Rishikesh Yogkulam is a Rishikesh, India, based yoga training school, offering traditional and professional yoga teacher training courses.

Yoga Teacher Training (15)

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Videos (32)

Instructors (10)

Yogacharya Dhirendra Bisht

Amit Payal

Anant Jethuri

Yogacharya Mandeep Ji

Yogacharya Yashpal Kaintura

Yogacharya Sonu Ji

Yogini Prem Varsha Ji

Ella Amato

Yogacharya Jitu Ji

Yogacharya Mahendra Ji

Reviews (16)

Yael Le Bronze

from France, May 2022

"Nice, dedicated, knowledgeable, skilled teachers"

A modern yet authentic way of teaching. The teachers are kind, patient, skilled, passionate, keen to share and dedicated. Each question is answered. Every detail (alignment, adjustment, anatomy...) is perfectly clear and always properly explained. Students feel really confident on everything they learn with the school.

Alina Getz

from Germany, April 2022

"I don't even want other people to know about this treasure "

I'm not joking about the title but the guys at Yogkulam taught me about karma, so I have to tame my egoistic nature for now :D

The teachers, who I would consider to be my friends now (if they like it or not), are the nicest and funniest people. They truly live by the name of the school "Yogkulam" which translates as "yoga family". I really felt their passion for what they're doing, getting across their knowledge in a very structured and clear way, while always making sure that there are no questions and uncertainties left. As a german I can definitely say that these guys are super efficient professionals. They truly care for you as a person and give you as much as they can for your time being there. I left my YTT inspired, full of appreciation and gratitude for this experience with the plan to come back for the 300 hours training. Thank you for everything! You guys are precious <3

Alice Masi

from Belgium, April 2022

""I recommend this course with Rishikesh Yogkulam ""

Caring staff ....it’s scary travelling on your own, Amit's communication before I traveled was awesome, fast responses and he considered all my needs. They did everything they could to make my stay comfortable and happy. I enjoyed my time, certainly be prepared for an intensive schedule, Ashtanga was harder than I anticipated but Jittu ji was a perfect Ashtanga teacher, very patient with me, to master the correct postures and always with a smile but also mindful of my ailments , knee injury etc. Amit Ji was extremely attentive, always there to accommodate any of our needs, health concerns, taxi’s,amazing excursions organised eg sunrise in Himalayas, yoga on the Ganga, Bollywood was so much fun. Felt like from cleansers to the cooks we were all part of a family, school was catered for perfectly, location great close enough to walk to cafes shops but out the door you can walk up to the hills next to streams and waterfalls .All the teachers were incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about their practices. I came for the yoga but Alignment, Philosophy and meditation classes have taught me so much to take back and practice in my daily living i will never forget this experience and i hope one day i will able to visit again and practice with them in India.... thanks heaps to you all 😀💕🙏

Elena Monteforte

from France, April 2022

"Don't doubt, just go for it! You won't regret it!"

Even though it’s only 24 days long, this is an intense & serious course & the teaching is of a very high standard. They worked us hard but I very much appreciated the opportunity to learn a great deal not only some yoga asanas but also about meditation, chanting, relaxation & health. It was also very helpful to meet so many different instructors. Unfortunately I cannot remember all their names - without exception, they were all excellent. I enjoyed the breath control classes & the trip to Vashistha the most I think. The Center is in a peaceful location with very little traffic noise. Just birds singing, monkeys chattering & cows mooing ! The standard of accommodation is very good indeed. Everything was spotlessly clean & there was lots of hot water for showering. There were ample quantities of freshly cooked & raw vegetarian food including watermelon & pineapple for breakfast. We served ourselves using stainless steel trays, cutlery & beakers which we washed up ourselves. There was hot & cold water, milk, chai masala and lemon & ginger tea to drink. The breathing and meditation classes were definitely the best thing of all and especially the relaxation at the end of the day with the best teacher! But none of this would matter if we didn't have the company of the other students from all over the world (we were 5 in total in the group) which made the retreat a lovely memory we will always carry with us! We highly recommend this retreat when visiting magnificent India!🙏

Jorge Gerardo Diaz

from Mexico, April 2022

"Great experience! "

Yogkulam truly is a yoga family. Very quickly we became like a family, sharing thoughts, ideas, dreams and cultural exchange. It was such a humbling experience, the teachers were great, overall the course syllabus is very complete. I learned so much about the lifelong journey that yoga represents. It was challenging everyday but there Is nothing that I regret of coming to yogkulam. The food everyday was so delicious and nutritious, Sunil really took care of us. It was such a fresh and fun trainning because the teachers are young and very knowledgeable. Special thanks to Amitji and Jituji our asana and theory teachers, and my dear friends!

Francesca Castagna

from France, April 2022

"Best People, Best Experience, Best Yoga School"

The location of Rishikesh Yogkulam is fantastic with views of the mountains. It is close to laxman jhula bridge and 10 min walk to mother ganga, every day i use to go to take a dip in the holi water of ganga. The facilities were clean, functional, and comfortable. In addition, the staff and owner of the school is very helpfull and caring people. The food was so delicious, its all fresh made and tates amzing, the chef made me fall in love with indian food. The teachers were incredibly nice and very knowledgeable and their teaching style, adjustments was all above what I had expected. Plus they were extremely friendly. As a warning for 'beginners or low-moderates", yoga instruction and classes are way more intense than your average studio class in france -- and that's exactly what I wanted. every sunday we were going to the 'excursion' its was amzing to see the sunrise from the mountains, waterfall treaking, river fating was so much fun, this place feels like home in 3 weeks, i was feeling sad to leave the place but i will definalty come back for my futhure yoga studies, I highly recommended this place and these people.

Martin Powell

from France, April 2022

"I wouldnt change anything about this experience"

This course is physically mentally emotionally challenging but I would not have changed a thing. I’m new to this yogic journey & been praticing yoga for 2 years. I learnt Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa but much much more. Philosophy, Pranayama, Anatomy, Alignment, Teaching Methodology & Meditation. There was so much to take in & not much time in which to study & take in the sights of Rishikesh so I would say that if you can go & then spend some extra time then you will experience a beautiful spiritual land buzzing with life & vitality. The teaching is exceptional. The practical exam an hour of teaching your own class in your style using what you’ve learnt. The accommodation is basic but very neat and clean and the view from the rooms are amazing, you just come out of your room and see the himalayas in front of you. I personally think it’s good to live yogic life for a month.... the teachers and the saff of rishikesh yogkulam is amazaing and very helpfull they help you in everything. we were lucky to go to indian wedding with traditional sari and all its so much fun to attend indian wedding , lots of people, dance, and delicious food. the classes are well structured asanas are challenging jittu ji breaks you down, first few days its easy but than later on it gets challenging, anatomy and philosophy classes of amit ji so so good with the morden and traditional approach of yoga. and meditation classes of ella ji is very relaxing and releasing, i really enjoyed the experience.

Alessandra Moschella

from Sweden, March 2022

"Only place I can recommend to study yoga and that's Yogkulam"

Wow!!! Having completed many courses in my life I left Yogkulam feeling inspired and wanting to learn more. The passion of ancient yogic knowledge oozes from the teachers who with love, respect and dignity hold true to what they believe and what they have been taught. They looked after my inflexible body and on my journey have knowingly or unknowingly taught me to respect and expand on the limitations which I have put on myself throughout my life. The course is well thought out with great teachings on all levels of the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual aspects of life. Be inspired, feel whole and let go. We create our own walls so when you are ready free yourself. There’s only one place I can recommend to study yoga and that is Yogkulam. Join the family.

Nadia Parella

from Sweden, March 2022

"Best Yoga course "

I did research a lot for the perfect school and I am so glad I found it! The teacher are amazing, full of knowledge, willing to help you grow, always an ear for your questions, assistance if you have any problem or health issues, respect full and always in a good mood to share wonderful experiences and memories with you. I can't say enough thank you for all your kindness and knowledge I got from all the teachers of Rishikesh Yogkulam. I Definitely will be back to keep studying with all of them.

And a big hug to my colleges there where one of a kind and so happy to have shared all this experience with them too.

Definitely this shook is the best you can find in Rishikesh. Dhanyawad


from India, February 2022

"Best Yoga Course Ever"

Enrolling for this yoga course was one of the best decisions I have ever made.I wanted to deepen my knowledge about Yoga and I was also seeking meaning in my life and yoga journey. I am happy to say that I found what I was looking for: skilful and competent teachers that not only share their knowledge but also help you and give you advice according to your specific needs (not only with poses and alignment, but also with improving your teaching skills and increasing your knowledge)

Every detail is carefully prepared to give us the best experience.

Rishikesh Yogkulam is not only a yoga school but also a family.

The sessions are thorough. teachers are incredible, knowledgeable and are always available to answer any questions. This course has been a life-changing experience for me. I highly recommend this yoga school!


from Australia, December 2021

"So, so worth it."

These teachers are such kind, supportive and incredible people. They possess so much knowledge, not just of yoga but of life and how certain changes and practices can influence our lives in such an important way. I learned a lot from this course and can’t wait to continue learning- I only wish it could have been in person!


from Italy, November 2021

"What a wonderful and informative experience!"

I was really positively surprised about how in depth and well organized the 200 hours Yoga teacher training course was.

My expectations were to learn more about Yoga philosophy and maybe get some more insights into the how and why of some Asanas, but because the course took place online I didn't expect to learn much concerning alignment and other more hands-on parts of the practice.

However, because all the teachers really cared about us students and our individual development, they always found a way to explain even more hands-on parts of the practice really well. The effort they put into organizing the course really showed because they managed to convey not just a great quantity of different information in a rather short time period, but also the quality of the classes was on a really high level. Talking to the different teachers it became clear that everyone cares and knows a lot about their respective teaching subject. All the teachers were always open for questions and even though the course was online, they all managed to create a productive and pleasant learning atmosphere.

In the end, I ended up with so much more than I expected. I didn't only get to know the philosophy behind Yoga and managed to hold some Asanas I wasn't able to hold before, but I also developed a Pranayama practice that works for me, got so much input on how to teach meditation and learned that I really enjoy Yin Yoga.

Thanks again to all teachers! I can highly recommend this Yoga school!

Linn Alexandrou

from Cyprus, April 2021

"Amazing teachers and classes"

I loved the whole experience and I truly recommend it to anyone that loves yoga. The teachers are full of knowledge and passion for Yoga and really know how to transfer the knowledge they have to the students. I feel so ready to start teaching my own students.

This YTT has been like a 7-week Yoga retreat for me where I have been immersed in everything that has to do with Yoga. I now feel a huge need to spread the practice of yoga in the world.

Jerina Kola

from Greece, March 2019

"300 hr ttc at Rishikesh yogkulam!"

One of the best schools in Rishikesh. The best choice I could have made my for my second training, 300 hr ttc. What I valued most is the knowledge i gained throughout this month,that shaped my yoga journey. The teachers of yogkulam are well experienced, with a great understanding and always willing to help.

The training took place in the heart of Rishikesh at a beautiful yoga shala. A special thank you to Amit Payal, who inspired me with his values of teaching.

Thank you yogkulam family from the bottom of my heart.

Kind regards


Sunsanee Mcgill

from United States, January 2019

"I received what I came for"

All of the teachers are very knowledge able. I appreciated the energy all of the teachers brought in to help us motivate. They taught us what we need to know to become a good yoga teachers.

The accommodation and location are really great. Food are also good but if you wish for something different or go out for a bit of shopping this location is perfect.

Luba Guseva

from United States, December 2018

"All over experience was very good"

I really liked accommodations + the spirit of the guys, they really did everything to make sure that our journey through 300H was maximum pleasant.