Nydum is a place where you come to nurture yourself, a space in which support and guidance is provided through the journey of self-development and growth.

Yoga Teacher Training (2)

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Instructors (4)

Amelia Valls

Clare Griffin

Anna Casadevall

Santosh Kumar Yadav

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from Spain, October 2021

"Beautiful experience"

I had a beautiful experience spending a month in Begur, learning from dedicated talented teachers and deepening my knowkedge of yoga as a whole and asana practice. Moreover, this training allowed me to create a routine for myself, to discover the beauty of Ashtanga Vinyasa and also to discover the style of teacher I'd like to become. The food was exquisite and the generosity of Anna as a vegetarian chef is quiet something. I strongly recommend an experience at Nydum.

Lisa Tully

from Ireland, October 2021

"Incredible life experience "

One month spent at Nydum with Amelia and her team, is a time I don't think I will ever forget! The whole experience from booking through to arrival on the course was seamless, with helpful assistance provided to reach the location.

From day 1 we were practicing Ashtanga yoga to develop our own self practice. We also practised a variety of vinyasa flows with the teachers who shared so much knowledge with the group.

I really enjoyed the practical and fun approach to learning of anatomy and alignment and the philosophy of yoga sessions always sparked interesting discussions among the group! Yoga teaching methodology was a big focus of the course and I found great encouragement among the teaching staff when we began teaching our own classes. A really helpful manual was provided to assist with studying all elements of the course content.

We were also treated to some really fun workshops on acro yoga, splits, gyrotonic and much more!

The house itself has lots of space with comfortable rooms and is located up on a hill surrounded by the sea, with stunning views and walking access to the beach.

The food provided to fuel us every day was nutritious, varied and so delicious!

I have personally benefited and grown so much from doing this yoga teacher training course and would recommend anyone to do the same if they are seeking a personal challenge.

Alix Poncelet

from Belgium, August 2021

"Amazing place to become a yoga teacher! "

I just come back from one month yoga teacher program at Nydum! It was even better than what I expected ! Amelia and her team are really competents on all aspects related to Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga. It is the perfect mix between self practices, yoga teacher instructions classes, anatomy and alignment, philosophy and many others workshops. The place and the foods are amazing!

I sincerely recommend to live this experience! A good way to learn how to teach and also learn about yourself!

Clara Spengler

from Germany, August 2021

"Amazing Place "

I'm super happy that i did my yttc at nydum. I learned so much, had fun with the poeple, enjoyed the beautiful house + the amazing view + the nice area at the free days. The teachers are great and i like their philosophy - a good balance between self discipline and 'listen to your body'.

Karin Weber

from Austria, August 2021

"Grateful for the experience and knowledge this place offers"

The experience at Nydum exceeded my expectations. The programme was organized in a compassionate, yet challenging, manner. By offering a mixture of self-practice, theoretical input, hands-on teaching practice and alignment, the foundation for us, wanting to become a Yoga teacher, was created. Not only did the team support us with their vast knowledge of theory and practice, but shared their personal experience of what defines "the modern western Yogi lifestyle / what rather not".

Even though the programme is quite intense, both physically (several practices: morning practice, peer teaching) and mentally (self doubts, acceptance of physical boundaries, group dynamics...), I always felt encouraged, empowered and supported by the core organizational team.

There were several workshops to expand the diversity of yoga. Not only offered it great insights to special activities e.g. Arm balance, splits, Acro Yoga, but created team spirit.

Besides that, the location offers beautiful scenery (sunrise/sunset) and nature (sea, forest, hiking paths, animals...) to recharge oneself day-to-day and to retreat.

To sum up, I am grateful for this experience and appreciate the effort, ideas, structure, compassion and heart, everyone put into the training during this month.

Marita Thomsen

from Denmark, July 2021


The teachers at Nydum are so good and qualified for the teacher training. I felt at home at Nydum and Amelia, the owner, has done an amazing job with this place. Stefano, the Ashtanga teacher, is one of the most devoted and extraordinary teachers you will meet. All in all the staff is amazing and will make the stay unforgettable. The food is very good and the location is amazing.


Yoana Dilova

from Bulgaria, June 2021

"The Nydum experience"

What did I love? EVERYTHING!

The Nydum YTTR has been one of the most amazing experiences in my life! Everything was beyond my capacities of description. The place is a hidden gem on the Costa Brava, on top of a hill with views to the sea and to the mountains. The house and the rooms were cozy and big, with gorgeous bathrooms, cute terrasses and comfy beds! The food was vegan (with options of having eggs, cheese and yogourt), delicious and I was usually taking 2 plates even if I wasn’t hungry anymore. The location is perfect for small walks and hikings, going to the beach (!) and it is reachable by cheap taxis to the next small towns.

About the yoga, it was such an incredible journey! I have never done Ashtanga before and I felt confident, powerful (and even in love with it)! The Vinyasa flows were strong and wavy! All the workshops about backbending, arm balancing and so more were teaching me a lot and were so interesting!

Amelia and Stefano, our teachers, were so knowledgeable, explaining clearly every one of our questions, making it fun and interesting! The teachings were equilibrated, progressive and thank god for the rest days so that the body can have a healing day too.

Yoga philosophy was colourfully taught by Santosh (who is Indian so he knows what he is talking about)!

There is so much more wonderful things I could say ! This experience is forever in my heart and Nydum has made it unforgettable! Thank you all so much!

Juliette Dupard

from France, June 2021

"Magical experience "

I can’t even describe how grateful I am after those 4 weeks. The course is really intense and this is what I was looking for! I got to really deepen my practice, built up strength and learn that yoga is not only the asana. I am now able to teach a yoga class and I can’t wait to apply everything I learned in the future.

The place is amazing and I straight away felt at home, Nydum team is great, Amélia is always here to make sure everyone has everything they need and she is super passionate about anatomy! Stefano has embraced the yogi lifestyle and is a very talented yoga teacher. And I have to mention Anna’s and Edu’s cooking! The food was so delicious and this makes a big difference trust me!!

I highly recommend this YTT