Om & Flow Yoga's goal is to provide high-quality yoga education and yoga retreats to students and introduce yogic values and principles to the wider public.

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Ma Ra

from Germany, April 2024

"Amazing escape from a busy daily life"

I am so grateful for an amazing experience, which started with a cozy home close to the sea and in the middle of a beautiful forest, exactly the right place to charge your batteries and get a bit closer to your inner self. The schedule was very divers and interesting, but left also enough room for self reflection, exploration of the neighborhood and the inner world. Our trainers, Martha and Kristina have been an awesome support by guiding us through the days with mindful meditations, yoga sessions and breath work, but also ensured a safe and trustful space. Not forgetting to mention Javier, who created all of our meals with lots of love and passion.

Sam Taylor

from Great Britain, April 2024

"Clarity and Harmony "

Not often do you get the chance to go within and this beautiful retreat have me the space to do so while offering a range of yoga and meditation sessions. Marta and Christina were wonderful at creating a safe, supporting and welcoming environment while teaching us tools for our own meditation. The food by Javier was out of this world fresh and delicious, I was never left hungry in between meals. Hiiumaa was an incredible island with lots of walking paths to explore and only a short walk to the beach. I cannot recommend this retreat enough and hope to be back again soon.

Ida Winter

from Ecuador, October 2023

" Came as a Hobby Yogi left as a Yoga Teacher"

The 200h Hatha and Vinyasa yoga teacher training from Om & Flow Yoga was absolutely remarkable! The most important thing is that I went out of this training being a 100% confident Yoga teacher and able to right away lead and structure my own classes knowing exactly how to align, to adjust, to sequence and how I can add my own personal twist to my class.

Going deep into every single Asana, learning about different meditation techniques, pranayama ,how to lead someone into their most relaxing Shavasana and having interactive philosophy, anatomy classes and more, it was a very well rounded and well structured Training.

I can‘t thank enough for everything I have learned, the wonderful people I met and the delicious food I ate.

Thank you Marta, Rosie, Javier, Bill, Brytta and special thanks to my favourite baby cobra

Marcelina Winkiel

from Great Britain, September 2023

"Life changing experience "

If anyone is considering a 200-hour yoga teacher training then definitely sign-up for one with the Om&Flow!! Marta is a very welcoming person with a comprehensive knowledge about yoga and its related topics. Everything is well organised and teachers put their hearts to transform you into a professional yogi who is ready to go into the world and teach yoga. Food, accommodation and overall atmosphere exceeded my expectations. I recommend this experience to everyone who is keen on yoga, life-long memories are created with the Om&Flow <3

Laura Marsden

from Great Britain, August 2023

"A month filled with knowledge, love and laughter!"

My YTT with Om and Flow Yoga has not only provided me with the knowledge and confidence I need to practice as a yoga teacher, it has also provided me with a community of like-minded individuals that I will never forget. Every day felt like a dream. From waking up to the sound of the ocean to sitting in the shala with my friends and soaking up all of the wisdom and knowledge Marta and her team facilitated.

I feel sufficiently prepared to teach, and I particularly enjoyed the fact that each teacher had their own unique style, both in theoretical and practical classes.

Javier and his team were incredible in the kitchen. The vegetarian food was out of this world. I never felt hungry - quite the opposite! I am gluten-free and Sebastian never made me feel a burden when having to make me separate dishes.

The training was a family affair and I feel so grateful that I chose Om and Flow. Thank you to the whole team: Marta, Alice, Felipe, Rukmini, Hope, Coleta, Katy, Patricia, Sebastian, Javier and the staff at Uutaaka for making this the summer of a life time.

Eric Sherman

from United States, July 2023

"Incredible experience! High quality instruction & memorable!"

This journey was more than just a teacher training. Given the location and course description, I found that the group was very self-selecting. This resulted in a group bond that transcended cultural background, prior yoga experience, and other potential barriers to connection. The setting was serene, well-maintained, and provided the perfect backdrop for a retreat from "real life" so that we could really focus on learning about all dimensions of the yogic lifestyle (with housekeeping every day!). The asana labs/courses gave us a good foundation for what studios would expect from prospective instructors, but there was also an emphasis on philosophy, detailed anatomy, and nutrition/lifestyle so that we would emerge as safe and knowledgeable instructors from multiple angles. And yes, the food was incredible! We enjoyed delicious, vegetarian, locally-inspired family style meals together and formed what I expect to be some lifelong bonds with my fellow classmates. Colombia is a less obvious choice for a YTT, so I found that the students and teachers fully bought into the experience. It truly felt like a family affair. Many thanks to Marta, Alice, Esperanza, Rukmini, Javier, Sebastian, and the remaining staff on site for curating a very memorable experience that I will look back on fondly for years to come!

Alina-naomi Winn

from Germany, June 2023

"A yoga -time out in most beautiful nature and silence"

Marta & team are leading the retreat with passion, love and an impressive knowledge.

The yoga sessions were made for all yoga levels. Marta provides different types of sessions as Reiki, Sound meditation and Yoga Nidra. The accommodation is just perfect of this kind of retreat. The dishes were very varied, always enough and just delicious! Compliments for the whole Om & Flow Yoga Team - you are doing a lovely and professional job!

Dhanush Dinesh

from Netherlands, June 2023

"Perfect silent retreat"

The location is very special and peaceful, the facilities are comfortable (you don't have to worry about anything), the food was delicious, so you can completely focus on your silence, meditation and yoga. The eclectic set of practices were really nice as there is something for everyone, and the style of teaching is personal and suitable for all levels.

Liliana Uribe

from France, June 2023

"Absolutely amazing experience"

The retreat with Marta was just perfect, the house seems like it was made for this, the forest around is beautiful, the rooms are nice, well decorated, clean and comfortable.

The food is just wonderful Javier is the best cook ever

The retreat itself is very well made all the meditations were different, we tried so many different things, we had gong meditation, walking meditation...

the yoga in the morning was quite active which I loved.

I feel the experience was very complete super well planned and I could not have asked for more

Tina Mati

from Great Britain, June 2023

"A beautiful dream that I didn’t want it to end"

If you need to reset, relax and reconnect with yourself, this is the perfect place. The island with its calming nature has a magical vibe that just makes you feel like you are in a dream.

Marta is a great instructor and guided us through our silence ensuring that we feel comfortable and enjoy the entire journey. Her husband cooked for us the most delicious meals I’ve ever had.

I am grateful to both of them taking such good care of us and going above and beyond to make this an unforgettable. experience.

Ismail Kilicay

from Great Britain, June 2023

"Great experience "

The fact that it was such a calming and unique experience spending time alone in nature whilst doing lots of yoga and meditation throughout the day

Nellie Werner

from Netherlands, April 2023

"Most amazing three weeks of yoga "

The location is unbelievable, with its beautiful unspoilt beach surrounded by jungle. The rooms are lovely, food great, prepared with great care. The yoga teacher training was beyond all expectations: great teachers, all bringing different qualities to the practice. There was in depth study of alignment and anatomy, but also philosophy and spirituality, meditation. It's an intense programme but you get so much out of it. Best thing i've ever done for myself.

Pawel Sluzewski

from Colombia, March 2023

"Paradise with Marta and Esperansa!"

Such a lovely place with lovely people. Marta and Esperansa made their job very well, preparing a lot of spiritual atracions for us. The vegetarian food was delicios and so healty (dont even dream about meat or fish, but if you ask for eggs or coffe you will also get it). The room that we got was comfortable with a tarase with a sea view. Friendly cleaning ladies came every day.

Francesca Galetti

from Switzerland, March 2023

Everything was amazing. The training, the group, the teachers team, the accomodation and the food…all fantastic. Thank you again for everything :)


from Germany, November 2022

Kim Metzen

from Colombia, September 2022

The resort was simply beautiful, right by the beach, and the staff working there were so wonderful. They took such good care of us! The food was delicious. We learned a lot! Palomino is also an amazing place to do a YTT!

The match of teachers was excellent, their energies and style of teaching complemented each other perfectly (however every YTT program has different teachers).

Killi Raudberg

from Estonia, September 2022

"Amazing experience in a mystical place in Estonia"

I like absolutely everything; teacher, Marta, place (guesthouse), nature (Hiiumaa), food (made by Javier), practice (yoga, meditation, vibro acustic massage etc)


from Canada, July 2022

"Exceeded all expectations"

Cannot recommend this teacher training enough. The teachers -Marco, Carolina and Jorge- went above and beyond and really put their all into the training. It's clear that they're passionate about what they're doing and they have a great dynamic and balance each other out. I went in expecting go through formal training and to leave with a certificate, but it ended up being a once in a lifetime, transformative 23 days -I left with so much more. The cabanas are nice, the food is from the veggie kitchen is amazing.


from Germany, July 2022

"More than just a teacher training!!!"

The teacher training was one of the best things I ever did in my life! It was so much more than just a teacher training. It was a journey to connect with myself, with nature, with the amazing people who participated. Palomino is just a magic place and it feels like a second home to me now. The teachers (Carolina, Marco and Jorge) were amazing each one of them and they completed each other perfect in the team. They were always making sure that everyone felt safe and confident and put a lot of love and detail in their practice. Every Yoga class we did was special in its own way. The Veggie kitchen created delicious food everyday which was absolutely fantastic. All in all I must say I couldn't have wished for a better training than this one!

Céline Sorg

from France, July 2022

"Life changing experience"

This yoga teacher training went way behind my expectations, everything is made to allow you becoming an amazing teacher (whilst working on yourself). I really loved everything about this Yoga teacher training; starting with our 3 very attentive professors Carolina, Jorge and Marco that were for sure the main reason why this yoga retreat was so special. They managed to create a safe space full of kindness and compassion, an amazing group cohesion, where we could all strive and work on our physical, spirtual body and mind.

They complete each other perfectly and each one managed to give their classes in very interesting and varied ways whether it was meditation, philosophy or anatomy class.

The place is amazing, right on the beach, the food was excellent and all the workers at La Sirena are lovely and helpful, the accomodation is really great and all the materials for the yoga practice well adapted. I loved getting the opportunity to get our Reiki Level 1 with Marta.

I had a beautiful experience, I feel very grateful and I already miss my amazing teachers and fellow students and friends 💖.

Thank you Marta for this opportunity !


from Serbia, June 2022

"Amazing experience"

Everything was perfect - the location acommodation, food. Marta and Marceau are great, positive and supporting. For anyone who is thinking about trying silent yoga retreat this is definitelly a good choice.

Eveline Vente

from Estonia, May 2022

"Amazing! I wish we were all still there <3"

WOW! This was such a beautiful experience. I wish it never ended!

The training was amazing. Definitely tough, but at the same time very doable. I loved the combination of yoga practice, meditation, chanting, and "regular" classes. It was just perfect. I also really LOVED the Asana labs, they were so much fun and so full of information. I learned so much and so many new poses and so many tricks to improve my yoga practice. And, not unimportant, I feel confident to share my knowledge as a Yoga Teacher thanks to these Asana Labs.

Our lead instructor Sunny McGill was incredibly knowledgeable. Her classes were the perfect amount of challenging and fun and afterwards I always felt so strong and empowered. It was such a joy to start the day with Sunny. And to end the Asana Labs with "Sunny Fun". THANK YOU, Sunny, for all that you've taught us. For your patience, for your wisdom, for your insights, and for your encouragement. I will definitely be doing my 300hrs training with you.

The location was absolutely beautiful. In the middle of this fairy tale forest, only 15 mins. away from the beach. It was so peaceful, the perfect place for such an intense training. I loved having the time to go for little hikes during the lunchbreaks and evenings. And of course, the sauna, was the best!

The food was DELICIOUS! THANK YOU, Javier, for preparing such a great variety of delicious meals. Each meal was more delicious than the precious one. Also LOVED the zucchini brownies.


from Spain, April 2022

"300 hour yoga teacher training "

The training was held in a magic place, in the middle of the nature with ocean in front of us. I enjoyed morning walks, playing with waves in the ocean during the break, sleep and wake up with the sound of ocean and birds.

staffs are all very nice, they took great care of us, food was always well prepared and delicious.

Different teachers with different teaching styles which gave us different perspectives of yoga. We did learn a lot about some advanced asanas, hands-on adjustments and a lot of opportunities to teach.

A lot of heart opening experiences which has transformed me forever, very grateful for the safe place they created for us, for the amazing teachers who have guided us into this journey of healing and growth.

Darleen Schinabeck

from Germany, April 2022

"Best Teachers 😊 and a lot to say"

The teachers were amazing! They had such a good energy and they were so caring! Sunny was always there for us and she helped everybody to grow so much! I loved Katies classes, the way how she teaches is really inspiring. Carolina took us further in our Breathing Techniques and helped us, to discover our spirituality more. I'm so thankful that I had these teachers and they all helped me to grow so much as a Yogateacher. I already miss these 3 wonderful persons. You can learn so much from everybody and also the feedback from them helped.

The stuff of La Sirena was really kind. They serve veggie / vegan Food, which was tasty. It was nice, to be near by the beach. The equipment (yogamats, blocks, strapes) where in a good quality and enough for everybody. As said, there was drinking water 24h.


from United States, April 2022

"If you have Sunny, Katie and Carolina as your teachers GO!!!"

Sunny McGill, Carolina Martinez Duran and Katie Dondzilla are fabulous teachers providing a wonderfully diverse teaching approach and style of yoga. If you are open to learning and growing this teacher training will not only help you become a better teacher and deepen your understanding of yoga but it will also help you heal your soul and deepen your connection with yourself. I can not Recomend working with these three people enough! Even if it is not with this training I highly highly recommend finding these teachers. Sunny has a wonderful was of being structured and giving you confidence to push yourself further. Will make you face your demons without being afraid. Katie is incredibly inspiring with her strength, fluid movement and understanding of how her body moves. They all have wonderful personalities as well! The other people in my training were also wonderful! We all came to learn and were open to new experiences. I can not emphasize enough how important this is in a training like this. If you are not ready to be open and learn, don’t come. Other Pros, the food tastes wonderful and the setting is beautiful. You are on the beach and surrounded by nature, you can feel mother natures positive energy as soon as you step foot onto the grounds. Finally the exchange rate from USD to COP is great and there are numerous artists and shops that will make things specifically for you so bring extra money and save some room in your bags!

April Tsang

from Great Britain, April 2022

"Great experience with fantastic teachers"

I liked how friendly and welcoming everyone was. I loved the small group, everyone got on so well. I liked how the three teachers have different background of yoga. We learnt a lot!

Antonina Makowska

from Poland, March 2022

"Very good yoga teacher training! "

I loved the location of the place, where we had pleasure to live - La Sirena. A real paradise! Beautiful Eco Resort right by the ocean. I loved all the amazing stuff working there. The food which was served was also very yummy, beautiful looking and always warm. But for me sometimes not enough. All the workers of La Sirena were very lovely, helpful and made me feel safe and at home ❤️. All the instructors were very good, professional, passionate, eager to help, answer any questions. Course was very intense, but that's obvious looking on schedule...But well balanced! Phisical classes in rotation with theory but also time to relax- sound healing therapy, massages... In general I am very grateful to all the teachers, supportive participants and organizer - Marta, which was always by her phone to answer any questions and guided me from Poland straight to beautiful Palomino :) Beautiful experience, highly recomend!


from Germany, March 2022

I loved the location. I loved the program how it was. the food, the people working on La Sirena, the teachers were really good.


from Denmark, January 2022

"Healing and becoming a yoga teacher"

The location is beautiful. The teachers are skilled and the whole 3 weeks are very rewarding. You build an amazing community during those 3 weeks together.


from United States, January 2022

"Thanks Marta for a great teacher training experience"

Palomino is super chill - the vegan food was great - Lots of off campus food options as well - Katie and Carolina both brought amazing energy - Marta was also great unfortunately she left early - this was a great course, super intensive and came away with a much stronger practice and confidence to lead yoga sessions

Monika Sabolova

from Netherlands, December 2021

"Adventurous yoga training in most stunning Tanzania! "

Overall experience was great. I enjoyed all practical yoga classes as well as theory, especially philosophy with Sunny.

I consider myself very lucky to be a student of Sunny and to complete my TTC with her as main trainer.

She is the best instructor I could ever wish for.

Her devotion and motivation in in what she does is incredible.

She is very knowledgeable, attentive, thoughtful and very experienced in teaching.

She was physically and mentally 100% there for us, every day of the training.

The way she explained all the alignments and the way she helped us to align each others was mind-blowing. Thanks to her teaching abilities and amazing support and motivation she helped me to improve and go beyond the boundaries. Besides, as a group we had lots of fun together.

General tip: If you come to do your TTC in Tanzania, PLEASE do yourself a favor and stay couple of more days to explore the country , it has LOT to offer. For me, this was the best yoga experience and best travel experience.

Ramona Brunner

from Germany, November 2021

"Thank you"

Such an amazing experience! Sunny is really teaching from her heart, what she gave to us was just so much more than teaching about asana and philosophy.

The accommodation and food were ok, but not really the best atmosphere for a YTT.

Axelle Hottin

from France, November 2021

"What an experience!"

I would like to say a thousand time thank you to Sunny who made this experience incredible. Her teaching about Asana is incredible but her teaching in Philosophy is just mind blowing ! We had the chance to have a fantastic group with a super positive vibe which made the whole experience just the best I could ever imagine!

Jeffrey Frieders

from Norway, October 2021

"Hiiumaa - a magical island retreat with powerful results"

I was blessed to enter the world of teaching with this amazing group of people. My teachers Max, Adriano, Marta and Kadri are excellent at what they do and are filled with love and passion for both the philosophical and physical practices of yoga. My colleagues are extremely compassionate individuals with diverse backgrounds whom I will never forget and will enjoy working with in the future!

Thank you Om and Flow for such an outstanding intensive retreat in the beautifully magical nature of Hiiumaa.

The food was very good, creative, with local ingredients and was entirely vegan.

The owners of Hõbekala - yoga shalala and accommodations - were very kind, attentive and professional.

The sauna, the sea and forest were game changers.

The whole experience was life changing.

Until next time, namaste!

Alison Young

from Great Britain, October 2021

"Incredible yogi journey on a fairy island in Estonia "

The setting and location for the training was simply stunning; and most conducive to a journey of inner reflection and growth. The quality of the teaching was incredibly high; and the different styles and energies provided something for everyone. I consider myself quite a new yogi so was a little intimidated coming here; and it couldn’t have been a more supportive and nurturing environment. I’ll miss pondering life in philosophy class with Max; and meditating in a forest at 7am! The food! Shout out to Markus and Javier for providing plant based heavenly dishes!

Lucja Zieniewicz

from Netherlands, September 2021

The training and the teachers were wonderful-especially Sunny who could at the same time challenge and support her students. Food was great but at times it wasn’t enough for all of us. The location is lovely so is the eco friendly idea of the resort.

Marine Medor

from Mexico, July 2021

"Amazing yoga experience 💖🌈🌺🌴"

Thank you so much Marta for this 23 days in Palomino's paradise!🙏🏻 A beautiful bungalow on the beach, great and healthy veggie food everyday and the best yoga teachers only for us🧘🏻‍♀️ I really enjoyed everything, I discovered my strength, I learned a lot and I felt supported and help 🤗💪 And it was a chance to experience sound therapy with Tibetan bowls and the Reiki !

I totally recommend Om&Flow Yoga 💖

Mona Lisa Jones

from United States, May 2021

"Wonderful Yoga Training "

What I liked about my training was that I was able to do this training as a beginner student. The daily training in meditation and practice was inspiring and educational. I enjoyed the meals overlooking the ocean with my fellow students. I also enjoyed the very individualized programs provided for each student. I really loved making new friends who are my new yoga family. This training will challenge you and prepare you to be an amazing teacher! If you are considering going, you should. This training will be life changing and you will never be the same. You will grow in the best way possible!


from Great Britain, May 2021

"Well organised and immersive "

I’ve enjoyed TTC 200 organised by Om&Flow in Palomino - very safe magical coastal location away from current protests in larger cities of Colombia. It felt safe and very tranquil.

The syllabus was very comprehensively structured and attention from teachers was thorough. Living in the jungle in the cabanas of La Sirena Ecolodge allowed us to fully immerse into the setting. We had amazing vegetarian food on the course prepared specifically for us.

Marceau Lemoine

from France, March 2021

"I highly recommend to attend this course "

Here my own experience during this course (subjective and can be different for others)

- 3 very different teachers (Max, Marta, Kadri) which shows different faces of yoga. Some teachers more into spiritually some more in asanas etc (I loved Marta for the fun I had with her and Max for his talks about spirituality)

-as a beginner in Yoga I’ve never felt aside of the others even though my level was very low.

-the place in Palomino was fantastic. Very clean, very beautiful.

-the food was amazingly good every single day.

-professional without being to strict or serious. Perfect balance for me.

-we enjoy all together as a group including the teachers. Though there were teacher I felt they act first as humain being and part of the group as any other students. No differences between us.

-The course was sometimes a bit hard (many things to learn as a beginner) but I’ve never felt over stress, we had some good fun all together which really helped me to accompany my work in a beautiful way. We are to get a teacher’s certificat but also to enjoy while doing it.

Megan F

from Mexico, February 2021

"An empowering experience"

My experience at the 200 hour TTC in Palomino, Colombia with Om & Flow Yoga was remarkable. First, our group was blessed to have three very unique instructors and I learned a tremendous amount from each of them: not just about alignment and giving classes, but about yogic philosophy, meditation, nutrition, marketing, etc. as well.

The food from Marie Noelle and her daughters was fantastic and I so appreciate their hard work to create healthy and delicious meals for us every day.

La Sirena is an amazing place. I loved staying there and would go back in a heartbeat. It is rustic, but very clean and very in touch with nature in incredible ways.

I felt so blessed to accompany such a wonderful group of other students. It was truly a beautiful experience to have a community during what has been a very difficult pandemic year! I learned something from everyone.

As I departed the teacher training, I really felt as though I had the tools to develop my own classes. The instructors (and other students) really helped me feel confident with my own unique teaching style. We had five hours of direct teaching experience, which was monumental. I feel ready to teach a class to any level! I also feel empowered to further my yogic studies.

To Max, Kadri, Marta and my companions: I am a better person for having taken this training and for meeting you all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I also really appreciated having Külli as a reiki instructor - what an experience!!


from Spain, February 2021

Ha sido excelente. Los profesores son profesionales y la calidad humana es maravillosa. Yo estoy muy contenta y satisfecha. Lo recomiendo.

Rugilė Tachtamiševaitė

from Great Britain, December 2020

It was an incredible experience. Was challenging to start with but the challenge made it interesting and worth it!

The schedule was full on, we had loads of meditation, asana labs, philosophy, anatomy and a few additional short classes/courses. Teachers were all different and knowledgable.

Location was amazing, beautiful views by the seaside and fresh forest air! The food was really nice and healthy, vegan and vegetarian options available.

It was very interesting to stay with one group of people most of the time, we learnt a lot from each other!

I have changed a lot in such a short time and I am able to apply the knowledge from the course in my life, which is invaluable!

I am very grateful to be able to attend this course :)

Amber Dernulc

from Great Britain, December 2020

"Life changing experience "

From the moment I arrived I was impressed with everything. From the welcome, to the food, the surroundings, the accommodation.

It was a difficult three weeks, this is no relaxing retreat! But the experience was invaluable.

The way you are encouraged to find your voice and your teaching style from day 1 is amazing. No "one box fits all" here.

The anatomy and philosophy classes were in depth and interesting, the asana labs rewarding.

Max Romano is a wonderful teacher; applying his knowledge of engineering to the body and meditation. His teaching style is great, and he is encouraging and supportive.

Marta is an excellent, caring human who clearly pours her heart into these TTCs! Another fantastic teacher with lots of experience and stories to tell.

The food was amazing, the rooms clean and comfortable. The beach is a walk away (dare you to take a dip!) And everyday you can see the eagles or deer in the surroundings.

I was lucky that all the other students were amazing people too, we all got on and formed wonderful and emotional bonds. I was sad to leave.

Alexander Katerinko

from Cyprus, December 2020

"Perfect spot for a yoga training/retreat"

This is an absolutely unbeatable spot for a yoga training, or simply for a retreat in Europe! When I arrived onsite the nature, the campus location and quality of infrastructure were exactly as expected or even beyond.

The remoteness of the facility away from any temptations only assists for a complete immersion into the subject.

If you are interested especially in vinyasa, Max will give odds to anyone!

Fine dining food during the stay was a great complement to the whole adventure!

I fell in love with the place and I hope to be back there for more events!

Jiyeon Jang

from United States, December 2020

"Total package for a teacher just starting out "

This training was everything that I needed.

Curriculum is well structured and organized, we could go through every aspect of Yoga from Anatomy, Asana(practice), teaching methodology, marketing, philosophy.

Teachers are very caring and attentive, and what I liked the most is that they do follow true spirits of Yoga, understanding our body/mind and practice with knowlege based on that. During Asana lab, we were able to learn how to make pose correctly according to different types of body, which is important for you as a teacher.

Also,the marketing class was filled with very practical information, which will help you if you are going for teaching after training.

Even if one is not considering teaching career, this course will help you to understand Yoga in-depth and apply knowledge in your daily practice.

Harry Sheasby

from Great Britain, November 2020

It's been just over a week since I arrived back home from this Yoga TT. I've spent the last few days digesting every single piece of information I was taught, and what a wonderful training it was. I was luckily prepared to be thrown into 23 days of all things Yoga, an hour of morning mediation followed with a morning practice (Usually a strong practice) then anatomy, philosophy, pranayama, leaving the afternoon for Asana Lab, then followed by another strong practice. Hiiumaa itself is in the middle of nowhere, the occasional bus shop which has all essentials you'll need, but at this TT there was a chef who cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner for us. He was fabulous! Being situated in the forest meant you were able to disconnect from the world, long walks in the trees, the beach wasn't too far out and endless amounts of reflection time if you use your free time wisely. I would 100% recommend this course if you're passionate about Vinyasa and Hatha, it's intense and some days were harder than others but trust yourself and know that you've got this. It's a personal journey and trust the training! Marta, Max and Kadri, thank you all so much! Would love to see you again sometime in the future. All three of you guided me into a passion which has now become a love.


from Germany, November 2020

The facilities and location are fantastic, they have good props and excellent food.

The best of all , the people attending as a students.

Such a beautiful group of human beings.

Polina Yatsenko

from Greece, November 2020

"Enriched course"

I appreciate the quality varied information that was presented to the students. This is a multi faceted course that I would recommend to those who want to expand their yoga knowledge and maybe stray from the typical ‘yoga’ experiences.

Jennifer Altmann

from Germany, October 2020

"I had the best experience with Om & Flow Yoga!"

The TTC was very well organized and I felt supported from the very first moment! I learned so much in only 3 weeks that I never expected. Both Marta and Max are amazing teachers. Max has so much knowledge and passion for what he does that it was awesome to listen and learn from him. Martas lessons were always fun, I can’t remember a day without a laugh. She always made sure everyone was happy!

The place was absolutely stunning! It felt like we were in our own little bubble surrounded by nature, which we could explore during our breaks and after dinner. Also the food was simply the best! I can’t remember a day where I didn’t like the food!

I feel absolutely confident teaching now and I am glad I chose Om & Flow Yoga!

Jennifer Esch

from Germany, October 2020


Through the Yoga Teacher Training with Om&Flow I was able to evolve further mentally, physically and spiritually. There was nothing more beautiful than getting up early in the morning and meditating upon the trees of Hiiumaa. We as students were allowed to gain in depth knowledge about the philosophy, ethics, history and anatomy behind Yoga. The daily asana classes were energizing and always filled with opportunities to learn and further our personal practice. After this teacher training I gained the confidence to actually teach Yoga (which I didn’t expect beforehand)! Both Marta and Max were incredibly passionate about what they were teaching and enabling the students to grow the same passion. All meals were vegan and fabulously delicious. The beautiful accommodation was great to relax and let all the input sink in. It’s hard to even comprehend how life-changing this experience was for me!

Mason Gates

from Portugal, September 2020

"Incredible Experience"

It is difficult to list all of the ways this Yoga Teacher Training with Om&Flow helped me grow mentally and emotionally. The amount of care and preparation taken by Marta and Max was evident from beginning to end. The practices were challenging while also being accessible and inspiring. The personal attention and detail-oriented instruction helped me break down poses and find my best personal expression of each, which allowed me to find my voice as an instructor. The philosophy classes answered more questions than I knew I had; they motivated me to begin a lifelong study of the history, the practice, and the purpose yoga can have in our relationships with the world and each other.

In short, this was a life-changing experience. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Sam Wright

from Great Britain, April 2020

"Excellent and Marta was incredibly accommodating "

Some of the best weeks of my life. Marta and all the instructors were brilliant. Interested, supportive, kind and great teachers.


from Canada, March 2020

"beyond expectations"

I attended the teacher training in February in Colombia. The atmosphere and support was incredible. I felt comfortable to be myself, make mistakes and learn. The instructors got to know each of us very quickly and our whole group bonded.

The villa by the sea was filled with bright sunshine and an uplifting breeze. I enjoyed the heat and here was always water with cut fruits to drink to keep us hydrated.

Marta is a very practical teacher. She challenges you to teach, but also makes you feel comfortable to make your mistakes and learn from them. She also taught us a lot about the business and marketing side of yoga.

I learnt much more than I expected to. I felt ready to teach as well as strong and healthy leaving the training.

Julia Wolter

from Guatemala, March 2020

"Life changing experience! "

I had the best training I could imagine. Our group was adorable and unit, and teachers were inspiring, warm, helpful and available around the clock. The accommodation was a dream, huge space, own bathroom, close to sea, town, etc! The food is vegetarian, and the kitchen crew is happy to cater to individual requests. There was always water, coffee, tea and snacks available.

I have grown not only physically but also psychologically. All aspects of Yoga, not only the asanas, have been taught and internalized. Daily meditation, body practice, philosophy and history have helped me to understand many things.

From the beginning the focus was on becoming a teacher, what I really liked! Guys, it's not a retreat, you will learn how to become a teacher and you have to invest your time. We were allowed to teach from day one. After my TTC I felt 100% ready to step into the world and teach Yoga. I have found my passion and would definitely recommend Om&Flow Yoga to others! My TTC has changed my life!


from Switzerland, January 2020

"Amazing experience"

The location right at the beach was beautiful. This was my first yoga retreat and I had a great time.Marta was an amazing teacher. Everything was very well organized. The programm was very diverse and left some room for our preferences. All in all an inspiring experience and great group dynamic. I would highly recommend to do a yoga retreat with Marta!