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Ulu Yoga offers aerial mix yoga courses and teacher trainings in Koh Phangan, Thailand. It is dynamic, creative, fun, and challenging, yet beginner friendly.

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Edward Pawlak

Yoga Alliance RYT 200

Edward started to practice yoga in 2007 and completed a 200-hour teacher training in Ashtanga Vinyasa flow. Before yoga, Edward taught university education and worked in music theater production. In 2014, he founded Ulu Yoga, now a 200-hour RYS with Yoga Alliance and developed aerial programs in Thailand at Samma Karuna Awakening and Healing Center, Orion Healing Center, Gaia Yoga Shala, Jaran's Yoga, Wonderland Healing Center, Jungle Experience, Agama Yoga, Blue Indigo Cottage in Cambodia, Ubud Yoga Center in Bali, and more.

Saskia Mahler

Yoga Alliance RYT 500 (Agama)

Saskia is a 500-hour Hatha RYT, Kundalini transmission facilitator, expert in energetic systems, yogic philosophy, holistic healing, and herbalism.

Shashi Mahler

Yoga Alliance International (ULU Yoga) Yoga Alliance RYT 500

Saskia Mahler (Germany), 500hr RYT Hatha Yoga, Advanced Aerial Yoga Teacher, kundalini transmission facilitator, expert of energetic systems, yogic philosophy, holistic healing and herbalism.

Viktoria Hartung

IAYT Certified

More than 10 years experience, 500-hour RYT Therapeutic yoga, expert anatomy, deep tissue massage practitioner, traditional Tantra yoga, and nadi healing touch.

Alon Shmilevich

+15 years experience, expert of Iyengar and ashtanga yoga, alignment, adjustments and prop usage, author of “Yoga Therapy in Asana Practice”.

Minty Nguyen

Mintay is a lead aerial trainer, a 400-hour registered yoga teacher of Vinyasa and Hatha yoga, a 50-hour certified yoga alignment specialist, a Reiki II practitioner, a craniosacral therapist, and an EFT practitioner.

Eleftheria Varsami

Eleftheria Varsami is an emergency surgical nurse, a 200-hour lead trainer at Green Yoga India, and a 200-hour registered yoga teacher of Ashtanga Vinyasa. She is also an instructor of SUP yoga, circus arts, and Thai massage and a Reiki practitioner.

Reviews (65)

Camille Buchy

from France, September 2018

"Aerial Yoga 50h TTC "

The classes and the schedule of the day was well organized and balanced. The morning classes were very good.

A good Variety of practice : restorative aerial, silk, partner, accro.

The classes were consistent and the instructors serious.

The black light choreography was a very fun time.

The location is nice, near to Haad Yao beach were you have all you need ( supermarket, massage place, restaurants)

Hotel & restaurant owners very nice and open to changes for the food - the value of the breakfast that is included is 200B, and I asked for spending this 200B and ordering on the menu and they agreed even if this was extra organization for them.

Katja I'anson

from Australia, August 2018

"Life changing month "

Everyone throughout the school was warm and accepting. Each and every teacher was unique with their own style and once I learnt the many variations of yoga I was very appreciative of all the beautiful teachers and their different styles. I loved Sashi's theory classes as I learnt a lot from them and was so appreciative to be taught by such an inspiring woman. Additionally, Alon is another outstanding teacher amongst the team who is another inspiration. I also strongly believe this school has an outstanding aerial yoga program. The yoga studio was breath taking and location of the course was centre stage amongst all the yoga action. I would recommend to future students to stay at Bounty as the convenience of being close to the school is unbeatable. Additionally the beautiful family who runs the resort are so lovely and welcoming over the past month they became family to me. I cant wait to come back next year to see each and everyone of these beautiful teachers again.

Rossella Cini

from Italy, July 2018

Atmosphere. .location. .

Lauren Robinson

from Ireland, July 2018

" Very enjoyable and fun"

I really liked the analytics classes as we had a chance to review the class asana practice and ask questions. Ria was very helpful and made you feel comfortable when in teaching practice and her explanations were clear and precise.

The class structure was good and I had a lot of fun at the black light as it broke up the week a bit. Especially the aerial yoga on the beach. Variety was very good. I really enjoyed the aerial silk but there wasn’t enough time for more than an afternoon. Minty was very good, clear and creative with her class so was Sasis class was quite direct which I liked and I loved the restorative practice she gave and the demonstrations with part partner yoga and yoga massage. I would really like to come back for the next course when it starts so please keep me posted. 😀

Malarie Wells

from Cambodia, July 2018

"It was everything I hoped for and more"

The books we recieved are amazing. I feel confident with Allignment for my own practice and teaching others from this course. The squedule was so well layed out and often flexible to what we wanted as students. EVERY TEACHER WAS ABSOLUTLY OUTSTANDING. Im so glad I chose ULU for my yttc.

Madeleine Kettle Kettle

from United Arab Emirates, July 2018

"Above and beyond "

Exceeded all expectations, more than just a TTC, I have gained so much knowledge from all the instructors. There is such a variety of lessons every day was slightly different it was hard work as expected but Sashi bent over backwards to ensure everyone was satisfied with all aspects of the trip.

All Mercedes

from Sweden, June 2018

"Incredible Experience in Paradise!"

OMG! We did aerial in the water and took so many beautiful pictures! And we did body painting and made acro aerial show with backlights! But also it was serious safe aerial class in the morning and deep spiritual lecture I didn't expect. The ocean here looks like paradise from a movie dream. So many beautiful colors of blue. And the sunset! Magical! Also snorkeling with coral and fish everywhere! We had three teachers who were each specialist in philosophy, anatomy, normal aerial and choreography. It all blew my mind :)

Penny Wong

from Malaysia, June 2018

"An Eye-Opening Experience"

Alon and Viktoria are super knowledgeable in their respective skills. I really loved Alon's dry humour throughout analytics class even though we were serious when it comes to adjustments and alignments. Viktoria is one of the most caring people I've ever met - she was able to make me feel safe enough to be vulnerable and trusting, which vastly improved my teaching and acro yoga performances. Also a huge shout out to Ananda, Karina, David, Art and all the volunteers who've made this experience so beautiful. My group is so diverse, yet we all bonded pretty quickly with lots of stories to share.

Denia Carvalho

from Angola, June 2018

Victoria Attention towards us made all the difference. In my particular case that I arrived sick Eduard was 5 stars with me . Sweet sushi helped so much too. All 3 showed me care and I'm thankful for that.

Shuyi Li

from Singapore, May 2018

"Fly to Freedom with Ulu Yoga "

It’s really excellent experience with Ulu Yoga .Qualify Teachers make class very fun . Nice location in ubud feel like we are live in nature. Best classmates ever . We all from different countries but because Ulu we all meet together . For yoga , For ourselves to be a better person. Learn how to fly high and learn how to fly to freedom. Come to Ulu you will never even regretted.

Riya Sen

from India, May 2018

"Edward and Shashi are just beyond fantastic !!!! "

Brilliant teaching skills

Rebecca Geiss

from Germany, May 2018

"Loved it!"

Praxis - theory ratio was perfect. We practiced a lot and i enjoyed the new experience of the swing (i so far only practiced with a silk hammock). Lovely teachers. Totally recommend it!

Sin Nga Krisophia Pang

from Hong Kong, May 2018

"The most caring yoga instructors!!!"

Everything was possitive. I love the teachers, they are very experienced and encouraging. I love the classroom we were assigned to. I love the food. Ulu yoga is so loving and creative!!

I used to think that good reviews are lies, but now I am writing one. lol :)

Lior Goren

from Israel, March 2018

I like that we could choose for a class and we got a lot of options .

Rachel Tauber

from Thailand, February 2018

"Not what I expected"

Minty was very friendly and positive. She was encouraging made us feel comfortable coming from different yoga backgrounds. We had a great group of students which made for a fun course.

Marco Bidone

from Italy, February 2018

all teachers were prepared and available! aerial yoga is really beautiful

Kerry Roy

from Italy, February 2018

"Fond Memories & Lifelong Skills"

I chose this course mainly because of the varied styles of Yoga to train in - Aerial, SUP, Hatha and Vinyasa. Not many places offer such range. The course was intense with some amazing knowledge gained from the fabulous team of teachers all who have rained and studied varying Yoga skills and Philosophy for many years. Shashi was our group leader and WHAT A GIRL she is very knowledgeable, intelligent and kind hearted. We all miss her hugely. Location is in great area North of the Island away from the madding crowd instead it’s very much a central Yogi destination with calm, classier, hip vibe.


from Ireland, December 2017

"Hopefully it will be better for the next group "

Vitoria, Eleonora and Alon are great teachers. Their passion is evident, they’re approachable and are willing to break down anything you need to know. Alon is a world of knowledge and the more time spent with him the better. With all of the problems that arose during the course, Victoria and Shashi did their best to try and ease the blow and it’s appreciated. There were a fair few negatives but it had its positives too. When we eventually had the sufficient teachers (unfortunately for our group, a little too late) the course went well. I think If our suggestions are taken on board the next group should have a better time.


from Thailand, December 2017

"Review of aerial ttc"

Good instruction, safety esprecisely. Feedback withe teaching especially video feedbacknow right after. ..but maybe we bit too much time spent with it.

Kerrie Birse

from Australia, December 2017

"Magic on Koh Phangan"

SUP yoga on the beautiful beaches of Koh phangan with Edward. The SUP yoga was magical and calming as the water rippled under the board, it was the first time doing yoga on water for me and I loved it wholly. Aerial Yoga and Acro Yoga with Victoria, Agni and Edward was phenomenal! Having no prior experience this definitely put me out of my comfort zone, it was educational with patience and compassion from the instructors, I felt It catered for all levels. The Anatomy, Alignment, and Analytics was taught with passion and depth, I couldn't have asked for more. The philosophy of yoga was food for my soul and Eleanora and Shashi had such passion as teachers , my love evolved. There were so many extras provided by Ulu Instructors.. pranayama techniques, meditation sessions, chakra balancing, blacklight party nights, extra classes were offered for Hatha, Vinyasa, Aerial, Ashtanga classes if we desired. Plus we got one day off a week to explore the magic of the island..

One thing I can tell you is that magic lives and exists on the island ... all I can say is how can you not want to experience the magic ? The magic of the island and importantly the magic within you!


from Laos, November 2017

"Yoga paradise"

I loved learning aerial/flying yoga and other yoga related skills in a fun week by the beach with many great teachers and coursemates. Loved the Bounty resort, the beautiful view from shala, daily sunsets, acro and partner aerial and yoga, hanging from bamboo tripods... This is a good way into learning yoga, I actually gained flexibility, balance, muscle and feel relaxed and super recharged. Thanks Ulu team!

Marion Obermeier

from Spain, November 2017

"Wonderful experience "

Loved the clases, especially Beach aerial and all the inversions ;)

Michael Sunny

from Thailand, November 2017


Aerial Yoga!


from Thailand, November 2017


People, location, aerial yoga, etc..

Julia Polt

from Austria, October 2017

"Best choice ever!"

Immediately, I felt like I was part of a new family. Everybody practiced from whatever experience level they were at. I was the only one who didn't have a 200h yoga teacher training before, this was my first ever teaching experience and it was just amazing! Minty and Agni supported me and the others in every way possible and altogether we just had a lot of fun up in the swings!

Diana Ababii

from Japan, October 2017

"Great !!"

The studio " Ubud Yoga Centure" is amazing! With glass wall viewing to green jungle , coconut ? trees was mezmorizing ! Loved doing all classes in sunlight with fresh air. During meditation could enjoy rain sound & wild birds/ rooster singing! All classes were on time! Breakfast was super delicious! Healthy (raw vegan, gluten free) various choices for lunch made me feel good everyday! Our instructors did their best to transmit to us all their knowledge about Ulu Yoga! All staffs were very kind! Warm relaxing atmosphere !

Melike Nur Demirbazu

from Turkey, July 2017

"My spine: Rebirth My mussels : Longer Mind:All problems has gone"

Studyo, class environmental, resort, teacher care student kindly.

Al Fencaros

from Australia, July 2017

Excellent instructors. Excellent way to practice yoga - I will be looking for more aerial yoga locally.

Andrea Shum

from Singapore, June 2017

"An amazing week!"

It was perfect for me in that I learned a lot and it was at the right pace for me. Edward takes the class as a whole into consideration when teaching so if you're more advanced but there are a lot of beginners in your group expect a slower pace. If you are a newbie expect to gain the confidence to do things you've always dreamed of doing! Blacklight night is super fun, the tripod morning is a great way to end the week.


from Singapore, June 2017

I like that the Instructors are helpful in making arrangement for us and have good technical knowledge. I like the physical part of the training the most.

Traci Mckay

from Sri Lanka, June 2017

"Great time, would definitely go again."

This is a beautiful program in a gorgeous location. Intense but very doable. This program is also a great way to expand your practice into something more playful and yet challenging. As we practiced you could really see the endless opportunities to do prep work for advanced ashtanga poses like inversions and intense leg stretches, core and arm strength building, and supportive practices for beginners. A great companion TTC to more traditional practices.

Iris M

from Netherlands, May 2017

"Unique & Inspiring"

A wonderful experience and unique program for anyone who's interested in aerial yoga, experienced or not. I especially enjoy the wide range of possibilities enabled by the program, where there are fun challenges for advanced yogis, great transition to those awesome poses intermediates always want to achieve, as well as an easy-breezy start for beginners.

All teachers are great in their own way and the variety in teaching styles really helped me to discover my own. The positive energy from my class mates not only has deepened my practice but also expanded my understanding of mild mindfulness and kindness to a new level. It's all about the people, at the end of the day, it's the person you learn from/with that matters the most.

That being said, the beach is just at your doorstep with the most breathtaking sunset view and fun water activities that Thailand has to offer :) thank you Uluyoga and Edward.

Darryl Pugh

from Republic of Korea, April 2017

"Ko Phangan Thailand Ulu Yoga "

The amazing people I met on the trip and the total overall experience. It was amazing. I was a little worried about my ability and confidence at the start of the program but the instructor, Edward, was very accommodating and talented. I could feel myself getting stronger day by day and it was just such and inspiring experience. Thailand is such a beautiful country, I especially liked the side trips we took to the waterfall and just exploring the countryside. I will do this trip again another time.

Deanne Jackson

from Thailand, April 2017

"Amazing experience!"

From the start Edward and his team were knowledgable and professional and very experienced. I loved the variety of classes and the way we're were taught. A fantastic lunch was served every day and the location was wonderful also. I highly recommend this course with ULU Yoga - you won't be disappointed!


from France, September 2018

La méthode progressive et intensive d' apprentissage, la variété des activités qui allie tant la pratique individuelle qu' en groupe, la personnalité des professeurs, le petit groupe d'élèves, le programme, le lieu et alentours

Prisca Parpan

from Switzerland, February 2018

"Hat sich nicht gelohnt"

Die Gruppe war super! Kehkashan und Minty haben sich sehr bemüht und sind auf uns eingegangen. Ihre praktischen Stunden fand ich toll und sie haben uns stets Tips und Hilfe angeboten und versucht, in der kurzen Zeit möglichst viel von ihrem Know How weiterzugeben.

Sandrine Pesce

from France, November 2017


Autant le site que lacceuil ont été a la hauteur


from Laos, July 2017

"Disappointing island yoga experience"

One of the teachers was amazing; great group, which for me was the main reason to stay

Kim Oosterveen

from Netherlands, April 2017

"Geen aanrader slechte organisatie, geld niet waard"

Acro yoga lessons and other lessons given by other teachers then Edward himself.

Contact with other participants.

Testimonials (5)

Craig Philip Barber Canada

Ulu Yoga website

The course was intense yet SO much fun at the same time. Edward is a great guy. He has developed a great program and I love his aerial flow sequence. He is very skilled and thorough with explanations so that you are safely positioning yourself in the swing to avoid slipping or falling. The island of Koh Phangan is quite magical. Our course took place at the original ULU Yoga property in Ban Tai which was in a small resort town, nestled in the jungle away from the main pier and yoga community on the other side of the island. It was a little but rustic but nothing compared to my time spent in places like India or Central America. I also had the chance of travelling with him to the new ULU Yoga training centre located at Bounty Resort in Head Yao and it is such a beautiful space! I may come back and do a longer course to learn more and experience the upgrade in facilities! I loved meeting new people from all around the world in this course as we all had come together with one similar interest…… YOGA! We had so much fun, worked our butts off and shared many moments of laughter. I love this style of aerial yoga as it helps support me to go deeper and more into stretches, which I believe has allowed me to open up and go deeper into my stretches….. more so than being on the mat without the swing. Also, Edward has developed and manufactured his own type of swing that is different then the strap or silk hammock that other courses use. I believe it is more comfortable and versatile than the others (I bought two to take on my travels with me). I would recommend ULU Yoga to anyone, beginner or advanced yogi. You get to live and practice on a beautiful Thai island, have fun and be creative with a bunch of like minded individuals. Sure it can be a bit physically challenging but how are you supposed to grow if everything is easy peasy all the time? I have made some new life-long friends in this course and I am grateful for Edward and ULU Yoga for such a beautiful experience!

Kehkahsan Nadeem Pakistan

Ulu Yoga website

Ulu Aerial Yoga Teacher Training is one of a kind and is unique in its own way. I have been practicing and teaching yoga over the past 16 years. As I am an enthusiast for new yoga techniques and styles, Ulu yoga caught my attention the very moment I saw its advertisement. My 9 days training were amazing . In a peaceful and serene surroundings of Thong Nai Pan Yai village, in Koh Phangan, Thailand, Ulu Yoga Training takes you to an unforgettable experience of Aerial yoga practice and teaching. Edward Pawlak (Teacher) guides you step by step to a safe, detailed and challenging practice. Not only various styles taught, but a variety of usage of the swing are given. I had a wonderful experience learning and sharing our practice, love and happiness. Met some wonderful humans that inspired me once again in my life. Thank you all for being an important part of my life’s journey.

Saman Pourzanjani Iran

Ulu Yoga website

I am a bit lazy to doing yoga. But when I went to ULU YOGA classes I liked everything about it. It was really good for body, all the stretches that I couldn’t do it before, I did much easier with aerial swings. And it was also fun. Which is why I like it far better than other styles of yoga. I could fly in ULU YOGA classes. It was really awesome feeling. Edward is a really good teacher, otherwise it wasn’t possible to have this great feeling about his classes. He shares his excitement with you and make you to really want to do your best in every move. He really enjoys doing aerial yoga, which makes you enjoy it too.

Charney South Africa

Ulu Yoga website

Ulu yoga is a little studio beautifully tucked away in the jungle, a short walk away from a beautiful swimming beach. I really enjoyed the early morning aerial flows and the fact that we got to do a lot of practice teaching which leaves one with the confidence to teach the sequence on your own.

Edward is very knowledgeable about the Aerial swings, which he makes himself, and the course included a big component on how to make the swings and to do the hanging and rigging of swings which helps one have the confidence to start off on your own after course completion.

Roberto Venturelli

Ulu Yoga website

I am really happy to have met Edward and under his careful guide to have completed 80-Hours teacher training cours in Aerial yoga. It was an amazing experience! It was such a good experience that I am planning to move back in Thailand and practice intensively. Also to collaborate with Eddy, bringing of course my skills and professional knowledges too with intention to enrich his offers with good activities that implement the well-being. Bright blessings.

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