Kundalini Yoga Ashram India offers well-crafted Kundalini Tantra courses in Rishikesh, Bali, and Thailand.

Yoga Teacher Training (10)

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5 Day Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh

Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec, 2024

Videos (13)

Instructors (9)

Yogi Vishnu Panigrahi

Ashutosh Kumar Mishra

Anita Mander

Sadhu Sri

Yogi Yansa ji

Yogi Rohit Rawat

Yogi Azmi

Yogi Reiza Koashala

Yogi Maitreya

Reviews (14)

Julita Nikonowicz

from Spain, December 2023

"Exceptional quality and highly structured training."

The intense and deep traching structure of this training, highly competent and passionate teachers, transformational learning


from Germany, October 2023

"Unterricht gut, Unterkunft nicht empfehlenswert "

Das Essen ist in Ordnung, gut verträglich aber immer sehr ähnlich.

Die Lehrer sind erfahren und geben guten Unterricht.

Der Sonnenaufgangsausflug in die Berge war sehr schön.

Die Gruppe war international, es war ein sehr angenehmes und harmonisches Miteinander.

Ninon Montusclat

from Switzerland, May 2023

"Amazing way to discover or get deeper into Kundalini & yoga"

I have done the 100H Kundalini.

- The teachers are really knowledgeable, and mostly very happy to share their experience and knowledge. I have learnt so much, and beside the very early wake-up, I kept all my attention to get a much as possible from the classes. I will never forget the philosophy and Mantra classes with Mandeep Ji.

- The Kundalini classes are very intense and deeply moving - it is definitely much more than just learning to be a Kundalini teacher, and you will not get out this place the same way you have entered it.

- Staff very friendly overall

- Loved the food

- Super good location : quiet street, but 5 mn walking to all facilities, you can swim to the Ganga at lunch break, and if you're into hiking, they are walking paths starting not far from the Ashram.

- You will definitely meet GREAT people!

- A big thank you for this amazing experience!!!

Naomi Thornalley

from Spain, April 2023

The teachers are the best thing about this school. I am so grateful to all of them; Praveen, Ashu, Mandeep, Shobit, Anant, Sandeep Ji, Swarmi Ji, Amit. They are all so knowledgeable in their fields, on the body and how yoga (in all of its forms) affects the mind and body. I will remember these classes forever and recorded some of these teachers and their chants/mantras to listen back when I need a reminder. The food and kitchen staff were amazing. You will never go hungry here! The cleaning staff all felt like family after my first month. The reception staff work tirelessly to try to ensure things run smoothly. The rooms for me were exactly as to be expected. My first month I was in a 6 bed dorm and the second in a private. They were both standard and clean. Do not come if you are looking for luxury, this is still an Ashram, even if the photos look very fancy!

When I had an issue with something in a class I spoke to Hari Priya and she was so kind, caring, open to listening and accepting of my feedback. She made me feel heard and respected.

We were introduced to various people and groups that the Guru knows and had a variety of talks and performances from outside the course which was always lovely and broke up the otherwise monotonous schedule.

The excursions were lovely! Although if you do 500h here you will have the same excursions both months.

Luca Bagozza

from Guatemala, April 2023

I absolutely loved the passion of the teachers. You could really see that they were teaching from the Heart. This is very important for the students - to see and feel that the teachers are passionately living what they teach. I am very grateful for the genuine interest of the teachers in sharing the beautiful teachings of Yoga. I especially enjoyed the Philosophy and Pranayama Class with Mandeep Ji, who with his passion and devotion for the ancient spiritual teachings radiates like a Star - a real inspiration. I also very much enjoyed the Kundalini Kriya Classes with Praven Ji and Hari Priya, they definitely were the most transformative practices for me throughout the whole course. The course really provided a good foundation which allowed me to connect things I have previouly learned. In the end I was able to create a comprehensive system which allows me to build upon. The entire staff is also very friendly and helpful and the food was absolutely amazing, I really mean it! I also liked that we had the chance to visit a sacred temple and jump into the Ganga at 4am in the morning. An experience I will definitely never forget. I am very grateful for all the beautiful Souls of Kundalini/Samadhi/World Peace. Infinite Gratitude and Blessings to All!


from Romania, March 2023

"A very good life lesson"

It took me out of the comfort zone and made me more open minded and helped me in my flexibility (physical, mental and emotional as well).

Kasper Van Haaren

from Netherlands, January 2023

"200h kundalini"

I liked my stay so much. The teachers are very good, nice location, awesome food, all the staff was very friendly and our group was really the best!!


from Switzerland, December 2022

This is a life changing experience, weather you want to be a teacher or not it is worth every penny spent.

Ashwini Murthy

from United States, August 2021

"Beautiful experience! "

After searching for a kundalini yoga center to get certified, I finally fell across this gem of a school. I don’t think these guys know, but the value and what I have been learning has exceeded beyond my expectations. I am about to complete the 200 hour journey and I very much look forward to the 300 hours to complete it. Thank you Guru Vishnu and staff for a wonderful experience!!


from Germany, September 2020

"Nice online Training"

I did the 200h online Training and i really liked it...

The teachers are really great and i want to take the 300 h course as well


from Panama, August 2020

I have a wonderful experience with the Kundalini Yoga Ashram India. Teachers have deep knowledge and experience of yoga accordi g to vedas and ancestors ans they are really charming and kind. I took 200 hours Kundalini Yoga teacher training in self-paced mode and it worked for me, I had an amazing experience and learned a lot. The content of the training is extensive and covers so many topics that are important to the teacher. In addition to the videos recorded about classes there was opportunity to be in contact with the teachers and asked questions related to training or additional doubt. They were all open and a

willing to help. I recommend this school. I found what I expected and I am going to take two more training with them.

Thanks Guruji Vishnu to you and the teachers for sharing your knowledge with the rest of the world on site, online and self-paced.