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Yoga Postures to Perform Everyday to Boost Confidence and Inner Strength

by Pradeep Kumar

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Confident people have a way of radiating their warmth and trust wherever they go. One who is perfectly comfortable in her own skin and more affirmative in their stances rather than doubtful always finds love and acceptance, given any environment. 

To be confident is all about being in love with the person we are, knowing our unique strengths and limitations. Only when you become that person can you flourish in your work, make your relationships with others meaningful, and discover life in all its beauty. The practice of yoga teaches us to let of the past and be immersed in the present, thereby finding confidence in ourselves.

However, at this juncture of modern era where most live a fast-paced uncaring life of cutthroat competition driven by materialistic passions, confidence has become part of the outer façade. If you don’t want to come crashing down by the slightest provocation, you need to internalize self-love and strength.

What better means to achieve this but through the holistic art of yoga. You can find mind-body harmony and a sense of strong will and fortitude through the following yoga poses:


Forearm Plank for Building Core Strength

forearm plank
Image credit: Style Craze

This posture also known as the Dolphin Plank pose, is an improvisation on the classic plank pose, designed to give to work on the arms and core. It is also an important part of the Sun Salutations asana series and is featured several times in the sequences of Ashtanga, Vinyasa and other important yoga formats.

How to:

  • Align your wrists below your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Now, lie on your hands and knees. Making sure body weight is distributed evenly across your forearms.
  • Give your body a linear shape by aligning your heels over your toes. Keep your thighs taut and lifted not letting your hips sink.
  • Attempt drawing your pelvic muscles to the back of your spine by contracting your abdominals. During this movement, make sure to keep your head in linear alignment with your spine and breathe in soft and calculated inhalation and exhalations.
  • Broaden your shoulders and open your chest while keeping your gaze between your hands and fixating your gaze to the top of the edge of your mat. Now, press your quadriceps toward the ceiling and stretch your tailbone to the heels.
  • Hold the pose for 4-5 breaths.


Warrior III for Greater Body Balance

Warrior III yoga pose
Warrior III Variation
Image credit: DoYouYoga.com

Build your legs and core muscles further with the Warrior III, the structure of which shapes your body in a hanging “T”. When you build enough strength in your legs, your overall poise will gain more character and there is nothing in the world that boosts confidence more than being able to stand on your own feet strongly, both literally and figuratively.

How To:

  • Stand in the middle of your mat with feet stretched apart and bend towards a standing forward bend. Synchronize this move with a deep inhalation, followed by exhalation as you take one foot back to the position of a high lunge keeping the other knee at a right angle.
  • Move from the high-lunge with your arms stretched out front, palms facing each other as parallel. Exhale, pressing down upon one thighbone with the heel of that leg stamping forcefully on the ground, release the hips slowly and extend the stretched leg at the opposite direction with your arms.
  • Chin up slightly and fix your gaze towards the front, holding the position for 30 seconds.


Thunderbolt to Feel Like a Winner

Thunderbolt yoga pose
Image credit: Food NDTV

Thunderbolt is a position for fortitude building sitting erect and upright. Toning the pelvic muscles and giving a good stretch to thighs, ankles, knees, and feet, this asana will help you release tension from the tightened knots of your lower body joints. Good for relieving digestive problems, thunderbolt will bring you confidence that comes with good health and purified internals. Perform this posture when you feel bloated or unable to be present in the moment because of clogged up channels.

How To:

  • With your hips and buttocks lifted off the mat, kneel with inner thighs kept together perpendicularly to the floor.
  • After untucking the toes slightly, come to a sitting posture with a deep exhalation, placing weight on the heels while resting your buttocks on the turned up soles of your feet.
  • Draw your shoulder blades back against your backbone and open your chest, with your tailbone elongated towards the floor and your head balanced sharply on the tension running from your spine to pelvis.
  • Fix a soft gaze forward and keep your hands rested on your thighs, holding the pose for a few pranayamic yoga breaths.
  • Release by lifting your buttocks off the floor and extending your legs in front as in the “seated staff pose”. Return to normal breathing.

While practicing these postures, it is important that navigate your mind to good thoughts and thoughts that cut through life’s torpor and exude power. You can choose from mantras of sonorous Sanskrit verses to effect this. 

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