Yin Yoga Therapy is their passion and they like to share this beautiful method to experience Yin yoga as an art, a philosophy, and a way to live.

Yoga Teacher Training (13)

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20 Day 200-Hour Yin Yoga Therapy Teacher Training in Bali

Aug | Oct | May | Sep | Oct, 2024–2025
    from US$ 2,803
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    13 Day 100-hours Yin Yoga Therapy Teacher Training in Bali

    Aug | Oct | May | Sep | Oct, 2024–2025
      from US$ 1,794
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      13 Day 100-Hour Yin Yoga and Sound Healing Teacher Training in Goa

      November 18-30 | January 20-February 1, 2024–2025
        from US$ 1,906
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        Videos (21)

        Instructors (5)

        Alexandra Denkinger (M.D.Acu)

        Jenny Stark

        Tina Bärtle

        Manuela Simone Sauter

        Annelise Piers

        Reviews (52)

        David Harding

        from Bulgaria, June 2024

        "Excellent Training Program for Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra"

        Extremely talented instructors who will take your yoga knowledge and training skills to new levels. I found the yoga nidra course to be a wonderful and unexpected surprise that I hope to perfect myself in the future (Gela is a treasure!).

        I also enjoyed the challenge. This is by no means a retreat-type training course. The days are long (as is the required curriculum) but the rewards are great. Well done, Alex for putting together such a wonderful school.


        from Italy, April 2024

        "Inspiration und tiefgreifende Erfahrung"

        Alles wurde sehr ernst genommen, viel Wissen geteilt und einfach vielfaltige Möglichkeiten zu lernen. Und das umrunden von einer paradisischen Insel..alle haben sich Mühe gegeben damit es gut funktioniert…und es tatsächlich alles sehr liebevoll und perfekt organisiert und strukturiert

        Marina Stancu

        from Switzerland, April 2024

        "Knowledge and wisdom shared with care, love and clarity"

        I learned so much in this teacher training. I absolutely trusted my two teachers Jenny and Tina. They have so much knowledge. We were a very interested and curious group and they were always ready to explain what they know. They passed on their knowledge in a very professional way: pointing on things which shouldn’t be neglected and giving time and space not only for revision but also to explore and find our own truth.

        Thanks to their way to teach and the concept of the teacher training I feel very confident to really start teaching Yoga AND they managed to awaken more curiosity and interest for further studies…

        I am truly greatful. I feel very strong amd confident after these 3 weeks with Tina and Jenny. I consider them good teachers and mentors.

        Oksana Ziegler

        from Germany, February 2024

        "Sehr professionell, gut durchgedachte Training "

        Das Struktur, Professionalität, und die Menschen als Menschen an sich, die immer für und da waren

        Daisy Waugh

        from United Kingdom, January 2024


        Exceptional teaching, a beautiful location, wonderful fellow students. It was a magical, uplifting couple of weeks, and I cannot recommend it more highly

        Selina Maier

        from India, December 2023

        "the TTC a transformative journey, learning, personal growth"

        My teacher training was a transformative experience that I will cherish forever and can highly recommend to anyone. The program provided a high-quality learning experience with holistic approach to wellness and personal growth.The venue was beautiful, we were welcomed warmly and felt immediately at home. The idyllic location allowed us to focus on our spiritual growth in a peaceful and natural setting. All our needs were taken care of, the tasty meals and community experience were a highlight of the trip.

        Our teachers were amazing with a wealth of knowledge, experience and a big heart. We were gently guided, ensuring that we understood the theories and techniques thoroughly.

        The practice classes allowed me to dive deeper into the practice, I experienced a sense of calm and balance that I had not encountered before. We were taught all the methods, tools and tricks to facilitate these amazing classes ourselves in a mindful and intentional way.

        The training combined theory, demonstration, and practical application, ensuring that we gained a comprehensive understanding. We began by learning the theories and principles behind these practices, followed by hands-on practical sessions where we could apply our knowledge and practice teaching ourselves to gain valuable experience with constructive feedback. A great way to improve quickly and apply our learnings in a meaningful way.The small size of the group allowed for personalized attention and support.

        Maristella Martini

        from Switzerland, December 2023

        "Beautiful experience "

        The cours was so interesting. Well prepared. Also the teachers, very professional and motivated. They ll share with you their knowledge. A beautiful experience in India. You ll learn a lot about yin yoga and sound healing. A magic combination. The retreat was so peaceful and witb good energy. Also the food very delicious


        from Germany, November 2023

        "Eine wertvolle Ausbildung und eine sehr bereichernde Zeit "

        Alex ist eine tolle Ausbilderin und ihre Yin-Sessions am Nachmittag sind best ever! <3

        Die Ausbildung ist sehr gut strukturiert, sodass es einfach ist zu folgen und auch im Nachgang die Inhalte noch gut zu vertiefen sowie für die eigene Yoga-Praxis bzw. das Unterrichten zu integrieren. Die zur Verfügung gestellten Informationen gehen weit über die Ausbildunginhalte hinaus, sodass man einen waren Schatz an Informationen bekommt, indem man sich dann beliebig vertiefen kann!

        Das Suly Center ist eine wirkliche Perle! :D Zunächst wirkte der Ort auf mich etwas befremdlich, jedoch habe ich nach und nach die Schönheit des Ortes, die Ruhe und mein wirkliche wunderschönes Zimmer für die Zeit sehr zu schätzen gewusst.

        Ohne hier etwas vorweg zu nehmen, kann man sich auf Aktionen freuen, die so nicht auf dem Lehrplan stehen, jedoch die Erfahrung insgesamt sehr bereichern! :-)

        Wir waren eine insgesamt sehr internationale Truppe, mit, wie soll es anderes sein, sehr interessanten Persönlichkeiten. Der Teamspirit war sehr angenehm und meine engsten Kontakte gehen auch über die gemeinsame Zeit im Suly Resort hinaus. <3

        Ellah Cowan

        from United States, November 2023

        "Life-changing experience "

        I had the most amazing time learning to teach Yin in Bali. Both Alex and Tina were not only experts in their craft but also deeply passionate about this style of practice. I would recommend this Yin Yoga training to anyone looking to explore this profoundly healing practice. It not only deepens your physical practice but also nurtures your spiritual and mental well-being. It was a life-changing experience, and I am grateful for the wisdom it has brought into my life. This training has not just given me the confidence to teach but also to live my life with more Yin balance.


        from United Kingdom, October 2023

        "Was very good and useful training, not easy thou"

        The way they teach and daily practice

        Kelly Chambers

        from United States, October 2023

        "So happy I went with this training"

        I spent a lot of time researching different yin teacher training offerings, and I am so happy I went with Yin Yoga Therapy! After this training I feel completely confident teaching this practice. Alex shared her vast knowledge and wisdom in easily-digestible chunks, and provided thorough manuals and resources for those of us who wanted to dive even deeper. This course provided what I wanted...an intensive experience guided by experienced teachers. We were able to practice teach more than a fair amount, which I really appreciate as many programs just throw information at you and send you on your way.

        Tina was also a delight. She carefully curated our mornings to give us the support and energy required for the long days. Her energy always put a smile on my face. She genuinely cared about developing our practice and teaching abilities in a loving way. Even those of us quiet ones felt comfortable asking questions.

        If you are serious about embarking on a yin training journey then rest assured that Yin Yoga Therapy will prepare you to guide others in this practice.

        If you're serious about

        Gillian Kirzner

        from Canada, October 2023

        "Exceeded my expectations "

        The teachers, Alex and Tina, were first class. Not only were they excellent teachers they were first class human beings. I really enjoyed the location. The rooms are not luxurious but my room was spacious and it was wonderfully quiet. The Suly centre itself has everything you need in one location and there is a feeling of peace and calm as soon as you come in through the entrance. Outside is busy Bali with its traffic and noise but inside it’s serene

        The class experience was wonderful. I was the oldest by several years at 61. The youngest was 20 and the others in the group ranged in between. I was made to feel welcome and fully integrated into my group. Don’t let your age give you any doubts. Go for it. The yin yoga itself totally lends itself to the mature person while at the same time was loved by all the members of the group. I think it is an invaluable part off yoga as a whole entity.

        The food was excellent and plentiful. The yoga shalas were great and there was also a meditation room where we went every morning to start our day. It abuts the rice fields where you can go for a walk and it’s so peaceful. The swimming pool is wonderful. The water was perfect for me and the views from it are stunning. This course not only met my needs for the yoga aspect it also filled some spiritual need I didn’t even know I had.

        If you get the chance, go with Gela to the spiritual cleansing. It was a highlight.

        Bella Dai

        from Indonesia, October 2023

        "This Training Gave Me All I Need To Start Teaching! "

        I love how thoughtful the three weeks are planned out to prepare us to step into the role of teaching. I was showered in the knowledge of Yin Yoga and the art of teaching. Everyone was given the opportunity to teach and put what we learned into practice. The business aspect of becoming a yoga instructor was also covered in this training which is very helpful for whoever is making a career switch. Moreover, I enjoyed the yogic like daily routine: waking up early to sunrise, starting the day with meditation, having some physical exercise to wake up the body, vegetarian meals, a midday break for self-study, and going to bed early. It totally changed the rhythm of my body for GOOD. Strongly recommend this training to those who are looking for real transformation and dive into the world of Yoga teaching.

        Hermina He

        from Macao, October 2023

        "Transformative experience "

        My yin yoga teacher training with Alex and Tina was truly a transformative experience. Over the course of three weeks, their unique teaching styles and energies left a lasting impression on me. Alex, with her deep knowledge and peaceful demeanor, created an environment that fostered both relaxation and learning. Her expertise in yin yoga was evident, and I found her teachings to be incredibly insightful.

        Tina, on the other hand, brought a contagious passion and vibrant energy to every session. Her enthusiasm was infectious, and I could feel her genuine love for the practice of yin yoga. Her ability to motivate and inspire us was truly remarkable, and it kept me engaged throughout the training.

        Together, Alex and Tina formed the perfect balance. While Alex provided the depth of wisdom and serenity, Tina injected a sense of excitement and joy. Their collaboration created a nurturing environment where I felt safe to explore my practice and challenge myself.

        The three weeks of training were intense, but incredibly rewarding. I learned so much about yin yoga, as well as about myself. The training gave me a deeper understanding of the practice, and it transformed the way I approach my own yoga journey. I am grateful for Alex and Tina's guidance, as they played a significant role in shaping who I am today as a yin yoga practitioner.

        Karen Stefiszyn

        from South Africa, October 2023

        "Book this teacher training! "

        This training is exceptional, and it has been designed with love and generosity. I did not expect to learn so much in three weeks! Not least, I learned how to craft, and teach, a yoga class grounded in mindfulness towards a potentially transformative physical and energetic experience for the participant. Alex facilitates this capacity in her students by modeling the skill in her yoga classes and in her lectures where she is exceptionally skilled at explaining complex content in a practical way and fun way. She also does so with genuine warmth and care.

        Alex delivers this course in collaboration with Tina and they make up the dream team! Experiencing Tina’s yoga classes, infused with her contagious passion for yoga and movement, was a privilege. My practice as well as my understanding of asanas, sequencing, and anatomy, improved significantly through Tina’s teaching. Beyond that, she is an inspiration!

        Overall, the course was a beautiful, enriching experience. The training is not easy but the schedule is carefully crafted and balanced to enable deep learning, reflection, personal development, relationship-building and new experiences, all towards a feeling of immense accomplishment by the end. I highly recommend!

        Jiajun Wang

        from Macao, October 2023

        "Worthy Yin Yoga course"

        I recently completed a yoga course, and it exceed my expectations. The instructor Alex and Tina were knowledgeable and created a welcoming environment for all students. The course covered a variety of yoga poses, breathing techniques, and mindfulness exercises. The instructor patiently guided us through each pose, ensuring proper alignment and adjustments when needed.The course also emphasized the importance of self-care and taught me valuable techniques to reduce stress and improve my overall well-being. Overall, I highly recommend this Yin yoga course to anyone looking to deepen their practice and enhance their mind-body connection.

        Maha Abbas

        from Pakistan, July 2023

        "The World's Best Yoga Training Course! "

        The Yin Yoga Therapy Teacher's Training at The Suly Resort in Bali by Alex & Tina was just phenomenal. This was my very first International teacher's training and it was worth attending. I've no complaints nor any regrets. It was beyond our expectations. Each and everything was just perfect. It was a magical journey. Jay cooked really healthy, nutrious and scrumptious food for us. Vegan and vegetarian all options were available. Each and every person was catered, fulfilled and entertained individually. The Suly Resort is a very beautiful, comfortable and a peaceful resort. The rooms are very cozy, clean and hygienic. The room service is very efficient and flawless. Rini, the owner of the resort is extremely kind and caring. They all made us feel like home. We all were very safe and secure. They took really good care of us. Just like mothers take care of their daughters. I would really highly recommend them. You can trust them blindly. They will never let you down. I vouch for them. I assure you that you won't only learn professionally but also grow as a human being. They are family to me and I feel so blessed and grateful that I met them and learnt so much from them. They all are beautiful souls. Angels on Earth. Truly devoted, dedicated, passionate and selfless. I've immense love and respect for them. They hold a very special place in my heart because they are so compassionate, empathetic, kind, loving and their patience and understanding level is just impeccable. Love, Maha

        Anita F

        from Germany, May 2023

        "Great, professional and amazing YTT"

        I was first attracted to Alex´s training by the holistic approach described in the training`s profile and tried to have not too high expectations after having booked the course. But the description indeed represents exactly what you can expect to experience and so much more! I had one of the best times in my live!

        This was my second YTT and it was so different from the first one. We had different classes with different teachers each day. This made it very easy to follow and digest all the massive input we got. Alex and her team are very very passionate about all the topics and about sharing their broad knowledge - you can feel, see and hear it!

        I am very grateful for this experience and also for the space they gave us as a group. There was such a beautiful, loving atmosphere during the whole time, everybody supported everbody and we all felt welcomed to join or leave any private activity or learning group at any time!

        I learned so much - not only about YinYoga :-)

        Thank you so much ❤️

        Tuba Aygün

        from Germany, March 2023

        "100% worth it!"

        Alexandra and Jenny were both amazing, professional teachers and kind people. I immediately loved the calm and grounded energy of Alexandra and was 100% satisfied with the way of teaching, her compassion, clear and gentle voice, deep knowledge and her kind of holding the Yin Yoga classes. She was motivating us to not worry for the final exam, that even if you think its a lot at the beginning, you will pass the exam at the end. They are repeating the stuff almost daily in the last weeks and you know at the end a lot. Jenny is also a kind and professional Yang Yoga teacher. We even done all together a snorkeling trip where we were swimming together with dolphins which was such an incredible experience. After that training i went to different Yin Yoga classes and was surprised that we learned more and greater Yin Yoga kind of teaching with Alexandra, than other teachers offer in many Yin Yoga classes in general. Definitely worth it to do the YIN YOGA TEACHER Training with Alex wherever she is offering the next teacher classes.

        Noelle Rivas

        from United States, March 2023

        "The perfect training, surrounded by the right people, the ri"

        I really love everything about this training, the quality of the courses was very thorough, with teachers who know their field very well, in particular Dr Alexandra who is really amazing, sweet, and a powerful woman. She knows what she is talking about, I learn so much about yin yoga through her teaching. Then you have the impressive Jenny, who teaches Yoga philosophy, but also Shivananda yoga, the amazing Manuela who teaches meditation, but she is also the incredible organizer, and the talented Tina, who teaches yang Yoga. You feel very surrounded and supported in this course… We have the opportunity to learn very quickly the core of this instrument which is Yin Yoga. I am very happy to have taken this course and I recommend it to everyone.

        Kelly Nunn

        from United Kingdom, March 2023

        "Excellent retreat that has given me the confidence to teach."

        The tutors were extremely experienced, knowledgeable and thorough with their teachings. They were also very approachable, warm and caring.

        I had trained with another yoga school previous to this training programme, but did not feel ready to teach. This yin yoga therapy training course however has now given me the confidence to teach my own classes, and offer yoga sessions for other retreats.

        My peers on the course were all like minded and beautiful souls. I now also have gained some deep friendships for life due to this experience. I am extremely grateful to Yin Yoga training therapy for positively enhancing my life in more ways than one.

        I am also looking to go back with this school in future to complete my continued practice training.

        Jannike Kjuus

        from Spain, March 2023

        "This was the most amazing teacher training💕"

        I learnt so much more than I had expected, Alex was a passionate teacher with a lot of knowledge, and here crew was also great, it was a magical month. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to teach after because I had no experience, but after the first week in the training I knew I would. I feel so secure and ready to teach yin yoga therapy no. I am so grateful for every ours in this ytt. I am for sure coming back for more learning with Alex and her team for another ytt.

        I loved it. Thank you 😊🙏🏻


        from Germany, February 2023

        "Exzellent YTT with space for well-being&personal development"

        The YTT was one of my best experience in my life. Starting from the location direct on the beach, over to the food, a very nice group and an amazing training. The schedule of the day was perfect structured and a good balance between practice, theory, self-study time and free time. Alex has a very profound knowledge about Yin Yoga and shares with pleasure her knowledge. Her material and way of teaching made it easy to understand, follow and learn. Thanks to the integrated practice, it was possible to experience Yin Yoga. The whole team was very supportive and there for any kind of questions. This training was really an amazing experience and worth doing it.

        Thank you so much!

        Brice Hoyes

        from Nepal, February 2023

        "Great and super good"

        Every thing was super the instructors world class experience the food good and plenty full.the roms good and clean.easy to get doorstep all the stores you needed

        Would tell any my student's to go for trying

        Annelien Gadeyne

        from Cambodia, January 2023

        "Life changing experience! "

        I just completed the 100 hrs Yin Yoga Therapy Training in Goa and I loved it! After completing this training I don't only got the confidence to start teaching Yin Yoga, but I also learned how to sequence a yoga nidra class and how i can conclude this in my teaching. For this money you get a 80 hrs yin yoga and yoga Nidra certificate but besides that you also get a 20 hrs Reiki Level 1 and 2 from dr. Ranuka. I did not have the intention to become a Reiki Healer but in this classes I learned tools to protect my own energy in daily life. Alex shared so much knowledge about the yin yoga meridians, the scientific ideas behind yin yoga, how to sequence etc. Her knowledge about accupressure is a really nice extra as we learned how to integrate accupressure points in our yin classes. The manual is amazing and after this training I still have a lot of food for the mind by reading and remembering all we learned. This training has a really good structure as the day also starts with meditation and a yang practice to balance all the yin yoga and yoga Nidra classes. I am very happy i chose this training as my 30st birthday gift with a lot of new knowledge to take back home!

        Mia Preuss

        from Switzerland, January 2023

        "Wonderful experience from start till the end "

        This was a wonderful experience for me for many reasons but what certainly stands out is the instructors dedication, love for yin yoga and passion to spread the message and make a difference. A truly holistic experience for your body mind and soul. Really well organized, super nice people with in-depth knowledge and plenty of valueable content was shared. I have very much enjoyed the whole setting and the group of wonderful people from around the world. An experience I will always remember with a smile on my face ☺️🙏.

        Sinead Ryan

        from Ireland, December 2022

        "Inspirational "

        From day one i was made to feel comfortable by the instructors. During the course our group was united but also respectful of each individual's need for space and time on any particular day. The structure of the course was great with theory and practice. The fundamentals explained and foundations of yin yoga were explained exceptionally. We were provided textbooks, videos and practical work to help us in our studies from the start to give us a strong discipline and understanding.

        Emilie Weiergang

        from Denmark, December 2022

        "Connection and lot’s of teaching at once"

        Very detailed


        from United Kingdom, October 2022

        "Yin Yoga for devoted students"

        A comprehensive introduction to Yin Yoga for students who wish to build a solid foundation of authentic Yin Yoga theory and practice with its contemporary possibilities.

        Alex, is a generous and professional teacher able to tune in with a wide range of student profiles and who shares her in depth knowledge from a place of passion, making it accessible and easy to memorize.

        I personally love the way the course grounds theory into practice and how the wide curriculum opens up for extensive opportunities of further self-study through the generous course material that Alex shares.

        I arrived new (and sceptical) to Yin yoga with a background teaching Yang classes and was looking forward to an all-round Yin/Yang week not only as a course, but also as a personal treat...Now I know why Yang needs Yin and vice versa and I discovered an element within Yin which I wish to dig deeper into going forward as a teacher.

        Every morning started with a creative Yang class as delivered by the kind-spirited and experienced teacher Tina who skilfully build up classes from gentle to fiery across the two weeks, allowing entry level students and advances Ashtangies to ease into our bodies across the weeks. Tina also brought daily end of the day classes with mindfulness exercises and elements of dance which creatively complemented the overall training.

        In short: THE Yin Yoga training that I'd choose again if I had to redo it.

        Amanda Silva

        from United States, October 2022

        "Wonderful Yin Yoga TT!"

        Tina and Alex were absolutely amazing! So knowledgeable, passionate and caring about their craft! I felt right at home for the 2+ weeks in Fuertaventura. Alex shared so much information with us. She really far exceeded my expectations. And Tina went above and beyond to make sure myself and the others were well cared for. They are both truly lovely individuals!


        from Austria, August 2022

        "Amazing training in spiritual environment "

        Silence in nature between rice fields and at the same time closeness to Ubud, spiritual and historical paradise, kindness and professionalism of the teachers, loved the food


        from United States, August 2022

        "Incredible & Lifechanging Experience "

        The setting was an extremely peaceful and spiritual resort in Ubud, a little bit outside of the hectic hustle and bustle, with two yoga shalas and a lovely pool. Plus, our YTT group was the only people staying there (a combination of the 100hr and 200hr groups).

        I learned so much about Yin Yoga and yoga philosophy, had my first ever experience with teaching yoga, got to enjoy some amazing sights in Bali over the weekends, and Alex even gave us a mini acupuncture session at the end as a parting gift.

        Alex, Heidi and Jenny all had exceptional knowledge and wisdom about yoga and the yogic lifestyle, as well as a high level of empathy and lovingkindness towards every student.

        All of the students who were part of this training were also super kind and loving people with whom I quickly developed strong and meaningful friendships.

        One day towards the end of the trip, I ventured outside of the resort on our lunch break to explore Ubud on my own, and I fell and injured my ankle pretty severely.

        Alex made sure the staff cared for me and brought me my meals, moved me to an upgraded room on the ground floor for convenience, and supported me physically and emotionally throughout the rest of my time in Bali. This meant a lot to me especially because it was my first time traveling solo and I was overwhelmed by dealing with the injury in a foreign country.

        I was even able to still receive a modified version of my yoga alliance certificate.

        Overall experience was AMAZING!

        Ane Tronstad

        from Norway, July 2022

        This teacher training exceeded all my expectations. Truly an amazing experience on so many levels. Alex and Heidi created the most inviting and safe space for learning and spiritual growth. The training was deeply inspiring and I highly recommend it for anyone finding yin and the terapeutic aspects of yoga interesting.

        Colleen Mann

        from Sri Lanka, June 2022

        "Incredible "

        Alex and Heidi and the entire Yin Therapy yoga teacher training was a truely transformative experience.

        Beautiful teachings, beautiful space.

        Alex and Heidi have a wealth of knowledge whilst also creating a space in which you can share your own and feel truely supported to step into your power as a teacher

        Couldn’t recommend it enough

        Charlotte Cullen

        from United Kingdom, June 2022

        "Life changing "

        Wow. What an experience. Alex has created something so special with this training - the content and learning was second to none but the life lessons, connections and experience will stay in my heart forever. I also now feel so empowered and confident to teach yin yoga and that was mainly down to the advice and encouragement of Alex - so thank you! I would recommend this training over and over again. Heidi’s classes and yoga nidra were also wonderful and both teachers brought so much energy and support to us all. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

        Clare Stephens

        from United Kingdom, May 2022

        "Incredible month "

        The quality of the teaching and sharing of their extensive knowledge was incredible.

        The location is magical and the island, friendly and Real Maldives as it is a locals island and not a resort island.

        Alex’s class at 3.30 was the highlight of each day with Jenny’s 6.30am Yang a close second.

        Annette Immich-bencivenni

        from Germany, March 2022

        "Get a profound first understanding what means yin in compari"

        We dived into yin yoga therapy already considering the individual differences during the teacher training in a very peaceful way which is or what yoga should be in its essence

        Anna Wlazly

        from Taiwan, March 2022

        "Amazing and transformative training"

        I think that I met very few teachers in my life who have such an extended knowledge about the subject they teach as Alex. It was so impressive but also inspiring! And it’s amazing that after so many years in yin yoga she is still able to teach it with such lightness and fresh approach. I loved the classes, the insights, the amount of very useful practical tips. The materials provided are wonderful and I think I will get back to them all the time. But most importantly, the training was very transformative. That’s something I was personally looking for because I didn’t feel like a yoga teacher at all before the training and now I do. I feel confident and prepared enough to start teaching and spread to the love for Yin.

        Jana Katharina

        from Germany, February 2022

        "once-in-a-lifetime experience"

        The training was a life-changing experience for me and truly beyond my expectations! I can recommend this teacher training 100%. Alex is a wonderful teacher and her yoga style is absolutely magical and healing. I have experienced many yoga classes worldwide but was never that inspired before. Alex is one of the best yoga instructors I've met so far and the place is beautiful. I feel blessed to have had this amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience. Many Thanks to Alex and the team.

        Lucy Knowles

        from Thailand, January 2022

        I took this course wanting to expand my yin yoga practice after taking my 200hr Hatha YTT the previous month. Alex and Azuka complemented each other perfectly, Yin and Yang. The balance of classes and theory was great. We learnt the fundamentals of Yin Yoga, Taoist principles, key people and their contributions (Paul Grilley, Paulie Zink, Sarah Powers, Bernie Clark etc...), sequencing classes and more. Very detailed course manuals provided. The teaching element was done very well without any pressure, even those who did not intend to go straight into teaching enjoyed the process. The jungle shala was beautiful, immersed in nature and naturally kept cool during the day. The sky shala, where we had meals and special classes had the most incredible view of the jungle and ocean in Goa. I was hesitant at first with travel right now, but was able to get into India easily (you do need a visa, covid test, air suvidh form) but it is possible! And Alex arranged an awesome driver Dinesh to pick up from the airport, and he continued to take us wherever we wanted to explore throughout the two weeks for good prices. Alex and Azuka went above and beyond for us, it was a very personalized and special experience. I recommend arriving early or staying a few days after to enjoy the beaches. There are plenty of places to stay close to the training, really good restaurants in the area and some yoga holiday/retreat hotels also.

        K Y

        from United States, November 2021

        "Amazing Teachers all around"

        I loved how knowledgeable the two instructors were. They bring so much experience and made this training session easy and smooth.

        Ambre Mahieddine

        from France, November 2021

        "Authentic, kind, generous, empowering & flexible"

        The whole experience was perfect.

        First the training is very qualitative, the content is delivered in the best way with lots of authenticity and generosity (and in a joyful atmosphere).

        The classes schedule is nicely done between yang practices, theory, yin practices and opportunity to teach, moment of sharing, time for study, time to discover other way to do yoga (karma yoga - beach cleaning, accro Yoga, meditation…) and some flexibility for us to enjoy our wonderful surrounding. Which is actually showing us irl what a balance between yin and Yang is.

        The location is a paradise and it was magical to discover the Maldives this way. Staying more than a few days allowed us to embrace the local culture and enjoy some excursion (like diving, swimming with sharks…)

        Food was super yummy, accommodation were basic though very functional.

        The island is tiny and everything is walking distance which is good so we can completely focus.

        I am so happy I got to meet Alex and Jenny.

        I would go again tomorrow!

        Franziska Lehmann

        from Netherlands, November 2021

        "Amazing teacher training in paradise-like location"

        This training has been one of the best experiences ever. The knowledge that Alex has is impressive and she has a great way of teaching. Alex is so generous human being in there is a great feedback culture throughout the training. I learnt so much in these two weeks and also very practical guidance on how to structure and theme a class. That gives me great confidence in start teaching yin now.

        The connection we had as a group with the fellow students were special too. I am very grateful for this experience and leave with a bag full of new insights.

        Martina Baertle

        from Spain, November 2021

        "Professionell with love& kindness"

        Die Aufteilung und Inhalte der Ausbildung waren super....beide Lehrer haben ein enormes Wissen, welches sie professionell geteilt haben

        Wendy Bouw

        from Netherlands, September 2021

        "Best location for a YTT ever!"

        The location was perfect to focus completely on the training but with the best beaches and great excursions for the free time. Both the yoga classes from Jenny in the morning as the theory and yin classes from Alex were perfect. I learned so much and even though it was not my main goal of the training to become a teacher I really go further with all the knowledge gained. I'm really glad I choose this YTT and grateful for the lovely people I met!

        Meike Petersen

        from Germany, August 2021

        "Yin yoga therapy online training "

        The training with Alex was amazing! I learned so much and it was super interesting! The mix of theory and practice was perfect. Alex is a great teacher, she explains very well and makes the training very interesting. I can highly recommend!

        Eloïse Candau

        from France, March 2021

        "Amazing online teacher training"

        I loved this online training and really recommend it. Even if it was online, we were really able to connect with Alexandra. She was such an amazing teacher and gave us so much knowledge and learning. I had an amazing time during the theory part as well as the practice which felt really amazing. Each days practices felt so great and gave us such a great understanding of yin yoga and tools to teach it. So, thank you Alexandra for this amazing time and amazing training !

        Kathelijne Schaaphok

        from Luxembourg, November 2020

        "Inspiring and educational experience!"

        I really enjoyed this 50h Yin Yoga Therapie training! Alexandra is a very inspiring person and I feel grateful for all the knowledge that she shared with us. I'm looking forward to apply all the techniques in my personal life and to transmit all this wisdom throughout my classes.

        Thank you Alex and I hope we'll meet again :)



        Marte Nerdahl

        from Norway, March 2020

        "Experience of a lifetime"

        Its hard to find the words to describe this training. It was a mix of challenging, soul searching, beautiful, safe and so many other things. I truly feel so many of us came out the other side with a different view on life and yin yoga.

        Alex has such a beautiful approach to TCM and yin yoga, and she teaches it in a way that challenges the experienced and makes it understandable for beginner. The teachers are all very knowledgeable and inspiring.

        I loved every minute of my time here, and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a yin yoga training.

        Signe Bøtter-jensen

        from Denmark, March 2020

        "AMAZING life changing experience "

        This has been the best journey on and off the mat ever. Alexandra is absolutely amazing as a teacher and a person. She is the guru of yin yoga and leads you so gently on your path to become a good yoga teacher while transforming yourself on a personal level at the same time. All the detailed and high quality materials provided will guide you on your teacher journey when you get back home.

        Alexandra works with amazing teachers who all embrace you and have so much knowledge to share.

        The place in the jungle is absolutely stunning, the staff are so helpful and you feel safe. We enjoyed delicious daily vegetarian food prepared with love while overlooking the beautiful jungle and ocean.

        I will definitely see if I can join Alexandra somewhere in the world another time.

        Thank you for everything and for sharing your wisdom with us all.