D'vine Yoga vision is to educate and empower all human beings and to create a divine society by developing awareness of the divinity within each of us.

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Swami Sachidanand

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Karthik Challa

from United States, January 2021

"Amazing Transformative Experience!"

A highly intensive 4 day workshop, with an amazing teacher and wonderful learnings. Each day involved 2 sessions, a 90 min Yoga practice and a 90 min Pranayama/Lecture.

The organization and Swamiji went out of the day to organize the live sessions. Since I was in a different time zone than the rest of the group, Swami made sure to schedule a session convenient for me, and I had live sessions where I was the only student.

This is extraordinary, and goes to show how much they care for the student.

The yoga sessions were a mix of asana, meditation and each of the four days had a variant of the practice with a different emphasis.

The pranayama sessions taught us the breathwork, and the basics of Yoga Philosophy.

All of this culminates in the final day of practice, where Swamiji led us into an intense Kriya, which had a transformative experience.

In 4 days of practice, I noticed changes in my state of being and had a great experience.

The program is very affordable and the fact that it includes 12+ hours of live sessions is a huge value add. Additionally, we can repeat this workshop for any for life without having to pay for it again.

Highly Recommend the program.


from France, January 2021

"Fantastic journey ,I recommend this to anyone"

Efficiency of yogic technics

Timea Szeteiova

from Myanmar [Burma], January 2021

The sessions were very enriching and went into the right amount of details, just perfect, also very flexible, Swami was really making his best to accommodate everyone's needs when it came to time. I would highly recommend this retreat, also great value for money compared to other retreats available. I chose it as felt it was the most authentic.


from Australia, December 2020

"Wonderful "

I am from Sydney Australia and really appreciated the opportunity to attend classes with a yoga master in Rishekesh. It was a very special experience for me. I really enjoyed learning about yoga philosophy and the different breathing techniques. Swami is an excellent teacher and many of the other in my class students had previously spent time learning from him in person at the yoga centre in Rishekesh. We all had time to ask questions and everyone was very supportive. Highly recommended

Julie Settle

from United Kingdom, November 2020

"New Experience "

After doing several on line Yoga sessions, I have realised there is so much more to experience and learn. I really enjoyed the after effects i got from the Kriya Yoga and appreciate the time given by the teacher and feel I have a little bit more understanding of the 8 limbs of Yoga.

I find Indian teachers are the BEST !