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Amelia Jones

from United Kingdom, January 2024

SVL Yoga teacher training course has been a journey of profound self-discovery and acceptance for me. The philosophy and eastern anatomy lessons were particularly transformative. They encouraged deep reflection, leading to a significant shift in my perspectives about life and my place in it. This newfound understanding has been my greatest takeaway from the classes. I've achieved a more peaceful relationship with myself, which has been incredibly healing. I've struggled with body shaming and eating disorders in the past, and while these challenges haven't completely vanished, they've greatly improved. The course has taught me to acknowledge my imperfections, work towards positive change, and, importantly, to give myself the grace and space needed for this growth. In summary, this course was worth every bit of effort. I extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone involved. The experience has profoundly changed me for the better. Best wishes, Amelia

Julia Huber

from Austria, January 2024

"I can recommend SVL Yoga with my whole heart"

Completing my 200 Hr YTT through SVL Yoga was a phenomenal experience from beginning to end. I feel more than prepared to begin my journey as a yoga teacher and have also developed a much deeper personal practice- for which I could not be more grateful. The teachers are a pleasure to know and learn from, I truly can't sing enough praise! If you are looking for a comprehensive, well-organized, personal, and enlightening (both spiritually and physically) experience, I can recommend SVL Yoga with my whole heart. Thank you to the entire SVL Yoga team for the knowledge, care, and love that they put into creating this wonderful program! Julia

Susan Miller

from United States, December 2023

"Mind- Body Connection- Journey to Self"

SVL Yoga's 200-hour multi-style teacher training in Rishikesh was a transformative journey. The integration of pranayama, meditation, Ayurveda, and yoga philosophy provided a holistic approach to yoga. Each class, taught by knowledgeable and kind teachers, deepened my understanding of asanas and the philosophy behind them. The serene Rishikesh setting enhanced the spiritual experience, allowing for profound personal growth. The course's focus on both the physical and philosophical aspects of yoga has equipped me with the tools to not only better my practice but also to confidently teach others. The Ayurvedic teachings added a unique dimension, offering insights into a balanced lifestyle. This training wasn't just educational; it was a life-changing experience that nurtured my body, mind, and spirit. Will Definitely recommend to anyone looking to deepen their personal practices and carry tools to guide other on beautiful journey of yoga.


from Italy, December 2023

I loved everything, the classes, program structure, teachers, host, people, expedition, enviroment. I really recommend to do this certification. Thank you so much for this incredible experience SVL Yoga, i will carry with me all these profound learnings, experiences and tools. Namaste

Leia Chan

from Hong Kong, December 2023

"Well organised & transformative teacher training experience!"

Thanks to SVL Yoga's genuinely caring team for well organised and transformative teacher training experience from beginning to end. The teachers are proficient and willing to share their knowledge and valuable experiences. Each subject has a dedicated class (pranayama, meditation, asana and alignment, philosophy/ayurveda) where theoretical knowledge and practical experiences combines and provides a deep understanding of what yoga was and what it is. The environment is meant to enhance the group experience and we are encourage to share in a safe environment. The ashram is managed by amazingly caring people that make you feel at home from day one. I loved my experience beyond expectations and I would love to take part to trainings in future. Love and Light, Leia

Polina Radyushina

from Costa Rica, December 2023

"I like my experience at this yoga teaching course "

It was very interesting and at the same time very intense experience. Everyday classes in a beautiful place. The place is surrounded with wild nature, far from town’s chaos. I had a deep experience with my emotions that came out on surface and understood what is not working in my life and what I need to change.

I’m very happy and glad I went there and spent my time in this course. I definitely recommend to go there and have unique experience of yoga.

Amelia Fischer

from Germany, December 2023

"Thank you SVL Yoga for helping me find myself"

As an aspiring yoga teacher, I sought immersive and authentic teacher training that would deepen my personal practice and equip me with teaching skills. SVL Yoga's course far surpassed my expectations, providing me with a profoundly holistic and transformational experience.

The lead teachers demonstrated immense wisdom and reverence for the practice as they guided us through the intricacies of alignment, adjustment, sequencing, and energetics behind each asana. Their insightful instructions improved my technique tremendously.

I gained invaluable tools for demonstrating and assisting students, as well as for creating sequenced classes that flow smoothly and safely. The training also explored essential pranayama, meditation, and philosophical aspects of classical Hatha with depth.

By the end, I felt abundantly confident to begin sharing my yoga knowledge thanks to the compassionate mentoring and practical focus of SVL Yoga's training. My inner light feels ignited as both a practitioner and teacher. I'm deeply grateful for this enriching journey back to yoga's heart. and will come back again :)

Delphine Aubert

from France, December 2023

"Merci SVL Yoga!"

Je me suis inscrite à la formation d'enseignants de yoga Yin chez SVL Yoga pour approfondir ma pratique personnelle et apprendre à l'enseigner à mes élèves. L'approche holistique a dépassé mes attentes. Les enseignants ont intégré de manière fluide les asanas physiques, le travail respiratoire et la méditation, améliorant l'expérience d'apprentissage. Pendant les séances, nous avons maintenu des postures Yin pendant de longues périodes, permettant des libérations douces dans le fascia et l'ouverture des canaux énergétiques. L'accent a toujours été mis sur l'écoute des signaux subtils de notre corps, évitant la surcharge. Les indications perspicaces de l'enseignant ont été essentielles pour me guider vers une posture confortable et bénéfique. Le rythme unique de cette formation en Yin a favorisé une tranquillité mentale complétée par une relaxation physique. Les techniques de respiration et les exercices de méditation ont renforcé ce sentiment de centrage. Le cours a également exploré la philosophie Yin, éclairant les chakras et les systèmes méridiens. De plus, l'importance de transposer la conscience orientée vers l'intérieur du Yin dans nos interactions quotidiennes a été mise en lumière, soulignant les liens de compassion. Chaque session était un voyage de découverte de soi et de guérison. Mon bien-être physique et mental s'est amélioré, et je suis équipée de pratiques Yin incroyables pour un auto-soin constant et me sens prête à les partager avec les autres.Merci SVL Yoga!

Helga Müller

from Austria, December 2023

"Incredible training with SVL!"

With SVL Yoga teacher training, I was excited about deepening my practice and learning to teach. The transformative journey not only met but also far exceeded my expectations, enriching both my mental and physical well-being.

The amazing teachers at SVL Yoga were sources of compassion, knowledge, and enthusiasm. Their skilled mentorship facilitated a smooth transition from being a practitioner to a confident yogi and teacher. The training enhanced my physical and mental growth.

The curriculum was comprehensive and insightful, extending beyond the yoga asanas. It incorporated yoga history, philosophy, anatomy, meditation, and sequencing, resulting in a holistic understanding of yoga. Our mutual passion for yoga and shared experiences fostered deep connections and mutual inspiration.

Upon completion, I felt equipped and confident to lead my own yoga classes. The training added an unexpected depth of peace and purpose to my life.

I highly recommend this training to anyone looking to deepen their practice, transform their lives, and uncover the profound power of yoga. The teachers at SVL Yoga excel in nurturing each student's unique strengths and fostering personal growth.

Alice Scott

from United States, December 2023

As a yoga beginner, I was unsure what to expect when I signed up for the teacher training training at SVL Yoga. What transpired over the life-changing weeks was beyond anything I could have imagined.

The teachers exuded such warmth, wisdom and passion. Their expert guidance and encouragement enabled me to progress rapidly from a struggling newbie to a confident practitioner. I gained so much strength, flexibility, and body awareness that I never thought possible.

The comprehensive curriculum went far beyond just mastering the physical poses. We explored yoga philosophy, anatomy, breathing exercises, and meditation - all integral pieces of a well-rounded practice.

One highlight for me was learning to teach yoga to those with limited mobility. Adapting poses using props like chairs and blocks opened my eyes to making yoga accessible for all.

The community of students provided motivation, support and inspiration that enhanced the experience exponentially. By the end, we had all connected deeply through our shared love of yoga.

I never felt rushed or overwhelmed thanks to the thoughtful pacing and structure. The teachers gave individual attention ensuring we properly understood techniques before progressing.

This training has instilled in me a profound passion for yoga that will stick with me for life. As a beginner, I gained confidence, skills and inner peace I didn't know possible. I wholeheartedly recommend this course for anyone wanting to transform body and mind

Anne Marie

from United Kingdom, December 2023

"Memorable Journey with SVL Yoga"

I recently completed an incredible SVL yoga teacher training that was deeply transformative on many levels.

The comprehensive curriculum seamlessly blended an array of yoga styles and practices. For yin yoga, we held passive floor poses targeting connective tissues - a rewarding challenge that improved my range of motion. Vinyasa sessions focused on linking breath and movement through flowing sequences. Grounding hatha yoga centered on alignment and mindfulness.

The pranayama techniques we explored, like alternate nostril breathing, brought valuable benefits on and off the mat by cultivating conscious breaths. Meditation was expertly integrated throughout, not limited to specific sessions. We learned invaluable tools for centering, mindfulness and mantra meditation that left me feeling focused, relaxed and present.

Beyond the physical techniques, the knowledge imparted about yoga's history, philosophies, anatomy and teaching methodology was highly practical. Our talented teachers shared their deep wisdom gained from years of practice and teaching. Their passion for yoga was visible.

This training exceeded my expectations. I've emerged with a renewed sense of purpose, transformed internally and equipped with skills to share yoga's gifts. For anyone wanting to deepen their practice and develop solid teaching abilities, I highly recommend immersing yourself in this SVL Yoga's holistic training.


from Thailand, November 2023

The location is very good, far from the city of Rishikesh, adjacent to the site is a wild forest where you can see wild animals, and the extremely beautiful Ganges River is a 15 minute walk away. Since it was wedding season, there were days when music was played from 5am until after 12am, but it was usually a quiet area. It was great to do yoga while watching the sunrise every morning!!

I love curry, I was so happy having 3 meals of curry every day. The taste was also very delicious.

The room was clean. Although I had requested a shared room, I was given a private room. My mattress was a little hard.

There were two asana teachers, one in the morning and one in the evening. Both teachers were knowledgeable about yoga, answered questions quickly, and taught each student individually at a level that suited the student.

Although it was only 3 weeks, I learned a lot of things, every day my mood rises and falls like a roller coaster. Thanks to that, I was able to know more about myself. A friend who already has Ryt 200 said that yoga school is a place where a lot of things happen not only physically but also mentally. So I would love to go to another school to learn more about yoga, and about myself! It was really interesting.

Lucy Allen

from United States, November 2023

"Elevating my yoga journey with SVL Yoga"

As a yoga practitioner, I was looking to expand my toolkit with more holistic modalities. SVL Yoga's holistic yoga teacher training greatly enriched my skills because of its holistic and comprehensive approach. The yoga asana segments were beautifully crafted especially yin yoga to work the connective tissues and open the meridians. The training provided excellent guidance on how to facilitate Yin meditative practices, cue sustained postures and create nourishing sequences.

I especially appreciated the in-depth teachings on pranayama techniques such as alternate nostril breathing and sitali for cooling. These allowed me to guide the students into a deeply restorative parasympathetic state. The mindfulness and meditation sessions were equally powerful.

SVL Yoga provided me with practical tools to bring more rejuvenation and inner peace to my classes. Their training underscored yoga's ability to holistically unify the layers of our being. I feel so grateful to have learned powerful practices to share these gifts of union with my students. This was truly a vital program that enhances both personally and professionally.

Megan Lewis

from United States, November 2023

"Authentic and Transformative Training by SVL Yoga"

I have been practicing yoga for years and was looking for an authentic yoga teacher training that would deepen my practice and knowledge. SVL Yoga's holistic program offered exactly what I was looking for through its authentic approach and teaching methodology.

The training delved extensively into the origins and roots of yoga, providing context and meaning behind asanas and practices. Great emphasis was placed on proper alignment, safety and energetic actions in the asanas. The instructor's thoughtful sequence progressed from simple to more complex postures.

Complementing the physical practice, we learned essential pranayama techniques to increase the prana, the vital life force. The training also integrated meditation and mindfulness to strengthen the focus and stillness of the mind. The course days transitioned seamlessly from invigorating movements to calm stillness.

Through this training, I gained an immense perspective on the holistic nature of yoga. The teachers imparted ancient wisdom with contemporary relevance and gave us tools to radiate health and peace. My technique improved , as did my sense of mind-body connection and purpose in life. Thanks to SVL Yoga's authentic and thorough instruction, I feel ready to share the incredible gifts of yoga with others. I highly recommend this authentic and transformative practice to everyone.

Sophia Morgan

from United Kingdom, November 2023

"My deepest gratitude to SVL Yoga!"

I am so grateful to have discovered SVL Yoga's immersive yoga teacher training. Being new to these practices, I didn't know what to expect, but I was deeply touched by the tranquility and centering these classes offered. Yin classes guided us through gently held postures targeting deep connective tissues and meridians. Prolonged postures dissolve chronic tension and require full awareness to breathe through discomfort.

The teacher has found the perfect balance between support and immobility. The meditation and pranayama sessions were equally profound. Focusing on the breath and body scans left me with a sense of deep calm and presence. We also explored mindfulness meditations.

The teacher's philosophical reflections, reminders of spiritual essence and soothing guidance made this a journey of self-discovery. I came away with tools to calm my mind and find inner peace amidst the chaos of life. This course has transformed my relationship with mind, body and soul. Thank you SVL Yoga !

Eva Hoffmann

from Germany, November 2023

"Das Wesen des Yoga Beherrschen"

Als ich mit meiner Yogalehrerausbildung bei SVL Yoga begann, hoffte ich, meine Praxis zu vertiefen und als Lehrer selbstbewusster zu werden. Was folgte, war eine wirklich lebensverändernde Erfahrung, die meine Erwartungen übertraf. Die intensive Ausbildung verwandelte mich als Person auf unglaubliche Weise.

Das Lernen ging weit über die Positionen hinaus. Der Kurs vermittelte einen ganzheitlichen Ansatz, Yoga zu leben und weiterzugeben. Ich lernte Philosophien, Anatomie, Abfolgen, Korrekturen - Schlüsselaspekte für exzellenten Unterricht.

Ich genoss es, verschiedene Yogastile zu erkunden, was meine Sicht auf die Gestaltung von Abfolgen für unterschiedliche Bedürfnisse erweiterte. Der Fokus auf Sicherheit und Feedback half mir, die Techniken zu meistern.

Die Ausbildung vertiefte durch regelmäßige Praxis mein Verständnis von Atemübungen und Meditation enorm, was mir große Klarheit und Ruhe für den Unterricht brachte.

Die Selbstreflexion und die Gemeinschaft motivierter Schüler steigerten das Lernen durch Unterstützung und Inspiration exponentiell.

Am Ende fühlte ich mich dank der fachkundigen Anleitung, die meine Stärken förderte, gestärkt und voller Zuversicht. Diese Erfahrung durchdrang mich mit dem Yoga-Geist, wie es kein Buch gekonnt hätte. Ich empfehle jedem, sich auf diese ganzheitliche Ausbildung einzulassen, um Tiefe zu entdecken und als Lehrer zu wachsen

Margot Blanc

from France, November 2023

"Merci SVL Yoga !"

Namaste 🙏J'ai récemment terminé le cours de formation d'enseignants de yoga SVL. Les professeurs qualifiés m'ont fourni d'excellentes bases dans les techniques, les principes et la séquence du yoga.

L'approche progressive, des asanas à l'intégration du pranayama et de la méditation, m'a donné confiance pour pratiquer et enseigner aux débutants. Être immergé dans la formation de la capitale du yoga était inestimable.

J'ai adoré apprendre les techniques de pranayama percutantes et l'anatomie pour des ajustements manuels sécuritaires.

Je recommande fortement cette formation transformatrice aux professeurs de yoga comme aux élèves souhaitant approfondir leur pratique. Les compétences acquises resteront avec moi dans mon parcours yogique.

Ashley Jobe

from United States, November 2023

The Hatha yoga, Pranayama, Anatomy and Modification classes were authentic and foundational in their approach and really drilled in consistency and simplicity, which I found very refreshing. No frills, no fluff, just yoga. Both Ankit and Shobhit were great teachers, challenging us daily and were great to get to know. Daniela was also listed as an instructor in my program but was not present.

Leaning into my true nature, a major point of reference in Philosophy teachings with SVL, I must share an authentic review about my experience. I will admit first that the program outline in the listing has been modified tremendously since our Oct 2023 YTT class/feedback, and I am thankful it now reflects a more accurate depiction of what you should expect during your training. I want to glean the positivity from this experience and I also want to be realistic. I’m torn. If you are like me, this investment in your practice, time, money and focus all deserve respect and attention and some things fell short, while others, like the morning and even classes/workshops were everything I could have asked for.

Abigail Moore

from United States, October 2023

"Transformational Experiences with SVL Yoga "

As an aspiring yoga instructor, I sought an immersive Hatha Vinyasa training that would deepen my personal practice and equip me with teaching skills. SVL Yoga's course far surpassed my expectations, providing me with a profoundly holistic and transformational experience.

The lead teachers demonstrated immense wisdom and reverence for the practice as they guided us through the intricacies of alignment, adjustment, sequencing, and energetics behind each asana. Their insightful instructions improved my technique tremendously.

I gained invaluable tools for demonstrating and assisting students, as well as for creating sequenced classes that flow smoothly and safely. The training also explored essential pranayama, meditation, and philosophical aspects of Hatha with depth.

By the end, I felt abundantly confident to begin sharing my Hatha Vinyasa knowledge thanks to the compassionate mentoring and practical focus of SVL Yoga's training. My inner light feels ignited as both a practitioner and teacher. I'm deeply grateful for this enriching journey back to yoga's heart.

Natalia Sandoval

from Mexico, October 2023

"Muchas Gracias SVL Yoga !"

Como principiante de yoga, estaba buscando una inmersión en Hatha que desarrollara mis conocimientos y práctica fundamentales. El curso de formación de profesores de SVL Yoga proporcionó la introducción perfecta en un entorno seguro y de apoyo.

Los instructores principales demostraron tal sabiduría y presencia. Sus guías relajantes e instrucciones claras me dieron confianza en mi técnica. Nunca me sentí apurada ni preocupada por seguir el ritmo.

Cada clase progresó sin problemas desde el calentamiento y las salutaciones al sol hasta las posturas de pie, las posturas sentadas y la savasana. El maestro enfatizó escuchar tu cuerpo y modificar con accesorios según sea necesario. Sus asistencias físicas fueron suaves pero me ayudaron a profundizar mi práctica.

Al final, había ganado mucha más conciencia sobre la alineación, la respiración y la secuencia. Mi flexibilidad, fuerza y atención plena mejoraron gracias a las herramientas que adquirí. Agradezco a SVL Yoga por hacer que el yoga Hatha sea accesible y ayudarme a progresar como estudiante. ¡Este entrenamiento superó mis expectativas!

Isla Wilson

from Australia, October 2023

"Yin Training Journey with SVL Yoga"

As a yoga teacher, I was eager to expand my knowledge of Yin yoga through SVL Yoga's immersive training program. I emerged with a deeper reverence for Yin's transformative potential along with practical tools to share this practice.

The training provided extensive guidance on facilitating meditative Yin classes - from sequencing long-held floor poses to creating a calming ambiance with cueing and music. The teachers explained the theory and anatomical focus on connective tissues beautifully.

I appreciated learning the subtle yet powerful differences of stimulating the fascia versus contracting the muscles. The passive, gentle approach of Yin opened my body and mind in new ways.

SVL Yoga's teachers exuded such compassion, wisdom and experience. Their peaceful presence and mindfulness reminders enhanced our own journeys. I'm thrilled to offer the grounding gifts of Yin to my students thanks to this enriching training. Highly recommended!

Charlotte Maes

from Belgium, October 2023

" SVL Yoga's Holistic Training"

As a yogi, I was thrilled to discover SVL Yoga's Ayurvedic Hatha training. It deepened my practice and teaching skills tremendously through the holistic integration of Hatha with Ayurvedic wisdom.

The Foundations of Ayurveda module gave extensive insights into the doshas, gunas, and deciphering constitutions. I appreciated learning how tailored asanas, pranayama, meditations, herbs, nutrition and rhythms can help balance each individual's dosha.

The Hatha sessions were exceptional - exploring energetics through mindful alignment and sequencing. Pranayama and meditation complemented these beautifully.

I feel abundantly equipped to educate and empower students on their Ayurvedic path toward optimal wellbeing. SVL Yoga's passionate, knowledgeable teachers modeled how to weave Ayurveda into authentic Hatha classes gracefully.

This deeply enriching training expanded my toolkit exponentially. I'm honored to have learned timeless teachings on unifying ancient sciences and Modern needs. My gratitude to SVL Yoga for illuminating this profound knowledge. Namaste


from United Kingdom, September 2023

"An Enlightening Journey with SVL Yoga's Holistic Program"

Seeking a comprehensive yoga training course, I was drawn to SVL Yoga's holistic program.

The course is very complete. The Hatha and Vinyasa classes were intelligently sequenced, transitioning from foundational to more steady practices. The Ayurveda modules provided invaluable insights into constitution, diet, and wellness routines. The diverse pranayama techniques were truly rejuvenating.

Dedicated meditation sessions and Yoga Sutra teachings shed light on deeper layers of consciousness. Furthermore, we delved into the integration of yogic principles in relationships and work, fostering greater harmony.

I'm astounded by the depth and breadth of this exceptional training. The instructors approached each topic with evident passion and meticulous care. My mind, body, and spirit have been deeply enriched. The holistic tools and teachings have not only amplified my personal practice but also prepared me to share yoga's gifts more fully. Immense gratitude to the SVL Yoga team for guiding me on this luminous journey!

Anna Kowalczyk

from Poland, September 2023

"Wyruszanie na autentyczną ścieżkę jogi z szkoleniem SVL"

Poszukując pogłębienia mojej praktyki jogi, natknąłem się na kurs szkoleniowy SVL Yoga. Nauczyciele umiejętnie prowadzili nas przez starożytne tradycje, przekazując mądrość, która przekształciła moje podejście.

Każdy dzień płynnie przechodził od budzącego pranayama i pobudzającego asany do spokojnej regeneracji poprzez savasanę i medytację. Krok po kroku rozbudowywanie podstawowych postaw poprawiło moje wyrównanie, siłę i elastyczność.

Praktykowanie pranayamy przyniosło więcej witalności i kontroli nad życiową energią. Prowadzone medytacje pomogły skierować mnie do wewnątrz.

Doświadczając różnych aspektów jogi w harmonii, zacząłem doceniać praktykę jako holistyczną ścieżkę do duchowego i wewnętrznego wzrostu, a nie tylko jako czysto fizyczną. SVL Yoga ukazała, jak asana przygotowuje naczynie do głębszych stanów ciszy.

Zakotwiczony w wiekowych naukach, ten kurs znacząco wzbogacił moją praktykę jogi. Nauczyciele zachęcali do ucieleśnionego samopoznania z troską i mądrością. Jestem wdzięczny SVL Yoga za tę głęboko wzbogacającą podróż do korzeni jogi. Namaste.

Julia Nowak

from Poland, September 2023

"Ayurveda & Yoga Training at SVL Yoga"

SVL Yoga's Ayurveda and Yoga training opened my eyes to profound wellness wisdom I didn't know existed. This enriching course blended yogic techniques with Ayurvedic principles for a holistic approach.

Right away, the knowledgeable teachers captivated me by elucidating how yoga and Ayurveda powerfully complement each other. We explored identifying individual doshas to tailor energizing/relaxing poses, pranayama, diet, herbs, and daily routines accordingly.

Beyond asanas, we learned how to craft optimal meal plans per dosha and incorporate rejuvenating Ayurvedic practices and routines. This revealed the incredible interplay between nutrition, lifestyle routines, and balanced movement for whole being health.

Every class brought deeper self-understanding, helping me tune into my body’s needs. I feel truly empowered, now equipped with tools that harness the synergy of yoga and Ayurveda.

With immense gratitude, I applaud SVL Yoga for this profoundly holistic training. It has enriched my yoga practice and instilled an appreciation for Ayurveda's healing potential in a whole new way. I highly recommend this transformative course!

David Williams

from United Kingdom, September 2023

"Transformative Experience with SVL Yoga"

From the very moment I joined SVL Yoga's Hatha-Vinyasa training course, I felt I was in for something special. The holistic approach of blending traditional Hatha postures with the dynamic flow of Vinyasa provided an enriching and balanced learning experience.

The instructors were not only knowledgeable but deeply passionate, illuminating the intricacies of each pose while emphasizing the importance of fluid transitions. Their patience and individualized attention ensured that each of us, regardless of our previous experience, could progress at our own pace.

What truly set this training apart was the thorough exploration of yoga philosophy intertwined with practical sessions. It wasn't about "achieving the perfect pose" but understanding the deeper purpose and intention behind each movement. The course also equipped me with valuable breathing techniques, enhancing both my practice and my overall well-being.

By the conclusion of the training, I felt both physically stronger and mentally more centered. SVL Yoga has curated a training course that isn't just about yoga on the mat, but understanding its broader application in daily life. I can confidently say this training has been a transformative journey, and I'm immensely grateful for the wisdom and skills I've acquired. Highly recommended for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding and practice of yoga

Charlotte Maes

from Belgium, September 2023

"Mijn Yoga Praktijk Verhogen: Dankzij SVL Yoga"

Als beginnende yogi was ik op zoek naar een Hatha-Vinyasa onderdompeling die mijn basiskennis zou verdiepen in een veilige, ondersteunende omgeving. De trainingscursus van SVL Yoga was perfect voor mij en bood precies de verzorgende ervaring waarop ik hoopte.

De leraren toonden zo'n bewuste aanwezigheid. Hun duidelijke mondelinge instructies en visuele demonstraties zorgden ervoor dat ik vertrouwen had in mijn uitlijning en techniek. Ik voelde me nooit gehaast of bezorgd over het bijhouden.

De klas vloeide soepel tussen staande poses, voorwaartse vouwen, achterwaartse buigingen en eindposes. De leraren benadrukten te luisteren naar je lichaam en indien nodig aan te passen. Hun assistentie was zacht maar hielp me mijn beoefening te verdiepen.

Aan het eind had ik veel meer inzicht in de juiste vorm en volgorde. Mijn lichaam voelt ook sterker en soepeler aan na het toepassen van de gedeelde tools en aanpassingen. Ik ben SVL Yoga zo dankbaar voor het creëren van zo'n toegankelijke, veilige ruimte voor yogi's van alle niveaus om te leren. Deze yoga training overtrof mijn verwachtingen. Ik voel me klaar om deze onschatbare leringen vol vertrouwen met anderen te delen. Namaste

Jeanne Bernard

from France, September 2023

"Un Voyage vers la Paix Intérieure avec SVL Yoga"

Je suis tellement reconnaissante d'avoir découvert la formation bienveillante en Yin et Pleine Conscience de SVL Yoga. Étant novice dans ces pratiques, je ne savais pas à quoi m'attendre mais j'ai été profondément touchée par la tranquillité et la centrage que ce cours m'a offerts.

Chaque classe de Yin nous a guidés à travers des postures doucement maintenues au sol ciblant les tissus conjonctifs profonds et les méridiens. Les postures prolongées dissolvent les tensions chroniques et nécessitent une pleine conscience pour respirer à travers l'inconfort. L'enseignant a trouvé l'équilibre parfait entre aides et immobilité.

Les séances de méditation et de pranayama étaient tout aussi profondes. Se concentrer sur la respiration et les scans corporels m'a laissé une sensation de calme et de présence profonds. Nous avons également exploré les méditations de pleine conscience.

Les réflexions philosophiques de l'enseignant, les rappels de l'essence spirituelle et les conseils apaisants ont fait de ceci un voyage de découverte de soi. Je suis ressortie avec des outils pour apaiser mon esprit et retrouver la paix intérieure au milieu du chaos de la vie. Ce cours a transformé ma relation avec l'esprit, le corps et l'âme. Ma profonde gratitude à SVL Yoga!


from Italy, September 2023

"Momenti trasformativi con la formazione SVL Yoga"

Sono così felice di essermi iscritta al corso di formazione Hatha-Vinyasa di SVL Yoga. La guida premurosa e l'incoraggiamento dell'istruttore hanno reso ogni lezione accogliente e fattibile, anche da principiante.

Il corso ha fornito una panoramica completa delle posizioni yoga fondamentali, delle tecniche di respirazione e della filosofia. Ogni sessione si è sviluppata gradualmente, permettendomi di comprendere gli allineamenti corretti e perfezionare la forma con guida. Ho adorato scoprire come gli attrezzi possono rendere le pratiche più accessibili.

L'insegnante ha sottolineato l'importanza di ascoltare le esigenze del proprio corpo e di modificare di conseguenza. Il suo modo rassicurante di dimostrare mi ha messo a mio agio. Non mi sono mai sentita di dover correre o preoccuparmi di "stare al passo". I preziosi consigli su come rimanere presenti e distaccarsi dai risultati sono stati inestimabili.

Alla fine, ho acquisito molta più fiducia nelle mie capacità yoga. Grazie all'allenamento sicuro e progressivo, il mio corpo si sente anche più forte e flessibile. Sono grata a SVL Yoga per aver creato un ambiente così motivante per la crescita e la scoperta di sé. Questo corso di formazione in yoga è l'inizio perfetto e incoraggiante per ogni yogi

Camille Pierre

from France, September 2023

"Parcours Hatha holistique avec SVL Yoga"

Ayant pratiqué diverses formes de yoga au fil des ans, j'ai ressenti le besoin de retourner aux racines avec une approche holistique du Hatha. Le cours de formation Hatha de SVL Yoga répondait à cet appel. Dès le premier jour, j'ai pu ressentir la profondeur et l'authenticité des enseignements.

Le cours a fusionné de manière transparente la pratique des asanas avec le pranayama, la méditation et la philosophie yogique. Chaque séance était un mélange équilibré de défi physique et de nourriture spirituelle. Notre instructeur nous a guidés à travers chaque posture, mettant l'accent sur l'alignement et l'énergie profonde derrière chaque mouvement.

Nous nous sommes plongés dans les écritures anciennes, gagnant un aperçu du contexte traditionnel du Hatha yoga. Cette base philosophique était un puissant complément à la pratique physique, permettant une compréhension et une connexion plus riches.

SVL Yoga a également veillé à ce que l'environnement du cours soit propice à l'apprentissage et à la réflexion personnelle. Le cadre serein, combiné aux conseils bienveillants des enseignants, a rendu mon parcours à la fois transformateur et introspectif.

À la fin du cours, je me suis sentie revigorée et équipée d'un ensemble complet d'outils pour approfondir ma pratique personnelle et la partager avec les autres. Je recommande de tout cœur la formation holistique Hatha de SVL Yoga à quiconque recherche une immersion profonde et ancrée dans le yoga traditionnel.

Lena Huber

from Austria, September 2023

"Vertiefung meiner Praxis, Yin Entdeckung mit SVL Yoga"

Als erfahrene Vinyasa Yoga Lehrerin wollte ich das meditative Wesen von Yin tiefer verstehen. Die Ausbildung von SVL Yoga zeigte mir die transformative Essenz von Yin auf eine ganzheitliche Art, die mich zutiefst berührte.

In jeder Einheit tauchten wir tief in verlängerte Positionen ein und erlangten so einen intensiveren Zugang zu unserem Bindegewebe. Unter der sanften Anleitung der Lehrerin lernte ich, Verspannungen mit Mitgefühl statt mit Kraft zu begegnen.

Das überlegte Tempo förderte achtsames Atmen und gesteigerte Selbstwahrnehmung. Zusammen mit Meditationen und koordinierten Bewegungen erlebte ich tiefe Entspannung. Wir beschäftigten uns auch mit den daoistischen Grundlagen von Yin und der chinesischen Meridian-Theorie, wobei der Schwerpunkt auf der Lösung energetischer Blockaden für eine ganzheitliche Gesundheit lag.

Dank SVL Yoga integriere ich die Tiefe von Yin in meine Kurse und ermögliche meinen Schülern, diese bereichernde Hingabe ebenfalls zu erleben. Für diese transformierende Erfahrung bin ich zutiefst dankbar

Linda Jones

from United States, September 2023

"Deepening Practices- The Yin Way with SVL Yoga"

I enrolled in SVL Yoga's Yin training to delve deeper into my personal practice, and the holistic approach surpassed my expectations. The instructors integrated physical postures, breathwork, and meditation seamlessly, enhancing the learning experience.

During the sessions, we maintained Yin poses for extended periods, allowing gentle releases in the fascia and opening up energy channels. The emphasis was always on being attuned to our bodies' subtle signals, avoiding overexertion. The instructor's insightful cues were instrumental in guiding me to a comfortable and beneficial posture.

This Yin training's unique pace fostered a mental stillness complemented by physical relaxation. Breathing techniques and meditation exercises furthered this sense of centeredness.

The course also delved into Yin philosophy, shedding light on the meridian systems. Moreover, the importance of carrying Yin's inward-focused awareness into our daily interactions was highlighted, underscoring the bonds of compassion.

With SVL Yoga's well-rounded approach, every session felt like a journey of self-discovery and healing. My physical and mental well-being have notably improved, and I'm equipped with potent Yin practices for consistent self-care


from Spain, September 2023

"Abrazando la Esencia del Yoga con SVL"

Me uní al curso de formación Hatha-Vinyasa de SVL Yoga como estudiante de yoga buscando profundizar mi práctica personal. Esta formación me ofreció exactamente la experiencia holística y enriquecedora que esperaba.

Los instructores crearon un ambiente tranquilo desde el principio. Su manera atenta de guiarnos a través de las posturas realmente me permitió sentir los beneficios de cada una. Siempre demostraron la alineación adecuada y dieron opciones para modificar con accesorios.

Además de los movimientos físicos, aprendimos técnicas de respiración de yoga y meditaciones. Estos fueron maravillosos para reducir el estrés y aquietar mis pensamientos agitados. El curso también enseñó filosofía del yoga, lo que mejoró mi autoconciencia y nos mostró cómo vivir un estilo de vida yóguico.

El ambiente grupal de apoyo fue muy motivador. Mis compañeros de clase eran acogedores y me nutrí de su energía. Salía de cada sesión sintiéndome elevado y centrado.

Fue una inmersión tan completa en el yoga. Gané un profundo respeto por la práctica y me sentí más en sintonía con cuerpo y mente. SVL Yoga creó un espacio enriquecedor para nutrirme de manera integral. Estoy muy agradecido por esta experiencia enriquecedora tanto dentro como fuera del tapete. Gracias al equipo de SVL Yoga por brindarme esta experiencia transformadora.

Bianca Romano

from Italy, September 2023

"Discovering the True Essence of Yoga at SVL"

Participating in the SVL Yoga Training was a truly enriching experience. From day one, I felt safe in the hands of knowledgeable instructors. The course content was well-structured, making it easy to follow the concepts and techniques. I especially appreciated the balanced blend of theory and practice, which allowed me to immediately apply what I learned. The SVL team was always supportive and encouraging, helping boost my confidence as a yoga instructor. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to dive deeper into the world of yoga and teaching. Namaste

Zelda Becker

from Germany, September 2023

"Befähigung und Wachstum - Meine Zeit mit SVL Yoga"

Als Yoga-Anfängerin suchte ich nach einer Hatha-Vinyasa-Ausbildung, die meine Praxis sanft vertiefen und mir helfen würde, mit korrekter Ausrichtung und Sequenzierung zu unterrichten. Der Kurs von SVL Yoga war perfekt, um diese Grundlage zu legen.

Das Tempo der Ausbildung ließ genügend Zeit, um jede neue Pose und jedes neue Konzept detailliert zu verstehen. Die leitende Lehrerin zeigte hervorragende Formen und bot stets Modifikationen mit Variationen oder Hilfsmitteln an. Ihr ruhiger Unterrichtsstil beruhigte mich.

Die Ausbildung behandelte die Grundlagen für sichere physische Korrekturen und gab Ratschläge, wie man klare verbale Anweisungen geben kann. Wir erörterten, wie man Hatha-Vinyasa-Sequenzen kreiert, die fließend sind, um Verletzungen zu vermeiden.

Am Ende fühlte ich mich viel sicherer in meiner eigenen Praxis. Ich lernte, Asanas korrekt zu stabilisieren, auszurichten und zwischen ihnen zu wechseln. Mein Wissen erweiterte sich deutlich. Die kleine Gruppengröße ermöglichte auch individuelle Aufmerksamkeit.

Ich würde diese Ausbildung allen Yoga-Schülern, besonders Anfängern wie mir, die eine solide Basis in den Yoga-Grundlagen suchen, wärmstens empfehlen. Die Lehrer machen die Techniken verständlich und fördern deinen Fortschritt – ich fühlte mich gestärkt. Herzlichen Dank, SVL Yoga, für diese transformative Erfahrung

Isabella Lopez

from Spain, September 2023

"Mi Experiencia Transformadora: Bienestar Holístico con SVL "

Como instructora de yoga, estaba buscando expandir mi conjunto de herramientas con modalidades más holísticas. El entrenamiento de bienestar holístico de SVL Yoga enriqueció enormemente mis habilidades para la enseñanza gracias a su enfoque integral y comprensivo.

Los segmentos de Yin yoga estaban bellamente elaborados para trabajar los tejidos conectivos y abrir los meridianos. El entrenamiento proporcionó una excelente guía sobre cómo facilitar prácticas meditativas de Yin, dar claves en posturas sostenidas y crear secuencias nutritivas.

Aprecié especialmente las enseñanzas a profundidad sobre técnicas de pranayama como la respiración alternada por fosa nasal nadi shodhana y sitali para refrescar. Estas me permitieron guiar a los estudiantes hacia un estado parasimpático de profunda restauración. Las sesiones de atención plena y meditación fueron igualmente potentes.

SVL Yoga me proporcionó herramientas prácticas para aportar más rejuvenecimiento y paz interior a mis clases. Su formación subrayó la capacidad del yoga para unificar holísticamente las capas de nuestro ser. Me siento muy agradecida de haber aprendido prácticas potentes para compartir estos dones de unión con mis alumnos. Este fue verdaderamente un programa vital que realza tanto el plano personal como profesional


from Switzerland, September 2023

"Ganzheitliches Wellness-Training von SVL Yoga"

Als Yogalehrerin wollte ich mein Wissen über Ayurveda und ganzheitliche Wellness erweitern. Die Ausbildung von SVL Yoga gab mir genau das auf eine praktische, leicht verdauliche Weise.

Die Ayurveda Module erklärten die Doshas, Ernährung, Lebensstilfaktoren und Ayurvedische Kräuter auf eine zugängliche Art. Ich genoss es, Yoga-Flows und Kurse auf meine Konstitution zugeschnitten zu bekommen. Auch die Asana, Pranayama und Meditations-Einheiten bauten auf diesen Prinzipien auf und waren sehr erfreulich.

Die Lehrer waren fürsorglich und beantworteten alle unsere Fragen gründlich. Sie zeigten, wie man Yoga-Haltungen sicher unterrichtet und gaben Tipps zur Anleitung. Ich schätzte ihre Erinnerungen an Körperpositivität und Inklusion.

Die Ausbildung war weder gehetzt noch überladen - sie hatte eine gute Mischung aus Diskussion, Praxis und Freizeit. Ich fühlte mich nie ausgebrannt, nur erfrischt!

Ich würde diesen Kurs sowohl neuen als auch erfahrenen Yoga-Praktizierenden empfehlen, die ihren Werkzeugkasten erweitern möchten. Man lernt, Kurse auf die ayurvedischen Typen der Schüler abzustimmen und ihre einzigartigen Wellness-Reisen zu unterstützen. Die ganzheitliche Perspektive verbesserte meine Lehrfähigkeiten und verwandelte auch meine persönliche Praxis.

Marie Fischer

from Germany, September 2023

"Beautiful Experience !"

As a beginner to yoga, I was looking for a friendly yoga training course that would introduce me to the basics and deepen my practice. SVL Yoga's course turned out to be the perfect fit and exceeded my expectations!

The teachers were very welcoming and patient. They demonstrated each yoga pose step-by-step and provided modifications so students of all levels could participate. I never felt rushed or like I was holding the class back when I needed extra guidance.

In addition to traditional yoga postures, we learned different breathing techniques of pranayama. These really helped me focus, relax and relieve stress. The Ayurveda component was fascinating too - I enjoyed learning about my dosha constitution and how diet & lifestyle affects health.

The training was both fun and practical. The teachers created a judgment-free zone and were happy to answer any questions. I appreciated their reminders to listen to my body. Each class left me feeling refreshed and more centered.

I would absolutely recommend this training to beginners like me, or anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of Ayurveda, yoga and pranayama. The teachers meet you where you're at and provide a welcoming, nourishing experience. Namaste

Susan Miller

from United States, September 2023

"Yin and Mindfulness Training, Transformative Experience !"

I attended SVL Yoga's Yin and Mindfulness training to deepen my personal yoga practice and learn new teaching skills. I found the course incredibly nourishing and practical.

The Yin classes focused on holding poses for several minutes to gently open and decompress the body. The teachers offered excellent guidance on safe alignment and avoiding injury. I appreciated all the modifications shown using props to make the postures accessible. My body felt much more flexible and free after just a short time.

Equally helpful were the mindfulness techniques taught - from breathing exercises to help relax, to walking meditations for grounding. The teachers explained how these can counteract stress and anxiety. We discussed real-life applications like bringing more mindful awareness to our relationships and work.

I loved the holistic blend of physical yoga and mental/energetic practices. The teachers were very experienced and provided handouts plus manual so we can continue learning. I felt comfortable asking questions. Their compassion created a safe space.

I highly recommend this training to anyone hoping to bring more mindfulness and gentle movement into their life. You don't need any experience with yoga or meditation. It's perfect for beginners but also deepens an existing practice. I came away with tangible tools to find more inner calm and peace.

Leia Chan

from Hong Kong, September 2023

"Holistic Training Experience with SVL Yoga"

SVL Yoga's training stood out for seamlessly blending ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with yoga and mindfulness practices for holistic living.

The course condensed expansive teachings on identifying one's dosha and how to find balance. I gained priceless insights into my body-mind constitution and left with a personalized toolkit for optimal health.

Beyond the mat, we explored how to align diet, seasonal rhythms and daily routines with our nature for harmony.

This multidimensional approach was woven throughout the entire training, emphasizing yoga's ability to unite us with our highest self. The teachers beautifully modeled this integration of ancient sciences and spiritual principles.

I'm so grateful to SVL Yoga for illuminating this profound knowledge. Their training equipped me with practical tools and a holistic lens to approach yoga, wellbeing and teaching. If you're seeking more than just asanas, this course provides an enriching template for mind-body awareness and vitality. Thank You SVL Yoga!


from United States, September 2023

"Safe and Supportive Environment"

As someone newer to yoga, I was looking for a Yoga training that would meet me where I'm at while also deepening my practice. SVL Yoga's program was exactly the nurturing, safe environment I hoped for.

The teachers demonstrated incredible knowledge of modifications using props like blocks, straps, and blankets to make poses accessible. Their step-by-step verbal instructions accompanied by visual demos allowed me to feel confident and stable. I never felt over-extended.

Each class flowed smoothly between gentler variations of poses to more challenging ones. The teachers emphasized listening to my body's limits and honoring them. Their mindful cues also helped me relax into proper alignment at my own pace.

I appreciated the reminder that yoga is not about touching your toes but about the journey. Their kind words of encouragement lit me up from within. I felt empowered to make each pose work for my body.

SVL Yoga's thoughtful emphasis on adjustments allowed me to progress safely. I gained so much more awareness of my strengths and areas needing attention, all while feeling cared for. This training helped a yoga novice like me build a foundation - I'd recommend it wholeheartedly for any level.

Mia Anderson

from Australia, August 2023

"Authentic and transformative experience"

As a yoga practitioner for a few years, I've been wanting to deepen my yoga practice and develop my teaching skills. I'm so glad I invested in SVL Yoga's exceptional program - it expanded my knowledge exponentially and I cannot wait to bring these insights to my classes.

I was extremely impressed by the wisdom imparted in each module. There was extensive focus on learning correct alignment in the asanas, maintaining the integrity of traditional Hatha-Vinyasa sequencing, and understanding the energetic actions in our practice. Pranayama techniques with specific counts and ratios were broken down meticulously. The philosophical and spiritual context behind yoga was taught beautifully.

Beyond the outstanding curriculum, SVL Yoga's teachers radiated such extensive experience and passion for upholding the purity of the practice. Their teaching methodology provided the ideal balance of nurturing guidance and encouraged self-inquiry. My confidence level in disseminating yoga's immense holistic benefits has grown immensely thanks to their mentorship.

If you wish to practice or teach Hatha-Vinyasa with far greater awareness and authenticity, SVL Yoga's training is second to none. Don't hesitate to invest in this program - you will develop clarity and skills that feel nothing short of transformational. It was the perfect next step in my lifelong journey with these ancient teachings. My deepest gratitude to the entire team at SVL Yoga!

Olivia Taylor

from United Kingdom, August 2023

"Amazing experience with SVL Yoga !"

I really loved the SVL Yoga's Yin Yoga training program and thought it taught me a lot. As a yoga teacher looking to offer more variety, learning how to practice and teach relaxing Yin classes was perfect.

The course taught me all about Yin poses, anatomy, and energies - especially how Yin targets the connective tissues and not the muscles like other yoga forms. We learned to hold the poses for 3-5 minutes to fully release tension and help the meridian lines. I liked the focus on proper alignment and variations for different body types.

Just as valuable were the modules on how to teach - putting together slow and relaxing Yin sequences, cueing well, and making a peaceful ambience for the classes. They taught the science and philosophy behind why Yin feels so good.

The SVL Yoga teachers were so nurturing and really knew their stuff. Their passion for teaching Yin was obvious. My skills as a teacher expanded beautifully thanks to their training. I feel ready to teach calming, restoring Yin classes now. I highly recommend this course for yoga teachers and practitioners looking to grow their offerings. Love & Light, Olivia

Anne Hansen

from Norway, August 2023

"Enriching Experience with SVL Yoga"

Hi, I recently completed SVL Yoga's Ayurvedic Yoga training and was thoroughly impressed with the depth and breadth of the program. As an experienced yoga practitioner, I appreciated the way they wove together ancient Ayurvedic principles of health with traditional hatha yoga practices.

The Foundations of Ayurveda module provided extensive knowledge about the doshas, gunas, and how to assess constitutional types. We learned how to incorporate Ayurvedic nutrition, herbs, aromatherapy, and lifestyle modifications into our personal yoga sadhana and teaching.

The Asana, Pranayama and Meditation modules were also excellent - breaking down proper alignment in the poses, underlying energetic actions, and sequencing for balance. The pranayama techniques with specific breathing ratios were very powerful.

SVL Yoga's teachers exuded experience and created a nurturing environment for our learning. Their passion for preserving and disseminating these ancient teachings was evident. I gained immense wisdom to substantially elevate my yoga classes through a holistic Ayurvedic lens. This course was deeply enriching both personally and professionally - I highly recommend it to fellow yoga teachers and practitioners. Namaste !

Claire Lavigne

from France, August 2023

"Expérience de Formation Transformatrice chez SVL Yoga"

Suivre la formation en Ayurveda et yoga chez SVL Yoga était comme ouvrir un livre rempli de secrets de santé et de mode de vie éprouvés par le temps. Ce cours a fusionné l'Ayurveda et le yoga traditionnel d'une manière qui rendait tout clair et connecté.

De la compréhension de nos doshas individuels à l'adaptation des séquences de yoga pour un équilibre optimal, le cours a offert un aperçu complet de la façon dont on peut harmoniser l'esprit, le corps et l'âme.

Les instructeurs, avec leur vaste savoir, ont veillé à ce que chaque concept soit facile à saisir, rendant la sagesse ancienne applicable à nos vies modernes. À travers des asanas guidées, des conseils de mode de vie ancrés dans l'Ayurveda, des techniques de respiration et de méditation, j'ai acquis des outils pour mener une vie plus équilibrée et consciente. Cette formation n'est pas qu'un simple cours ; c'est un voyage éclairant qui transforme votre perception de la santé, du bien-être et de la conscience de soi. Toute personne passionnée par le bien-être holistique et désireuse de le partager avec d'autres ne devrait pas négliger cette expérience enrichissante avec SVL Yoga. Namaste.

Sara Sánchez

from Spain, August 2023

"Experiencia Excelente en Yin con SVL Yoga"

El curso de formación de Yin Yoga en SVL Yoga fue simplemente iluminador. Desde la primera sesión, las enseñanzas combinaron de manera fluida las filosofías antiguas con la ciencia moderna del fascia y los tejidos conectivos.

Lo que realmente distingue a esta formación es el enfoque para entender las sutilezas del cuerpo y la mente en las posturas de Yin. Los instructores se aseguraron de que cada uno de nosotros comprendiera la importancia de mantener las asanas durante períodos prolongados, permitiendo una liberación más profunda y cultivando un profundo sentido de calma interior. Explicaron detalladamente las vías energéticas y cómo el Yin Yoga sirve como puente para equilibrar estas fuerzas internas.

La incorporación de prácticas de meditación y atención plena a lo largo de la formación enriqueció aún más la experiencia. Con cada clase, me sentía más sintonizado con los matices de mi cuerpo y los susurros silenciosos de mi mente.

Terminé el curso de formación de Yin de SVL Yoga no solo preparado para enseñar, sino también con una renovada conciencia de mí mismo y un profundo respeto por el suave poder del Yin Yoga. Cualquiera que busque una comprensión auténtica y holística del yoga Yin no debe perderse esta formación. Una experiencia verdaderamente transformadora

Ella Müller

from Germany, August 2023

"Authentische Hatha Ausbildung:Ein transformierendes Erlebnis"

Ich praktiziere seit Jahren Yoga und suchte eine authentische Hatha-Ausbildung, die meine Praxis und mein Wissen vertiefen würde. Das intensive Programm von SVL Yoga bot genau das, wonach ich suchte, durch seinen authentischen Ansatz und seine Lehrmethodik.

Das Training tauchte ausgiebig in die Ursprünge und Wurzeln des Hatha Yoga ein und bot Kontext und Bedeutung hinter Asanas und Praktiken. Großer Wert wurde auf die richtige Ausrichtung, Sicherheit und energetische Aktionen in den Asanas gelegt. Die durchdachte Reihenfolge des Instruktors entwickelte sich von einfachen zu komplexeren Haltungen.

Ergänzend zur körperlichen Praxis lernten wir wesentliche Pranayama-Techniken, um den Atem, die lebenswichtige Lebenskraft, zu erhöhen. Das Training integrierte auch Meditation und Achtsamkeit, um den Fokus und die Stille des Geistes zu stärken. Die Kurstage gingen nahtlos von belebenden Bewegungen zu ruhiger Ruhe über.

Durch dieses Training gewann ich eine immense Perspektive über die ganzheitliche Natur des Yoga. Die Lehrer vermittelten alte Weisheit mit zeitgenössischer Relevanz und gaben uns Werkzeuge, um Gesundheit und Frieden auszustrahlen. Meine Technik verbesserte sich dramatisch, ebenso wie mein Gefühl für die Verbindung von Geist und Körper und mein Lebenszweck. Dank der authentischen und gründlichen Anleitung von SVL Yoga fühle ich mich bereit, die unglaublichen Gaben von Hatha mit anderen zu teilen. Ich empfehle dieses authentische und transformative Training sehr

Francesca Rossi

from Italy, August 2023

"Il mio viaggio attraverso la formazione in Ayurveda e Yoga"

Il corso di formazione in Ayurveda e Yoga di SVL Yoga mi ha fornito un illuminante mix di antiche tradizioni di saggezza. Imparando la mia costituzione dosha, ho potuto creare pratiche personalizzate di yoga e stile di vita per un maggiore equilibrio. L'insegnante ha sapientemente intrecciato asanas fisiche, pranayama, meditazione, mantra e consigli su dieta/nutrizione basati sui principi Ayurvedici. Ho acquisito un kit completo per proseguire questo percorso integrativo di benessere dell'intero corpo. Il corso ha approfondito la mia autocomprensione e mi ha fornito tecniche di auto-cura collaudate nel tempo. Mi sento nutrito nella mente, nel corpo e nello spirito grazie alla competente sintesi di Yoga e Ayurveda di SVL Yoga. Raccomando vivamente il corso di formazione di SVL Yoga se desiderate approfondire la vostra conoscenza e condividerla con gli altri. Namaste

Sarah Schmitz

from Switzerland, August 2023

"Meine wunderbare Erfahrung mit SVL Yoga"

Der Yin Yoga und Meditationskurs von SVL Yoga war eine transformative Erfahrung, die mir ermöglichte, Stille und innere Ruhe zu kultivieren. Die lange gehaltenen Yin-Positionen ließen körperliche Verspannungen schmelzen, während geführte Meditationen meinen unruhigen Geist beruhigten. Die Lehrkraft fand die perfekte Balance zwischen beruhigenden Stimmhinweisen während des Yogas und Momenten der Stille während der Meditation. Ich fühlte mich danach ausgeglichener, fokussierter und meinem wahren Wesen näher. Dieser verjüngende Kurs gab mir Werkzeuge an die Hand, um mich selbst zu regulieren und mit den Belastungen des Lebens umzugehen. Ich bin dankbar, diese wertvollen Praktiken durch die einfühlsamen Anweisungen von SVL Yoga gelernt zu haben. Ich empfehle sie wärmstens und werde in Zukunft weitere Schulungen bei ihnen absolvieren.

Patricia Garcia

from United States, August 2023

"Curso de Ayurveda y Yoga de SVL Yoga"

El curso de Formación de Yoga Ayurvédico de SVL Yoga me proporcionó el reinicio perfecto de cuerpo y mente. Al combinar asanas de yoga específicas con la sabiduría ayurvédica, aprendí cómo sintonizar cada práctica con mi dosha único para lograr el equilibrio y la rejuvenación. La orientación clara del profesor me llevó a una comprensión más profunda de mi constitución mente-cuerpo y cómo cuidarla de manera holística. Terminé con herramientas para mantenerme centrado y nutrido a través de rutinas de yoga y estilo de vida personalizadas. Recomiendo esta escuela y curso porque me ayudó a alcanzar una curación profunda en todos los niveles

Barbara Brown

from United States, August 2023

"Yin Yoga & Inner Peace"

Namaste, I recently completed SVL Yoga's Yin Yoga course and was blown away by the tranquil, restorative nature of the practice. Each class began by tuning into the sensations of the body, allowing me to slow down and transition into a more meditative state. The long-held Yin postures targeting the hips, back, and legs enabled my body to open and release deeply held tensions. There was a profound sense of letting go physically, mentally, and emotionally throughout every practice.

The teacher offered skillful pose modifications, and her soothing guidance helped me lean into discomfort and find greater ease and spaciousness. The philosophical teachings interwoven throughout enhanced my understanding of Yin's transformative potential. I emerged feeling more flexible, grounded, open, and aligned in body, mind and spirit. This course far exceeded my expectations and has become an integral part of my yoga journey. I cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone seeking a practice that calms, nurtures and restores.

Jennifer Smith

from United States, August 2023

"Authentic Hatha Experience "

Hi , I am Jennifer. I found the Hatha yoga course from SVL Yoga to be a comprehensive and rejuvenating experience. The expert instructors artfully blended physical asanas with breathwork, meditation, and mindfulness techniques in each class.

The physical yoga flows were thoughtfully sequenced and focused on building strength, flexibility, and balance. I appreciated the attention given to proper alignment and the modifications offered so students at all levels could participate.

What really made the classes stand out was the emphasis on pranayama (breath control). The breathing exercises interspersed throughout the sessions brought me into the present moment and helped unite body, mind, and spirit.

Each practice concluded with guided meditation and mindfulness. These offered me a precious opportunity to calm the fluctuations of the mind and cultivate greater inner peace.

I emerged from this practice feeling physically refreshed, mentally clear, and spiritually connected. The integrative approach engaged all facets of my being. I'm grateful to SVL Yoga for sharing their wisdom and creating such a holistic Hatha yoga experience. Regards🙏

Linda Jones

from United States, August 2023

"Revelation on Ayurvedic Yoga"

As a student in SVL Yoga's Ayurveda & Yoga course, I gained an illuminating introduction to this ancient healing system. The extensive knowledge and passionate teaching allowed me to understand my own unique dosha and its properties.

I particularly appreciated the guidance on customized practices from diet to yoga that brought my life into greater alignment. The gentle adjustments enabled me to move deeper into poses while respecting my body's needs.

I feel more centered and empowered after applying the practical Ayurvedic techniques imparted so skillfully by SVL Yoga. Their wisdom and commitment created an accessible, profoundly rewarding experience. This course allowed me to incorporate centuries-old principles for optimal wellbeing into my modern life and I would like to thank my teachers and school for that. Love & Light, Linda

Mary Johnson

from Singapore, August 2023

"Integration of Ayurveda & Yoga"

I completed the ayurvedic yoga course offered by SVL Yoga and found it to be an enlightening and transformative experience. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable about the principles of Ayurveda and how to incorporate them into a yoga practice. I loved learning about how to balance the doshas through specific poses, breathing techniques, and meditations.

The course was broken down into very manageable modules that built upon each other. I never felt lost or overwhelmed by the amount of information. The instructors took time to explain everything thoroughly and would demonstrate proper form for all of the poses. Their cueing during the practice was always gentle yet effective.

In a short time, I felt like I had a much deeper understanding of Ayurveda and my personal constitution. I could definitely see and feel the benefits from practicing yoga with an Ayurvedic perspective. The course has inspired me to continue learning more about this ancient approach to health and wellness. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to connect more deeply with their practice. Namaste


from United States, August 2023

"Stillness and Yin Yoga"

Yin Yoga training course by SVL Yoga was an enlightening experience. Each session delved deeply into the essence of Yin, allowing me to experience a profound sense of relaxation and introspection. The teachers' expertise and thoughtful sequences ensured that every class built upon the last, gradually deepening my understanding and practice. By the end of the course, I felt more attuned to my body and more at peace with my mind. This course is a must for anyone wanting to explore the healing power of Yin yoga.


from India, August 2023

"Ayurvedic Yoga"

SVL Yoga's combination of Ayurveda and Yoga offers a holistic journey into well-being. Their Ayurvedic teachings, complemented by yoga practices, create a unique learning experience. The instructors not only showcased deep knowledge of their subjects but also elucidated the 'why' behind them. Beyond mere knowledge, I sensed a strengthened connection between my mind, body, and spirit. I highly recommend this experience to anyone seeking holistic learning and wellness.

Jennifer Smith

from United States, August 2023

"Ayurveda & Yoga Experience"

The Ayurveda course at SVL Yoga, blended with Yoga sessions, was transformative. Merging Ayurveda's age-old wisdom with Yoga’s practices offered a profound perspective on holistic health. The curriculum masterfully integrated dosha-based principles with specific yoga flows and routines. SVL Yoga's instructors exuded knowledge, making each session both educational and enlightening. This isn't just a course; it's a pathway to achieving balance and harmony. Highly recommended for wellness seekers!

Amanda L

from India, August 2023

"My Journey with SVL Yoga"

I completed the Yin Yoga Teacher Training with SVL Yoga, encompassing both pranayama (breath-work) and meditation. The depth and breadth of the curriculum were truly remarkable. From delving into the history and philosophy of Yin Yoga to mastering its postures and alignment, the course was comprehensive and enlightening.

The teachings on pranayama and meditation further enhanced my understanding and practice of yoga. I found the lessons on anatomy and physiology particularly insightful, aiding in a deeper connection to the practice. The instructors were knowledgeable, supportive, and their feedback invaluable.

What truly stood out was the emphasis on personal growth and the integration of yoga into our daily lives. I now feel confident in my skills and more connected to my purpose, all thanks to the incredible journey with SVL Yoga. Highly recommend this training to anyone seeking a profound and holistic yoga experience!

Sandra Kelly

from India, June 2023

"Transformational Experience with SVL Yoga in Rishikesh"

My experience with SVL Yoga was truly transformational. The quality of teaching, depth of knowledge shared, and the warmth of the entire team made my journey into the world of yoga a memorable one. The course curriculum covered a vast range of subjects from Asana practice to Yoga philosophy, Pranayama, Theory subjects and Ayurveda. Each class was a unique learning experience that allowed me to deepen my understanding and personal practice of yoga. Yin yoga, particularly, has been a profound experience, impacting both my body and mind positively. The instructors brought years of experience and a genuine love for yoga to every session.

Learning from teachers from Rishikesh was a bonus, as being in the yoga capital of the world added an additional layer of authenticity and serenity to my learning journey. The whole course atmosphere fostered a sense of community and wellness.