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How a Yoga Teacher Training Changed My Life (and How It Can Change Yours Too!)

by John Alex

The go-to resource to prepare for your yoga teacher training. Find all you need to know about the top destinations and take your practice to the next level.
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Maybe you have been talking to yourself or thought of joining yoga teacher training but negative attitudes and thoughts have kept drawing you back. The truth is that you have been being held back from introducing yourself into something extraordinary. 

A yoga teacher may affect one’s life dramatically as they train the practical yoga skills such as proper body awareness and alignment which will help in avoiding injuries. Drawing from my own yoga teacher training experience, I believe that enrolling yourself to a yoga teacher training program can help change your life too – here’s how: 


1. You will learn how you can better avoid ‘injuries’ (in all aspects of life)


yoga training prevent injuries

Image credit: Anusarayoga.com


As you go through a yoga training, you will be able to learn to be more cautious in all life’s undertaking thus reducing the chances of you getting hurt (physically and emotionally). This is because as you commit significant time (e.g: a 200 hrs yoga teacher program) to deepen your yoga practice, you will come to fully understand your body, mind, and soul. As a result, you will be able to better predict and understand your own physical and emotional needs preventing yourselves from all sorts of avoidable ‘injuries’. 


2. You will be aware of your true strength


strong female


On a teacher training, your ability to address an audience and ability to focus and ability to hold postures will be tested, strengthened, and stretched in ways that you may not have experienced prior.

This newfound alignment awareness, the long and intensive sessions, and required attention to detail will inevitably also strengthen your practice - as they did to mine. Because of this, you will come out of the training feeling stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally.


3. You will make new friends


Throughout the training period, you will inevitably come across people of different backgrounds, nationalities, etc. It’s also very likely that you will encounter those who are of likeminded minds. The training experience may even lead you to spend time (and connect) with people who you would not otherwise meet or get to know outside of the program. And who knows? Some of your fellow trainees may just become close lifelong friends!


4. You will gain a deeper connection to your true self



Image credit: yogadealsonline.com


By learning how your own body and mind works, coupled with spiritual practices (e.g: meditation) included in various yoga styles, you will likely to leave your training with a strong sense of who you are individuals. This deeper connection and understanding of your true self can be effective in boosting your confidence


5. You will learn how to teach others (well)


teaching yoga

Image credit: i.huffpost.com


While this may sound like a no-brainer, if you have ever given teaching (anything) a try, you probably already know that teaching others is no easy feat!

During an intensive yoga teacher training program, for example, you will be given the priceless opportunities to guide a group of your fellow students and help them to make the most out of their yoga practice. Amongst many other things, you will be able to cultivate (or even master) the art of speaking in public, and use language with greater efficiency, potency, and, clarity.

Convinced that you’re meant to become a yoga teacher? It’s time that you take your practice a notch and sign yourself up for a 100-hour yoga teacher training program

John is a guest author from SmileTutor.sg

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