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Yoga Poses: How to be Comfortable in All Asanas

by Katie Smith

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The meaning of the word “yoga” has become synonymous with the “physical discipline of being fit.” Despite this common conception, yoga’s primordial philosophical and spiritual concepts are still being practiced today through the different yoga poses.

Today, yoga poses (also known as “asanas”) are recognized for instilling discipline when it comes to temperament. They are also recommended to help regulate a person’s respiratory process while soothing the mind in turmoil through deep meditation.


About yoga poses


a yogi doing asanas outdoors


According to most yoga teachers and practitioners, asanas usually involve easy movements within the limits and capacity of an ordinary person. If the yoga poses are done properly,  they enable a person’s mind and body to work in segments so as to complement each position.

While performing a certain asana, you might notice that all the movements are slow, gentle, and quite relaxed. This is basically because the ultimate concept behind yoga is for the whole experience to be meaningful without going outside the limitations of a person’s physical and mental endurance.


Main Categories of Yoga Poses


stretching session

Standing asanas. This pose is primarily for people who want to increase their endurance. Through several movements, this position can bring flexibility and agility to the joints and muscles.

Forward bending and back bending asanas. If you want to connect your mental and physical activities, this is probably the best yoga position for you. This specific yoga pose would require you to achieve an amount of flexibility because it involves gradual stretching of your body. Through the easy movements, these asanas can help you to extend the back portion of your spine while it enhances the elasticity and suppleness to your limbs.

Back Bending asanas. This yoga pose is complementary to your spine. The spine—being the hinge of the body’s movements—can be agile enough to handle all the stresses brought by everyday life.


Getting comfortable


There are actually plenty of yoga-related types and terms that you will encounter while deepening your practice in yoga. Aside from learning the common types of yoga disciplines that provide strength, relaxation, and flexibility, you should also familiarize yourself with the various yoga poses.

As a beginner, it is quite possible for you to be comfortable in every pose there is. To find comfort, you will need to warm the body up with a series of practices. Since yoga movements can be quite a workout, it’s crucial to set aside time to warm up prior to beginning a yoga session. 

In every asana, the muscles of your body are being held together by leveled breathing. You have to understand that before doing any pose, you need to establish certain subtleness and balance involving the muscles of your body that need to work and of those that need to relax. 


yogis in a back-bending pose


As you spend more time in your practice, you will realize that being comfortable is the ideal way for you to perform all the yoga poses as it not only will it enable you to truly reap the benefits of yoga, it will also help you to prevent from injuring yourself.

What I mean by being this is that you would need to learn to control your breathing as well as the parts of your body. It is also about focusing your mind while keeping your consciousness still. You can learn to be comfortable by practicing the yoga poses recommended by your instructor. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to like the yoga pose. You have to understand that when you are able to be comfortable in the yoga positions you don’t necessarily enjoy, you will be able to excel even further when doing your favorite asanas.


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