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Yoga Bliss is an international yoga center that offers various yoga classes, workshops, retreats, teacher training, and surfing lessons in Nusa Lembongan, Bali.

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Peter Arnoud Bensen

from Singapore, June 2018


What can I say, It is always a gamble if you book your Holiday and in this case an active one in the form of a Yoga Retreat. After some hectic months I really needed a break. Going for a Yoga retreat was the number 1 on my bucket list. My 15 days at Yoga Bliss was on the scale of 1 to 10, a 10+. The ambiance is giving you everything your heart needs and desires. The Bungalows are from that kind that you feel home and don’t want to leave anymore. The food that comes out of their kitchen is from another level and close to heavenly. Everything is organic and delicious. Their menu has such wide range that it is impossible to try everything during your stay. The Yoga classes given by Hollie and Gwen they are well trained and knowledgeable yoga masters. The Shala is such a serene place, surrounded by banana and palm trees. The Shala has an amazing floor from recycled teak wood. Their classes are diverse and never boring. They push you without pushing you over limits you don’t even know you were capable of. The yoga classes at Yoga Bliss are two times daily and in some occasions three times a day and they are always full, but never crowded. Yoga Bliss on Lembongan is like a new overseas family to me. While writing this review a warm feeling of amazing experiences fill my heart and I can consider myself a very lucky person, because my gamble is rewarded with the jackpot.

My love to the complete Yoga Bliss Team,

Peter Arnoud Bensen.

Felicity Barber

from Great Britain, May 2018

"Nice for asanas no passion or spirituality "

Good communication from teacher keen to keep things organised. Food offered was great healthy filling and good value for money. Consistent lessons. Accommodation very good. Nice location on island.

Emily Ludden

from Australia, May 2018

"Your future self will thankful for this. "

Truly blissful! This retreat will provide so much more than just yoga classes. Hollie, Gwen, and all the staff at the Green Garden helped answer all my questions, were warm and welcoming, and guided me make the most of my time of the island. I left feeling grateful, humbled, and refreshed. Take time for yourself to recharge and relax in this little paradise.

Kristi Albernaz

from United Arab Emirates, May 2018

"Fantastic retreat, wasn’t ready to leave "

The value for the money is great. The yoga classes were well adjusted for all levels and Hollie is a great teacher. The location on the island is fantastic and I loved the overall vibe of the place, especially the staff, who are warm, friendly and extremely accommodating.

Kim Malan

from New Zealand, April 2018

"Absolutely life changing "

Excellent curriculum and teaching methods, good healthy food the Shala is lovely. Both Gwen and Lisa impart their knowledge with love and patience. They kept my attention for the full 22 days and went out of their way to ensure our days were interesting.

Ally Collins

from Australia, March 2018

"Better experience then I could have hoped for"

The Teachers ofcourse.

The structure of the course.

The staff at green garden.

The small group.

The amazing people I have met.

Natalia Edelmann

from Spain, December 2017

"A truly life changing experience "

The content was extremely rich and I learned so much about the body, yoga and myself.

The schedule was intense, but well put together. Having heard about others, it really is the most conducive to learning.

The teaching was incredible - teachers built your knowledge up and took the time to check in regularly both on a student and personal level.

The food was very good. Breakfast was certainly my favourite with fresh fruit juices and smoothie bowls.

Veronika Hoermann

from Germany, December 2017

"Happy Yogi, happy time!"

I took part at Yoga Bliss’ YTTC at Lembongan this year! Best choice ever! Gwen and Shawna taught as everything we wanted to know about Ashtanga and our Yin practice. Philosohy and Anatomy were absolutely interesting and Gwen and Shawna made it easy for everyone to follow, without making any shortcuts. We also learned different Pranayama and Meditation technics and involved them more and more in our daily practice, everyone in his/her own tempo and knowledge. Food was healthy, delicious and local, you can choose your own option, vegan, veggie or meat. Over all I had an amazing time, met amazing people and would do it absolutely again! Thanks Gwen and Shawna, Namaste!


from Great Britain, October 2017

"For me it was not what I expected"

The quality of the teaching is very good. Both Gwen and Gina were committed to passing on their knowledge. The island is beautiful.

Kathryn Galloway

from Australia, September 2017

"Yoga bliss lembongan"

I found a new layer to my practice through the guidance of my teachers Gwen and Gina.

Nanna Hofman Sørensen

from Denmark, July 2017

"Best decision ever made. "

Gina and Gwen are incredible at what they do. They gave me a whole new understanding of yoga and my personal practise, which I'll be forever grateful for. The shala, the food and the homestay (Radya) was all in high standard, and I couldn't have asked for more. I feel ready to embrace my future as a yoga-teacher with the new tools this course has given me.

I can't recommend this experience highly enough. I would do it all over again at any time.


from Great Britain, May 2017

"Badly Advertised"

The other people in the class.

Fatima Arikat

from Kuwait, April 2017

"Excellent YTT! "

The course structure, the teachers Gwen and Gina, the location and the accommodation - it was all perfect!

Testimonials 5

Rowan Coombe Bali, Indonesia

Yoga Bliss website

So I have never tried yoga before, and didn't ever think I would but after a long chat one evening with Gwen (the very impressive instructor) I decided to give it a go. I went for the ashtanga class, not sure if that's how it's spelled. I was very pleasantly surprised I first thought it would just be slow stretching, but how wrong was I. Gwen had told me it would be physical but manageable and she wasn't wrong. I was sweating in minutes and enjoying myself lots to think about but she explained it so well starts hard finishes very calm. I was in a class where an instructor was present too and they had a great time! They said they had never sweated so much! It not only felt like a workout but also like a beneficial experience! I ended up going 5 times and on my 5th visit I could actually touch my head on my knee which was shocking but delighting too!. The place is big airy and peaceful definitely worth a visit no matter what level you are!

Rhianna C.

TripAdvisor website

I am currently on the yoga and surf retreat through Yoga Bliss. It's fantastic! It's so well organised as I am here on my own it had made the whole trip less stressful but also allowed me to do some amazing things. Also, the yoga classes in the amazing setting are fantastic. A perfect way to de-stress. Everyone is really friendly and happy to help out.

If you are looking for a slightly different experience to the regular Bali experience, this is a great option.

Darren D. Australia

TripAdvisor website

I did two classes, and both teachers were particularly grounded, thoughtful, personal, and welcoming. Just what I was looking for on the island. Small and attentive. Thank you!

a traveler Australia

TripAdvisor website

We went to Hatha yoga class with Gina while we were staying at Nusa Lembongan. There were only four students in the class and we loved it. Gina was lovely and helped us a lot as we aren't so flexible lol. Loved the venue, it was very nice.

Luce Tao Thailand

TripAdvisor website

I went to have yoga classes at Yoga Bliss a few times, and I spend really good time. The place is really nice and quiet, on the middle of the jungle, there is palm trees all around, birds sings. Kind of oasis full of peace. The two teachers, Gwen and Gina, are really friendly and help me a lot to have good positions and develop my technique as I am beginner. They take time to teach me a lot, and always come to correct me when I needed. After class, I could also hanging around at the vegan café, and have a delicious smoothie bowl, topped with seeds and cashews! I can only recommend this place for relax and chill around!

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