Learn the traditional and original yoga knowledge from its core and dive deep into your inner self to explore the most complicated system in the universe.

Yoga Teacher Training (12)

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7 Day 85-Hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

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    Videos (37)

    Instructors (7)

    Kushagra Ji

    Arjun Sharma

    Anuradha Sharma


    Ritesh Joshi

    Om Prakash Ji (OP ji)


    Reviews (21)

    Diksha Basantani

    from India, July 2024

    "10 days 100 hours Yoga Aerial "

    Each of the instructors possess immense knowledge to their respective areas. Well designed course for the students to gain knowledge both theoretical and practical. This course has motivated me more to pursue it even further.

    Glad I made this choice of doing this course during my vacation in India.


    from Germany, July 2024

    "Yoga school in quiet area with caring teachers"

    To understand the evaluation, one has to see where the participants are coming from. So, I have also done two 200 hour TTC and 300h TTC. I have been visiting India every year for the past 6 years or so. I am already teaching Hatha Vinyasa (if you want to use that label) und wanted to expand my experience towards a more meditative and deep practice.

    Things that were very good:

    - managers and teachers were very caring. All my questions were answered beforehand with patience and care

    - I was the only one in my batch, so I was able to ask specific questions, and the teachers were so kind to adjust the schedule to my needs

    - area: the area is great, upper Tapovan - the Forest is right behind the school, so that makes it quiet and you can escape the bustling roads. At the same time you are surrounded by cafes, restaurants and other yoga schools

    - Food: AMAZING - it is Indian through and through … so don’t expect buttered toast, but Vimal´s cooking skills were wonderful. I really enjoyed every meal

    - Shala: nice and modern, bright and it has all the props available that one could wish for

    - teachers: it´s a bit redundant to talk about teachers because there is a rotation, I can just say that my teachers were quite knowledgable and able to adjust to my needs, they opened my eyes towards the idea of using props and had competency and knowlegde to pass on. Philosophy classes with Sagar were amazing and made ideas and themes more clear in the jungle of philosophical concepts

    Moritz Brinkmann

    from India, June 2024

    "Excellent guidance"

    My experience at the ishavasyam yoga school was transformational. It changed my view on yoga and educated my body and soul in a way I couldn’t imagine before. I feel alive and ready.

    Thank you guys.

    Ludovic Paris

    from France, May 2024

    "École vraiment professionnelle"

    Tout m’a plu. L’hébergement, la cuisine, les cours, les professeurs, l’équipe encadrante.

    J’avais choisi une chambre individuelle et rien à redire à ce sujet. La nourriture est vraiment délicieuse et tout est très frais et varié (merci encore au chef et à Mohit).

    Les cours sont de qualités et animés par des personnes qui savent de quoi elles parlent. C’est super intense mais une fois qu’on a pris le rythme on en redemande (j’aurais voulu que ça dure encore un mois 😉).

    Si vous cherchez une école pas sérieuse qui délivre le certificat comme ça, vous devriez frapper à une autre porte. À Ishavasyam, on bosse et pas que la technique 💪🏻.

    L’école est en bordure de forêt, à l’écart du bruit des rues traversantes, le cadre est vraiment fantastique.

    L’équipe (professeurs, managers, cuisiniers…) est très serviable, professionnelle, attentive et à l’écoute.

    Bref, c’était une expérience unique et j’ai personnellement appris énormément à tous les points de vue.

    Si comme moi vous vous posez beaucoup de questions sur le choix d’une école à Rishikesh, voilà mon avis sur mon passage à Ishavasyam yoga school 🙏🏻🧘🏻‍♂️

    Helios Francisco Rossell

    from Mexico, April 2024

    "El retiro mas completo, pero el mas económico"

    Desde México toda la épica hasta la escuela. El entrenamiento de sol a sol. La amabilidad, profesionalismo y actitud de cada uno de los instructores, la seguridad y el ambiente general de Tapovan. El Yoga aéreo, el Hatha, el Ashtanga, la teoría, la desintoxicación, el pranayama, la meditación y hasta la anatomía específica. La habitación con una cama y baño individual. El clima templado.


    from Spain, April 2024

    "Ishavasyam school team was the best! "

    I can not complained about anything!

    They make yo feel at home from the first moment.

    The teachers' energy was totally aligned with their teachings! They are so professional and great humans!

    The content of the course is dinamic and full of knowledge.

    Food was great! Kitchen staff was so kind. Installations very clean and organized. Great location.

    I got really inspired to get deeper in the yoga path!

    Thank you Ishavasyam family for make my first yoga experience unforgettable!

    Daisy Carr

    from United Kingdom, October 2023

    "You learn the true meaning of yoga"

    I was so happy with the school, because it was a smaller class, so it felt more intimate and gave me the attention I needed. I think coming from the uk to India I knew I would get a better education on yoga, but even more so, when I was at the school, as I really felt I was learning from amazing, knowledgeable, experienced teachers who really gave us the best training to achieve the highest understanding of yoga. The way the school had rules, helped me gain the discipline needed as it was serious on us learning as much as we could in the time we had. Overall, I really enjoyed it and the people I’ve met are amazing!

    Yeshi Zangmo

    from Maldives, October 2023

    "The best learning yoga school"

    I want to thank you all for the best learning experience yoga teacher course, it would not be possible for your help and especially thank you for our chef who prepared our food on time and healthy. I am very grateful for waiting at midnight for me to check-in . It was the best . 🙏

    Fateme Otadi

    from United Arab Emirates, October 2023

    "Great experience "

    The location of the school was very beautiful, the rooms were clean, the food was tasty but most of the days were repetitive, the management was polite and considerate, the teachers had good knowledge and tried to help us learn, my knowledge about yoga increased. I recommend this school to others.

    Gill Harrison

    from United Kingdom, August 2023

    "Incredible experience, learning and embedding so much "

    My experience with Ishavasyam far exceeding my expectations. Prior to my trip, the communication with the school was fantastic, with prompt and friendly responses to questions. Kushagra and Ritesh were so welcoming when I arrived a few days before the course began and ensured I was settled, which I truly appreciated, as it was their time off. The teachers were all incredible and so knowledgeable. Our days began with 6am Hatha with Sourabh Ji, who showed us many techniques for ensuring our asanas were correct and various pranayama exercises and meditations. We discovered the best stretches and am sure I've grown a few inches over the month! His calming voice was perfect for an early morning class! Yusuf Ji taught anatomy in a clear and energetic way that helped us understand yoga anatomy and the effects on the body. Kushagra Ji's philosophy and Ayurveda classes were clear and structured well, and have enabled me to understand the many aspects of yoga. We ended each day with Ashtanga with Abhishek Ji, who knew how to challenge and extend our practice well. I also completed the prenatal course with Anuradha Ji and Aishwarya Ji and Aerial course with Arjun Ji, and Ritesh Ji taught some very relaxing Yin classes. The food was amazing - Akash and Shivani did a great job at ensuring variety and tastes in every dish they created. I feel far more equipped in developing my own practice and teaching to others. Thank you so much, Kushagra Ji and the team for an amazing experience!

    Julia Ariza

    from Spain, August 2023

    "One of the best experiences of my life"

    I just finished my 300 hours YTTC at Ishavasyam Yoga School and I cannot express enough my gratitud. I had the honour to learn from incredibly knowledgeable and experienced teachers, the staff was extremely friendly and eager to help, the food was next-level, met a wonderful group of fellow students and the Rishikesh vibe in general inspires you to connect with your Yoga practice and yourself. Yes, you might need a few days to adjust if you're a western coming to India for the first time - as you do every time you leave your comfort zone - but what you get in return it's so much valuable than any fancy facility or fake-city-made-for-tourists. Rishikesh is not Mallorca or Benidorm. And I'm taking the time to point that out because I find hard to believe that some people put the materialistic aspect first than the quality of the teaching and the overall human experience (which to me, it's the whole point of coming here) when giving a review of a Yoga School. You can do 200h or 300h elsewhere paying double or triple without food and accomodation (I have) and go through the same syllabus and get a certification easily, so if what you're focusing on is comfort rather than authenticity, then India is not for you.

    Thank you again to all the Ishavayam Yoga School staff for all your efforts and love for what you do on making our time in Rishikesh, to say the least, an amazing experience.

    Marcio Duarte

    from Thailand, August 2023

    "Unforgettable Aerial Yoga Experience with Arjun"

    I had the privilege of attending this incredible aerial yoga course in Rishikesh. One of the standout aspects of the course was undoubtedly Arjun, our exceptional aerial yoga instructor.

    Arjun's expertise and grace on the aerial hammock were truly inspiring. He guided us with patience and enthusiasm, encouraging us to step out of our comfort zones and explore new possibilities. His ability to challenge us while fostering a supportive environment was commendable and I am immensely grateful for the growth I achieved under his guidance.

    What made this journey even more memorable was the small yet wonderful group of students who were part of the course. We shared laughter, challenges, and triumphs together, creating a bond that added immense value to the entire experience. As this was a small group of 6, we usually got plenty of 1:1 coaching compared to other schools where you might have 20+ other students in one room.

    If you're looking for a challenging aerial yoga adventure, I recommend this course. Arjun's exceptional teaching and the camaraderie among the students turned this into a truly transformative journey. Thank you, Kushagra and Arjun, and thank you to the entire group for making this experience way better than I could have imagined.


    from India, August 2023

    "Best place to learn…"

    I am very happy that I choose this place, me and my friend we both like the place although We were here for a few days but I must say, the teachers are really great and they know what they are teaching and they will help you the best way possible to take the best out from you.

    The food is really good and the management is lovely, the food provided here will help you to do best with your practices. I am very thankful and happy. I highly recommend this place, I have done many years of yoga practice and courses but the knowledge I got here is amazing and help a lot to clear the myths in my head which I had from years.

    Lots of love from me and my partner.

    Stephanie Schwäble

    from Germany, July 2023

    "I didn't get what I was paying for...."

    The lesson itself was good! I liked all the teachers in the school and also the food. It was tasty. It was too spicy for my high Pitta dosha and I got a severe rash and also bad diarrhea and vomiting! The management just react in the 3rd week and gave me cooling food and drinks for 2 days. at the beginning the food was a bit less for all and we had always the same. Potatos, Rice, Chapati, Chickpeas... All teachers were nice and have good knowledge! There was only a reaction when I felt dirty! The management is very nice, but unfortunately that doesn't help, when you arrive here and you're just in a completely different building, as the photos on the website show! The school had to move some time ago and nobody was informed before arrival that there was a change of location and the pictures and videos are therefore fake! I'm really sorry to give such a bad rating but I hope that others have better luck in being able to attend a proper yoga school! Unfortunately, the communication among the management was often non-existent and random people came every week whose task was completely unclear to me!

    Alejandra V

    from Poland, April 2023

    "I felt blessed choosing Ishavasyam as my 200YTTC school !"

    Each of the people working in the school, in reception and the professors have an amazing attitude and where always looking forward to support you in anything you need. The professionalism, quality and amazing attitude of each of the teachers make of this experience unique and deep that was exactly what I was looking for. The excursions where beautiful and a great opportunity to share with all the new colleagues you meet. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to KushagraJi , Shubi Ji, Arjun Ji, Monika Ji because you made of this month one of the best in my life - a time I will never forget and I’m looking forward to repeat!🦋💕🍀

    Elisabet Coronado López

    from Spain, March 2023

    "Experiencia única"

    Lo que más me gustó fue todo lo que aprendí de los profesores. Te ayudan con todo lo que pueden y más, enseñan muy bien y son un encanto. Reshikesh tiene un ambiente mágico y relajante a las orillas del Ganga. ¡Completamente recomendable!

    Neti Lavoie

    from Mexico, February 2023

    "Highly recommended - exceeded all expectations "

    I loved this course! The instructors were very knowledgeable and organized. Class sizes were small and personalized. We learned how to get into the poses properly to get the most out of our bodies and prevent injury. My body has never felt better. The accommodations were comfortable, the food was fantastic and the excursions were fascinating. The staff went above and beyond. They were happy to help with anything that came up - they even took my shoes to be repaired for me. I can’t wait to come back here for the next level course!

    Mariya Masyuk

    from United Arab Emirates, February 2023

    "Great experience 👍🏻"

    Classes, school support in everything, best teachers!

    Daniel Junior

    from India, December 2022

    ""The Best Yoga School In Rishikesh!""

    I recently completed my 200 Hour residential YTTC at Ishavasyam Yoga School, Rishikesh. It was one of the best experiences I had and I will cherish this throughout my life. All the teachers are highly experienced and always ready to share their knowledge with students. The school staff is very caring, friendly, and always very welcoming. During our course, we had beautiful sound healing sessions, kirtans- bhajans, and dance. On weekends we went for excursions such as Ashram visits, Waterfall hiking, Beach yoga, Ganga arati, and sunrise at Kunjapuri temple. The food is amazing and they always provide healthy and delicious meals. Their room is basic but very neat and clean. Thank you again for the amazing experience...

    Marina Roberts

    from India, December 2022

    ""Best Aerial TTC Experience""

    I recently finished my 50 Hour Aerial YTTC from Ishavasyam Yoga School and I'm happy that I found the perfect place. The teachers are very knowledgeable, the food was terrific, and the staff was very kind & polite. If you are looking for Yoga courses don't hesitate to join this school as it is an authentic place to learn. I have studied in several schools but Ishavasyam Yoga School is the best soo far. Would recommend it to anyone interested in the yogic path and I will definitely come back to join their other programs.

    Thom Schwab

    from Austria, December 2022

    Actually i don‘t like this assessment and its not easy to give one, when u made these kind of experience the first time.

    But after the 100h training my mind and body where just happy and i think this speak for itself..

    So thanks to ALL at Ishavasayam yoga school :)