, the owner, has done an amazing job with this place. Stefano, the Ashtanga teacher, is one of the most devoted and extraordinary teachers you will meet. All in all the staff is amazing and will make the stay unforgettable. The food is very good and the location is amazing.


      Yoana Dilova

      from Bulgaria, June 2021

      "The Nydum experience"

      What did I love? EVERYTHING!

      The Nydum YTTR has been one of the most amazing experiences in my life! Everything was beyond my capacities of description. The place is a hidden gem on the Costa Brava, on top of a hill with views to the sea and to the mountains. The house and the rooms were cozy and big, with gorgeous bathrooms, cute terrasses and comfy beds! The food was vegan (with options of having eggs, cheese and yogourt), delicious and I was usually taking 2 plates even if I wasn’t hungry anymore. The location is perfect for small walks and hikings, going to the beach (!) and it is reachable by cheap taxis to the next small towns.

      About the yoga, it was such an incredible journey! I have never done Ashtanga before and I felt confident, powerful (and even in love with it)! The Vinyasa flows were strong and wavy! All the workshops about backbending, arm balancing and so more were teaching me a lot and were so interesting!

      Amelia and Stefano, our teachers, were so knowledgeable, explaining clearly every one of our questions, making it fun and interesting! The teachings were equilibrated, progressive and thank god for the rest days so that the body can have a healing day too.

      Yoga philosophy was colourfully taught by Santosh (who is Indian so he knows what he is talking about)!

      There is so much more wonderful things I could say ! This experience is forever in my heart and Nydum has made it unforgettable! Thank you all so much!

      Juliette Dupard

      from France, June 2021

      "Magical experience "

      I can’t even describe how grateful I am after those 4 weeks. The course is really intense and this is what I was looking for! I got to really deepen my practice, built up strength and learn that yoga is not only the asana. I am now able to teach a yoga class and I can’t wait to apply everything I learned in the future.

      The place is amazing and I straight away felt at home, Nydum team is great, Amélia is always here to make sure everyone has everything they need and she is super passionate about anatomy! Stefano has embraced the yogi lifestyle and is a very talented yoga teacher. And I have to mention Anna’s and Edu’s cooking! The food was so delicious and this makes a big difference trust me!!

      I highly recommend this YTT