Soma Yoga Institute offers 200-hour and 300-hour yoga teacher training, retreats, and continuing education for yoga teachers and students worldwide.

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18 Days 200-Hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training in Paros, Greece

June 1-18, 2019 | June 1-18, 2020, 2019–2020
    from US$3,297
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    18 Days 200-Hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica

    Aug | Dec | Jan | Feb | Aug | Dec, 2019–2020
      from US$3,400
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      Instructors (6)

      Liz Heffernan

      Molly Masaoka

      Peggy Profant

      Amanda Webster

      Samantha Akers

      Alison Scola

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      from United States, February 2019

      "The most perfect yoga teacher training for me"

      This training could not have been better suited to what I was looking for from my education. The location and food alone were enough to raise the vibrational energy of the group, and Liz and Peggy were so patient, devoted, understanding, thoughtful, and knowledgeable in their teaching. The education covered so many different topics and took the time to dive deep into each of them and loop them back into the discussion day after day. Liz and Peggy have put so much effort and love into their program, and it showed through every moment of the training. If you are considering a therapeutic yoga teacher training, you would be hard pressed to find a better one.

      Katie Fielding

      from United Kingdom, January 2019

      "Excellent teaching, amazing food, beautiful location"

      Peggy and Liz, have such an amazing depth of knowledge. They created a learning environment that was so supportive, I am more ready to teach than I was expecting.

      In addition to learning how to teach I am taking away teachings from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras that I will integrate into my life.

      I also had a break through in my meditation practice.

      I would definitely recommend this training. - Katie

      Madison Fowler

      from United States, September 2018

      "The perfect transition from student to teacher! "

      Overall this program went above and beyond my expectations. Liz and Molly were exemplary teachers with such a profound wealth of knowledge and experience! The most useful aspect was the complete immersion into the teaching. It wasn’t just learning, it was hands-on experience as well as actual teaching experience. It can be extremely overwhelming to even stand in front of a group of people. However, they have designed a program that provides you with a wealth of information, understanding, and experience to ease you into the instructors position. It was the perfect transition from yoga student, into yoga instructor! -Madison

      Aurélie Azazga

      from Belgium, August 2018

      "A life-changing experience "

      My 200 hours YTT with Soma Institute was beyond my expectations. The program gave me a deeper knowledge of yoga, both theoretical and practical.

      I particularly appreciated the focus on alignement, the poses study and the introduction to work therapeutically with yoga. Liz underlined the fact that each body is unique and that we need to take that in consideration during each yoga class.

      The sequencing part was also very useful. After each yoga class, we took the time to analyze the sequence. We learned how to create our own sequence and how to teach it.

      Beside alignement, sequencing and the art of teaching, we had an really good introduction on meditation, chanting, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, pranayama and the energy body.

      Liz and Molly are two authentic teachers that love sharing their passion for yoga with their students. They are very complimentary and form a perfect duo.

      From the first day, the atmosphere in the group was very pleasant, trustful and fun. I felt like a member of a loving community very quickly.

      The program is designed in a way that you learn a lot everyday without even realize it (I taught my first sun salutation after only two 2 days). It impacted my personal practice and changed my perspective on teaching yoga. Today, I’m feeling confident to teach really soon my first Vinyasa or Restorative yoga class.

      After attending this YTT, nothing’s changed, but everything has changed for me.

      Elizabeth DeAngelo

      from United States, August 2018

      "Life-Changing Experience"

      Learning from Liz and Molly was fantastic. They both brought such different gifts to share with the class and worked seamlessly together to create a challenging yet enjoyable curriculum. The location was absolutely stunning, and our eighteen days flew by. My understanding of Yoga deepened considerably. I’m excited to go forth and share what I know while constantly learning more. Also, this training taught me the importance of having a personal practice, which I believe will continue to impact my life in a profound way. I definitely recommend this program and can't thank Liz and Molly enough!

      Darla Chenin

      from United States, August 2018

      "Full of love and life long friendships "

      Coming to this yoga teacher training was one of the best decisions of my life. I really enjoyed and appreciated the dedication and love poured into the training. Not only did I learn tools for practicing and teaching, I learned tools to incorporate into all aspects of my life. I loved learning about the philosophy of yoga, and although my understanding is much deeper, I have the passion to learn more and deepen my understanding. I also really appreciated the focus on alignment and safety. By the end of the training I gained so much confidence and love for teaching. I loved sharing my journey and watching all the other students grow. This program was amazing!

      Thank you so much Liz and Molly! I hope to see you in the future for 300 hour training!

      Megan Goldberg

      from United States, April 2018

      "Everything and more!"

      This YTT was one of the most incredible experiences of my life - I literally liked every, single, thing. Since I had only been practicing yoga for one year, this experience was a game changer for me. It not only enhanced my personal practice and knowledge, it has prepared me to teach - and right away, no less. I absolutely loved everything about the program.

      The two instructors (Liz and Molly) were beyond knowledgeable, enjoyable, attentive to the array of students they had, and fun! The coursework was incredible - I can't believe how much I didn't know about yoga. Now I feel confident about alignment principles, vinyasa techniques, asana fundamentals, chanting, pranayama, meditation techniques, how to sequence, how to teach, the history of yoga, anatomy & physiology, ethics when teaching, and the icing on the cake - the business of yoga. The yoga classes throughout the program were insanely good - we literally took next level yoga classes to understand the art of vinyasa sequencing, yin, restorative, senior, beginner, and therapeutic yoga. The therapeutics and restorative coursework was invaluable as I now understand ways to help my family and friends feel better and live healthier lives.

      Last, but certainly not least, the Kalani Oceanside Retreat accommodation was beyond. Doing a YTT on the big island of Hawaii, in a rain forest, next to the ocean, only a few miles away from an active volcano was EVERYTHING!

      Jessica Card

      from Canada, February 2018

      "Great Experience! Highly Recommended!"

      Liz and Peggy were extremely positive and energetic. They are very knowledgeable and eager to share their love of yoga. Their style of yoga and background were exactly what I was looking for (I thoroughly researched various schools and instructors before deciding this course might be the best fit for me).

      Although I felt info overload after the first 3 days (it is an intensive afterall), their constant reassurance and ability to put it to practice during the rest of the course made it stick. By the end of the course, I felt capable of building on the principles I had learned and teaching my own yoga classes. I loved all the people I met best of all! It really was a supportive and engaging community and team learning environment. Travelling in the area was easy and felt safe this time of year (January and I speak Spanish).

      Alyssa Martinez

      from United States, January 2018

      " Amazing experience"

      I loved everything. The people i met was the most amazing part of this trip

      Betty Peel

      from United States, January 2018


      The total immersion experience was the key to this YTT. Liz and Peggy are such knowledgeable and caring instructors who were very aware of and responsive to group and individual needs. This experience created an awareness that yoga is so much more than practicing asanas (although that was fun, too!). The rainforest setting, delicious food, and wonderful group made for a totally moving and memorable experience; I can't imagine completing my yoga teacher training any better way.


      I really loved this teacher training. I thought the space that Liz and Peggy held for learning was beautiful. This course will stay with me for the rest of my life. This experience helped me connect with my body and tune in. I had a few very powerful meditations, which allowed me to discover the strength of my energy. I have gained a deepened level of interest in the practice of yoga both on and off the mat. I have more conviction than ever to lead with kindness. I really enjoyed the diversity of the lessons and learning the history of yoga, chants and how to teach to beginners, seniors, prenatal and restorative classes. I would absolutely recommend this training to others!

      (200 Hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training at the Goddess Garden in Cahuita, Costa Rica)

      Danielle Vaccaro

      from United States,

      This training was everything I hoped for and more. It definitely exceeded my expectations. The teachers were all phenomenal. The closeness formed by the teachers and their ability to together provide us with a safe and comfortable space to open up allowed us to truly become an ohana (family). I truly enjoyed the practicum experience and how beautiful each of my fellow yogis looked and felt while teaching! The way Liz set up the feedback portion following our teachings was beyond encouraging and full of optimism. I still refer back to the notec ards given to me by my fellow yogi trainees, and feel full of happiness and love each time I read them. This teacher training was even more inspiring with the view we were able to wake up to each day. I am feeling so overwhelmed with love and joy in every possible way. – Danielle V

      Ashley Flohr

      The asana and alignment study profoundly changed my practice for the better. I have so much more awareness and I am receiving even more benefits from my own practice than I ever imagined. My confidence as a yoga teacher is stronger than I thought it would be. Liz and Serena have an amazing balanced dynamic which helps to motivate through an intensive schedule. I always felt supported and inspired, the love and support was palpable the entire time. I have never experienced anything like this. My heart is full. - Ashley

      Trista McClelland

      I truly felt this was a life changing experience, it has made a transformative impact on my life professionally as a therapist and personally. Learning about the alignment and muscle engagement made a huge difference in my body and personal practice;

      my own practice will be much more powerful and transformative. Learning the Ayurveda perspective of the doshas helped me to understand my self and others as did the posture assessment. I also greatly appreciated learning the philosophy, the teaching to various classes like seniors or restorative and the different forms of meditation. Liz and Peggy are talented and gifted beyond understanding. If you get a chance to do a training with them, I highly recommend it.

      It’s been 7 months since the training and my yoga practice has made such a profound impact on my life in ways I never knew was possible. I haven’t started teaching as of yet as I plan to teach in conjunction with therapy. However, this is an experience that will impact your life greatly. You won’t regret it!!!


      The study of alignment changed my life. My understanding of yoga has expanded 10-fold, my own personal practice has transformed and will continue to transform because of this training. I thought I loved Yoga before I came here…. I can’t even begin to describe how intensified my love for this practice has become. This experience has also taught me that I don’t need much to be truly, genuinely happy. I loved the assisting verbal cue lessons, loved the Ayurveda, loved (though I struggled) the meditation, the therapeutics were so helpful and relevant to my life. Liz and Serena are so on point with your process and your curriculum. I am coming away with the confidence I need to go out into the world and bring yoga to others. I could not have asked for a better training it was a beautiful, educational and transformative experience. – Tara