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8 Reasons Why a Yoga Teacher Training Is Good For You

by Katie Lee

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I have travelled to places near and far, and will continue to wanderlust around the globe but here are 8 reasons why I think you should consider It’s Yoga Teacher Training in Nicaragua:

1. It gives you the chance to explore!

What is better than travelling to a far off land and taking an adventure of a lifetime?! Nicaragua may be known as one of the “poorest” countries in Latin America but it makes up for it in its richness of vibrant culture, people, and lifestyle. It is a beautiful country with spectacular landscapes of mountains, volcanoes, beaches, jungle, and even charming old colonial cities. Everyone is so very welcoming and you will find a new home in this crazy and beautiful country.


2. It will be uncomfortable

This yoga teacher training will NOT be easy. In fact I can say it was one of the most challenging things I have done in my life. BUT it was also one of the most life changing and wonderful learning experiences I have ever had.

It is not easy and there are many things that you will not be used to. From practicing outside in the sun and humidity, to being exhausted and sore, to finding insects and small creatures in your room, to learning and teaching with people that may have different views or outlooks on life, and to many other new and different ways of being.

It will probably be outside of your comfort zone. You may get frustrated. You may get angry. You may get sad. You may get extremely giddy. But you will learn that those thoughts and feelings that are bubbling to the surface are not the true you and also have nothing to do with others or with where you are but are impressions that have been formed over your lifetime, what you have buried deep down under the thick layers.

These walls that you have put up over the years will be broken. And this my friend does not usually happen when you are comfortable. When you are at home in your routine living in a society that may encourage the competition, the hate, and the building of those exact walls. This training will catalyze the process of facing things that would not normally come up and slowly you will be able to let them go.

It will be a month long roller coaster ride that will carry on well past the end of your training deeper into all other threads of your life journey and it will be worth it.


3. You will become a bright warrior of light.

Embarking on this journey and shining light on deeper parts of yourself may not be comfortable or easy but over your lifetime whether you notice it, want it, accept it or not you will become a beacon of hope, peace, love and light for everyone around you.


4. You will grow your daily practice.

I continue to transform and grow as a being of light through my practice. There is such a great emphasis on daily practice during the yoga teacher training. You will learn discipline and hard work. Waking up at sunrise, walking along the beach to the rancho, enjoying your silent tea, and practicing yoga until breakfast is how you will start almost every day. You may change from day to day but your yoga practice and your yoga mat will always be there without judgment or conditions.

5. You will meet some wicked people.

There is something about the combination of a yoga teacher training and Nicaragua that brings about some pretty epic people. What I really like about It’s Yoga Nica is that you will not be just a name in a giant group but there will be no more than 15 individuals that have come from all different walks of life writing their own story.

You will become a part of their story and they a part of yours. It is so very precious and special that the decisions we make of where we choose to go and when we choose to go have such a magnificent impact on which beautiful souls we meet and what paths we will cross. Some people we may share an experience with and then never see again but others will start strangers and become life-long friends.


6. You will disconnect.

I really liked that I was able to be away from it all and have less distractions. No wifi, no television, no computers, no facebook, no instagram and no constant external media outlets influencing my thoughts and ideas. At times this can be difficult because we are forced to look at ourselves instead of what is going on “out there” but it is the beginning of the process of becoming the best version of yourself through connecting with nature, being in the wild, breathing with the sound of the ocean, and flowing with the heartbeat of the universe.


7. You don’t actually have to want to become a teacher.

Yes, that is right, this yoga teacher training will set you on the path to become a yoga teacher if that is what you want but it is a training that encourages personal development. Learn more about yourself, take time out of your busy life, let yoga guide you, and just be with who you actually are.


8. The food!

The kitchen may be simple but the wonderful women in the kitchen whip up some of the tastiest meals around. From double breakfast to the wholesome lunch and delicious dinners I still find myself missing Evangelina and Francis’ meals.

These are just a few of the highlights of my yoga teacher training at It’s Yoga Nica. It is only just the beginning of a lifetime practice that will take you to places you never thought possible.

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