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From a Fitness Trainer to a Yoga Instructor: My Journey to Mindfulness

by Kelly Newman

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Choosing a suitable career for yourself is a difficult task, mainly because so much depends on a single decision. For many people, it’s difficult to find where their interests lie and then determine if that can make for a stable career.

Of course, we all would wish for jobs that revolve around our passion. Waking up every day in the morning with the satisfaction of doing something that you love is such a liberating feeling. Plus, you get paid for it… well, a girl can dream!

When the time came, and I had to take a plunge, I wasn’t sure of what I wanted. I was considering getting myself enrolled in a marketing program at a distinguished college and that I did. Let me mention here that I had always been a freak for fitness. During my twenties, there was a phase when I had put up weight. It got me worried and I began searching for exercises that would help me get back in shape.

I devised a workout regime for myself, cut down calories and kept my distance from junk; the final results were astounding. It was then that people began hinting how I would make a great fitness coach. They started coming to me for advice, and I realized how much I loved doing that. I passionately learned exercises and kept trying them myself. Yes, there were pains, aches, and sprains along the way, but I loved everything about the journey.

joyful life

It got me thinking that why shouldn’t I pursue a career in fitness. I finally had a goal in mind, and it was to become a fitness trainer. But wait! The “happily ever after” moment isn't here yet, so keep reading.  

I embarked on the search for a suitable degree program or certification. I was able to find one as per my needs, and that was it, it felt like I had achieved what I desired. I completed the certification, began teaching at my classes and later on joined the local gym. This was around the same time that I was advised to practice yoga. Some instructor at the gym suggested me to try out some poses to stretch the muscles post-workout. He said that mixing a few asanas with our regular workout regime could prevent boredom.

That day I went home and did some research. I came across a variety of asanas that I wanted to try, but I couldn’t get my mind to concentrate, I couldn’t achieve that state of mindfulness. My days at the gym were stressful. Although I loved the job, not everything about it was perfect. I sat down the next day again, couldn’t entirely silence my thoughts but continued to perform a few asanas. I wouldn’t say that when I finished, I felt entirely at peace, but I had the urge to improve myself. Few days passed by and I was still battling my mind to perfect the yoga practices, but it wasn’t happening.

Life became stressful, I would be angry, annoyed and snap out on people after a hectic day at work. I was longing to find peace but I couldn’t.  Slowly, I began hating work; my dream job wasn’t the dream anymore, I would spend the night piling up on ice-cream waiting for things to get better.

stressful life

One day, I thought that I couldn’t just let go of everything because of the way I felt. Therefore, I got up, took charge of myself and started reading on mindfulness. I realized that it wasn’t about sitting in a quiet place; it was about letting the chaos within ourselves settle. It wasn’t a technique to master; it was a way of living life. I began practicing mindfulness by using simple techniques. The more I read and practiced, the more I got to know that it was all about living in the moment.

With just a few days gone by, I kept feeling better. I was able to stop myself and live in the moment. I had better control over my emotions and I could finally center my mind while practicing yoga. Once I became mindful, I understood the actual benefits of yoga. At the end of each practice, I would feel my heart, mind, and soul at peace. I became positive and much more accepting of myself. But the best part was that it improved not only my mental health but also my physical health. 

I realized that there is so much chaos all around us that we all forget to silence the distractions and focus. Mindfulness and yoga together had changed my perspective on life; I wanted more people to benefit from it, so I decided to start teaching mindful yoga. I got enrolled in a yoga certification, and today I am working to open my studio, where I will teach once I become a yoga teacher.

I want to provide people a place where they can connect with their inner selves and learn to be compassionate towards others and also themselves. With each passing day, when I observe people, I notice the chaos keeps on increasing. Life has become stressful; there are bills to worry about, education, work and growing health problems.

Amidst all the mayhem, the yoga lifestyle can help us find happiness and peace while improving our immunity and detoxifying the body. I wish someday I can share my knowledge and experience in a studio of my own where more people can benefit from it. Until that happens, I will use the power of words to convey the message.

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Kelly Newman is a guest author from Health Listed.

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