For a yogic journey filled with learning, peace, health, and wellness in the spiritual atmosphere, Yogmantra Bali is the most preferred choice.

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Jake Schwartz

from United States, September 2021

"Expectations blown away "

I really enjoyed connecting to each teacher, as they were all so different and special in their own way. I was honored to learn from each of these instructors and hear their expertise and unique perspectives. Teachers Ajna, Putra, Azmi, Owen, Flo and Lloydie were ALL so so special and I’m so happy that Yogmantra has enabled me to meet and learn from them.

I now have such a great foundation, such a great understanding of each ‘style’ of yoga thanks to Yogmantra. Very very grateful for this experience.

Also wanted to note that I signed up for the course when Indonesia was only allowing business visas..

If it wasn’t for the coordinators at Yogmantra I don’t think I would have made it to Indonesia. So much time, energy, research and paperwork they have helped me with and truly made my travel experience SEAMLESS and effortless.

Veera Heimgartner

from Switzerland, July 2021

"Great experience "

The knowledge that was thought was on so many Yoga styles: Astanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Pre- & Post Natal Yoga. The teachers shared beyond their Yoga knowledge, and gave us insights into so much more than Yoga but also life experiences!


from United Arab Emirates, July 2021

"Loved It "

I had such a great experience at Yogmantra. The instructors were all fantastic—so knowledgeable and very kind. They really catered to all levels, and we got such a broad scope: vinyasa, yin, Hatha, prenatal, postnatal, yang, anatomy, pranayama, chakras, meditation, Kundalini... I feel like I really understand yoga now. There were so many things the teachers said that just made everything click. Azmi, Putra, and Ajna are truly amazing! The food was also really delicious, and the hotel had a great view and a nice pool. Also, Anthony and Praju were super helpful in arranging PCR tests and transportation. I’d recommend Yogmantra to anyone.

Coraline Bech

from France, July 2021

"Amazing yoga school"

It went above and beyond my expectations!

I learnt so much about anatomy , philosophy and therapy of yoga.

Ajna , Putra and Asmi were the best yoga teachers , very friendly and supportive teachers, practicing a wide variety of branches: hatha yoga , ashtanga, alignment,pranayamas , kryias , vinyasa flow, yin yoga.

Healthy and delicious meals!

Loving yoga school with caring staff.

I highly recommend yogmantra school!

Djapheland Emile

from France, July 2021

"Really great experience."

The training exceeded my expectations. The teachers are extremely knowledgeable, kind and patient. It was a lot of hard work but looking back I’m forever grateful for everything and I learned a lot. I loved all the teachers, the view, the staff, the other ladies and how we were able to bond together.

Ximena Courtney

from Mexico, July 2021

"Amazing experience! "

The course is very complete. You learn about Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga, Prenatal and Postnatal and Yin Yoga. The teachers are very professional and know a lot and are generous in sharing this knowledge. They are very patient, they listen to you and answer any questions you have. You can sense they are people who are really devoted to what they do and that they enjoy doing it, which is important when you do an intense course like this.

The team is very professional, they help you with anything they can at any time. You feel taken care of at all times.

The place is very nice, the rooms are big, comfortable and very clean. You have cleaning service every day so its really nice to get to a clean room at nights when you are exhausted. The service is amazing and the view is spectacular. Even from the yoga shallah you have the ocean view which is very apeasing. There is a very nice swimming pool so you can use sometimes in your small breaks to refresh yourself.

I had an amazing time, I learned a lot and enjoyed every day. I made many friends and laughed a lot as well. If you go with the right attitude you will surely have a great experience. It is a bit intense the first 3 days but then you get used to it and actually start enjoying the intensiveness. Would really recommend it !!!!

Oh yeah and the massages ! You can book massages any night you want (at your own expense) and they are sooooo good !

Maddy Lever

from United States, July 2021

"Best experience of my life <3"

Everything about this course exceeded my expectations. The curriculum was intense, well-planned, and well-rounded. I felt as though I left YogMantra Bali with a great deal of knowledge, and improved my practice to a point I did not know I was capable of. This is all thanks to the amazing faculty, who are some of the best teachers I may ever encounter, and the well-organized administration. Leaving YogMantra Bai, I feel I left with not only a high quality education, but a newfound love and passion for yoga. Not to mention the incredible bonds I made with both other students in my batch, but the teachers and administrators as well. Thank you YogMantra Bali for everything!

Maxima Magalhães

from Portugal, June 2021

"The training exceed my expectations! Really good preparation"

Everyone was really nice and caring! Every doubt or need I had the owners were always there on time to help me through a whatsapp message, always more than on time! First time I talked to them I knew it was a secure and the right place to do this training. Since I got to the airport I didn't have to care about anything everyone was always on time to pick me up to the airport even to the PCR tests, the quarantine hotel... was awesome! The accommodation was much better than I expected! I think we can't really see how it is on the pictures. I was expecting something a little bit roots but no, a 5 star hotel! The rooms were clean, confortable, big, and with an amazing sunrise view! The training was intense but at the end of the day after so many yoga classes we felt good. All the classes are important to get were we are at the end of the training, to grow physically and mentally and to feel confident as a teacher.

The teachers are amazing! Most of them are very young and wise. They are all very humble, caring and with a lot of knowledge to share! Azmi, Ajna, Putra, all very nice, sweet and inspiring! Even Sara (helping Azmi) very helpful all the time with really good tips.

I'm grateful for this really good experience, with really good souls in a really nice place with good energy!

Maxima Magalhaes

Carla Vismara

from Indonesia, September 2020

"Above expectation "

The new skills and experience I got are very precious to me and I want to say a big thanks to yogmantra who made it possible (my TTC was in April 2020 during a strict Covid time).

The experience was very immersive, transformational and authentic, the quality of teaching and the personal connection between teachers and students is an absolute plus.

It is an intense and complete program that I would recommend to both experienced practitioners as well as beginners.

I left with a feeling like leaving home. Thank you

Abi Humphrey

from United Kingdom, April 2020

"Above and beyond!"

I cannot express enough my gratitude to all the teachers and team at Yogmantra for a truly life changing experience. Yoga has supported me through 14 years of chronic illness, but following 2 life threatening operations I knew it was the time to take the next step and Yogmantra allowed me to do that, a pivotal moment in starting my new life. The teaching was absolutely incredible, the passion and knowledge was above and beyond, and the adaptation to all students needs was fantastic. The breadth of knowledge too, not only the physical practice, but the spiritual and healing sides, the knowledge of anatomy, healing and Ayurveda. It is a course that truly provides more than any other 200hr.

The teachers were so knowledgeable and passionate. And the support team, Praju and Anthony truly made it like family! Nothing was too much trouble, and ANY small query or concern was absolutely no problem and they always went above and beyond to help.

Everything provided outside the training itself was also incredible! The accommodation was absolutely stunning, and the weekend trips were fantastic.

The whole experience truly was exceptional, above and beyond what you might expect.

I can’t express my gratitude enough. The training truly has supported me on my healing journey and been absolutely pivotal in starting my new life. From 4% chance of living last year, to truly thriving in Bali, just the biggest thank you! I cannot wait to return to my new family in Bali!