Vinyasa Yoga Shala offers intensive 200 hour Vinyasa yoga teacher trainings in India. Their goal is to inspire others by sharing their extensive yoga knowledge.

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Ashish Rawat

Vikas Rawat

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Rowena Bernardo

from Belgium, January 2019

"Yoga Perfection"

It would be an error to search for "the best yoga school" as yoga is not about competition but a means to better your own personal physical, mental, energy and overall wellbeing.

To this, Vinyasa Yogashala fits the description to perfection:

- Location (overlooking the Himalayas, far enough from the center, but close enough to walk on your day off, in the backdrop of superclean, gorgeous ganga river),

- Schedule (will set you off to a lifetime of healthy habits)

-Curriculum design- they keep the classes small so you are given attention and the quality of people (both teachers, students and staff) are extraordinary plus the weekly excursions are bucket list worthy experiences

- Food though vegetarian (paleo eater here) are superdelicious, varied and healthy. I have never eaten so much yet got so much energy and got to my ideal weight.

Ashish, a renowed teacher in Rishikesh made this his personal project and he has truly succeeded. This is simply the best investment I made for myself ever. Thank you Ashish, Thanu, Sadhu, Harry, Vikas, Pramud, Ankit, Rahul and Auntie!

Iris Van De Vondervoort

from Netherlands, January 2019

"loved my time at Vinyasa Yogashala"

All the teachers and people that work at Vinyasa Yogashala are amazing! They really made me feel like part of a family! I am so gratefull for my time at this school, they taught me so many interesting aspects about yoga and life. I look back with a great smile to my experience with them in Rishikesh. I definitely recommend this school to everybody, they are the nicest people, very knowledgeable and the classes are very personal!

Erin Devine

from United States, July 2018

"Must Experience Yoga in Rishikesh"

Ashish and the rest of the instructors were superb. If you are going to study yoga, do it here! There's no other experience that can match working with talented masters to understand the practice, in the one city in the world so important to its history.

Sarah Green

from India, June 2017

"An excellent balance between discipline and fun"

Ashish is a fantastic instructor - he demands enough discipline that you grow and improve, but also has a good sense of humor and respects limits. His instructions are clear and encouraging, I'd love to practice with him every day.

I also loved the activities. So many of the retreats were all-yoga-all-the-time, but as as a relative beginner, I was happy to have a bit less intensity and a bit more exposure to other activities in Rishikesh. White water rafting on the Ganges was a highlight!

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Google reviews

A teacher with such calm and confidence, clear instructions and perfect execution. Everything he taught, he did so in great detail. Never missing the finer aspects, he has a unique ability to progressively grow his students into teachers themselves.

Mukesh Mondol

Google reviews

Would love to recomend vinyasa yoga Shala (specifically Ashsh Ji) to all the yogis and souls who love yoga ,I have been learning yoga since few years and have been a teacher myself .Ashish is exceptionally good in Hatha ,ashtanga and vinyasa and quite famous as well, if you are looking for a genuine ashram then, it's a must try, Hari Om...

Kushi Perera

Google reviews

I have no words to express how precious Ashish is as a teacher. He's a perfect art of pure love for yoga, flexibility, natural confidence and a great personality. Every class was with full of energy, attention to details and personalised instructions for everyone. He always won the attention of the students and we never missed a move he made in the class to be honest I could watch him perfoming asanas all day! If you're looking for an instructor or a yoga school you will be so thankful to be a student at Vinyasa Yoga Shala.

Milena Carvalho

Google reviews

Ashish is one of the most knowledgeable teachers I've ever had. In his classes he is always helping us with our alignment, pushing ourselves to our best performance by using his great techniques with his own hands and words. Always respectful and wise. I wish I could spend the rest of my life having classes with him, so, enjoy. It's a lot of hard work, but a lot of fun as well. Namaste.