D'vine Yoga's vision is to educate and empower all human beings and to create a divine society by developing awareness of the divinity within each of you.

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Swami Sachidanand

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Maria Vardalou

from Greece, May 2022

"Great choice for online training "

Really well organized and there to help with any queries or questions.

Jinis Steph

from United Kingdom, April 2022

"A truly life changing experience"

This was such a valuable experience. I can't believe how much I learned! D’vine yoga provide constant support and answer questions quickly. Swami ji would even go beyond and above to arrange online meeting to explain any questions. The live sessions are superb, especially the morning Ashtanga session!!! All in all, the content of the course is very well-organised, thoughtful, though-provoking, detailed and informative! A great way to learn more about all aspects of yoga, not just asanas! I truly enjoyed taking this course, and going at my own pace. Thank you for helping me to further my knowledge as I continue my yoga journey. I’d highly recommend this course to everyone. Wish D’vine Yoga all the best and keep training more amazing teachers!

Lara-lyn Ahrens

from Namibia, December 2021

"The deep and enlightening experience I was looking for"

I really loved the lectures with Swami Sachidanand and the team. I found the lectures particularly illuminating and comprehensive. I enjoy the approach from a traditional and scientific view as well as all of the philosophy that has been covered really well.

I enjoyed the variety of teachers for the live classes as well and the strength of the asana and emphasis on pranayama etc. It was very convenient that there were 3 time slots to choose from for the live classes to make it easy for everyone globally to chose a time that suited their time zone. The YTT manual is also very informative and in depth. I really appreciated how accommodating the whole team was and I felt supported in my training.

Aurélie Martin

from France, October 2021

"A true Yogi formation "

Very intresting and intense formation !

we learn everything to be a good teacher et practicer of yoga :

Philosophie , breathing techniques , Asana , Anatomy , Ayurveda , meditation and more.

I completly fall in love with Ayurveda :-)

Teachers are very patient and interesting

Of course we have to practice a lot to improve all this informations to be better and better every day .

Be a yogi is a work of every day and this formation is first step .

We can ask questions and take the time we need to integrate everything .

they're are a lot of formation and this one is true , pure and can just recommend it !

Fiona Boyd

from Germany, March 2022

"Enlightening Experience as a total Yoga-Newbie"

I thought I had practised some Yoga before - but after this retreat I know, that I had known hardly anything about Yoga. In the evening lectures I learned that there is so much more to it, so much knowledge about breathing, mindset that helps you for the actual Yoga Asanas in the morning, which I also enjoyed very much.

Swami is a fantastic teacher with a great energy, it was very easy to let go and put myself into his hands. Thank you for this great experience, I'm definitely a different person that I was before the retreat and I've gained a lot of knowledge that will help me to improve the connection with myself in the future.

If I have the chance, I will definitely to a YTT with Swami someday!

Sofia Kazbekova

from Germany, February 2022

"A fantastic experience "

D’vine Yoga will be the best choice for you if you‘re willing to improve not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Along with very well organized trainings you are going to receive traditional yogic knowledge and wisdom that will help you transform your body, mind, psyche and Life in general. All of the teachers and Trainers at D‘vine Yoga are incredibly friendly and care deeply about their students. Overall I‘m so happy that I found this school - when I first started my Yoga Teacher Training at D‘vine, I had a very basic idea of what yoga is, and this school showed and taught me so much about Yoga and myself, which helped me change my lifestyle completely and made me see how strong, capable, beautiful and intelligent my body is. So here you will get extremely interesting lectures that contain the most valuable, precious information, awesome effective trainings every day with different time options, breathwork and joy from learning all of it. I’ve never thought that an online course could be so well-done and feel so immersive. It was a fantastic experience for me and I‘m gonna stick with the D‘vine Yoga for my further Yogic journey.🙏🕉😌

Sophia Reiter

from Germany, January 2022

"Super nice online experience "

I enjoyed this Yoga retreat a lot and it is a big recommondation!! The last day was a super intense experience and althought my body and mind got challenged i had a really good time!


from Italy, December 2021

The course was overall well explained and enjoyable

Rebby Sim

from Malaysia, December 2021

"A retreat in Depth"

I've practiced yoga for more than 5 years now. YTT has always been on my to do list to experience yoga fully in a deeper level.

Journey with Swami Ji was exactly what I was looking for. Through the learning process with Swami ji, I was continuously inspired and amazed by how yoga is teaching us to live with our greatest potential. It's a beautiful experience with countless enlightening moments for both my personal and professional development. I am tremendously grateful for it.

Wherever you are in your yoga journey, beginner, intermediate, advance, as long as you are ready to learn with an open heart, I am sure you are going to learn, gain, and let go through the journey.


Stéphie Sannarcy

from France, November 2021

"Great expérience "

Really good teachers and I learning so many about yoga, asana, breath, meditate... I can just recommend you to follow classes with them and descovered by yourself.

Ajina Mattathil

from Germany, October 2021

"Exzellent Trip"

The lessons were structured and the content was very interesting. The teachers in the practical as well as in the theoretical lessons were patient and attentive.

Yael Le Bronze

from France, August 2021

"Great experience with committed and nice teachers"

Very well structured progression.

Committed and knowledgeable teachers, nice classmates.

Beautiful wisdom.

I learned a lot, thank you so much.

Great experience!

Michealangelo Bellu

from United Kingdom, June 2021

"Systematically Blissful"

Pumping the Pranic Cosmic Being to its Max


from Thailand, April 2021

"Fantastic yoga journey!!"

Everything is so wonderful. The theory, pranayama, meditation, anatomy, and the detail for every single asana, everything is so clear. Especially Ashtanga yoga! I’ve learn a lot of the basic part of it. If you are still confused what to choose for your yoga program, I recommend you pick up this one. I am also thinking of doing 300hr program within this year. Hope we can meet up again soon. And I wish someday I can really go to Rishikesh, the beautiful place to practice yoga with everyone. Thank you so much! Namaste🙏

Ytamar Faybish

from Belgium, April 2021

"An amazing experience"

This was a great workshop that I would highly recommend.. loved it.. 😊

Thank you a thousand times to the kind-hearted Swamiji and his lovely team 🙏

Rosalind Taylor

from Canada, January 2021

"Excellent - So much more than basic kriya asanas!"

This excellent online course was the authentic, total package. It would be great whether you are a beginner or an experienced yoga practitioner. I hope you sign up, you're worth it! I was so grateful to receive these precious practices in my own living room (since I can't travel to Rishikesh during covid - excellent location. :) Even though India time is 13.5 hours ahead of my time and other students were all from different time zones, D'vine Yoga accommodated all of our time zones.

Swami Sachidanand was easy to understand, thorough, approachable and accommodating. In addition to excellent asana, pranayama, and discussion, the Sunday morning practice includes a special sacred transmission from Swami Sachidanand. I've been doing yoga a long time, and you don't get this in other kriya yoga classes. And I love that once you've paid for the initial course, you can attend the other Sunday morning sessions for free!

Even better, at the end of the 4 days, he gives you a powerful, easy-to-follow practice to continue on our own. Perfection.

Karthik Challa

from United States, January 2021

"Amazing Transformative Experience!"

A highly intensive 4 day workshop, with an amazing teacher and wonderful learnings. Each day involved 2 sessions, a 90 min Yoga practice and a 90 min Pranayama/Lecture.

The organization and Swamiji went out of the day to organize the live sessions. Since I was in a different time zone than the rest of the group, Swami made sure to schedule a session convenient for me, and I had live sessions where I was the only student.

This is extraordinary, and goes to show how much they care for the student.

The yoga sessions were a mix of asana, meditation and each of the four days had a variant of the practice with a different emphasis.

The pranayama sessions taught us the breathwork, and the basics of Yoga Philosophy.

All of this culminates in the final day of practice, where Swamiji led us into an intense Kriya, which had a transformative experience.

In 4 days of practice, I noticed changes in my state of being and had a great experience.

The program is very affordable and the fact that it includes 12+ hours of live sessions is a huge value add. Additionally, we can repeat this workshop for any for life without having to pay for it again.

Highly Recommend the program.


from France, January 2021

"Fantastic journey ,I recommend this to anyone"

Efficiency of yogic technics

Timea Szeteiova

from Myanmar [Burma], January 2021

The sessions were very enriching and went into the right amount of details, just perfect, also very flexible, Swami was really making his best to accommodate everyone's needs when it came to time. I would highly recommend this retreat, also great value for money compared to other retreats available. I chose it as felt it was the most authentic.


from Australia, December 2020

"Wonderful "

I am from Sydney Australia and really appreciated the opportunity to attend classes with a yoga master in Rishekesh. It was a very special experience for me. I really enjoyed learning about yoga philosophy and the different breathing techniques. Swami is an excellent teacher and many of the other in my class students had previously spent time learning from him in person at the yoga centre in Rishekesh. We all had time to ask questions and everyone was very supportive. Highly recommended

Julie Settle

from United Kingdom, November 2020

"New Experience "

After doing several on line Yoga sessions, I have realised there is so much more to experience and learn. I really enjoyed the after effects i got from the Kriya Yoga and appreciate the time given by the teacher and feel I have a little bit more understanding of the 8 limbs of Yoga.

I find Indian teachers are the BEST !

Viktoria Krasteva

from Germany, May 2022

"Hallo, meine Erwartungen sind übertroffen "

Einfach alles:

-die mentale Kraft , die physische und praktische Erfahrung dem Guru, sein großes Herz, seine Kompetenz in allen Richtungen. Er war mein Phylosoph, mein Doktor, mein Psycholog, mein Yogatrainer, mein Berater, mein Alles. Jeder Yogi hat ein Guru. Ich bin sicher, dass der Swami Satshidan ist mein Guru geworden. Er ist in mir reingegangen. Ich werde ihn immer in meinem Herzen tragen.

Und seine Yogalehrer: Daniel, Anush und Denis sind sehr gut, top fit. Hier muß ich auch seine Managerin und Manager, die Jungs an der Rezeption, das Bedienungspersonal erwähnen.

Alle in diesem Ashram sind so warmherzig, so behilflich. Wegen gewissen Probleme mit der LOT-Fluggeselschaft konnte meine weitere Reise nach Indien ohne die Hilfe von der Seite der D ivine Yoga niemals stattfinden.

Mit einem Dankeschön kann man die Dankbarkeit zu diesen wunderbaren Leute nicht ausdrucken.

Die professionelle Ausbildung von 300 Stunden Yoga Teacher Training bei D'ivine Yoga schließt meine 500 YTT in Indien. Ich bin jetzt stark, perfekt ausgebildet, stolz auf mich, meine Leistung hier. Ich fühle mich sicher und werde D'ivine Yoga verantwortlich vertreten.

Ich werde nie vergessen, was ich gefühlt und erlebt habe. Diese Erfahrung ist das, was ich nirgendwo anders bekommen könnte, außer beim Swamiji, mein GURU, mein Freund! Es gibt Leute, die nur einmal geboren werden, und das ist ER.

Vielen herzlichen Dank, GURUJI!!