sri yoga ashram

Sri Yoga Ashram, Rishikesh is a yoga school and ashram managed by a traditional Indian family. Our aim is to spread awareness of Indian culture and knowledge.

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gaurav agrawal

Dr Gaurav Agrawal is the founder and philosophy teacher of Sri Yoga Ashram. He earned PhD degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as Assistant Professor of psychology in Dev Sanskriti University in Haridwar. Dr Agrawal is well versed in the understanding of ancient texts and as well as the modern scientific knowledge which helps him present the ancients ideas in a very simple language. He tells entertaining stories by which various yogic concepts are taught in a easy grasp manner. He also is author of three books of Indian Astrology, which is also a part of ancient Indian knowledge tradition.

Arpit Agrawal

Yogi Arpit is a young and dynamic teacher. Arpit teaches the Ashtanga Yoga and Teaching Methodology. Basically, he is the all-rounder. Arpit is trained at Bihar School of Yoga, Munger. Munger is known for the blend of ancient yoga and Tantra for the self-development coupled with the strict scientific research. Arpit is also the disciple of Usha Mataji, a famous name in Iyengar Yoga. Arpit's students love him for his easy alignment skills and smiling nature. Unlike other yoga teachers Arpit is less strict and more friendly and believes that students should be allowed to try new things and fun.

Kalpendra Chauhan

Yogi Kalpendra is an experienced teacher of pranayama and meditation. He also conducts the sessions of cleansing techniques and his methods of explanations make it all too easy. Kalpendra possesses a Masters degree in Yogic sciences from the University of Haridwar. He teaches various cleansing techniques and explains how these techniques are associated with various emotional blockages in the body and mind. He is always there to provide when students find it difficult with physical and emotional problems.

Reviews 1

Angèle Delattre

from India, June 2018

"Perfect weeks"

The accommodation, the food and the knowledge they share was perfect! Nothing to add I really enjoy Every moment there! They all always smiling make you happy for your day! Learn so much big thanks you too all!!

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