Pathways Country Yoga Retreat

KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Pathway’s Country Yoga Retreat is an escape from everything happening in the world to a tranquil space where one can simply just be in stillness.

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21 Days Yoga Teacher Training in South Africa

Available from January till November

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Great 9.3/10

Based on 25 reviews
from US$2,314
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21 days / 20 nights

Great 9.3/10

Based on 25 reviews

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Jennifer Fitzsimmons

Ishta School of Yoga and Health (Yoga)

Jennifer has been practicing yoga for 18 years and teaching for 15 years. She has also trained teachers for the last 11 years. Her passion for yoga began when she healed herself and her life through the use of the scientific techniques. It is Jennifer's intention to share with people these life changing techniques to transform their lives to that of their desire.

Reviews 25

  • Marisca Fourie Republic of South Africa

    May 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    What a truly wonderful experience, so relaxing!! Jen and Lee go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and at home. We enjoyed every minute and learned so much. Thank you Jen, I can even begin to explain the difference in my mental and physical state. I will definitely be back, as I enjoyed the relaxing environment just so much.

    I don't forget all the furry friends, they just love taking you for walks all around the farm.

    Having to leave

  • Noelle Van Muiden Republic of South Africa

    May 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    Jen is a great teacher. Lee, her husband is warm and engaging. The farm is beautiful and tranquil. The food is more than enough and delicious.

  • Cynthia Bevis Republic of South Africa

    May 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    Jennifer provided excellent teaching about connections of yoga and how it relates to an individual's inner being. Meditation sessions were very helpful and provided us a desire to continue yoga and meditation as a lifelong process. The location and surroundings were a perfect atmosphere for a retreat. We had 3 yoga/meditations per day plus a daily afternoon workshop on the more in-depth understanding of yoga and meditation. The classes consisted of a lot of breath work and meditation.

    Jennifer provided information to take with us to read and study as we continue our practice.

    The meals were very good, and was difficult to restrain from over eating. Jennifer will adjust any dietary restriction you may have.

    The type of yoga was a bit soft as we are used to more physically challenging and longer classes.

  • Alycia United States


    It's been two moons since my stay at Pathways Yoga, but the light and the love from that 3-week Journey still shines just as bright from within and from above. The water by the dams glistened in the moonlight by evening and the sunlight by day. The sugar cane fields surrounding us stood strong, rooting to the earth and reaching for the sky. The birds sang their morning and evening songs filling the air with beauty and movement. The dogs played, rested along side of us, and snuggled at all the right moments. If you love to go for walks, you will never be without companions (or you can just close the gate ;). These are the things that I might not have noticed without the insight and mindfulness that the training and teaching from Jennifer Fitzsimmons provided. The 200- hour Yoga Teacher Training course at Pathways Yoga can be life-changing, as it was for me, and so many before me. It is truly an experience; something you cannot get from an online course or videos. Nothing can compare to expert training surrounded by the sounds of nature, the sight of the sun just as its rising, the touch of the sand on your feet at beach yoga, the smell of the earth and the sea, and the tastes of South Africa. Jen nourished our hearts and souls through yoga practice and teaching, and nourished our bodies with delicious meals every day. Oh the yummy curry, the fresh veg, fish and prawns, the papaya and muesli, tea with rand, and the most colorful salads...Jen truly caters to each person in the group! (And I need to shout out to dessert every night, homemade chili, Mrs. Balls sauce, Bouvril, Braii, and Biltong! Totally lekker!) I miss our family style meals talking and learning about different cultures and experiences from the international students and visitors who come together at the table. The bedrooms are lovely retreats to contemplate and to rest. Fluffy blankets, comfy pillows, evening aromatherapy, words of wisdom, and views that are unmatched await you. No matter from how far or near you travel, when you arrive you feel welcome and at home with Jen and Lee. Adventures to the market, to town and to the beach provide a sense of connectedness with the local culture. And when you stop the truck (aka bakkie) to let a heard of giraffes, zebra and wildebeests pass by on your game drive, you realize that life is truly a gift. I am so grateful. You will work hard. You will probably be sore. You will become a skilled teacher. And you will be amazed. Be amazed by your own strength. Be amazed by the beauty and love that is all around and within. Be open to the call that leads you to Pathways Yoga.

  • Eric Woodward United Kingdom

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I would rate Pathways Yoga as a 10/10 and it was certainly a highlight of our holiday. My Wife and I had a wonderful week and would happily return again. Jen and Lee were incredible hosts, very welcoming and the location was simply stunning. The classes were really well run and we both found the yoga nidra beneficial. In addition to this the food was delicious and there was plenty of it. By the end of week we didn’t want to leave but we have kept up our yoga classes so Jen would be proud :-) My Wife and I were total beginners when we turned up at Pathways and concerned that this might be an issue. It absolutely wasn’t, Jen was very patient throughout and everything felt very relaxed from the moment we arrived.

  • Helisa Ha Brazil


    I had the most amazing time at Pathway Country Yoga Retreat, everything was better than I could ever expect it to be. The energy in the house is peaceful and full of love, you will find a perfect environment to learn and practice yoga. The accommodation is beautiful, very cozy and the surrounding is breathtaking. Since day one I felt welcomed and at home, Lee and Jen are great hosts and they will make sure you feel comfortable in their place. The Yoga Teaching Training Course was fantastic, I learned so much about yoga history, philosophy, meditation and how to become a yoga teacher and feel confident about it. The classes are well distributed along the day, with lots of theory and practice, and we had extra fun going at the beach every Friday and doing other activities like visiting game reserve and local farmer's market. Jen is an amazing teacher, very caring, full of wisdom and experience. With Jen I learned more than yoga and it's philosophy, she taught me and guided me in a new lifestyle where I found myself more balanced and centered. Personally, this whole experience was exactly what I needed in my life and Jen, with all her knowledge, was the perfect teacher on my journey. Her kind and loving words and her personal teaching style gave me the awareness to live a more fulfilled life taking care of my body, mind and heart. Having the yoga teaching training certificate at the end of the course was just a bonus, the course impacted my life in such a positive way that all the tools that I got here I will take forever with me.

    Oh I'm gonna miss all the delicious food, the long walks with the dogs, Lee's funny stories, Jen's loving classes and all the girls that I met there. Thank you Jen and Lee! I'm very grateful for my time with you and all the wonderful memories. Namaste!

  • Feefee


    It's been a week since I have been home. Since the beginning of my new journey. After leaving Pathways I knew I had to change a lot. I knew that I had to take charge of my new life and to be present. You taught me so much. And for that I am truly grateful I will forever cherish your teachings and always call you out of the blue just to confirm things and just to fill you in on my journeys. Thank you for love, your kindness, & your time. I'm sending you this email to thank you also for helping me gain my strength to deal with issues I never thought I would ever face. You unleashed a whole new game ball. And I'm living everything about it. Thank you so much Jen!

    You will always be my mentor. Because I look up to your amazing teachings. This is to also confirm that the readings are slowly but surely coming true I'm still even in shock that all is as it should be. I Miss you all so much Jen & Lee. You just don't understand my amount of happiness and gratitude.

  • Antonia New York

    BookYogaRetreats website

    It is my supreme pleasure to recommend this yoga teacher training to anyone who may be in search of it. I traveled quite a distance to come here and am convinced that the universe led me to this place. I know that there are many places and programs where one can be trained to teach yoga, but Jen has no prerequisites for attending this one, and she is so supportive, honest, and kind. It is hard to put into words how unique and special Pathways Country Yoga Retreat actually is — I thoroughly enjoyed each and every moment of every day that I was there! I can’t say which I enjoyed most — Jen and her personal teaching style; Lee and his love of food and making sure that I was having fun; Sadie, Asia, Sabre. and Zulu (the warm, funny, and friendly family dogs who led me on daily walks around the farm and always made sure I returned home safely); or Thombie-Kai and Mzor who lovingly care for the physical property and taught me a few words in isiZulu and isiXhosa — the entire experience was like a dream come true. This course was challenging, inspiring, and life-changing! Thank you one and all for filling my heart, mind, and soul with so much love.

  • Jacqui South Africa

    BookYogaRetreats website

    From the moment you step into Jen's home, you feel truly at home. I quickly forgot that I was at a Yoga Teacher Training Course, and not visiting a close relative. Jen and Lee truly go out of their way to make you feel comfortable, and booking myself with them was the best thing I have done in my life. The teachings are in depth, and not only cover the traditional teacher training material, but also include teaching about meta-physics which I truly enjoyed. Jen is an incredible yoga teacher, patient and kind, and what I loved most is that there were only 2 people on the course (limited to a max of 6-8, but Jen prefers to keep it very intimate where possible) and this was one of the reasons why I booked with her. Having an intimate retreat meant feeling completely comfortable to transform in any way we needed to. The food was outstanding! I thought 'yoga course' would mean very bland food, but I was so surprised to see that we had totally delicious and nutritious meals every single day. There were tonnes of snack whenever we wanted too. The accommodation was top notch, with a stunning bedroom, pool area, the most gorgeous views, and of course - a yoga studio filled with love and light. Not to forget the special doggies too! Another great aspect of Jen's course is that she is all about balance. This means that the weekends are more relaxed, and we were taken on various outings around the area - to a local (awesome!) farmer's market, a nearby game reserve, and every Friday to yoga on the beach! I can highly recommend this teacher training course for anyone who would like a broad view of Hatha yoga. Jen uses her life experience and in depth knowledge to equip all teachers-to-be with all they will need to be wonderful teachers. Three weeks went by very quickly - a glass of wine at night after a long day was well appreciated too. Thanks again to Jen and Lee, and just in case I haven't said this enough - I highly recommend this Yoga Teacher's Training Course!

  • Tanya

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I arrived in Eston and just felt home. Jen and Lee are the most generous hosts and really care for your well-being. The yoga classes were life-enhancing and Jen makes it so individual. I think this yoga teacher training course is much more than a "normal" yoga teacher training course. Jen helped me taking decisions, without telling me what to do. The food was unbelievable lekka. We also get to know some people from the area and loved them. Talking about the area; the nature there is incredible, the house is really nicely located and you have dogs helping you to discover the surrounding cane fields. My favorite part of the yoga training, were the trips to the beach - so beautiful. Conclusion: I loved it! Jen, Lee, and my new friend Jacqui are amazing people and I'm happy that I met them. Whatever you are searching for, a visit at this place, it's worth!

  • Trisha South Africa

    BookYogaRetreats website

    It is with a big smile that I write this review, just a few days after my yoga retreat. This was my first retreat and I had no expectations other than doing some yoga every day and having loads of free time to just relax. I was pleasantly surprised with every aspect of it. This is a yoga camp for real people living and working among the rest of society who want to do so living the best lives possible. Jen equips you with techniques thoroughly researched and practiced over many years through difficult times that covers stress management techniques and balancing the physical body, energy body, and emotions. You will leave with a heightened sense of spirituality no matter what your faith may be. As other reviews have mentioned the wonderful homemade food, the dogs that are the epitome of love, the peaceful surroundings and wonderful nature of the hosts make the experience unforgettable and without exaggeration - life changing. The community yoga classes held every now and then is wonderful as you get to meet the locals who are warm and down to earth. I was walking on air when I left and will maintain this as I continue the daily practice with her phenomenal CD’s.

  • Linda


    The retreat was a great way to de-stress. Jenny and her husband Lee are absolutely awesome. The food, setting, and people all great. Left the retreat feeling very much more enriched. Thank you Jenny!

  • Michael


    Thanks again for this great adventure and experiences, it is a milestone in my life and a big step forward.I am safe at home, got again the last seatt in the airplane and I am so happy to be at home with a great warm and fantastic feeling in my heart.

  • Theresa South Africa


    The entire experience was so much more than I had expected or more than I could ever have hoped for. Firstly, I was expecting a week of 'yoga' and in my mind this meant lots of physical yoga classes, strict eating, drinking policy, and definitely a place where I could unwind and spend the balance of my day doing pretty nothing... to de-stress after a tough and challenging year.I was warmly welcomed at Pathways Country Retreat by Jennifer and her husband Lee. I had hardly put my bags down after Lee kindly fetched me from the airport, and a yoga class was about to begin. I was eager to get started and get myself back into my yoga routine, so I jumped right in. Loved it! It was a little different to what I was accustomed to as Jen's class included so much more time and focus on the breathing, chanting, and best of all, the meditation time.What blew me away was the workshops we had each and everyday - the duration was a minimum of two hours each day and what I learnt about the real meaning of the yoga philosophy as well as Jennifer's own life journey and her experiences was powerful and exciting. My life has taken on a new meaning and I have made it my life goal to pursue this journey of a life of 'yoga'.The accommodation was perfect and comfortable. Apart from the lovely bass dams practically in their back yard, the birdlife is incredible. There wasn't a day that passed when we didn't hear the Fish Eagle's cry!The meals were all lovingly prepared by Lee, who was ready to whip up my meals within minutes. From a welcoming prawn curry on the first night, to a healthy breakfast made up of fresh pawpaw boats with yogurt and muesli, to Jen's special salmon salad for lunch, the food was delicious with healthy portions. While I had hoped to lose a little of my extra weight during my stay, this became the least of my worries as my focus changed to my learning and practice.I will be returning to Pathways in 2016 with an aim to complete my Yoga Teachers Training, this has been a dream of mine for many years.Thanks and best regards, Namaste.

  • Kylee South Africa


    Looking for an above and beyond experience for your first step to becoming a yoga teacher or just looking to rediscover your inner strength? I encourage anyone who feels like something is missing or who's out of touch with their inner wisdom to take your first assertive step to remembering who you are make time to look within. If you need some help learning how, consider putting your trust in Jen at Pathways Country Yoga Retreat! I cannot recommend this place and this amazing and empowering woman enough!The farm is so peaceful and beautiful. Jen and her husband Leigh are such warm and loving people who make you feel like part of the family from the minute you meet them. You even feel 'homesick' when you leave to return to your new reality. They both go above and beyond what's expected and what's paid for and they really are two wonderful souls . I miss pathways dearly and I am so grateful for the tools and life changing attitude Jen has introduced me to. I am so excited for my yoga journey and I highly recommend Pathways. Namaste.

  • Fleur Netherlands

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Life changing experienceMy decision to do my yoga teacher training, February this year, was very sudden. I strolled on the internet and was immediately drawn to the website of Pathways Country Yoga Retreat. The look, feel and content made me very interested. I contacted BookYogaRetreats and within a few hours I got a reply back from Jennifer, the owner and yoga teacher. This is where my life changing experience started.When I arrived at Durban airport, Jennifer and her husband Lee were there to pick me up. After about an hour drive we arrived at the beautiful farm house. hidden in the middle of the sugarcane fields. I was blown away by the beauty and tranquility of the place. If you imagine the perfect place for a yoga retreat, this is it! I was there for a month and this month had everything necessary to develop myself into a yoga teacher. The theoretical teachings were informative, profound and set the fundament for the practical part. We were given enough time to read and ask questions. The enormous amount of personal attention made it possible to dive deep into your inner self. Jennifer gives you the time to experience your feelings that come and go. In the meantime she is there to help you when you need her.My time at Pathways Country Yoga Retreat was amazing! Jennifer and Lee were the perfect hosts. The meals were amazing, the rooms very nice and the surrounding breath taking. My life has changed in so many good ways. I would very much recommend Pathways Country Yoga Retreat to everyone. Not just the yoga teacher training, but all other courses she gives as well.Take the chance and live your life!

  • Michelle South Africa


    I booked this retreat with not much knowledge really of yoga. I'd only been to a few yoga classes at gym and thus knew very little about yoga. I thus expected to do what we did at gym. I can honestly say that it was so much more than expected. My eyes opened up to a whole new world! I learnt so much from Jen. She is one of the most knowledegable, compassionate, and kind person I have met in my life. The week was food for my soul!Lovely accommodation, gorgeous food, and beautiful scenery spent with lovely people , three beautiful gentle dogs was probably one of the best weeks I have ever had in my life. It truly was a life changing experience for me.

  • Philippa Mitchell-Innes from UK


    Pathways Country Retreat is an incredibly unique experience. It is set in beautiful surroundings and is a special place to reconnect with your soul. I have attended several retreats and each one has left me with something special. Lee and Jen are truly amazing hosts. Their kind and accommodating ways make you feel at home and sincerely welcome. They go out of their way to help and be of service. It's very difficult to value your time and experience at Pathways because until you personally experience it- you cannot appreciate how inspiring and uplifting it is. It is such a personal journey and the more you invest the greater the reward. I highly recommend this special place

  • Roger South Africa


    I was lucky enough to book a week with my girlfriend and cousin at the Pathways Country Yoga Retreat. We were given a guest cottage to stay in on the farm and found it to be a beautiful place in spectacular surroundings. Jen and Lee have done a superb job with the place and have created an environment that is tranquil and welcoming and a wonderful escape from the stress of the working life.Jen's yoga sessions and meditations were something that I found to be super rewarding and I looked forward to all the sessions, coming out feeling relaxed and refreshed. Lee always went the extra mile to make us all feel at home and was sure to treat us in the evenings with a very South African braai (barbeque) and delicious selection of sides and salad.During the day we spent time fishing, relaxing and went on a game drive in the neighboring Itala game reserve which was superb. We all had a good time at Pathways Country Yoga Retreat and came home relaxed and feeling good.

  • Katrin Denmark


    I was very excited going to South Africa from Denmark for a yoga retreat. Unfortunately I was very disappointed with Jennifer and Lee. They were very controlling, particularly in what we should do in our spare time. Since the participants went on a yoga retreat and not to a kindergarten, it reduced my openness to learning and enjoyment a lot. The retreat was on a farm, one hour away by car from any urban living, and with no public transport opportunities. You were more or less stuck on the farm for a whole week, except the one time we went to do yoga on the beach. At the end of the day I would not recommend this yoga retreat, both because of the yoga quality and variation but also because it didn't feel pleasurable and safe to be a guest in the house! This being said, I don't have any regrets going to South Africa - I met very nice, inspiring and supporting people on the retreat that I will remember for life.

  • Christina Sietsma Netherlands


    I did a retreat with Jennifer in November 2014 and it was just the best choice and the best thing I could have done. It took me a while to write a review as it's hard to describe the experience. Most importantly, Jennifer is just the best, best teacher and an amazing strong and powerful person. I found her lessons amazing, truly inspiring and relaxing. The personal attention you get is very unique and special and Jennifer's thorough knowledge and deep understanding of, and belief in, the yoga practices, is really amazing.Even though I only did a small part of a month-long teacher's course, I felt there was enough space for me to relax, do my own thing and at the same time learn as much as I wanted and take in as much information as you can. The variety of classes - at the retreat, at the beach, outside - together with the workshops Jennifer was doing for the teacher course - were all very interesting with a good mix of activities.For me the best thing was, and is, that after 5 months I can say it's definitely influenced me. While it's hard keeping up with the amazing discipline that Jennifer has, she definitely inspired me to keep continuing with yoga (which I now do at least twice a week), to keep working on yourself and to stay positive and keep improving. This retreat has nestled in the back of my mind and will stay there forever!

    Thank you Jen and Lee!

  • Karin UAE


    The Pathways Country Yoga Retreat grounds are beautiful with views over 2 little trout dams and the greenery of the sugar cane fields. This peaceful atmosphere is the perfect setting for meditation and spiritual work. I signed up for the 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training and the 10 Days Meditation Facilitator course with Jennifer.The yoga teacher training course is very comprehensive and Jen covers not only the syllabus but any other points you as student might want to explore--like opening a yoga school, offering meditation workshops or energy healings. I found Jen to be a capable and patient teacher. Her books, CDs and DVDs are great aids that can help you strengthen your practice. She has a wealth of knowledge that she shares eagerly with her students.Jen helped me gain the confidence to teach yoga and to lead meditation workshops but more importantly, she showed me how to integrate all my previous teaching with my yoga practice and to build a successful business utilizing all my skills, abilities and talents. In the end when I left Pathways Country Yoga Retreat, I left behind a great teacher, mentor and friend, Im sure you will feel the same.

  • Marilise Seychelles

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Writing this review is so incredibly difficult for me, solely because I don't think words can truly describe how fantastic Jen made this course for me. From the moment I arrived on the retreat I was embraced with love and kindness by Jen, her husband Lee and their three loving dogs whom I grew very fond of. I immediately felt welcome and at home. I was escorted to a section of the house where I had a very comfortable room, my own bathroom and complete privacy.

    I was fortunate enough to have Jen all to myself and received one on one attention which was exactly what I needed. Spending time with Jen from morning until evening, we covered so much information, but the depth of her knowledge, life experiences and insights was what truly made an impact on me. She is a wonderful teacher and a beautiful soul and just so passionate about yoga and its practices. That passion shows in every aspect of her life and I, or any student under her, could not help but be influenced by that blissful energy. Thank you, Jen for sharing so much of yourself with me. I will always hold you dear in my heart.

    Being the only student at the time, I was not only showered with attention, but got spoiled all the time. Jen and Lee took me all over, showed me the area and shared some of their favorite places with me, namely the farmers market, the wild reserve and yoga sessions on the beach. Being a pescatarian, no meat, only fish, Jen and Lee catered for all my dietary requirements and made such a comfortable adjustment to their lifestyle. Awesome barbeques and the most delicious soups I have ever tasted! The meals were always so creative, so healthy and nutritious and such a treat.

    The retreat is on a stunning piece of land, breath-taking beauty. The most peaceful surroundings filled with flourishing fauna and flora. The sunrise and sunset are the best and always made me stand in awe of the magnificent radiance it held at their place. The horses, the dams, the birds and just too many to mention created the perfect environment to truly connect and add to the yoga experience.

  • Sonya Culverwell South Africa

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Jennifer Fitzsimmons does an amazing thing: she teaches yoga deeply on every level, and this is what appealed to me most; the irrefutable scientific wisdom that creates the doorway to mental, physical and spiritual health. She confirmed my belief that what we refer to as 'Supernatural' is nothing more than the 'Very Natural' skills we have forgotten.Her understanding of the physiology / spirituality connection, combined with her no-nonsense practical application of yogic principles, is refreshing and highly effective.I came to her looking not so much for enlightenment but for tools - and found both - in bucket loads. I now know that what my body needs is energetic nutrition as much as it needs food. And this is what creates the balance we all crave - often without realizing it.Thank you, Jennifer. And thank you to your wonderfully generous husband, Lee, for the support and hospitality he provides in the very beautiful environment you have created together.

  • David and Karin Lamprecht


    Jennifer,We have not officially met but I owe you an enormous thank you.As Henry David Thoreau said, Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. You have taught her how to reach her dreams, that she can live the life she always wanted to.So thanks and thanks again for looking after her and for the beautiful, better, stress less and confident person you are sending back to me.Wishing you all the best going forward and hoping that one day we will get the opportunity to meet.

Testimonials 18

  • Georgy Geldenhuys South Africa

    Pathways Country Yoga Retreat

    I attended Jen's Yoga Teachers Training Course. I arrived at the training not feeling great with all the stresses from home but after my first few days I started feeling an amazing sense of peace and joy. The course changed me completely and I left a new person with a new lease on life. Jen's teaching is compassionate yet all the work gets done thoroughly. The food and hospitality from Jen and Lee was like no other, warm and welcoming and nothing was too much to ask. I am eternally grateful for the amazing transformation and experience I went through by doing Yoga Teachers Training with Jen!

  • Dr Maxi Borchard

    Pathways Country Yoga Retreat

    I had a lovely stay at Jen's and her husband Lee's place. Lee picked me up from the airport and brought me back to the farm in the middle of the sugar cane. I had a spacious bedroom with a comfy bed and an own bathroom. The surrounding with the garden and the little lake is so peaceful. Their 4 dogs seem huge, but they are very well educated, they don't jump or frighten you, they only want to be hugged. Jen cooked every day for us and she decorates every plate with so much love as it is a little piece of art, and the food is amazing! We had lunch and dinner together and had the option to have a chat afterwards or have some time on our own. She wanted to make sure everybody gets a good education in the teachers training, that is why she prefers smaller groups. Jen is such a warm-hearted, honest and positive person, that want to make yoga accessable to as many people as possible all over the world. I highly appreciated the fact that she explained the secrets behind yoga not only in a spiritual way but also in a scientific based way (several studies have already been published all over the world). I felt like a part of the family when they organized a game drive and a visit to an awesome farmer's market (where you can shop and eat deliciously) for us. I can totally recommend enjoying yoga at her place, no matter how much experience you have or how flexible you are. You'll have an amazing time, get useful tool to manage stress and memories that last forever. Namaste!

  • Julie Klein Austria

    Trip Advisor

    My expectations were more than met. Jen and Lee are incredibly nice people who take amazing care of their guests. I was there for a 1 week yoga retreat about Stress Management and 1 German girl and I were the only 2 participants. Jen likes to keep the groups small so it's more personal and I really appreciated this approach. The farm is in the middle of huge sugar can fields and I loved being in such a remote and quiet area. The house itself is lovely, the rooms are beautiful as is the surroundings with gardens and lakes. Jen was challenged with all our different food allergies but managed to make super tasty lunches and dinners for all of us. The program was amazing, first sometimes skeptical about some of the yoga philosophy approaches they all eventually made sense. I learned so much and yoga is now becoming part of my daily routine. Also I could take with me a very appealing mindset and many tools how to deal with daily stress. I really enjoyed my time at pathways yoga retreat and am very thankful to Jen for teaching me and sharing her experience and wisdom with us.

  • Kate

    Pathways Country Yoga Retreat

    The Teacher's Training Course I recently completed with Jen has honestly been the best learning experience and course I've ever done. She is an incredibly gracious, loving and encouraging teacher who teaches with passion, from experience and is able to relay the essence and beauty of yoga in its truest form. The retreat is beautiful. Set in the middle of the sugar cane fields, surrounded by nature, my favorite time would be sitting on the deck, overlooking the dams, watching the sunrise and listening to the birds before the day started. From the moment I walked through the front door I felt like I was home, that on completing the course, the only complaint I had was that it was finished. If I could do this course again I would. Thank you Jen and Lee!

  • Clare Rutkiewicz

    Pathways Country Yoga Retreat

    I have practiced Yoga since I was a teenager, and have tried out a variety of styles in that time. Up until I started my yoga teacher’s training with Jen however, I don’t think I had realized the full life changing experience it can be. I was privileged to meet Jen more than two years ago and was simply waiting for the right time to throw myself into the training - it happened earlier this year and I cannot believe I waited so long to start it. Jen has a wonderful innate sense of understanding the human condition and provides an environment of total love and peace, with no judgement. It is the perfect scenario to explore the 5000 year old art of yoga and the very intense and life changing aspects of all its limbs. I came away from my 3 weeks a much more enlightened and appreciative individual and I long to return to the beautiful setting to relive that time again myself and encourage others to indulge themselves in this haven in the country. Namaste!

  • Zita Visnensa

    Pathways Country Yoga Retreat

    Pathways Academy of Life yoga teacher training program was the perfect classical yoga teachers training course for anyone interested in gaining a deeper knowledge about all the eight limbs of yoga, how to structure and teach a yoga class, as well as including yoga Nidra meditation and breath work. I feel that I walked away from this course not only with a 200 hour yoga certificate under my belt, but also with the vast amount of invaluable knowledge that I had gained from both the brilliant theory and practical classes. The course covered everything a teacher wanting to start off in the industry would need to know. The content included everything from physiology, psychology, Chakras and asanas, to meditation and yoga Nidra, and an introduction to Ayurveda. I found the practical classes to be enlightening - Jennifer always taught effortlessly, conveying her knowledge while paying attention to each person’s individual needs. Being in the quiet, rural hills of inland Kwazulu Natal, South Africa made me feel at ease in the tranquil and peaceful setting of the lodge. My room was beautiful and unique and I immediately felt comfortable and at home. The owners looked out for our every need, and even catered for all dietary requirements. All in all I would definitely suggest any aspiring yoga teachers to attend this yoga teacher training program. On completion of the program I felt confident in my knowledge of yoga and all that it entails -theoretically and in practice – as well as feeling confident in myself and my ability to go out into the world and teach yoga to others.

  • Azi

    Pathways Country Yoga Retreat

    An experience everyone should go through if they want to change their lives. Coming away from the retreat, I feel stronger, happier and most importantly love myself more than ever before. Jen is an amazing host, set in a beautiful house with delicious food, drink and company. Thank you for an amazing experience. Namaste!

  • Jessica Elias Australia

    Traveler provided

    I am deeply grateful that the Universe led me to Jen and Pathways County Yoga Retreat. This experience has enabled me to tap into self awareness and spiritual consciousness that I have been seeking for years, and was unable to get from my previous (asana focussed) yoga practise. As I write this review from Australia, I miss Jen and the beautiful energy of the retreat, and her home, with my whole heart

    I initially signed up to do a 1 week retreat, but loved it so much (especially the workshops and the knowledge that I gained about the science and philosophy of yoga) that I returned the following month for the Teacher Training Course. Now I can't wait to begin my teaching.

    Jen has a very gentle, holistic and traditional style and approach which suited me perfectly.

    I felt so welcomed by both Jen and her husband Lee. The food they made me was absolutely delicious, healthy and full of love. The setting is stunning, the bed comfy and the bath is a delight.

    I now actually understand the true essence of yoga, and cannot wait to incorporate it into my daily life - especially my morning Sadhanas. Jen truly is an inspirational woman who opens her heart and soul to her students. She is warm, patient, knowledgeable and enlightened. I am so blessed to have Jen as my teacher and guru. Thank you Jen and I can't wait to return to Pathways!

  • Liesbet

    Traveler provided

    Six months ago I spent many weeks choosing a yoga teachers training at your website. It seems that it was time well spent because I am happy now that I chose Pathways. Not only it is a comfortable house in a beautiful location, Jen and Lee do everything they can to make it your house during your stay. My (difficult) dietary requirements were met without any hesitation. When I mentioned that I was not completely comfortable with the four big dogs circling around me in the beginning, Jen put them in another room immediately. Btw, those dogs have become my family as well as Jen and Lee have after three weeks. But, the important part: the yoga training is very decent. In the beginning, it's quite hard having that many hours of class (theory and practice) a day, but you get used to it soon. And after all, you need that many hours to master the exercises, learn the theory and also get accustomed to teaching yourself in only three weeks! Luckily, Jen provides you with a well-written course book. And since you work in small groups (first I was going to be alone in the teachers training, but Jen and I convinced a Namibian woman to stay three weeks instead of one!), everything is flexible and can be adapted to your needs and wishes. Jen really is an inspiring woman and works from the heart. She walks the talk. I feel truly grateful for this experience and hope to take Jens enthusiasm home so that I, in my turn, can inspire many other people! Last but not least, the trips you make to the beach on Fridays and to the farmer's market and the game reserve on Saturdays are a real plus!

  • Linda Denmark

    Traveler provided

    I had a wonderful time at Pathways Country Retreat. Jennifer is a wonderful, empathetic and excellent instructor. She and her husband, Lee, are incredibly hospitable and opened their homes to us.

    I learned such a lot in the most beautiful natural surroundings. I just wish I had booked more than four days with Jennifer. Food for the soul.

  • Kristina Namibia

    Traveler provided

    The Yoga Retreat with Pathways Country Yoga Retreat was one of the most wonderful experiences one can imagine.

    The moment I walked in, I felt so welcome and homey and that makes the difference - Jennifer and Lee take you as a family member. The whole house is open for you as your home... And they do their utmost to keep you happy.

    Jennifer is very warm, professional and passionate about yoga and you learn so much during your stay. About yoga and yourself. Life changing.

    Everything ist amazing: the people (Jennifer and her husband Lee), the 4 lovely dogs, the retreat, the location (stunning!!), the food and the nice evenings with good food ( Jen is a good chef) and nice talks.

    I loved every minute and will return.

  • Bianca

    Traveler provided

    Pathways Yoga Retreat is a sanctuary that allows you to both find yourself and be yourself. Jen and Lee are phenomenal souls, they open up their home to people looking for solace and to those who wish to study the greater journey and purpose of life through yoga. The practices and the teachings that Jen edifies is a way of life which I have adopted and cannot see myself going without. I would definitely return and suggest anyone interested in a life transforming retreat to visit Pathways.

  • Trisha South Africa

    Pathways Country Yoga Retreat

    It has been a while since I have been in touch. I hope you remember me, I had a wonderful one - on - one couple of days with you earlier in March this year where I also spent time doing my vision boards. I hope the family (incl the dogs!) are well. Just wanting to follow up with a note regarding the practice and impact on my life. My work demands that I travel frequently and have many really early starts and late evenings. Where I can, I do my practice and always feel centered and amazing afterwards. The gratitude affirmations I do daily - everywhere and at anytime. It lifts my spirit and my positivity had has had an impact on my life significantly. I am using my subconscious mind to tailor my life and it has worked! Everything on my vision boards have materialized and I am geared toward living my true purpose in life. I have been accepted into an amazing school abroad that I am heading to in November - without a doubt it will help me make a positive impact in this world and leave a legacy somehow. It was strange, for a time when my practice was consistent, I used to have visions and images pop into my head - also feathers appearing everywhere and a heightened sense of intuition. Pity I could not take it further, I will at some point in the future. Your beautiful story of the universe of love always resonates with me and I remember it often, when dealing with people and situations and your hand book I refer to often. Anyway, enough of my ramblings. :) I just wanted to let you know that your teachings had the most incredible impact on me - and I will carry it forward for the rest of my life. Perhaps one day soon I will return for a refresher course :)

  • Sophie South Africac

    Pathways Country Yoga Retreat

    The pathway to wellness program offered me a life changing experience and a new to way of living. Jen's extraordinary insight, her humility and the kindness she shares in all of her teaching are beyond a gift. Having recently been struggling with anxiety and stress, my regular once a week yoga class didn't seem to be enough to keep me in balance. Having practiced yoga and having dipped in and out of mediation for a few years now, I had struggled to maintain a daily practice and consistently feel the benefits. Jen's programme turned this around for me. I realized I wasn't fully committing to the discipline because I didn't fully understand it. Jen taught me how the practice of yoga is so much more than the twenty or so poses constructed in the class but rather a tool to achieving physical, mental and emotional balance as well as overall wellness. The sessions varied from breathing exercises, mediation, mantra and energy work to developing an understanding of the vibrations of the universe. Each session helped me understand the route to achieving wholeness and balance. My four days were jammed packed with knowledge, practical techniques, exercise and life coaching. Most importantly, I found the teaching emphasized how I could achieve this balance by integrating the core techniques back into my fast paced lifestyle on my return from the retreat.The backdrop to all of this, a beautiful farm house set amongst wildlife and dams with a yoga studio which absorbs the sunrise, sunset and amazing views of the farm. Jen and her husband Lee, brought me into their home, cooked the most beautiful food and couldn't have made me feel more comfortable. There was lots of free leisure time to explore the farm, walk the dogs, go fishing and relax. What I liked most was how the amount of leisure versus practice time, was dictated by what I felt I wanted and needed - rather than the other way round. And this was central to my whole experience at the retreat as it was personalized for my specific needs - rather than a generalized practice.The farm is set amongst a close farming community, in a beautiful and secure location. I felt very safe and well looked after and I couldn't recommend a more tranquil setting for such a wonderful, relaxing warm and energizing experience!In summary:Beautiful people, beautiful place with beautiful teachings that will stay with me for the rest of my journey.Thank you Jen and Lee for all your warmth and hospitality - will be coming back to stay with my fianc in a couple months!

  • Chrisel London

    Pathways Country Yoga Retreat

    I spent a glorious month at the yoga teachers training during February with Jen and Lee. Both our hosts were extremely welcoming and generous with their time and space. Myself and my fellow student were welcomed with open arms and made to feel at home straight away and treated to beautifully furnished rooms and bathroom. Jen prepared all our meals which were carefully thought out, nutritious and delicious! The course itself was a life-changing experience for me and my fellow student and Jen is extremely knowledgeable in her field and very patient in her explanations of everything. Lee spoiled us often with sweet treats and we had very interesting conversations at dinner time - and even a glass of wine as well! We especially loved being able to take the dogs for long walks every afternoon through the beautiful sugar cane fields :)Overall I really enjoyed my time there and learnt a lot! Both Jen and Lee are fantastic hosts and I will definitely stay with them again if I'm ever in the area.

  • Ivana

    Pathways Country Yoga Retreat website

    Jens workshop teachings have had an amazing influence in my life. The yoga teachings have definitely helped me raise my level of conscious awareness about myself and the world around me. Her classes offer great insight and wisdom into yoga and the mind-body-spirit connection. Her workshops have indeed been a very inspiring experience.

  • Katy Jennings

    Pathways Country Yoga Retreat website

    Thank you for the most incredible, inspiring, and life-changing day! My mom and I left feeling like new people are so motivated to start incorporating your teachings into our lives. We actually started this morning with one of your Yoga DVDs and I have not been able to put your book down. I would really like to book a personal yoga class with you to improve my inversions and Id also like to have a session of chakra-balancing. I will be in touch to book. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story and practice with us.

  • Laura

    Pathways Country Yoga Retreat website

    In the face of difficulty, most of us do our best to cope with the situation, hold it together, and keep going, but we often end up carrying emotional pain that we dont know how to heal or release. Yoga, and other mind-body practices are a starting point but it's not enough to read or understand an idea and the Pathways to Success and Wellness Yoga Retreat turns this idea into a life changing experience. At this two day workshop, Jennifer; lead educator in Hatha and Kundalini Yoga and Qualified Life Coach expert will introduce you to these timeless teachings in a comfortable group environment. Jennifer teaches that inter-connectedness of body, mind and spirit is the foundation of making our lives truly work for us and believe that healing and personal growth arises naturally from this recognition. The retreat has helped me to reach a deeper level of understanding of my own and others spirituality, it has promoted my self-awareness and self esteem. I am now working towards recognizing and understanding the importance of my individual rights and responsibilities to myself. More so it has encouraged my social interaction with like minded individuals offering a support network and friendship. The workshop will help you create a lifestyle that supports your deepest intentions to become more vibrant, healthy, and alive at any age.

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